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    Sep 2009

    Whats Your Most Replayed Scene

    Shave and sand most of it off is the answer as you have found out. Urethane foam and POR-15 dont come off after they dry an have to be "lived off" I have found that a nail file and boredom works for most of it.

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    Jun 2008
    Berlin (Germany)
    Strykerentertainments.com: Paperwork with Jaye Lynn

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    Jun 2002
    Disney's Haunted Mansion
    Ok here's some of mine...

    The scenes with the lovely Priscilla James as a helpless lee in Queen's Right and 40 Female Fingers.

    Anything with the *AMAZING* Natasha Sweet as a lee. (Of Sweet Suffering and 40 Female Fingers)...she's SO beautiful and just an amazingly great lee. (my all time fave)

    The whole tape but especially the foot tickling scenes in Last Laugh Eta...I don't speak French but those two girls seem to really be enjoying themselves.
    We have 999 Happy Haunts here...but there's always room for 1,000.

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    Sep 2009
    Southern California
    1. Ticklish Merchadise. The first time Kristin hits her sides, I love the electric reaction. Also, there's a part where she has her arms saran wrapped over her head and Kristin and Prescilla are taking turns from her feet to her upper body. When they start scratching her hips, you can actually feel her panic. Also, when Kristin is on her upper body and keeps going up to her triceps and scraping down through her arm pits, Crystals reactions are about as good as it gets. I also love Kristin's evil smile as she is sending Crystal into Hysterics. Shame you can't seem to get the full DVD. The abbreviated clips don't do it justice.

    2. Farrah's many videos, especially the stomach and underarm flicks. The perfect good natured ticklee who can be sent into hysterics and come out smiling and laughing on the other side. Her entire body seems totally electric. There was one that got especially brutal though with her sides and underarms. Even I was telling Jeff to give her a break. The police actually showed up because of the noise. I wonder if she's still around. What a babe!

    3. Of sweet suffering - Crystal is in a really bad way in this one. if you've seen it, I don't even need to describe it. It actually gets a bit too brutal, especially the armpits at the end, but she is just great.

    If you want to read some hot stories, "THE EDGE" from MTP (advertised here) is a great female to male tickling/teasing fantasies. There are 4 stories that are VERY hot. I'd love to meet those women somewhere.
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    Jul 2008
    Easy: the second lady in the Cal-Star video Ticklish Competition. She is only ticklish on her sides, but I would give her a 20 on a scale of 1-10.

    It's the final scene. She is tied to a table, arms over her head, naked, and is given no mercy. She loses it. You can see the sweat under her arms and her mascara REALLY starting to run. She is as ticklish as anyone I have ever seen, on video or in person.

    It is worth checking out.

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    Whats Your Most Replayed Scene

    never meant to turn you on.

    when guys say that im an immediate turn off, it really doesnt bother me.

    oh, i thought your purpose was to appeal to a group of people and try to sell something... i must have been mistaken, why are you here again?

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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Whitedarf View Post
    If I had to choose 3 scenes they would be :
    1/ Sara Lee tickled on her armpits in every video she's done !
    2/ I love Courtney in Courtney and Tovia, she's so ticklish and yet hates it so much that it's disturbing (I mean wonderful) to watch
    3/ I can't remember her name, a redhead with pierced nipple who was incredibly ticklish on her pits in one of the first Realtickling video
    In your third scene you are talking about the model named Darby.

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    Mar 2003
    west cent florida
    any scene with renee from TP in it,love her laugh and begging

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    Dec 2001
    Farmington Hills, MI
    There are 3 scenes I have played over and over--one with Catherine Beaumont where she is tied together with Sadie Adkins and tickled (Tickled Lovers Tease). The other is an old one with Ashley Renee where is is tied up by 2 Russian women and tickled. I also recall one where Gigi and Jewel Marceau are tied together in various positions and tickled

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    Oct 2009
    Blog Entries
    Currently, one of Ember Skye in stocks, half laughing / half orgasming from all sorts of good stuff.


    ^ Model Interview Forum, home of Talking Tickling

    Interviews (as of 2 / 25 / 11)

    Tomiko (video!)
    Shay Lynn (video!)
    Catherine Foxx (a video!)
    Mia Lynn, from TMJ Productions (video!)
    Tickled Guy
    TMJ Productions
    Darth Sidious
    TMJ Productions
    Knismo, from Stuck in the Stocks
    Sergio, from Body and Sole Studios
    Tommy, from Tickle Abuse


    ^ Sixty Second Blog

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    Apr 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    * The very beginning of Harmony's Ticklish Interrogation.

    Misty Lang goes into hysterics from the first touch, and is SUPREMELY ticklish. Just perfect.

    * The brief foot-tickling in Paradise Vision's "Family Bonding." I have seen Renee tickled in a countless number of scenes, but the way Gia gets her feet in thsi portion of the video drives her mad with laughter

    * The beginning portions of California Star's "Tickling P.H.D." PERFECT stocking foot tickling with a hot, giggly, ticklish chick.

    Lots of others, but those are the three that come to mind.
    Harmony's Ticklish Interrogation still a classic

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    Jul 2016
    Hove (Brighton)
    Anna's baby oil torment

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    Jul 2017

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    Mar 2012
    Viviana 4 & 5
    Her "surrendered"-desperate and silent laughter is exactly What I look for.
    The moment she's being tickled on he feet, thou I'm not a fan of feet tickling, it gives a wonderful clear view of her body while she laugh silently for long moments.
    The tiny movements of her ribs and belly are the climax of my fantasy...

    I wish there was more videos like that!
    sadly(for me), the majority likes screaming and fighting...
    "She is still screaming, not laughing! Keep working!"

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    Aug 2002
    Kent, England
    I think it's Suzanne Gagged and Tickled by the Evil Ticklers/Ogre Productions. I'm not into gag tickling, as I believe laughter should be let out and loud. However, her reactions - both nylon and bare foot tickled - and frantic laughter behind the gag (well, latex face mask) always make me want to come back for more.

    Cheers, everybody,

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