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    Feb 2007

    wife asks why guys liked tickling her

    The other night while we were laying in bed my wife Kelley asked me if I had any "tickle dreams" about her which meant she was in the mood and this was her way of telling me without saying she wanted to have sex.
    I told I hadn't had any dreams but I sure had been fantasizing about her alot lately and she snuggled up and asked what I had been fantasizing about and I told her the ususal stuff about her beeing relentlessly tickled in some of the stories of her old boyfriends tickling her and she asked Why do you think guys loved tickling me so much,especially on my feet"?
    I told her that that was easy, first of all I told her she had this look in high school that make ticklers like me go crazy and also she has the most beautiful feet I think I have ever seen.
    If you have been following any of my stories about Kelley, You would know she spent most of her high school day being tickled by her boyfriends who obviously had something for tickling.
    Kelley told me it wasn't just her boyfriends but also it was her regular guy friends, her sister's boyfriends, and guys she barely knew who would find a way to tickle her.
    Most of the time she said the ticklings were at least five minutes long and as long as what she thought was about 45 minutes, rarley was it ever just a quick tickle.
    I told Kelley I think that her boyfriends tickled her out of sexual frustration because her parents were very strict and making out was pretty much off limits let alone having sex even though she did say she made out alot and alot of it came after she was tickled for long periods of time.
    I asked her if being tickled like that turned her on back then and she said it didn't but she said it apparently turned the guys on but she did say it was fun to a point.
    Kelley told me her first boyfriend tickled her feet so much that it got to a point that when he came over she practically took her own socks off and put her feet in his lap so that he would get the tickling out of the way because it was inevitable she would be spending at least 10 minutes having her feet tickled by him for one reason or another.
    She said one of the first times he tickled her feet for a prolonged period of time was because he wanted a kiss and she had never kissed him before so he sat on her ankles and tickled the hell out of her feet until she agreed to kiss him.
    Looking back, Kelley said " he must of had something for my feet because he would hold them close to his face by wrapping his one arm around my ankles and pin the with his shoulder and he would use his free hand to tickle my feet which inches away from his face". She also brought up the time he and his friend tickled her feet with a feather he had brought over to her house. She said she didn't realize it at the time but know she sees he had an obvious obssession for tickling her feet as did other guys.
    Incidently, not to long after we were dating and were watching t.v. in the basement at her house, she told me that same feather was in the end table next to the couch and sure enough, there it was and of course I wasted no time getting Kelley's ankles locked in between my legs and I used the quill end on her fantastic feet for a few seconds before she got one foot away and almost knocked me out.
    After years of being tickled she has learned how to defend against a tickle attack and I told her that's why I fantasize about her being tickled by several guys because it would take at least two to hold her down and two to tickle her and she said "sounds like fun to me" but I think she was only teasing me.
    Kelley went on to say that she was also tickled by her sister's boyfriends, one time in particular she said her sister was taking her time getting ready for her date and Kelley being as tease and a flirt found herself again being pinned down by this guy on the couch and getting rib tickled.
    Kelley said she was able to roll of the couch but he got ahold of her bare feet and locked her ankles ticght with his legs while he was still sitting on the couch and he tickled her feet for several minutes and she said she was laying face down on the floor and wasn't able to fight back and he stopped finally when her sister came out.
    She said that was only one of many experiences like that and said one time a different boyfriend of her sister's and a friend of his tackled her in the living room for no reason and stripped her sox off and tickled her barefeet until her mom got tired of hearing screaming for help.
    School was a constant location for being tickled according to Kelley saying that guys would tickle her sides to get her to drop her books or this one friend of hers who sat behind her in class would tickle her sides to try to get her laugh out loud in class.
    One time that sticks out the most Kelley said was when she was a senior and she was in the hall talking to her girlfriend during lunch when all of a sudden one boy she barely knew, a freshman, came up behind her and bent down and pulled her shoe off and when she tried to get it back he tossed it to a friend of his and they ran into a nearby classroom which she said was unoccupied.
    Kelley went in after them and she tried to get it back but when she got close to the one who had her shoe, he would toss it to the other guy which she said after awhile became very aggrivating.
    The one who took her shoe told Kelley he was sorry and would give it back and started walking towards her and she sat down so she could put it back on and he leaned down as if to put her shoe down on the floor but instead he quickly grabbed her other shoe and took it off and told his friend to hold Kelley in the chair.
    Kelley said she didn't react fast enough and tried to stand up but could because this big guy was holding by her shoulders in the chair hand the one who took her shoes off had her ankles in an armlock with his back to her and he immediatly began tickling her feet and she said it tickled badly because this was guy she didn't know torturing her feet and also she remember having nylons on because it was winter.
    Kelley said this little punk tickled her feet for about ten minutes and only stopped because the teacher came in and interupted him.
    This happened one more time that week and also they had chased her out to her car one time threatening to tickle her and she said she couldn't unlock her car fast enough and the bigger one picked Kelley up and the other one again pulled off her shoes and tickled her feet.
    She said she was embarrassed because other students stopped to "watch the show" and were obviously entertaind by her screams of laughter.
    Kelley asked "why so much on my feet" and I told her for me I love watching her feet turn and twist trying to get away from my fingers and because they are much more interesting that just her sides or neck.
    I admitted I loved watching them wrinkle and the go skin tight while one foot tries to defend the other and I told her I love it when her feet are together, not spread apart even though they are harder to tickle that way.
    She then told me to tell her one of my fantasies about her being gang tickled and she went through the usual process of her telling me I couldn't stand watching a group of guys tickling her and she would go into details of what they'd do to her which of course led to some terrific sex.
    My next post will be about how Kelley had devised a story in which she pretends to meet with a work associate in having him help her make a tickling video which leads to him having some of his friends invited over to help him tickle her and she made it sound like it really happened, actually calling me from her cell phone sounding like she was out of breath saying they had the phone held up to her mouth and she said" oh my God honey, they just spent the last half hour tickling my feet and they've got me tied down to a couch...oh no... they're comming back in...please not my feet again...please! Then she started laughing hysterically and she hung up the phone.
    She said she did this a realistcally as possible to see if I really could handle her being in this kind of "ticklish situation".
    It was an unbelievable turn and I will post it soon, not sure if it should go in the fiction section or the true stories because the story was made up by Kelley but the way she told it to me when she got home was true and she was very convincing to the point that I was extremely jealous.

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    Dec 2003
    Northern Colorado
    Your wife sounds like alot of fun!

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    Jun 2001
    Detroit area
    Blog Entries
    Thanks for sharing all that! It is great that she shares so much with you. Have a great labor day.

    Love unconditionally in all things

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    Aug 2005

    Very cool recollections, usp45

    ---Kelley sounds like a dream come true,.... Having a lady take an interest like that is incredibly reassuring to those of us who've experienced any degree of self consciousness about this fetish, no? I look forward to that next post....... Well done.

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    Jun 2005
    North central USA

    It seems hardly fair . . .

    . . . to tantalize us with "the most beautiful feet you've ever seen . . ." and not post a pic!

    We would confer Fetish God status on you!

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    Very interesting, thanks for sharing your wife's experiences.
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    Apr 2001
    Southern Ohio
    What a hot post....One question..Does the tickling turn her on ?
    In school she must have always "let slip" how ticklish she was..

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    Feb 2007
    Kelley said she didn't really get turned on but then she made the statement that maybe she did deep down because she usually said or did something for her to end up getting tickled, knowing it would always be prolonged.
    She tells me now that she doesn't get turned on by being tickled but then I asked her why she likes hearing about me making up stories of her being relentlessly tickled and she says she doesn't know.
    It's alittle confusing because I will purposley not bring up the subject of tickling before we start making love and almost always she will in one way or another bring it up by asking me if I had any tickling dreams lately or if I have fantasized about her being tickled. I think it has to turn her on, she in her reserved way just doesn't want to admit it.

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    Dec 2005
    I wish you and Kelly would try to the shoe store thing that i mentioned to you a while back.

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    Aug 2005

    Here's another shoe store scheme

    Quote Originally Posted by nobigdeal View Post
    I wish you and Kelly would try to the shoe store thing that i mentioned to you a while back.

    ---- I went back and read your shoe store experience,....... pretty cool. I engineered something similar with a girlfriend about 10 years ago,... and described it in a TMF story entitled "The Accidental Tickling." You might enjoy a little unique twist I threw in to make SURE that some serious tickling took place,........ Check it out.

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    Sep 2002
    nowhere special - just cruising
    Quote Originally Posted by usp45 View Post
    ... I think it has to turn her on, she in her reserved way just doesn't want to admit it.
    Yep. I'd bet serious money you've hit the nail on the head. Vulnerability is tough.
    An alternative: some people can't accept what they can't understand - even about themselves.

    I always enjoy your posts. I look forward to hearing about your wife's dream. If you post it in fiction, put a link to it in this forum so we can find it.

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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    Feb 2007
    In response to nobigdeal's question about trying the shoe store thing, we did try it back in June but without success.
    I did take your advise about going to one of the nicer shoe stores of which we did do but unfortunatly every damn high end shoe store had a female working in the women's shoe department.
    Kelley was cool about it and told me not to get discouraged and she was sure the opportunity would present itself sooner or later.
    Anyway she made out alright, she ended up with three new pairs of shoes.
    To make up for it though, she did come up with the fantastic tickling story of how she set up her getting tickled by several guys making me a tickling video.
    As I said before, she made it sound as if it was really happening going so far as to call me from her cell phone in between her getting breaks from being tickled and comming home after a couple hours with her shoes in her hand saying she must of left her socks there and had her white blouse hanging out of her faded blue jeans and she acted as she was exausted.
    It's a pretty long story and I hope to get a chance soon to post it. Her whole idea behind making it sound as real as possible was to prove that I really wouldn't be able to handle her being tickled by other guys and she came pretty close to proving it.

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