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    Nylon tickling - Tracy's feet tickled by the wrong guy

    This is a story relayed to me by Tracy. I did not see it but it sure sounded great.

    In college Tracy was at a formal dance. After dancing for a while she decided to sit down at the table. She took off her shoes exposing her tan nylons. Her feet were extremely warm which meant they were ultra ticklish. She put them on a chair under the table where she thought that no one could see them. She noticed a guy who she did not like coming toward her. She really did not like the guy but he sat on the other side of the table to talk with her. She immediatley pulled her feet of the seat. She knew he would love the idea of being able to tickle her nylon feet. He evidentually left and she put her feet back on the chair. However this time her feet were on the other side of the table where everyone could see them. This guy came back and saw his oppritunity. He always enjoyed coming up behind Tracy and tickling her ribs(which she hated) While Tracy was looking away he quickly had a friend sit down on the chair and grab her pantyhose feet. By the time she had realized what had happended in was too late to get them out. Now the guy she did not like sat down next to her nylon feet held by his freind. This was the worst case sceniro she could not move her feet and the were ultra ticklish and she was going to be tickled by someone she really did not like. Instead of slowly attacking them he just went crazy on them. Tracy went nuts. Luckily for her they were in the back of the room and the music was playing loud. He was tickling her horribly and all she could do is laugh. She was squirming all over the place. After about a minute she could not take it anymore. She finally begged him to stop. He told her if she would go out with him she he would stop. She said no way. He said fine and started tickling even harded. She could not believe how ticklish her feet were. She said she was literally screaming but the music was so loud no one heard her. Tracy actually fell off her chair and under the table it tickled so much. While she was under the table he still was tickling her stocking feet. Whild she was still laughing she actually rolled her body over so she could tap his leg. He looked down and she agreed to go out with him. She did not want to do it but the tickling was just to much to take.
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    Excellant stories, love em, keep em coming.

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