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    "Caroline's In Trouble Again" Updates

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a preview of my latest comic. It will be released on my download site (http://www.images4sale.com/11124) this Friday, 09/28. For a vidclip preview check out my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=loupanth

    Thanks for your support as always, and I hope you enjoy the new work. I am working on different ways to get out MORE titles QUICKER. I have a couple of ideas that hopefully will significantly reduce the time it takes to release new CITA comics. Also, be on the lookout for the CITA website to be up and running soon. Enjoy!

    C.I.T.A. #3 - Poor Little Rich Girls...
    Now that Carrie is on the run from Slade Inc., we leave her be for a bit and focus on some of the other lovely ladies in the C.I.T.A. universe - namely Grunella, Emma, Elle and Bev.  These four hotties all have one thing in common...all as rich as they are ticklish!!!! One-by-one, they fall into the hands of the crew that robbed Grunella's warehouse and are tickled into turning over a hefty ransom.  Think Caroline is ticklish? You ain't seen nothing yet!!!  Grunella's toys are turned on her and the other girls in this thrill-ride that is not to be missed!  M/F , FF/F & FMM/F TICKLING, BONDAGE, SEXUAL CONTENT.
    "Caroline's In Trouble Again...come see what they do to her next!"

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    Feb 2006
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    Awesome! Again, you've outdone yourself! Love the comic! Looking forward to this one, keep up the great work!


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    May 2001
    London, UK
    Hey CITA 3 is imminent! Great stuff Lou. It's always a pleasure to see new work from you my friend.

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    Nov 2006
    that looks amazing! so glad you share your work with us.

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    Jan 2002
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    Great drawing, thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Awesome! I love your stuff and it's gotten better and better.

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    Aug 2007
    that's good art

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    Thanks everyone for the continued support of my work. It is greatly appreciated and makes all those late nights spent drawing worth it.

    I'd also like to mention that this story represents the first official collaboration I have done with another member of the tickling community. Many of you who know Ticklemantis’ writing may be familiar with the Bev Deveno character from his “Price of Luxury” story. I read P.O.L. earlier this year and loved Bev and the “rich-wife-gets-tickled” scenario. I asked him if I could add Bev to a CITA story and he graciously obliged, and the result is included in CITA #3. Ticklemantis is my favorite tickle-fiction writer and in my opinion the best at what he does. My hat’s off to him and I’m glad he let me include on of his characters in my work.
    "Caroline's In Trouble Again...come see what they do to her next!"

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    Mar 2005
    France / China

    Many many thumbs up !

    Congratulations for you excellent work. I just bought the story a few hours ago and I finished reading it. It is a perfect one ! The pace is very intense and your ideas are devious. I think I know where the idea of the sweat chamber come from. Good luck for issue 4 !

    And many many thanks and cheers to Mr Mantis, who is among the ones to recognize Lou as the great artist he is, and with his cooperation helps extending the universe of CITA even further.

    Thanks again, you both are great !

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    Hi Guys and Girls

    this is great
    I really loved this

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    May 2001
    New Zealand/Canada
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    I know I'm bumping an old thread but if anything deserves it, it's this.

    DAMN!!!....this phrase gets thrown around way too much these days but I really mean it: This really DOES get better with each new installment. There's the little nods to long time fans, new characters and the bondage and sadistic tickling is worse (better!) than ever!

    GREAT, great stuff.

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