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    Tied up for my wife.

    Tied up for my wife.

    Here is another story about a great time I had after my wife agreed to let me tie myself up as surprise for her.

    I asked my wife Kelly if she thought it would be fun to come home and find me tied up for her to play with someday. “I think it might be a lot of fun, I’m sure I would enjoy myself and I bet you would have a good time to” Kelly told me as she finished her dinner. I knew that I had the o.k. to make myself available tied tightly for my wife to find.

    I waited a couple of day until I had a great chance to have some time to be ready when Kelly got home. We usually get home within a half hour of each other, today the way my day worked out I got out of work about two hours early. I got home showered and grabbed my bag with all of our toys and fun stuff and went to the family room to get ready.

    I have a thing for nylons and high heels and my wife is nice enough to let me indulge in them both. I move over to the couch where I decided to tie myself up and took off my clothes to get ready. The first thing I do is to put on a pair of black nylons; I love how they make my legs feel. One thing about the nylons I am wearing is that the crotch is cut out for easy access. Next I put on my black patent five inch high heels; I love the feel of high heels on my feet. I decided to be tied to our couch in the front room; it is a spot that Kelly will see me as soon as she walks in the door. I use nylon cuffs around my ankles and wrists so I do not cut off the circulation if I pull to hard against the ropes. I want to be easy assessable for anything she wants to do to me. I go into the kitchen to bring back our heavy wooden chairs; I set them at the end of the couch. I use a rope to tie the chairs to the couch so they can not be knocked or pushed over. I sit down on the couch and put my right leg on the chair, I sit so that my whole foot is over the chair. I use a rope to loop through the cuff and tie it tightly to the back of the chair; then I grab a second rope to tie the same ankle to the opposite leg of the same chair. With my ankle tied to two different points I can hardly move my foot at all. I repeat the whole process with my other foot. I have a hard time keeping my hands off of my rock hard cock because I am getting excited about all he fun I am going to have later. Before I started to tie myself up I wanted to do a few shots of southern comfort just to start my weekend right. I drink about five good swigs before I set the bottle out of the way and get back to getting ready.
    Next I look up to notice that I still have about a half an hour before Kelly gets home. I reach over to grab a thin rope to tie up my cock and balls; I am already so hard it doesn’t take me very long. I wrap first around the base to start then I move to tie just my balls, I do one more wrap around the base then the last time around my balls with a nice knot to wrap things up.

    I love how I feel when I am close to finishing my tie because I know that when I connect my wrists that I will have to wait until Kelly gets home. I reach over to connect the clip from my rope ratchet to my left wrist and then do the same with the right. I have enough slack in the ropes so I can put on my blindfold, I wrap a scarf around my head about three or for times so I can no longer see any light. I am at the point of no return, I use my last seconds of freedom to stroke my dick a few more times to bring me close to Cumming so that the release later will be that much stronger. I start pulling on the rope to make the pulleys taunt and hold my wrists very tight.

    I love the feeling of helplessness as I sit and wonder how long until Kelly gets home and receives her big surprise. I wait twisting and pulling, hoping that She won’t be late today. After about forty-five minutes my cock is starting to get a little softer and that is when I hear the answering machine. “Hi honey, I’m going to stop at the bar for a little bit on my way home, one of the girls Sherry is leaving the office so a few of us are going out to have a few drinks at the new bar that just opened not to far from our house. I won’t be out to late, I’ll see you soon, Love you bye.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard I am going to be stuck for who knows how long. Kelly sometimes will get a little carried away when she gets together with friends, I just figured I just had to sit and wait.

    I think I must have fallen asleep because I jerked when I heard a loud noise only to remember that I was still tied to the couch. “Hello honey, sorry I am late, you know how it goes, one drink then another before you know it I’ve had about ten, I’m feeling a pretty tipsy right now” She said out loud before she turned around to see me tied on the couch. “Well, if I knew you were waiting for me I would have been a little quicker,” She told me as I am trying to wake up from my unexpected nap. My cock is also starting to wake up and I feel flush with excitement over my whole body hoping that I am in for a good time.

    “Well, I think I am going to have a lot of fun, at your expense, I think I know all of your ticklish spots, I think I am going to test them all” Kelly said as I hear her high heels clicking on the hard wood floor as she approach’s me. I am still waking up as she drags her fingernails down each leg forcing me to jump and tug at the ropes holding me tight. “Gee, you did a really good job tying yourself up, you will have to give me some pointers sometime so I can return the favor” Kelly said to me. I could tell I might be in trouble with how playful and drunk she was sounding. I can’t believe how much her touching my legs made me as hard as a rock, but I wasn’t going to complain, I was ready to cum and I knew she would take as much time as she wanted. I love the feeling of not being in control, knowing that Kelly can do anything she wants to me for as little or long as she wants.

    “You know that I think it’s time for your payback, or did you think I forgot about the last time you had me tied up.” Kelly tells me as I remembered the time in my head. We were both a little drunk when I tied her in a very tight hogtie with her ankles crossed and her hands just about touching her ankles, She had no way to escape when I told her I read somewhere that a prolong period of tickling could cause some people to have an orgasm.
    “NO WAY, you better not even try it, you know how ticklish I get when I’ve been drinking. Just untie me and let me goOOOOOOOOO” Kelly yelled as I started to tickle both feet at the same time for about three minutes. I tickled her ribs, belly and back to her feet before I finally stopped. One good side effect from all of my tickling was she was hot as hell and jumped me and screwed my brains out after I untied her. I figured it must not have been that bad by the way she reacted after she was loose.

    “You thought I had forgotten but its payback time” Kelly said as she was pulling up a small stool to sit on at the end of the couch where my feet were. “I think I read somewhere that a prolong period of tickling could cause some people to have an orgasm, what a better time to find out when I have a Volunteer” she told me as she used both hands dragging her fingernails up and down both legs, the amount it tickled was crazy. I’m sure southern was playing a big factor. No matter how hard I tried the ropes didn’t budge, she kept running her nails none stop for at least four minutes. “I think I might have to work at this a little harder than I thought, this just might help speed things along” Kelly said as I felt her fingers playing with the rope that wrapped my cock and balls. She unwound a little of the extra rope and retied it tight and let a piece of it touch the floor. “This should help” she said as she tickled both legs again as she used one of her feet to pull the rope that held my cock and balls. Kelly pulled it tight then released, tight then released, it made me squirm and twist trying to get enough pressure on my dick to make me cum. I was getting close when Kelly stopped everything and told me she wanted to go get into something more comfortable and left me tied tight and hard as hell.

    I kept trying to get myself free but it was no use I had tied myself too tight. My buzz from the southern kept me horny as hell. It didn’t take Kelly very long to get into something more comfortable, she was caring a little bag with her as she came back, “I’m back, I hope I didn’t keep you in to much suspense, but I just know I’m going to love the things I brought back for you” Kelly told me as I heard her sit down in front of me again.

    “I was thinking about how I can make you cum without touching your cock so I figured I will have to get you as close as possible without going to far. Do you remember my face scrubber you use to tickle me with, remember how much I was screaming but you never stopped, I think it is time for some payback”

    No, no way can you do that to me I’ll go crazy, I’ll make way to much noise. Please I will do what ever you want just don’t do it. “You’re in no position to bargain and I have the perfect thing to keep you quite, do you remember that ballgag you bought for me I’m betting that it also fits you.” Kelly said as she stood up and moved behind me, I kept moving my head side to side and not open my mouth but all Kelly did was reach over and pinch my nose shut. “Come on now, open up, I know you tried this on before. I think you just forgot how much fun it can be not begin able to say things like please and stop” Kelly told me as I opened my mouth to get some air as she shoved the ballgag in my mouth and buckled the strap.

    I tried to spit it out or loosen it up, it was a large ballgag and it filled up my whole mouth, no matter what I tried it was not coming loose. I was really hard as hell and was hoping Kelly would just let me cum already but she still had another trick up her sleeve. “I have one more thing that I think you forgot when you tied yourself up,” Kelly said “a blindfold, I can’t have you watching everything I’m doing, it won’t tickle as much if you do. I brought this nice scarf to cover your eyes with”

    I’m now totally at Kelly mercy, I’m a bundle of nerves, and I can feel my whole body on edge. I try to tell Kelly my feelings but all that comes out is muffled grunts. Kelly’s taunts back at me “Is someone having a good time? I sure hope so because I am having a great time. I think it’s time to get back to tickling you, don’t you think?” She is still standing behind me and decides to use her nails up and down my sides and chest. I struggle to get away but it’s no use, I’m tied to tight and to horney to want to really get way. Kelly continued on for about four straight minutes, I was having a little trouble breathing with all of that tickling; she finally stopped and gave me a break and a chance to catch my breath.

    “I think you have almost had enough, but it’s time for my grand finally. The fun thing it’s all up you to control how log it lasts, because once I start tickling you again I am not stopping until you cum, no matter how long I have to tickle you” Kelly told me as I heard her sit on the stool in front of me again.

    I start to tense up as I hear the vibrator come to life as Kelly turns it on. I’m wore out from everything my body has been through and I feel super sensitive all over my whole body. I waiting for the tickling to begin but instead I feel the vibrator touch the head of my dick. I use all the energy I have left trying to get away but it’s no use, I’m stuck at Kelly’s mercy. The sensation is so strong I think I’m just about to cum when Kelly pulls it off of my dick and rubs it up and down my legs. “I think I need to take off your high heels if I’m going to really tickle you into cumming” Kelly said as I felt her fingers working to unbuckle the straps of my high heels, first my left foot, then my right. “I really think the story you told me is true, I’m just glad to be on the giving side of the tale” Kelly was telling me as she dragged her fingers up and down both of my nyloned coved feet at the same time. I was almost in convolutions as she tickled me faster and faster, it only took a few minutes of tickling both feet at once until I was shooting a load up in the air and all over Kelly and myself.

    I was so spent after all of that tickling and touching I just slumped into the couch and waited for Kelly to untie me, “I’ll be back in a minute to untie you but I really have to get myself another drink first, I think you might have to go for two in a row until I untie you, are you up to the task?” Kelly said as I heard her walk towards the kitchen. There was no way I could go on but my rock hard dick is telling another story.

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    loved it, can you do another story? 23train@gmail.com
    Brooklyn, USA

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