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    Join Date
    Dec 2007
    Northern Virginia

    Heroine Universe NEW Nylon Tickle Clip "Jungle Woman: Darted & Tickled" PREVIEW WMV!

    Hey guys!

    Ok, I put together another fun tickling clip tonight. I guess I'm rushing to get out whatever I have before January 8th when it hits the fan as far as stuff getting released (tickling, wrestling, super heroines, d-i-d, and hybrid mixes of all those together lol!).

    Anyway, it's a 12 minute clip (10 minutes are tickling, with a little storyline in the beginning). Called "Jungle Woman: Darted & Tickled," with Tomiko as Jungle Woman in her 2 piece leopard print and Sheer Tan Pantyhose.

    NOTE: I changed the name to "Darted" instead of "Drugged" since my store has a problem with saying the word drug or anything like it. No big deal, as I kept the clip title the same, the only thing changed is the description name at the store. So "Darted" is what you want.

    The storyline is this: Jungle Woman goes to sleep one day, but wakes up to a rude surprise...she gets a poison dart in her thigh! Knocked out on the bed, Jungle Woman goes through 3 different tickling scenarios:

    First, she's tied spread eagle face down (hand behind back, feet spread apart wide) with me doing some tickle torture on her sexy up-turned sheer tan pantyhose soles! Moving camera for this shot, as I go from one foot to the other torturing her.

    Second, she's now tied spread eagle face up (hands spread, feet together). I torture her feet and get her in hysterics, and then move briefly up to her stomach for some belly tickling, and then back to the feet! Multiple camera angles for this scene to spice things up.

    Last, as a bonus, the final 4 minutes is Jungle Woman tied in a neck-to-ankles red mummification suit! I torture her sexy nylon soles and the only thing she can do is wiggle her feet! I bought this suit specifically for Tomiko, and will have her in it for ALL future visits each month! It's great because it just immobilizes her!

    NOTE: TMF limits the size of the preview clips here, so I had to reduce it to 20 seconds. Please note that I have my own site and forums (for those that are not aware) where I'm putting up ALL my preview clips and archiving them so anyone can check them out. If you want to see the FULL 41 second preview clip for this video, please go to my site and visit my forums. My site (and forums) are TOTALLY FREE, and will always be that way. Join the forums, it takes seconds and you can check out everything.

    Feedback here (or at my site) is always appreciated.

    My Store: http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/15404
    Direct Link to my Forums: http://www.websitetoolbox.com/mb/jpcollector

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    Join Date
    May 2001
    Man that preview is simply excellent. Sign me up!

  3. #3
    Join Date
    Mar 2003
    Flanders, Belgium
    Looks promising, i think i'll surf your forum later on.
    Darth Vegeta, the Darkest Knight...

  4. #4
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Another exellent preview mate The diffrent tickling postion looking very good. I think i was one of your first members in the forum I will allways take a look there to see the new previews! Take care and Merry Chritmas

  5. #5
    Join Date
    Jul 2005

    Talking Love it.

    Looks like January 8th is the real Xmas.....
    Brooklyn, USA

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