A man in his thirtees had seen an advert for some intimate tickling by a Tickling Mistress! He called her and asked her more about what she did? The Mistress told him that she was expert in tickling mens willies and balls, she enjoyed seeing a man cum through gentle and teasing tickling. She asked him if he was circumsized? He said no, and asked if it made a diferance? The aswer was yes as it was that part of the penis that was extra sensitive. It all sounded very nice so he aranged to see her.

On the day he called at Tickle Mistress' house, she invited him in and they had coffee while chating, this made him relax and feel comfortable. After there drink the Mistress was keen to get on and asked the man to undress for her. She made him lay on a couch, there was a pillow tucked under his bum to raise him up a bit, giving more access to the balls. He was a little embarraced as he was already erect with excitment, Mistress told him that it was perfectly normal, she liked to see this. Before she got started she took of her gown that she was wearing, now she was naked and ready to play!

She told him that she would start at his balls, she picked up a silky tie that had been folded a few times, Mistress told him this made a great tickle tool for this area. Tickling Mistress began to tickle his balls with the tie, on the first stroke he jumped because the tickle was intence, this felt very nice and it was dificult to keep still, eventualy he setled down. He kept jumping from time to time when a sensitive spot was found but was really enjoying himself. Mistress told him that in a while she would be tickling his penis while continuing to tickle his balls.

Before she began to do this she placed a small bean bag under his penis to hold it in one place so she could tickle the foreskin as some men did not like the pea hole touched. She picked up a small make up brush and began to tickle the base of the penis, she gradually moved up towards the tip of the penis, the gentle tickling was making him very excited. When she got to his tip he started to breath heavier as this felt very nice.

Mistress stoped tickling the balls for a while to concerntrait on the penis, she tickled around the forskin at the top of his penis, he began to clench his hands on the couch. The Tickling Mistress told him off, she said that he was to relax. He did as he was told and tried to relax as much as posible but the gentle tickling was driving him wiled with excitment.

Just as he thought he had setled down the Mistress began to tickle his balls with the tie again, his balls had become very sensitive and he jumped again. Mistress snaped once more and told him to relax. Now she was tickling his balls and very gently tickling the tip of his penis, the combination of the two was extreemly nice, he became whet with pre cum. The gentle tickling stoped him from cumming quickly, the pre cum sensation became more and more intence, he wanted to cum but wanted this feeling to last for a long time, he was breathing heavier and heavier, her tickling was so nice and gentle, he could feel himself reaching the point of no return, she continued her gentle tickle. Almost there, the feeling was great, he could see some come right in his pee hole ready to be released, the feeling was strong now, and then it happend he came, he let out a cry of joy and relief. Mistress kept tickling until he had finished cumming!

He lay there out of breath and very happy, Tickling Mistress told him how much she enjoyed doing that to him and seeing him cum. The post cum feeling lasted for a long while, he told mistress he was still feeling horney! Mistress told him that the tickle only worked the once on each time of play, instead she would play with him herself!

He left feeling satisfied and told her he would like to see her again. Tickling Mistress agreed and told him that the next time he could play with her for extra fun!