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    Private Foot Tickling Sessions in Philadelphia


    As many of you know, we throw Foot Worship Parties in Philadelphia. We also hold Private Sessions at our club. To view just some of the models who work for us and who are available, you can see their pics on our Yahoo Group at:


    Look up the photos section once you join (it's free to join) & then look up Private Session Foot Models. Click on each model's pic and I just updated who is ticklish, and to which degree. We have been asking our models to see how ticklish they are. Some we already knew, but we wanted to be sure. We have a ton more models, too, but not all of them want to be on the internet and many are new where we just don't have pics yet. To get more info on booking sessions, cost and hours, please let me know.



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    who would you say is THE most ticklish?

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    Wow, that's a tough one, I'd have to say....Morgan Lei, then Kay, damn Alexis is, then Kristin, and oh yeah Shannon (has this contagious giggle), Lea - it's so hard to tell - I'd have to say Morgan Lei, there's just so many though. Erin has this real seductive giggle - I can't explain it, she's real ticklish. My customers love these girls, they are the ones who really do it, this is the feedback I get from them and their opinions are what matters the most.


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    Cool idea, but I think its kinda lame to pay to tickle someone. Its like paying for sex, except you don't even get that. Pointless. Still, its a cool concept and I'm sure a lot of people enjoy it.

    Jason loves you!

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    Beautiful girls John - Just curious though, the private foot girls with no tickish indication by they're name are not ticklish or you're just not sure about them.
    In space , no one can hear you laugh ... unless you’re so ticklish that your laughter produces gamma ray bursts!
    Doing whatever it takes to make it to that first level feather before I die!

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    Hey scinsor,

    Thanks for the post and it's always good to hear a different viewpoint. Honestly, sex is not what we promote anyway, so it's nothing sexual. I don't attempt to get inside our customer's heads and to know what they are thinking and honestly, I really don't want to, that's not for me to know. All I know is that for my customers who choose to be there, they are having a great time and it's an event that caters to people who have foot fetishes and also who like to tickle girl's feet. Maybe some of the guys are shy about it in their own personal lives, we give them that outlet here. At our parties, we take the guesswork out of it for them, it gives them a place to be able to experience this. Maybe you get this in your own personal life and that's awesome, not everyone is the same. Again, a party like this may not be for everyone, but what I can say is, that all of our customers anticipate these parties and they have huge smiles on their faces all night and when we leave. It would be one thing if we didn't have any customers and nobody showed up, but that clearly isn't the case. If you saw the testimonials that these guys write, I think you would understand. I just want you to understand that lots of people are enjoying these events. What we do is a business, and we cater to the people who want to be here, and we give our customers a great service. Thanks though, for your opinions, it would be boring if we all agreed, lol!!



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    Hey Darvon,

    Actually a little bit of both. Some models are just not ticklish and others we simply don't know just yet, as they may be kind of new or they haven't told us yet. Every model we hire, from now on, we will find out if they are ticklish or not. It's not a prerequisite for them to be ticklish to work foot parties, but a lot do seem to be ticklish in some way, some a lot actually. At least our customers know who is ticklish before they book a private session.



  8. Quote Originally Posted by NY ler View Post
    who would you say is THE most ticklish?
    Rockelle (on my clip store) and Morgan are probably the most ticklish....I know from experience!!

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    Also, Joe, off the top of my head, i know Barbie is very ticklish as is Alexis and Shannon, too!

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    Don't forget about me!

    I'm super ticklish and will be attending the foot party on August 26th! I can't wait.

    If anyone knows of any tickle producers in Philly please do get in touch as well, I want a giggle-filled trip

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    Can't wait to see you again Sophie - it's going to be a blast!! Looking forward to shooting again, too!

    Your Source for Tickling in Philadelphia!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scinsor View Post
    Cool idea, but I think its kinda lame to pay to tickle someone. Its like paying for sex, except you don't even get that. Pointless. Still, its a cool concept and I'm sure a lot of people enjoy it.
    FINALLY ! , somone shares my views on this .
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