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    Cousin Tickling!

    Hey everyone!
    Let's just begin from the start.
    My cousin is 23 years old. I use to tickle her feet all the time growing up. This story takes place 2 days ago in the middle of the day. I was showing her a bunch of wrestling moves and takedowns to submissions, she was vary curious. At the end of the demo, I had her on her stomache with both feet bent to her back(hogtie position). I took her socks off right away and said "This is what you can do from here." I haven't tickled her feet for more then 2 years, but they were white and nice looking. She is so ticklish that she begged and begged me not to do it. I tickled her feet and sides for more than 5 min. without stopping. I kept saying don't move your feet or your going to get it. I tickled her feet, toes to heel fast and slow, hard and soft. By the end she was out of breath and said, let me get my socks on hehe.

    I had fun that day. I havn't tickled someone for so long.


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    Very nice incident, thanks for sharing the story.
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    Smile Well Garsh, goh!

    Boy you are one lucky dude! To have a cousin who wants to see wrestling holds and will also let you tickle her, that's nice. You better not let her get married and move too far off! I sure wouldn't! How close a cousin is she? Just kidding!

    Thanks for sharing your story. If you have more, we are waiting to hear them!

    Peace out!

    I am jerry606, CrystalLight, AnnieHall, Black Widow, C.A.B., Dave2112, Jersy Tickler, ElFewja's, and the Marquis De Sade's biggest fan.



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    i got a cousin like that too i amways sneak up on her and tickle her ribs and the best part she doesnt mind me doing it she rolls over the floor laughing

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