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    Jul 2007

    Trapped and helpless - a cute teen tortured.

    First things first, I have been a key viewer of this website for years now and often find myself reading this particular forum thinking, 'Come on mate, do you really expect us to believe that you convinced 6 girls to be tied down naked in your bedroom and be tickled 'til they cried?' Admittedly, the posts are rarely that unrealistic, and often the stories include the poster being the reason for the tickling and at the centre of the story and in that case the story is not unrealistic (usually). Ok, my point is that the reason I have contributed very little to this thread in the past is because, truthfully, there have been very few interesting tickling situations in my life to discuss as my fetishless friends generally don't start any intense tickling (ie more than a poke in the side or a boyfriend tickling his girlfriend's side/legs etc). And with me being shy about my fetish, it is rare that I will ever tickle somebody intently in the fear of being found out. Which leads me on to the fact that, last week, amazingly, for the first time in years, I encountered a PROPER tickling experience. That includes a girl crying with laughter, begging for mercy, shoes and socks being peeled off and me not being the originator of the tickling therefore simply being able to enjoy tickle torturing without being any different from the other people present (ok, maybe I was bulging a bit more than the rest, but that’s all. Oh, and I was drooling a little.) So, to sum up an unbelievably tedious and pointless introduction, this story would - in my book of rating tickling stories - rank as highly unrealistic. But once every 2 years you're going to get an unbelievable tickling experience, aren't you? And I did. Ridiculous as it may be, this is a true story from last Tuesday. Please enjoy it - it'll be 2 more years before I post a new one!

    Emily is a great friend of mine, and regularly hangs around with me at breaks/lunches at college. She is impossible to categorise, and incredibly difficult to explain. By that I mean that you could almost call her a 'tomboy' - as she hangs around predominantly with me and my best mate, Liam, and can relate to our daft, dark, boyish sense of humour better than most males. But the main connotation with tomboy is what? Ugly? Overgrown beast? Hangs round with boys coz she looks like one? Well that's what stops Emily from being one - a tomboy, that is, not a boy (basic science prevents her from being a boy). Not only is she incredibly pretty - a good celebrity comparison would be Jojo the teen singer - with an excellent body, but she is feminine in so many ways (screams when she's with girls, talks about make-up, hair, boys, hates everything and anyone and could bitch for England). In fact, while it wasn’t good enough to warrant your attention when it happened, recently, when in the library together, one of my braver tickling moments occurred when I grabbed her foot and - after nicking her boot – tickled her socked (black, for you that love a good detail) foot. Unfortunately, before it got to bare-stage (everyone loves bare-stage) she kicked away. On that occasion she was neither really ticklish or not. Because I was trying so desperately to control her flailing foot (I am reeling off the alliteration today, GCSE English pays off big time) the focus on tickling faded and so I doubt I tickled her particularly well to be fair. And it must have been my substandard tickling at fault because, when tickled properly, she was in tears...

    It was a reasonably warm day in March terms (before you say March is usually pretty good weather, let’s not forget it snowed on Easter Sunday), and being a girl whose mood practically depended on the weather, Emily was eager (or at least willing) to join me, Becky - a decent looking girl, not as pretty as Emily but a tidy body and a sexy aura about her which probably derives most from her cute, powerful ‘if you tickled me I would laugh hysterically and it would be damn sexy’ laugh – Micky - who would be categorised as a ‘bit of an indie freak’ with his longish, blackish hair and whatnot - and Liam - my incredibly good looking best mate with blond, gay (but annoyingly attractive to females) hair and a good dress sense. Anyhow, as I’d started to tell in this ridiculously badly structured story turned rant turned bore turned ‘I aint readin that’ turned ‘ban this guy he’s a waste of space’, us five embarked on a mini journey across the field of our college to the nearby hospital (not for some sick quest to taunt ill people, there’s a Boots and Burger King there that does surprisingly adequate food). It takes about 15 minutes to walk from college to the hospital, and this trek is basically just across a massive, green, unused field where we seclude ourselves from the rest of the world as nobody is daft enough to walk 15 minutes for a soggy, overpriced burger when you can get a tidy ‘meal deal’ at the canteen for £1.20. On this day, Micky – being the unquestionable geek that he is – had opted to fetch some bouncy ball that he got from Woolworth’s for £10 (ridiculous on the surface of things, but it was shiny and changed colour when it bounced, I’ll have you know). Imagine, then, the impulsive urge that us four had to ‘accidentally’ lose this ball and see just how rattled one man could get about a 5cm ball. We all knew we wanted to do it - nobody had to say so. But it was a massive wait-and-see, like the final part of Goldenballs – somebody has to lose this ball – it’s a must – but if you wait ‘til one of the other three do it you get to see the hilarious overreaction without feeling his wrath (if you’re still trying to work out how that even mildly relates to Goldenballs then apologies. And if you’re an American or just not a saddo and don’t know what Goldenballs is, then apologies). But if all four think like that, the ball survives, and our excitement for the day fades into the distance. We needed a big-game player, somebody to step up to the challenge. And Emily loves a challenge...

    With a devilish yet cute grin, she waited to pounce on the ball the next time Micky threw it into the open air. ‘So what’s so good about this?’ she mockingly questioned as she grabbed the ball, with Micky urging to snatch his new love back but knowing that he needed to seem calm and disinterested in his toy. ‘Dunno, just bought it’ he replied, as she playfully threw it about at the uncut weeds. Micky lost his patience, and after seeing her deliberately stamp on it (I’m really making her sound like a bully and a bitch here, she really isn’t! This was all done in jest) demanded it back (yes, we’re still on about a bouncy ball that 4 year olds grow sick of). ‘Why?’ she said, giggling as she threw it to Becky, who was intent on joining in, while me and Liam sat back and watched the mean girls (not the film) taunt an innocent nerd, grinning as we knew what the outcome would be. Realising he was getting nowhere, Micky playfully ran at Emily when she received the ball from Becky, and laughing she tried to run, carelessly launching the ball into the air as she realised she was about to get caught, and surrendering her possession. And there it was. In all the ‘ball-gate’ anarchy, we’d managed to drift next to an allotment, which was fenced off by some crap wood and a bit of barbed wire. Bouncy had gone over the fence. ‘You won’t get over that’, I commented, noting that the barbed wire was covering up to 6ft of the fence. ‘She’ll get under it, though’, Micky replied, as Emily laughed to say, ‘Yeah I would, but I’m not going to.’ Me and Liam both knew that, for pride’s sake, it would take something serious for Emily to show some sort of remorse for her actions. That’s it, we concluded. But Micky had the ace of hearts up his sleeve. ‘Just ‘av to go wi’aht dinner then won’t ya’, he cleverly said, knowing that this would spark a revoke (that was meant to be Yorkshire dialect…sorry). Emily realised straight away. She had no money, and Micky had previously offered to pay for her food. Without any more resistance, she huffed with a slight edge of ironic laughter, and got on her knees, telling us to ‘make sure no worms or owt crawl up my jeans’ as we held the wire up and adjusted the fragile fencing to fit her slim body through. Squatting fully on the floor, she shuffled under and reached, her cardigan slipping up to reveal a soft, tanned midriff and part of a black thong. ‘I can’t reach it’ she said laughing as her belly rested on the slightly more trimmed grass than before, ‘gimme a nudge’. She had to wriggle under to avoid cataching her hair/head on the fence/wire, so was essentially stuck as she couldn't propell herself without getting her hair caught. So she needed help from us to push her. As me and Liam pushed the bottom of her boots to edge her closer, the tucked-in jeans which slipped out to reveal her soft, delicate left ankle were what gave Liam the idea. He held the jeans higher to reveal more of her leg, looked at me with a ‘this could be fun’ grin, and began to stroke her ankle with a stray piece of grass. I experienced that dizziness of realising this cute girl was being tickled, and got a rush of blood, knowing that if everything went well – and I played my cards right - this would be a huge day for me.

    It was confirmed as she giggled and kicked her foot in the air to stop him – he was tickling her and she was feeling it. We all knew what was coming, no-one more so than poor, helpless Emily. Micky crouched down and joined in (revenge is a dish best served when your opponent is trapped under a fence totally helpless). Becky stood in the background, knowing what was coming and laughing in that ‘poor Em!’ way as she knew what her best friend was in for, but knew that there was little she could do. ‘Nohoho!’ Emily yelled as she realised Liam was peeling off her left boot to reveal some socked (black again…scrubber) feet. Whether she had reached the ball was now irrelevant. Micky was to get his revenge, and me and Liam were to have some fun with a girl who always relished (ironic as we were heading to Burger Ki…no? Maybe not) teasing us. Problem for her was she had never been able to tease us when we were incapable of stopping it, and she teased us with words, not fingers.

    Back to the scene, and a cacophony of noises could be heard in the open air. Emily was begging Liam to stop as he planted his backside on the back of her legs (great tickling technique for a non-tickling fanatic), leaving the sole of her foot (still socked) to be tortured, Liam and Micky were laughing as they prepared to punish the sexy girl, Becky was laughing in the background whilst saying to herself, ‘Oh my god’, not only feeling sorry for her friend but being equally glad that it wasn’t her in hysterics, while I stood over them gawping at an incredible situation. Emily was giggling frantically, but was she laughing at the situation more than Liam playing with her toes and Micky occasionally stroking/prodding her foot? Maybe at first, but not for long. Micky was only assisting Liam in teasing her left foot/ankle, so the right was well and truly up for grabs. Seizing the opportunity, I realised I couldn’t keep watching from a distance and dived in. Like Liam, I planted myself on the back of her leg, and began to unravel the tucked jeans. I touched her soft, smooth legs and my mouth literally watered as I prepared myself for the best moment of my life. As I softly slid her boot off, Emily yelled again, ‘Nohohohoh, gior!’ (In the regular world that’s ‘give over’). I was shaking. She flapped up and down like a seal, and cried, ‘Oh my Goooooooood!!!!!!’ realising that this was real and that it bloody tickled. Glancing across at Liam and his sidekick, I knew that they were no more ready to stop than I was. Better still, we were ready to start…

    To stop me from having to keep saying it, throughout these minutes of torture for Emily there was chaos in the form of Becky trying half-heartedly to stop us, us boys laughing as we played with her feet and Emily screaming between the giggles and raucous laughter (ok, I still might include the latter as we all love a good ‘and she screamed ‘I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORRRRE!!!’). While the amateurs poked Emily’s toes and occasionally glided their fingers down her sole, it was me (I say proudly) who was responsible for the intense laughter. At first I pulled her sock down to her ankles and gently massaged her round her delicate ankles and slid my finger under her sock to just about touch her bare foot. Then, using all fingers, I expertly slid up and down her sole causing her to kick frantically and tell me, ‘I NEED A WEE!’ (She actually didn’t, she didn’t go after or owt, obviously just wanted to trick me). After a few minutes of tickling her socked feet, I felt it was time to go bare. Having said very little in the way of verbal tormenting before, I also felt I needed to tease her more, and as I peeled her sock off to reveal a creamy, tiny little foot I asked her, ‘How ticklish are your barefeet, Em?’ She groaned behind the laughter, and was in the process of telling me ‘you’re such a nob’ when her words turned to shrieking as I let my tender fingers play music on her nervous soles, stroking, caressing, playing with her feet as she frantically tried to kick out. She let out the biggest laugh of the day, which made Micky and Liam take notice. I was half-expecting a bit of a look from them saying, ‘bit too far mate/slightly weird that you’ve taken her sock off,’ so was massively relieved when they gave me an appreciative laugh and a look of ‘nice one!’ and Liam began to do the same. Cue the resounding, ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!’. We played with he feet for about 30 seconds more, but perhaps feeling a tad sorry for her in her helpless situation laid off a little. We then helped her through to get the ball, and after threatening to squash it in anger as Micky had just included himself in the torture, she gave it back and got back under.

    Having had that fun we headed to Burger King and ate. I was slightly shaken, to be honest, at what had just happened and was probably fairly quiet as I was trying to regain composure but couldn’t help think of how great that was. Emily was a bit annoyed at us as we’d rather embarrassed her and told us we were ‘dicks’, ‘nobs’ and ‘weirdos’. But we, or at least I, couldn’t care less.

    To be frank, I haven’t seen or heard from Emily that much since, but on the rare occasions I’ve been with her she’s been back to her normal awesome self, and the experience hasn’t been mentioned (I hope she isn’t scarred by it!). I just can’t wait ‘til we next head to Burger King, as it’s bound to get a mention then. Better still, we might get a re-enactment…

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    Jun 2005
    Gorham, NH
    Wow awsome experience! I wish i could be tha lucky lol though i have some of my own i should prolly share them with everyone as well.
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    Great story, thanks for telling us all about it.
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    honestly man, that story was so incredibly well-written that in my opinion it would have been extremely entertaining even if it hadn't been about our main topic of interest. simply fantastic job.

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    Jul 2007
    Thanks a lot for the positive comments, this was one of my first posts and it's good to get some positive feedback. Glad you enjoyed it, apoligies as it was a bit long-winded but it's not everyday something that incredible happens so I wanted to make the most of it!!

    Thanks again


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