These shots come from a custom video “Cathryn’s Tickling Torment” now being offered by Dorothy Laine Productions: The stills are Copyright Dorothy Laine Productions. Please do not repost them to other web sites or newsgroups. Copyright will be enforced.

The video stars Cathryn Beaumont as the ticklee, Dorothy Laine as the tickler. For more details and information, see the post in the discussion forum titled “New Video: Cathryn’s Tickling Torment”, and the other posts to this, and other sections of the forum under that same title.

For the second segment, Cathryn is now tied tightly in a straight backed chair. Her arms are firmly secured behind her neck, leaving her armpits open and vulnerable. Her legs are tied such she cannot close her thighs. Her feet are tied to the rear rungs of the chair, helpless.

For the first two minutes of this segment (for which I have no still, sorry folks) Dorothy sits behind the chair, and spends the entire time tickling Cathryn’s feet, first one at a time, then both at once. Cathryn is reduced to chaotic laughter quickly. And at some points can only throw her head back in silent laughter. Often she manages to beg “Nononononono” mixed with her frantic laughter. This is the foot segment for the video. You will get to see all of Cathryn’s helpless struggles and fruitless wriggles, and uncontrolled facial expressions as she suffers Dorothy’s non-stop attacks on her feet for two strait minutes.

OK armpit ticklers, your attention please! The next three minutes of the video are for you. Dorothy rises and begins an all out attack on both of Cathryn’s exposed and super vulnerable armpits. This is one of Cathryn’s real weak points, and her responses are off the scale! Dorothy is unremitting, and for the first time, pulls some true begging from Cathryn. As in the first segment, Cathryn tries to bite those tickling fingers to stop her torment, but fails. In response, Dorothy punishes her victim severely for her naughtiness. Dorothy pays attention to the ribs and undersides of the arms while she is letting Cathryn have a shot at least getting a small breath. These ‘breaks’ would qualify as serious tickling in most videos. Cathryn is quite red faced by segments end, and her struggles actually have moved the heavy chair! Tickle torture at its best!

For the next few minutes we now get to see some very very under tickled areas get some deserved attention. The insides of the thighs, and the hip crease. Dorothy proceeds to attack all these areas with her now familiar skill and determination, and once she gets to Cathryn’s hip creases, we get to see the spot that Cathryn cannot stand to have tickled at all! Screaming laughter, begging “No! not there!”, and thrashing so violent that the chair moves all result. Between her frequent scream inducing tickles of that oh so sensitive place, Dorothy works over Cathryn’s inner thighs, knees, and does the classic “knee pinch” to keep the frantic ticklee off balance and laughing uncontrollably. By scenes end, Cathryn is out of breath, flushed, and looking very worn out.

With Cathryn in this position, it would have been a crime to neglect that sensitive exposed stomach, and those helpless ticklish breasts. And for the next segment Dorothy attacks both these areas, occasionally straying back to the armpits. She quickly returns to that area she found in the first segment, just under Cathryn’s belly, to produce frantic squeals and laughter. As this scene unfolds Cathryn’s strength and resistance is clearly flagging, and often she can only helplessly laugh in response to her plight. Just when you think that Dorothy will not be able to get anything more from Cathryn, our tickler viciously attacks again, and forces new frantic struggles, and screams of laughter from her tired victim. Again and again, Dorothy pushes Cathryn to new levels.

The descriptions continue in the entry titled Cathryn’s Tickling Torment Part IV. Go there to see more!

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