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    Nov 2007
    Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

    (Oh, this should have been in 'Suggestions & Feedback') Lee, Ler or Both

    (sorry I put this in 'Technical Assistance' first, my bad)

    In our profiles we must define ourselves as a lee, a ler or as both and I don't fit into one of those.
    I'm a ticklephile to be sure but I'm a watcher, I like to watch a girl being tickled, read about a girl being tickled or look at a pic of a girl being tickled.
    The idea of taking part in tickling isn't offensive to me but I'd much rather watch somebody else do the tickling.
    Especially if one girl is tickling another, I wouldn't want to spoil such a wonderful moment by inserting myself into the action.

    I just wonder why we can't write in what we should be defined as instead of picking one of three options.
    Even in 'gender' you get to write it in but 'lee, ler or both', they have to know and it has to be one of the three.
    I chose ler because as I mentioned the idea of taking part in tickling isn't offensive to me but it's just not really my thing and I'd prefer a new choice.
    I'd even settle for being able to leave it blank as ler does not define me.
    As my screen name would imply I am a FORCE OF NATURE!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    For those wondering where I've been check out the thread
    What ever happened to TKForce?

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    Apr 2001
    Upstate NY
    Blog Entries
    I understand why you want a bigger choice. But adding more starts to make the profile bit muddy. It's just a simpel item to allow designation of likes here.

    That you chose Ler is the proper one.

    Being a Ler does not always mean that you are acting. It's also a mindset. A Ler enjoys watching people get tickled. Doing can be the goal, but seeing it fits also.

    So You are in the right group.


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