This is a new series starring a fictionalized Tommy and Tasha from Tickle Abuse, also some original characters:

Cast (Besides Tommy and Tasha, and any real athlete like Maria Sharapova.)

1. Sean McReary (O.C.)

2. Dominique Dawson (O.C.)

3. Rhino (O.C.)

4. Danny (O.C.)

5. Dawn (O.C.)

6. Sierra (O.C)

That is the list of original characters, enjoy!

As the plane was flying, Agent Sean McReary of the C.I.A. was looking at his face in the mirror. "Damn, I really need to shave." Sean said as he repeatedly continued to touch his face that sporting a little bit of peach fuzz on his face. Sean was a handsome man in at 24 years old, he had fire-red hair, and green eyes and a nose that was little on the large side.

Sean was wearing black suit with brown dress shoes and an green tie with a shamrock imprinted on the knot and an grey button up shirt. After hearing knocking on the door he quickly washed his hands and left and returned to his seat and sat next to a sleeping black woman next to him. He than resumed reading his magazine.

The sleeping Black woman next to him was Dominique Dawson, his partner and friend. Though there was slight attraction that didn't want to make things awkward between them. Though Sean didn't want to compromise their relationship, he would like to meet her when they weren't working.

Dominique had pretty brown eyes and long black hair. She had a smaller sized nose and ears were average, she was also wearing lip gloss, she was the younger of the two at 20. She was wearing a black skirted suit and matching high heeled sandals that showed her French Pedicure. She was proud of her job as a C.I.A. agent, something that her father was before he died.

The flight attendant than said "Attention passengers we will be landing London soon, please be seated until the plane comes to a halt." Sean was focused on the task at hand. Which was the apprehension of a suspected bookie and his cohorts. As the plane prepared to land Dominique woke up and said "Are we there yet?" Sean said "Yes we are."

At The Docks

As the cruise landed on the docks and as people began unloading and then Tommy, he was wearing a gray suit jacket and a silver silk button up jacket, he was wearing black colored pants with brown dress shoes. Also emerging from the ship and then followed by Tasha, she was wearing a black blouse and white skirt and flip-flops that showed her unpainted toes.

She than walked over to Tommy and said "London, were here babe." than giving him a quick kiss on the lips. Tasha was accompanied by a giant of a man who had a brown ponytail, and blue eyes. He stood at about 6'7" and he was wearing a brown shirt and khaki pants, he also had a tattoo of a rhino on his shoulder, he was carrying some luggage.

After Rhino, a woman with curly red hair and green eyes, she was wearing a green shirt and blue denim shorts. She was wearing flip-flops that showed her blue toenails. Than, another girl was walking next to her, she was about the same height as Rhino but he had about two inches taller. She was wearing a midnight blue shirt and blue jeans and black sandals with purple toenails. Also another average sized man who looked like the red-haired girl and was dressed in yellow shirt and green pants, and was wearing white shoes, he also carrying some luggage.

The group than got on a bus and rode to a rental dealership. After renting a rental car they drove to London.

At the Airport

Sean and Dominique waited at the baggage claim and waited patiently for their luggage, they finally got their luggage. As Sean was walking he asked "So do you have the files?" Dominique said "Yes." as they walked towards the exit Dominique said "I need to use the restroom." Sean than said "Okay you want Coffey or something?" She than said "No but a 7up would be nice." as she walked off to the restroom.

Sean than walked to the cafe and placed an order "Coffey, a 7up and I guess a muffin." as he sat and ate the muffin and waited. Than he saw Dominique walk out of then restroom and sat next to him, and then he passed her the soda and began drinking. After their snack they left the terminal and the airport and hailed a cab.

Sean asked Dominique "So do you want to meet the commissioner of London's finest now? Or should we explore the great city?" Dominique said "Your going have fun anyway, but I'm taking a nap." She than dozed off. Than Sean said to the cab driver "Take me to your nearest bar." and the driver said "Sure Bloke." Sean was a little confused but let it go.

At the Safe house

After they arrived at the destination Rhino and the other man were carrying the luggage and they placed it into the room. Tasha than flopped on the sofa and said "My feet are killing me, Dawn sweetie can you give me a foot rub WITHOUT tickling me?" Dawn than said "Sure." than Dawn walked and sat down, she than put Tasha's ankles on her lap began to rub Tasha's feet. As Rhino carried the last suitcase into the room, he asked "Hey boss, how come never told us you owned a penthouse apartment?" Tommy than walked in without answering.

Sierra than asked walking over to the and sitting down "Yeah and why are we in London?" Tommy than said "Two answer both your questions, its quite simple." Tommy than said pouring himself a drink "I won this penthouse in a bet, and I have been renting it out. Second, I'm going to fix the Wimbledon." He than took a sip and said "Pineapple flavored wine, nice. Any way my plan, it'll make us a big fortune. You see were going to bet against the favorite athlete, and Tasha, Dawn and Sierra will "convince" them to take a dive." Tommy said finishing his drink and putting his glass on the table.

The average sized man still slightly confused asked "But boss what if they refuse?" Tommy simply walked over to him putting his arm around his shoulder and said "Danny, my boy than Tasha will be more convincing." Than he punched him in the gut and as Danny bent over and said "Oh and don't ask stupid questions." Danny than said "Y-yes sir." Tommy than said "We'll let the first round play out, then we start."

At another Hotel

Sean and Dominique after a night on the town had checked into the hotel. Sean said "So Dominique, are you ready for tomorrow?" she replied "We can finally take him down and put him in prison." Sean than turned on the T.V. and Dominique said "Sean I'm tired." and she than went to sleep.

Sean than shrugged his shoulders and watch T.V. until he dozed off to sleep.

The Next Day

Sean and Dominique walked into the London Police Department and meet the Commissioner Blair. He was initially shocked at their height but putting that aside he said "Just call me Ian. So you are from the C.I.A.? What can I help you with?" Sean and Dominique sat down "We have reason to believe that a bookie from New York planning to fix Wimbledon." Sean was wearing a suit and his lucky green shamrock tie, and Dominique was wearing a skirted suit and heels.

"Really how?" asked Commissioner Blair as he was preparing a drink. Dominique answered "Well we are not sure at the moment but keep a lookout for these individuals." She than opened a lap top and turned it on and a couple pictures appeared and Dominique zoomed up on one explained "This is Thomas McNeil, his a 36 year old bookie, he is wanted for blackmail and attempted extortion. He is considered armed and dangerous."

Sean than clicked on the picture and said "This is Natasha, she is his companion and lover we assumed. She is also considered armed and dangerous." After clicking, than a couple mugshots came up. Sean than said "Don't worry he have a lot on these guys." than a man with a angry expression came up. Dominique "This is Jerryd "Rhino" Marduk, he was a mixed martial champion and former wrestler at Iowa."

Commissioner Blair than asked "Why do you call him Rhino?" Sean answered matter of faculty "Because the won 98 fights in the MMA world and undefeated in high school, plus he has a tattoo of a Rhino." Dominique than rolled her eyes and said "Moving on, he has been convicted of various assault charges."

Than after clicking another picture of a man with a woman showed up "This Daniel McRoberts, and his twin sister Danielle. Breaking and entering the works." Finally the last photo came on the screen "This is Sierra, Rhino's girlfriend. Same wrap sheet as Rhino but she has a appetite for pain and suffering." Commissioner Blair than asked "How so?" Sean said "She used to a dominatrix."

Commissioner Blair than said "Okay I'll have an A.P.B out for them, How else can I help you?" Sean than gave him a piece of paper and said "Call this number." after handshakes Sean and Dominique left.

A couple weeks have passed and the Wimbledon raged on and now the second round has come and Tommy starts to set his plan in motion.

In Tommy's Penthouse

Tommy was watching the BBC and then looked at his bedroom and herd a noise as he walked backed he looked into the room and peeped into the door and he saw Tasha wearing black athletic shorts and shirt, Dawn wearing short denim shorts and a blue shirt, and Sierra was wearing a red sleeveless shirt and matching shorts, all barefoot having a tickle fight. He than remained standing there and watched, Tasha and Dawn quickly goosed each other sides, but Tasha quickly gained an advantage due her Dawn being small.

Dawn meanwhile is laughing "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STAP TASHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS NOT FAIR HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Meanwhile Tasha is laughing saying "I don't care!! and kept on tickling her. Eventually Dawn is able to find Tasha's ribs and then its Tasha's turn to laugh "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU GOT ME AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHA!" Eventually Sierra walked in and began tickling Tasha underarms.

Tasha began howling like a Banshee "AIEE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sierra than gave her quick strokes on her feet. She than grabbed both Sierra and Dawn's sides and quickly goosed them, this instantly sent them into a riot "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Tommy was a little worried about noise but remembered that the previous owner was paranoid and had every wall in the penthouse soundproofed.


Tommy was clapping and said "Impressive, but tonight is when we set our plan in motion" Tasha still breathing a little heavily said "What is the plan babe?" Tommy than said "Maria Sharapova is facing off against Alla Kudryavtseva tomorrow and I want Maria to lose, and your going to convince her to." Than Tasha smiled and said "I'll do it, Dawn care to tag along?" Dawn than said "Sure."

Tommy smiled and opened his cell phone and began talking "Rhino place a bet for me." Rhino than said "Sure boss, what." Tommy than said "Alla Kudryavtseva beating Maria Sharapova." he than hung up his phone and smiled.

At the Hotel near Wimbledon

Tasha and Dawn walked into the lobby and said "We are looking for Maria." The lobby attendant said "Miss Sharapova asked not to be disturbed." Dawn than said "She requested a massage." the lobby attendant said "I'll call her room and see." After calling Maria answered "I may have I don't remember send them up." They both were shocked at how easy it was and quickly claimed the stairs.

As they made there way to her room they knocked on the door and Maria answered. She was wearing a towel and one wrapped around her head and she towered over Tasha and Dawn which shocked them a little, because they didn't realize how tall she was. As Maria turned around to walk in Tasha and Dawn high five as they followed her in.

After closing the door and locking Maria took of her towel and she revealed her green bikini. Maria than laid on her bed, Tasha and Dawn walked into the bedroom and shut the door. Maria than said "Well whenever you guys are ready." Tasha walked over and said "Okay." she than began rubbing Maria's shoulders and she said "That feels SO good." Eventually they she rubbed down to her back turning her hands horizontal and eventually touched her ribs.

Maria than shrieked and Tasha stood up and said "Oh I'm sorry." Maria than said "Just be a little careful I'm extremely ticklish." Tasha than said "Ah man like in the sides and the mid section area like that?" Maria than said "Yeah, but I'll let you in on a secrete, I probably have the MOST ticklish feet in the entire world." Tasha than said "That's nice to know DAWN NOW!!" with that Dawn ran in and jumped and sat on Maria's legs.

Tasha than forced Maria dow and sat on Maria's upperbody, Maria than shouted "What the hell? Get off me you psychos SECURITY!" Tasha than nodded at Dawn and she gave a quick stroke to Maria's sole and she quickly stopped yelling. Tasha than said "Maria, sweetheart we all known what is coming next, but you can avoid this. Agree to lose tomorrow." Maria than shouted defiantly "Have you lost your mind NEVER!" Tasha than said "Okay if that the route you want to go." Tasha than dug her fingernails into Maria's ribs.

The result was instant, Maria began howling "HAHAHA THIS IS TORTURE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Tahsa stopped and then asked "Are you done yet?" Maria responded "NO!" Tasha than said "Your call princess"

Tasha than began to goose her sides. Dawn started to get a little scared, not that they would get caught but scared for Maria. Dawn knew Tasha one of the most ruthless ticklers if pushed her she can make someone suffer. Tasah than taunted "How is it that a big 6'2" girl like you can't handle a little tickling!?!"

Tasha than tickled Maria without mercy and all Maria could do was laugh and laugh "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !" Tasha than she still continued her tickle attack. Maria was begging and laughing "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Maria was going crazy with laughter but the tickling wouldn't stop

Tasha just stopped tickling and asked "Maria are you willing to lose yet?" Maria responded "NOO!" Tasha than said "Suit yourself" and she began tickling her underarms. Maria's laughter got louder as Tasha's fingers dug into her "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA!" Tasha just kept tickling saying "You know what you have to do, Maria why make it so hard on yourself?"

Maria held strong and refuse to give Tasha the pleasure. So Tasha said "Okay than Dawn." Dawn than began raking up and down her soles. Maria practically screamed "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AIEEE HAHA NO HAHAHAHAHA WHY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ARE HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU HAH DOING HAHAHAHAHA THIS? HAHAHAHAHA!" Dawn than said "You know what we want Maria" Dawn truly enjoyed tickling Maria's feet, so much that she taunted her "My, My Maria what BIG, Ticklish, Size 10 feet you have."


Eventuall Tasha yelled "Switch!" Dawn than moved to her upperbody and Tasha is moving to her feet. Tasha than said "Last chance Maria." Maria than said "GO TO HELL!" Tasha than said "Your going to wish you were dead after this." She looked at Dawn and mouthed the words "One, two, three!" At the same time Dawn dug her fingers into Maria's feet and Tasha raked her nails up and down Maria's feet.

As soon as they her spots Maria was wailing "NO NOT LIKE THIS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHA NO MORE NO MORE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Dawn had a little trouble controling Maria's thrashing upperbody, but Tasha however putt her weight on Maria's legs was able to control her feet as she raked up and down her soles. But all Maria could do was laugh, scream, and beg "HELP ANYBODY, PLEASE I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" but due to the bedroom door being shut no one could hear her.

After a dose of double tickling that seemed to go one for forever, Maria broke and said "Okay!! I'll lose just STOP!" Tasha and Dawn than stopped and said "See It wasn't that hard." as Tasah and Dawn began to leave Maria just laid there, but she felt her left foot being tickled and it quickly stopped after she moved her foot and looked up and it was Dawn.

Dawn than said "Remember if you tell anyone we will come back and it will be ah HELL a lot worse. B-bye!" and left. Maria than just laied there.

June 28

Tommy turned on the T.V. and Wimbeldon report and top story "Maria Sharapova eliminated in straight sets." Tommy than smiled and set his sights on his next target.

Wheh that was the first chapter; I just want say I am not denying nor bashing the skill of Alla Kudryavtseva, she won one of these tournaments I think.