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    Ghostly Tickling

    Repost of a thread I made at the Tickle Theater. Forgive me if it's in the wrong place. For some reason, It felt a little out of place to be in the tickling discussion forum, at least in my opinion. And after the Treatise on Tickling, it seemed like this was the place to put this thread. Without further ado...

    Well my friends, it's October. For many of us, it's the time to think of Halloween. For this lurker, it's time to break his unofficial vow of silence. And I decided there was no better way than to do it with a little research.

    I must admit, I do enjoy dabbling in the paranormal, at least from a research perspective. I'm a mixture of skepticism and curiosity. Let's just say that I want to believe. Never had a ghostly experience myself, and I probably never will.

    But I digress. I got a wierd idea. There are so many strange phenomenas associated with hauntings (Orbs, EVP, Shadows, sudden temperture changes, emotional responses. My fellow paranomal enthusists out there probably know what I'm talking about), and I started thinking. Why not tickling? I mean, come on. Even us 'lers and 'lees have to pass on sometime. So I did my research, and it yielded some fruit. Note that for a lot of these links, you may have to do some scrolling to find the articles, so I have included a brief summary underneath each link.

    Marshall House, Savannah Georgia. Scroll down to the article and you'll find a letter from a guest who had awoken in the middle of the night to the sensation of someone tickling her feet. When she had questioned the staff in the building, she was told the tale of a former guest who had a similar experience.

    Red Lion Pub. Reports of a visitor spending some time alone in a room and feeling a tickling sensation on her head.

    The Andrew Jackson Hotel. Formerly a boarding school for young boys. Guests report numerous paranormal activites (Mysterious footsteps, faucets turning on by themselves), including many reports of female guests having their feet tickled in the night, sometimes accompanied by apparations of young boys.

    The Swan Inn. Reports of a rather melancholy ghost have been reported. A nun staying overnight said that she had been woken up when the ghost began tickling her.

    Ellcot City. A local health and wellness center hosts yoga classes. Students have occasionally reported ghostly ticklings.

    The Shoe Factory Shop in Grimsby. Visitors have reported seeing shadowy apparitions. Visitors and tenants in the apartments above have reported the sensation of having their feet tickled (Wow, Lots of ghosts with a penchant for the lower appendages, it seems!)

    Take from it what you will, but it's a clipping from a site where people submit their own ghostly experiences. This one concerns a woman having ghostly dreams, one of which involves phantoms tickling her feet. It's later reported to her that the hotel she was staying at was haunted.

    Argh, can't locate it in this one offhand, but I remembered that there's something in there about a theater house being haunted by the ghost of a former actress, who pokes at and tickles some of the theater patrons.

    Carnton Plantation Cemetary. Supposedly if you walk down a specific row, there are twin ghosts who are said to grab at your ankles and tickle you.

    Bah, Had trouble locating it, but I believe its just another site that mentions the same cemetary linked to above.

    Nine Mile Bridge. Legend says that some slave children had drowned at the bridge. It's also said that if you take your shoes off and dangle them from the bridge, the ghosts of the drowned children will tickle your feet.

    So, Skeptic, Believer, or just an amused reader, I hope you enjoyed this piece. Have a safe rest of Oktoberfest, and have a good Halloween. Peace.

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    Wow that's neat! I would say this is in the right section, although you could post it in tickling discussion as well I'm sure and it would be fine. Thanks for the findings! so cool!
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