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    Sarah Palin Tickle torture-Part1

    Personally, I can’t believe there aren’t a few dozen Sarah Palin stories on here, but as far as I can see, there’s not one, so I’m taking it upon myself. This also happens to be the first story I’ve written on the forum, so I hope you like. I also wrote this in a fit of horniness, so I realize it's not written that well, but oh well. Suggestions and comments are always welcome of course. If you do like it, other parts to come.

    “Don’t go for the throat Sarah , just sit back and let him make an ass of himself.”

    “ I know,” Governor Palin said, “We’ve been over this a hundred times. I’ve memorized everything I need to and I know the game plan. It’s going to be fine, you’re just making me nervous.”

    “Alright,” her advisor said looking doubtful, “I just don’t want us to have another Katy Couric moment.”
    Palin glared, “Don’t worry about it, I have it under control.”

    The room in which they were situated was small and glaringly blue. Large white fold-out chairs lined the four walls and a lone light lit the room from the center of the ceiling. Her advisor had pulled up a chair across from her as Governor Palin sat in one of the corners of the room. Palin looked around suspiciously.

    There were three other people in the room with Sarah and her advisor, John. She hadn’t met any of these people before today, the day of the vice presidential debate. She looked towards the door at two identically tailored black suits wrapped around two gigantic muscle-bound frames. These were the security provided by Washington University.

    Governor Palin eyed them suspiciously as they spoke quietly on the opposite side of the room.
    “Where is our security John, I don’t trust these people,” She confessed in her midland sounding Alaskan drawl.
    “It’ll be fine. You’re just nervous.”
    “I’m not nervous, I’m fine. It’s just weird that they wouldn’t let me have my security here.”
    “You have exactly one hour before you must go to the prep room,” the third unfamiliar person in the room said. An employee of the university and in charge of staying with her assigned candidate at all times and to keep her updated of her time constraints before the debate, Lindsey Johnson stood at 5”6’ with curly long brown hair. She wore 2 inch heels over her bare feet, making her a somewhat imposing figure. She had on a tight blue dress which extended just past her knees, highlighting her fantastic figure.

    Governor Palin glanced at the woman, fifteen years her minor. She was suspicious of her as well. Ms. Jonson was condescending and distant, and struck a very wrong chord with Palin. She nodded in acknowledgement and looked back to her advisor as Ms. Jonson walked away.

    I don’t feel comfortable in here,” Governor Palin said, “let’s step outside.”
    Palin and her advisor stepped past the two guards into a bright white narrow hallway sprinkled with lights across the ceiling. The two guards followed instinctually, but kept a respectful distance.

    Palin talked over debate points with her advisor. She strode down the hallway elegantly, her two inch broad heeled shoes clicking against the ground and slapping lightly against the soles of her feet. Her white skirt pulled against her legs as she walked, and provided a stark contrast to her typical bright red button down blouse.

    “So when the moderator asks about your personal experience with foreign issues you’ll say….” BANG. A shot rang across the hallway. Governor Palin’s advisor immediately fell to the ground grasping his chest. Sarah looked up down an adjacent hallway at a man about twenty feet away pointing a hand gun directly at her.

    Before she knew it, she was blindsided and driven into the ground out of view of the treacherous hallway. One of the huge seciruty guards had tackled her out of harm’s way. He then pushed himself up against the wall, gun drawn and signaled for the other to evacuate Governor Palin from the area.

    The first guard took a warning shot down the hall as the other one darted across the hallway, momentarily putting himself in the sights of the now retreating attacker, scooped up Governor Palin and rushed her towards the glass doors at the end of the hallway. He kicked open the door from the inside only to be greeted by four masked figures dressed entirely in black and with guns drawn. He immediately turned around, knowing the door would lock from the outside, but it was too late. The door was firmly shut and, backed into the doorway, he had no other option but to hand over Governor Palin.

    As soon as he let go of her, the figure nearest him, smashed him in the head with the back of a gun violently, knocking him unconscious. Governor Palin screamed in horror as two figures, who Palin figured out during the abduction were women, grabbed her, threw a hood over her head, bound her wrists behind her back using plastic restraints and lifted her, one arm in each masked woman’s hand.
    She struggled fiercely, and yelled profanities through the hood, but she was overwhelmingly overpowered and hopelessly disoriented. Eventually they arrived at a van, which was disguised as a media vehicle. They threw her in the back, two of the women following her in while the other two went to the front. All the media had gone inside in anticipation of the debate so the van pulled out of the parking lot without incident.

    Governor Palin lay in the back like a slug, trying to imagine how things could be any worse. The only explanation she could come up with was that she had been kidnapped by terrorists, and was going to be used to hold America ransom.
    She cringed at the thought, and furiously began pulling at the plastic restraints around her wrists, kicking her legs and yelling wildly.

    The two masked women sat still, one against each wall, guns drawn, incase any serious conflict should arise. They allowed the governor to finish her tantrum through her own will, instead of intervening and possibly making the situation worse.
    The women in the front of the vehicle talked lightly, laughing at the ease of their success and speculating at the predicted ease of their future. The promise of wealth beyond their wildest imaginations settled any anxiety.
    After an hour and a half of driving, the van pulled up a deserted dirt driveway about 50 miles outside of St. Louis. The extra time, of course, being due to the women driving a zig-zag pattern so as to disorient their captive’s sense of direction and time.
    The van door opened and Governor Palin was pulled out into the barn-like garage, through the house, and into the basement. She was led down a long, dark, winding hallway. The place had a dungeon like atmosphere with concrete cold walls and spider webs lining them thickly.
    Governor Palin walked submissively, filling the soundless void of passage with the awkward sound of her shoes still slapping against the bottoms of her feet. She tried to get a feel for her surroundings, but with the hood still tied around her head there was no way of her having the slightest idea of where she was or where she was headed.

    Finally the group arrived at the end of the hallway, entering a dim doorless circular-shaped room. At the center of the room lay a long black padded table with stocks at one end, and leather restraints littering the rest of the table.
    Two of the women lifted Sarah onto the table and each one positioned herself at one corner. The two women at Governor Palin’s feet lifted the heavy stocks and placed her ankles in the two middle holes. As she felt the heavy wood encase her ankles she began to get worried.
    “What do you people want?” she pleaded through the hood. “Kidnapping me isn’t going to do you any good.”
    She pulled her legs against the solid wooden stocks, testing them, to feel what they were and to see if there was any hope of escape. She quickly realized that there was none.

    Next, the restraints holding her wrists were cut, and her arms pulled overhead. A woman on each side restrained each of her wrists in leather cuffs. The two cuffs were then linked together. A rope attached to the cuffs was hooked up to a wheel above her head which served to allow the captors to stretch their captive as much as they desired.
    One woman cranked the wheel to the point where Governor Palin’s body was stretched a bit uncomfortably tight. At this point she really began to struggle.

    “What are you people doing to me,” she screamed in anger. “Let me go right now. It will be so much worse for you if you don’t let me go right now!”

    The masked women moved with deft soundlessness as Palin struggled. They put restraints above each of her elbows, the restraining cuffs tied to the side of the table on each side. At this point her blouse was removed to reveal a tight white low-cut short sleeved shirt which rode up above her bellybutton due to the position of her body. The sleeves, with her arms stretched up high, were short enough to reveal her smooth underarms.

    Rope was then tied over and under her breasts and around the table in order to keep her midsection strapped to the table. Big leather cuffs were placed around each thigh, below each knee, and around both of her ankles, despite the fact that they were already restrained by the stocks.

    Governor Palin struggled in vein throughout this whole ordeal, asking what her captives wanted and promising that they would be sorry.
    Finally, one mwoman pulled off the governor’s hood. He then proceeded to take off her glasses, and blindfold her. In her unaware state, it was easy to force a ball gag into her mouth and tie it around her head. Palin was especially surprised by the latter action and severely protested as she realized that she couldn’t speak.

    “WWMMMWWWWMMMHHMHHMMHH,” she objected, as the silent women left the room indifferent to the governor’s pleas for help.
    After about an hour of struggling in isolation, Governor Palin was convinced that they had left her for dead. Suddenly, she heard something in the distance. She immediately tried to lift her body to get a better picture of who was coming. She also instinctively tried to say something forgetting that she was gagged.

    The distinct click of high heels could be heard making their way down the hall. Eventually Palin could distinguish a few separate pair of clicks determining that there were a number of women walking down the long corridor.

    When the women eventually arrived at the end of the hallway it became apparent to Governor Palin that there were at least five women. One of them spoke, and Palin instantly recognized the voice as one that belonged to Ms. Lindsey Johnson. Palin struggled in a fit of anger, but was barely able to move. Saliva flew from her mouth as she tried to scream around the rubber ball fixated between her jaws.

    Lindsey walked over to the governor and pulled off her blind fold. To her astonishment, next to Ms. Johnson was Senator Hillary Clinton. The site of the familiar face calmed her for a moment. She knew she was not being held by terrorists at least. She unintelligibly asked for an explanation of her current condition through her ball gag.

    “Shut up Miss Governor of Alaska,” Lindsey mocked, “you’ll know what’s going on very shortly.” She paused, looking into Governor Palin’s eyes, noting the terror and confusion. “You see, Ms. Palin, we are an active radical feminist organization. We support the ascendency of feminists into the realm of politics. But you, Sarah Palin, you are simply not acceptable. If you become the vice president, you will give females, and in turn, all feminists, a bad name and we will never get elected. We simply cannot have it.”

    Governor Palin could not believe her ears. She tried to speak through the ball gag again, to no avail and continued pulling at her restraints. MMMMMMMPHHHAMMM

    Hilary took over the speaking now, “Basically, we need you to tell us the location of John McCain so we can get rid of him, and therefore get rid of you without violating the sacred feminist law which prevents us from harming any woman. And we have our ways of getting information if you’re not willing to talk Governor, so you might as well just tell us now.” Governor Palin opened her eyes wide as if to tell her captors that she wanted to say something. Hilary reached over and removed the gag.

    “Fuck you,” were the first words to come out of her mouth. “Dogarnit, I’m not telling you anything about anyone you dumb liberal bitch.”

    “Oh, you will eventually,” Hillary responded confidently, “It’s just a matter of how long. Just tell us now and you’ll avoid a lot of discomfort.”

    “You mean to tell me that you want me to give up John McCain so you can kill him, even though you can’t harm me? Do you really think I’m that stupid?”

    “Well, lets just see if we can persuade you.” Hillary nodded to Lindsey who moved towards the foot of the table.
    Governor Palin noted the other four women now. They were all tall and dark haired, and all very beautiful, but with a certain sadistic look about them. She also noted their long red painted fingernails and the fact that all of the women except Hilary had taken their shoes off and were sporting the same bright red nail polish on their toes that they had on their fingers.

    Lindsey stopped at the bottom right corner of the table and slowly removed Governor Palin’s right shoe. She noted the red polish that adorned her toes as well. She also appreciated the perfect shape of her foot as she removed the shoe. In the dim, golden light of the room, her milky white sole almost glowed in its flawlessness. Her toes wiggled slightly, and Lindsey stared with pure admiration at the 44 year old’s beautiful specimen of a foot. From her soft heel, to her highly arched soles, and her tender toes, it was perfectly exquisite.

    “What the hell are you doing?” Palin complained. She immediately pulled at her bonds, but again, she could get absolutely no leverage, with so many straps holding her down. She pulled at her wrists and ankles knowing that she was going nowhere.

    Lindsey then proceeded to slip off Sarah Palin’s other shoe, exposing both of her vulnerable bare feet. She used her right hand to hold the toes of Governor Palin’s left foot so as to keep her sole taut. “Oh, you’re going to enjoy this,” she teased before running a single fingernail down the center of Governor Palin’s bare foot, starting just under her middle toe, and slowly dragging it down her long sole to the bottom of her heel.

    Governor Palin jumped in surprise. Her foot which was not being held firm, jolted violently as the rest of her body involuntarily spasmed. She let out a high pitched yelp as the fingernail initially moved down her foot. This progressed to girlish giggles within the three seconds that the slight tickle took.

    “HEHE, what are you doing?” She asked, feeling the strange tickling sensation.
    “You’ll know soon enough,” Lindsey responded, this time taking two fingers and running them down the governor’s left foot in the same fashion she had done the first time, but slightly slower.

    Sarah Palin was confused by the sensation, she couldn’t for the life of her, figure out why someone would be tickling her at a time like this. It had never occurred to her that this type of thing could be used for torture, but it slowly began to dawn on her as the foot tickling continued. HEHEHEHSTAHAHAHP IHIHEHEHEHETHIHIHIHIHCHAHAHAHAHALLHEHEHESHEHEHS.

    Lindsey went from two fingers to three, and then from three to four, and finally began relentlessly spider tickling her left foot, holding her toes back and torturing and teasing Palin’s exposed sole.

    Governor Palin pulled desperately at the bonds holding her down. She pulled her legs violently, but was ultimately only able to move budge a centimeter or two.

    After the spider tickling had proceeded for about a minute, she signaled to another woman to start as well. The woman moved to Palin’s right foot, held it back by the toes and began scrambling her fingernails all over the bottom of the governor’s foot.

    Governor Palin screamed in ticklish agony. She pulled with all her strength against the bonds and pushed with all her might against the hands holding her feet back. She achieved a short reprieve when she managed to get her right foot loose from the tight grip of the woman torturing her. It was shortlived though, as she almost immediately regrabbed hold of her foot and tickled even more viciously.

    “So where is McCain little girl?” Lindsey interrogated as she stroked Palin’s sole with four fingers.
    “Oh, so now you don’t know, that’s not what you said before. You said you wouldn’t tell us. We’re going to have to punish you for that. And I know just the thing.” Lindsey said as she held Palin’s foot back with two hands and began licking her sole relentlessly. Governor Palin was in ticklish agaony. Her laughs turned to horrified screams as she realized the intensity and hopelessness of her torture.
    She felt slightly ridiculous knowing that she was actually considering telling the women what they wanted to know just from being tickled. In one extraordinary last effort she used all her energy to make one last attempt to test the honesty of the bonds that held her, but she barely budged, and then collapsed giving in to the tickling sensations on her feet only five minutes into her ordeal. In that last effort, though, she did manage to kick Lindsey, the woman licking her foot in the face. She was immediately pissed off and stood up to leave. The other woman continued to tickle both Sarah Palin’s helpless feet.

    Lindsey walked back a few seconds later with a pair of toe cuffs and without warning slapped them around each of Sarah’s two big toes. She then took a string which she tied through the toe cuffs and back to the stocks, holding her feet there completely helpless.

    Sarah tried to move her feet with no success. She pulled at the toe cuffs desperately as the two woman now used two hands to torture her feet. She had never experienced anything like this before, but she had a bad feeling that she was in big trouble.
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    What the hell is this

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    That almost sounds like a story I would write. Radical feminists are the servants of satan in the world today working through their various lunatic hug-a-thug left-wing male cronies.


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    May 2005


    Wow, I was expecting a few positive and negative comments. Seemed like the topic of the hour. Guess not.

    If I get a few comments basically saying the story wasn't a complete fuck-up and that I'm not a disgustingly stupid human being for writing it, I'll write another part...

    Also, thanks for your (possibly sarcastic?) comment tkl-pen.
    What the hell is this

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    Oct 2007
    I wouldn't be too worried about the lack of responses, Surfy. It's got quite a lot of views - it's clearly attracted a lot of attention, and rightly so - and some people (like myself) don't really comment that much. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    As for the story... That was amazing! I'd certainly love to see part 2 - what happens next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkl-pen View Post
    That almost sounds like a story I would write. Radical feminists are the servants of satan in the world today working through their various lunatic hug-a-thug left-wing male cronies.
    I didn't understand that at all.

    ...but hear hear.

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    Dec 2001
    It wasn't sarcastic at all - I love this story and it is right up my alley - I did make the statement, though, that radical feminists and their left-wing allies are evil.


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    I think the story is very good. Keep going with it. I wish you had Sarah being tickled in nylons but it's a good story anyway. More please

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    Blog Entries
    Good story my friend, not really much of a Palin fan but good story non the less.

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    Flanders, Belgium
    I rather liked the story.
    I'm leaning towards McCain myself. Media over here are hyping Obama like crazy just because he's not white and leaning towards the left. Silly media... .

    I rather find Palin attractive in a mature way.
    Go for it, make a 2nd. And feel free to have Clinton suffer tremendously LOL i really really really dislike her!
    Darth Vegeta, the Darkest Knight...

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    Washington State
    Great start! I am a Palin fan and I'd be lying if I said I wouldnt LOVE for this to really happen lol

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    Jun 2003
    Smade's planet
    Great story. I really liked it.

    Personally I'd like to see her on the Distraction show set hung upside down and tickled by two beautiful women with long nails while she is asked questions about her policies.

    But that's just me.

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    I liked the story. It was a good start. I do have one suggestion: Maybe you could engage in more tortorous tickling, for longer periods of time, with several ticklers taking turns, and have Palin at some point scream that she is going to come, with her captor saying she would be punished more if she does come.

    Just a thought.

    My Beloved Mom: January 19, 1938 -April 4, 2012.

    Rest In Peace. I Love You Forever. You Were The Greatest Gift That God Has Ever Given Me.

    Jim Gardner, and WPVI-TV-Philadelphia.

    I Love Your Newscast. Thanks To Jeff, I Still Watch Online.

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    Great story so far...please continue!!!

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    Feb 2004
    And why should I tell you this?
    Do a Palin revenge story...

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    Mar 2003
    Flanders, Belgium
    Hmm was there ever a continuation? I don't seem to find it.
    Darth Vegeta, the Darkest Knight...

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