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    A history of tickling my friend's mom part 1

    I've written about Debbie before, like the time I tickled her at the neighborhood Christmas Party. That was probably the second or third time in a long series of tickles that culminated in the best and most memorable feet tickling experience.
    Debbie was my best friend Bo's hot neighborhood mom. Everyone of my friends used to tease the crap out of Bo saying they wanted to bang her...so forth and so on. Bo took it all in stride. He was a bit of trouble maker, one of those overly confident guys that always found fun in getting us into trouble. He's favorite thing was to "dare" me into doing stupid stuff.
    Bo's parents were the coolest and very close friends of mine. They let us stay up late when I slept over, shoot of fireworks, and all kinds of things my parents certainly didn't do. I never thought of Debbie as anything but a fun mom until something struck my curiousity one Sunday.
    It was my custom after church to head down to Bo's house to see what he was up to and hang out. In the summer time we would always go to the neighborhood pool with his family. I don't know what struck me exactly on this particular Sunday, but I walked into Bo's house, usually unannounced since their doors were always open, and I saw Debbie laying on the couch with her feet propped up on a pillow watching TV. Her legs and feet immediately caught my eye. I had never really paid that close attention to them, but I suddenly realize how sexy they were. She was wearing a long yellow flower dress and tan nylons. Her legs were very nice and her feet very curvy with nice arches. I just found my self staring at her feet before I even said hello. What happened next fired up my hormones and my frustration. Bo's dad, Bill, came around the corner, said hi to me and sat on the couch lifting Debbie's feet into his lap. Out of the blue he sudden began tickling her feet saying "kootchy kootchy coo." Debbie began to giggle and gave a half hearted "stop, you know I'm ticklish." It only lasted a brief second, but I was suddenly so jealous and frustrated. Bill looked at me and said "hey come on in and grab a coke. We're going to the pool again today. You comming?"
    So fast forward to the good part. I was at the pool with Bo throwing around in the shallow end when Debbie came and put her feet in the water watching us throw a foot ball back and forth. I immediately moved closer to Debbie, thinking to myself, "I've got to tickle those feet, I just have to!" I threw the ball back to Bo and moved as closed to Debbie as I could with out and waited for Bo to throw the ball back. When he did I intentionally knocked it towards Debbie's legs. I swam over and grabbed the ball. My plan was simply this, start a splash fight with Debbie, hope she splashed me back and use it as an excuse to get revenge and tickle her foot and hope she just took it as me playing. Good plan right? I though so I untill I got close to her and chickened out.
    I was frustrated at myself I get bold and went over to Bo and asked outright "I think your mom is ticklish, you want to go get her?" Bo gave me a strange look at first and said, "Heck yeah!" Yes!!! I was thinking.
    As I was shaking with antcipation we swam over like to stealth navy seals. Bo's mom could see from a mile away that we were up to no good and said "What are you to doing?" "Nothing..." we chimed in unison. Bo said "let's get her!" We both lunged. I hesitated at first while Bo grabbed her right foot at the ankle and started tickling. It took me a few seconds to get the nerve up, but I dove under water and began tickling her left foot using all of my fingers to explore her soft soles. I was so excited Debbie was so beautiful and I was getting the chance to tickle her feet finally. I was under water tickling for about twenty seconds and I could hear Debbie up above laughing. I ran out of air and popped up out of the water to hear Debbie saying "stop! I'm ticklish! I'll get you guys for this!" I was still holding on to her foot and tickling while Bo was tickling the other foot and with a sinister laugh saying "tickle, tickle."
    All of a sudden I feel this bear hug grab me and throw me across the water. Bill had jumped in to join the fun, and then went after Bo and started toss him around. A little bit dazed, I was determined to jump back in their and go after Debbie again. By this time she was all the way in the water. Once again I dove under water and attacked her feet. Unfortunatley, she was standing up, so all I could tickle were her exposed arches and the tops of her feet. And she didn't budge. I eventually had to come up to breath. Debbie hopped up out of the pool and retreated back to her chair and layed down. Poor Bo was getting Dunked repeatedly.
    I jumped up out of the pool and causually strolled over to my chair, which was next to Debbie's, sat down and began to dry off with my towel. I then started walking back towards the pool and stopped right next to Debbie's feet. I looked down at them and right as I was tempted to tickle them again, Debbie said "You're not going to tickle my feet again are you?" I quickly gave her a spider tickle on her foot. She jumped up and playfully chased me until I jumped into the pool.
    Well...that was pretty much it for that episode. I didn't push my luck any further. In fact I was nervous that I would get called out and embarrased. But I was fun and fortunately for me it was the last time I got the nerve up to tickle Debbie.

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    How old was Debbie when you did this?

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    Aug 2006
    Idiot, she was 17 of course
    I'm a sole man....

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    Aug 2002
    Kent, England
    Ah, friend's mothers, the 'forbidden fruit', if you will. For some, anyway...

    Here's two of my stories back to back, originally from the Mousepad, so there's a foot fetish element to them as well. Anyhow, I'm going to talk about two women, Tina and Irene, who were my friend's mothers. They were both very different to one another, Tina was young, attractive and into heavy metal, Irene was middle aged, plump, and went to church. Regardless, they both separately allowed me to induldge in footplay with them, from when I was aged 13 to 16!

    Here's the stories about Tina:

    I was aged 12 when I first started going around her hosue to visit her son. We were both big WWF fans (as it was then), and I used to go over there every Saturday night to watch it. Throughout all this time, Tina would always wear sandal type shoes and tan or white tights (although she always referred to them as 'stockings'). Anyhow, one night, we decided to play 'Blind Man's Buff', and my mate was the one with the blindfold on. I'd decided to put loads of obstacles in his way, and asked her if she had any ideas for obstacles. Amongst other things, she came up with shoes. Wahey!!

    'Great idea,Tina!! Here, may I...?' and with that, I reached down to take her shoes off. As she was in sandals, they were very easy to take off, but I made sure for it to take longer. As I lifted up her tan stocking leg, I placed my hand around her heel in an attempt to get some 'leverage', and pulled off her shoe. I did the same to the other one, and there she sat, shoeless and in stocking feet, my friend's cool mum!! My heart was beating, but I made sure tog et on with the game of blind man's buff. Once this was done, myself and my friend went to put her shoes back on her feet, but put them on the wrong one's on purpose! She shook them off, but asked us to be careful of her feet.

    'Why, are they ticklish?' I asked
    'Erm...yes', she said sheepishly
    'Like this?', and with that, I attacked her stocking sole! She flinched, shot me a dirty look, but had a small smile on her face, so I knew I'd hit paydirt. For the next few years after that, I get her feet several times over!

    There were the times that we had wrestling matches ourselves, and I'd insist on her doing it in stocking feet. I'd always take off her shoes before hand, and say to her 'Fancy a wrestling match?' and not only would she never complain about me taking her shoes off, but she'd always give me the match, allowing me access to her stocking feet even more!!! Hell, I'd make her submit by tickling her feet!!!! Another time, when I was wrestling my mate, she was shoeless (I'd probably taken them off!!), and I was on the floor directly under her feet, and I got a great sole shot!! I'd use her foot to try and escape the hold, agani using it for 'leverage', and she never complained once!

    In fact, I remember one time I was in the house alone with her (I was about 14 or 15), just the two of us watching tv, and she curled her stocking feet up onto the sofa and had her toes just gently touching my thighs!!! Whether she knew what she was doing or not I don't know, but, my God, I was in wonderland!!!

    Her son and I soon split up, which was a same, as I enjoyed messing around with her feet. However, almost directly after Tina came the other friend's mother, Irene:

    Now, as I've said, Irene wasn't much of a looker, but she was always quit easy to dupe into getting her shoes off. She'd normally wear American tan tights as well, sometimes white, sometimes black. I do recall that it took her ages to show me her feet, as she was always in shoes or slippers. One day, she came in from working late, and I was at her front room table doing an essay. My mate was in his bedroom on his computer, and she flopped down onto the setee, and slowly began to take her shoes off. Maybe she saw me looking, but she stoped halfway, and just had her feet resting outside her shoes, they weren't totally put of them. I was desperate for her to get them off, which after about ten minutes, she did. I knew that I'd have to see her feet again, and made sure to do so.

    I'd ask her how tall she was, and get her to take her shoes off to show me (this was about the same time I was doing this very thing to teachers at school under the guise of a 'science project'), which she'd do, no questions asked! Once her slippers came off, I'd bend down and pretend to be measuring her, accidentally touching her stocking feet!! Other times I'd insist she put her feet up, and take off her slippers to get her comfortbale, and on two occassions I even gave her a foot massage!!! One was in front of my friend as well!

    The first time I made her put her feet up, asked if she wanted her feet massaged, asked my mate if it was alright, he wasn't bothered, and so off I went, just gently massaging away onher tan stocking soles. She just lay back and enjoyed it. The second time was even better....

    My friend had conned me into washing his car with him, which I was less then impressed about, as he'd got me to his house under false pretences. During this time, we had to keep going upstairs to get refills of water. While I was up there alone, with my friend still washing the car, I began talking to his mum, who was sitting on her bed reading a book. I noticed, that for the first time in the two years or so that I'd been visiting my mate (I was about 15 at this point), she was wearing black tights!! Wow!!! Now this was too good to resist! I began talking to her, and as we talked, I beagn chanign the topic to her shoes. DUH!!!

    Anyway, as we were talking, I sat in front of her, and asked if she'd like to try on my spanking brand new white Nike trainers (which I was very proud of, now I couldn't bring myself to buy Nike, but that's another story!). She said yes, slipped off her slippers, and put them on. We had a bit of a chat, and I went to get my trainers back from her. As I took them off her feet, I gave them a little tickle, but she didn't flinch, as she wasn't ticklish.

    I expressed disappointment with this, and asked if I could carry on. She laughed, but placed her black stocking feet in my lap, and let me gently tickle and massage them for about ten minutes. As I did it, I was talking to her, asking if it tickled, and if she was enjoying it, to which the answers were 'no' and 'yes'. To try and get them to tickle, I started going harder and faster, but to no avail, as the telephone began ringing.

    Here comes the best part!

    She was on the phone for about five minutes or so, then hung up. Without saying anything else, she came back into the bedroom, sat on the bed and then swung her feet back up into my lap!!! Well, I didn't need any encouragement, so I went to work on them again, massaging and tickling them, finding one little ticklish spot on her feet, just by the side and top of the instep! She flinched and laughed when I found it, and pulled away, saying it tickled! I promised not to do it again, and carried on massaging her feet.

    I then took a chance and sniffed her foot from toes to heel, and said that they smelt, even though they didn't. She took offence to this, protesting that her feet didn't smell, that she'd just had a bath ect etc. This seemed like a good point to end things, so I apologised and let her go. I must have played with her feet for about 25 minutes.

    Amazingly, throughout all this time, my friend stayed downstairs washing the car...

    I've got another story from my adult years and my best mate's mum, but I'll need to dig this out. All in good time, though...!

    Cheers, everybody,

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    Aug 2002
    Kent, England
    I spoke in my last post about tickling my best friend's mother's feet. Before we go any further, I would like to point out that I have a very close relationship with his family, and would never do anything to ruin the friendship I have. Some things are even more important than tickling...!

    Anyway, this happened four years ago at his wedding. I was his best man, and was making sure that everything was going smoothly. Drink was flowing, everyone was having fun, and my friend and his new wife had departed for their honeymoon.

    I was talking to his mother and another group of people, and she made reference to the fact that I'd massaged her feet on a couple of occassions. I was a bit embarrassed, but laughed it off. However, something in my mind suggested that the positive mood, alcohol content and close relationship would put me in good stead. However, she was still in high heels, so I had no idea when would be a good moment to make the offer of another foot massage.

    About ten minutes later, I noticed that my friend's mother was kneeling on the floor, and that she had shuffled free of her shoes. She's a very attractive fifty something woman, with brunette hair, brown eyes, a killer sense of humour and nice figure. You'd like her!! Anyway, we got talking again, and I offered to massage her feet. She didn't hesitate, and placed her white stocking feet in my lap, and I began massaging them. I'd often wondered how ticklish she was, as she didn't seem the type. However, a couple of strokes later, and I realised she was VERY ticklish!!!

    I switched between massaging and tickling with frequent consistency, so that she'd either be quite relaxed or squirming and trying to be angry!!

    'Mmmm, that's nice....that's ni...NO!!! Don't....hehehehe....don't TICKLE!!! Nohahahaha....nheeeeehaaaaaa......SMASH!!! Hahaheeeeeeaaahahahaaaaa (*back to the massage*)....hehehheeemmmm....mmmm, that's better...'

    This lasted about ten minutes, before I decided to stop before my luck ran out and I was caught. To this day, I'm not sure if my friend knows. I don't intend telling him...!

    Cheers, everybody,

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    Jul 2005
    Northeast, Ohio
    Great story! I too have had the pleasure of tickling my friend;s mom's feet. Thanks for posting it.

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    Aug 2002
    Kent, England
    ^^^^ Share it with us, Osco, you're amongst friends..!

    Cheers, everybody,

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