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Thread: My mom

  1. #1
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    South Korea

    My mom

    Hey. Long time no see.

    Here ,from korea, I send my greeting to you all guys

    Today's story is about my mom who is ticklish alot. She used to tickle

    me when i was young and i enjoyed it alot. But now i tickle her so bad .

    bUT this is not a tickling story between me &mom. It's about her and

    my father's sister. As father's sister is living alone where not far from

    us . we visit her occasionally , and it happened at one of those visits.

    It was only us me &mom when we visited her as we got something to

    give her. mom and her aren't having quite fair relationship because she

    picked on my mom when mom&dad just got married. mom was spending

    hard time because of her . So i can feel some rivalship between them.

    I was watching tv when i heard laughing and scream. When i turned look

    at them , dad's sis was grabbing my mother's ankle and tickled them so

    hardly. To help your imagine, mom is 41 years old 5 feet 5 my dad's sis

    is 40 years old 5 feet 5 . My mom is quite beautiful and dad's sister is also

    a good looking woman. But that was not a playful tickling scene , even

    though dad's sis was having a grinn, mean smile, mom was almost like

    crying . Her laughing was not funny kinda thing but it was rather moaning

    and sound of expressing pain. Mom tried to get out of it, however, she

    seemed so weak, meanwhile, dad's sis kept verbally teasing her so bad.

    Mom begged for mercy and asked her to stop but, she wouldn't listen.

    She just kept teasing my mom by saying that mom is like a little girl.

    Then, mom called me for help , but i didn;t wanna pause this interesting

    moment, so, instead of helping mom physically, i cheered mom by her

    after like 5minutes passed, mom was exhausted and almost passing out,

    so dad's sis tried new way totorture mom. she attacked mom's armpit !

    I thought it was very danger cause armpit was mom's most sensative area.

    Like what i guessed, mom was howling and groaning so hard , she was

    rolling her leg and twisting her body. Finally she said she felt like peeing

    in her hose. However, dad's sis was pretty funny about it but didn';t stop

    tickling mom . After few minutes later, suddenly i saw mom was crying

    and i worried that mom was really peeing in her hose. So i stopped dad's sis

    and checked mom . Mom didn't wet her hose completely , but, pee -stream

    was coming out and mom seemed that she couldn't stop it coming out .

    At that point, i was so in panic and didn't know how to deal with it. Because

    I know how embarrasing it is as i also got a experience like that .

    We took mom to bathroom and changed her clothes. Dad's sis was sorry

    for her and said she didn't know mom was really gonna pee; Me&mom

    soon got out of her house. After came back home, mom went to her room

    and closed the door. At the dinner, i asked mom what happened. Mom said

    mom was drying wet feet by long walk and dad's sis was picking on mom

    that it was gross and poked mom's sole.Mom made anger at it and said to

    her that mom is ticklish. Then , all was begun !

    Mom told me not to tell this to Dad , I said I know it .

    I was so funny about the experience and later suggested mom about

    revenge on dad's sis. I planned mom and her tickle fight but mom was afraid

    of her and being tickled again by her. It seemed like it wouldn't happen

    but Mom and dad's sis ended up having big tickle fight after that !

    It became too long story ! I hope you enjoyed what i wrote for 10


  2. #2
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Boston area, north of..., in a set of leather cuffs! : )

    Crazy scene!

    Seems mom didn't have a good time at all....not too cool, even if you seemed to get enjoyment out of it...it might have worked out better for everyone if you had come to support your mother....not a hard choice, I'd hope...or just jump on your aunt in mom-defense....but it's no tickle-fun when she's getting embarrassed so very deeply by someone who has historically given her a hard time......that means time to step up and help her out....hopefully you mom can find a way to have fun with it...if that's even possible now....might have messed that one up...honestly....and hopefully you can find a way to be a support to your mom and keep the tickle fun more balanced and ....um....actually fun.

    Insight and empathy are valuable non-commodities.
    mrmiguu >>>>>
    (Pedular Enthusiast Ticklee Extraordinaire)
    calling all New England area (only!...sorry) Ticklers/'lees! Tickle New England! (now on Fetlife)


  3. #3
    Join Date
    Dec 2005
    Mn./western Wi.

    Thumbs up

    hello. thanks for posting your story. i can certainly understand being caught up in watching a tickle torture situation like yours. wanting to help, but at the same time, wanting to relish every possible second of the tickling you were witnessing. i'm afraid i would have done exactly as you or more really! anyway, i really enjoyed it and wold enjoy reading more if you have any.

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    Join Date
    Jan 2006
    Shanghai (China) - Expat
    This is a great story indeed

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