I have some videos that i am wanting to sell in order to get a new stock. they are:

TK-8 from Harmony (Tau Kappa Ticklers)
FC-33 (FM Concepts)
FC-36 ("")
FC-73 ("")
and Nonconsentual Tickle 1 (paradise Vision)

I would like them to go for $15.00 a piece, this includes shipping. Everything is original videos and in the cases they came in.

If you are interested please email me at kaelindean@hotmail.com

Information about each video
Tickling Tactics FC-73
60 Minutes, Ten Models
Diverse tickling! Andrea Neal is blindfolded and tickled; Monica Mendoza's size 11's are tickled attacked by Honey Desmond; Dorothy Laine is captured in a bizarre contraption, ticked by Kristine Imboch. Also Devin Demoore, Alex Carter, Tiziana, Shannon Adjani and Ashley Rene!

Nonconsensual Tickle
This is the first ever made REAL NONCONSENSUAL TICKLING video. This is not a plot. This is not staged. This is tickling of a woman who didn't know she was going to get tickled and didn't want to be tickled. This is tickling a bound woman totally AGAINST HER WILL! This is the most INTENSE tickling video ever created.

Features Darla Crane and Ashley Renee as Soroity Girls tickling each other.

Whitney Prescott's been a good, reliable worker for years but when some money turns up missing Cindy Ashton asks her to take a lie detector test. When Whitney refuses, Cindy decides to implement some other techniques!
Eric Holman knows that Darla Crane's soles are quite sensitive and he uses that information to his advantage!
When Vanessa Pembroke goes poking around Debby Austen's room, her curiosity gets her into a very ticklish situation!
Vanessa Pembroke gets the opportunity to get back at Debby Austen!
Kelly Taylor tickles Abby Andrews into submission!
Abby Andrews takes her tickling seriously and even uses a brush to tickle the delicate soles of Kelly Taylor!
After being kidnapped, Francesca Le is stocked and tickled by Eric!

Whitney Prescott is sick and tired of Jewel Marceau walking around like a prima donna! Whitney decides to teach Jewel a lesson....a very ticklish lesson!
When Heidi Lynne and Brittany Herrera respond to an internet ad they encounter Eliot Shear........and his ticklish probing!
Ariele Cole can't believe how ticklish Morgan Phoenix is but after an amazing session in the stocks you can bet Ariele is a believer!
Ariele Cole is stocked and tickled by Morgan Phoenix! Things get heated when Morgan brings out a fork and uses it on Ariele's bare soles!
Kelsie Chambers found out that Gigi Varga was fooling around with her man and she's not gonna take it anymore! What punishment is in order? Good old tickle torture!
Gigi Varga tickles a hogtied Kelsie Chambers!
Adorable Sadie Atkins agrees to get in the stocks at Eliot's request and soon finds herself unable to escape the tickling! Starts with fantastic sock tickling and then moves to bare soles!
What's a proper southern girl doing tied up and stocked? Being tickled by a sexy vixen, that's what! Watch as Angela Faith's squeals of laughter are rewarded with more tickling by Taylor Sinclair!

And there you have it... mail me if you are interested in any of them at kaelindean@hotmail.com