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  1. #16
    Join Date
    Jul 2005
    I wouldn't even be ticklish if this was the situation. Like someone said, it is a social thing. For me the worst torture would be (and is) my girlfriend who knows all my spots and would be taking her revenge for everything I've done to her!! There was a video here somewhere about a mainstream "tickling test" where three or four couples got together in a home and did little tasks like carying an egg on a spoon while their partner tickled them and then repeated it when someone else's partner tickled them. Hands down everyone was more responsive (and tickled more) when their partner was doing the tickling! The social aspect is very important to many people.

  2. #17
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    Jul 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by DownUnder View Post
    It's not a statement, it's research.

    Research results don't always apply to everybody. There are ALWAYS going to be exceptions. We all know a few people who continue to do well in business...doesn't mean the financial crisis doesn't exist.

    And I happen to fall into the "can't laugh if I don't enjoy it" category.
    No prob....hope you understand that it wasn't a criticism as much as it was a statement of personal experience. I wish I could turn it off if someone I didn't like tickled me, but I can't.

    Good news is I'll never have to experience such, especially since I don't have a worst enemy. I'm sure a few people around here think otherwise....but I don't. It would require that I care; and I don't!

  3. #18
    Join Date
    Jun 2005
    I think it probably is the case this way if the tickling is only for a short period of time, but if you are bound and helpless and have to endure the sensation for a longer period of time...I don't believe you can turn it off completely.
    Boom, Baby!

  4. #19
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    Jan 2009
    Blog Entries
    I'd rather be tickled by someone who would want to make me happy, not someone I can't stand.

  5. #20
    Join Date
    Sep 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by kis123 View Post
    No prob....hope you understand that it wasn't a criticism as much as it was a statement of personal experience. I wish I could turn it off if someone I didn't like tickled me, but I can't.

    Good news is I'll never have to experience such, especially since I don't have a worst enemy. I'm sure a few people around here think otherwise....but I don't. It would require that I care; and I don't!
    No problems and 'tis better to have no "worst enemies" in this world. Although this is not a bad video scenario, not that it's an exceeding new idea!
    Aussie Aussie Aussie!

  6. #21
    Quote Originally Posted by luvtoez_1982 View Post
    Lets say a company was looking for tickling models. You responded to the ad, and they loved you so much, they offered you 100 an hour. When you got to the shoot, you found out that your 'ler would be your WORST WORST enemy. And i'm talking real tickling with real bondage too! Lets also assume that you are actually ticklish! This enemy is a person who you would not piss on if they were on fire. If I were in that situation, I would leave. No way, no how I could go through. How about you? 100 an hour, and you were promised 5 hours of filming. With the economy the way it is, would you give them total control, or would you turn it down too?
    I would do it, but only if I thought I could defeat her and frustrate her by not giving her the satisfaction of getting me. But it would kill me if she broke my composure and made me hysterical and begging- depends if she finds my spot.

  7. #22
    Join Date
    May 2005
    This actually happened to my wife in college--not the video part but being tickled by her enemy. She said it was horrible and embarrassing but she had to act like it was all fun. When she was training to be a dorm assistant, one of their "icebreaker" games was that two of the senior assistants played tic-tac-toe on the bare feet of a trainee. There was a female senior who did not like my wife and made sure that she got to write on my wife's foot. To make it worse, she also made sure that the other senior was a cute guy that all the girls had a crush on. So there was my wife, a sophomore in college, putting her bare feet in a chair and having her ankles held down by one of them while the other drew the tic-tac-toe boards and wrote an X or O. It was all supposed to be a big joke, but it was also a little hazing, and since my wife is deathly ticklish (she describes it as "pure hell"), this was torture. But she had to laugh and smile like it was no big deal. She knows that the senior girl knew what she was doing and went out of her way to make it as uncomfortable as she could.

  8. #23
    Join Date
    Jan 2012
    Costa Mesa
    I wouldn't want to be tickled by a person I didn't like in general, much less my worst enemy.
    Life isnít divided into genres. Itís a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography if you're lucky.
    -Alan Moore

  9. #24
    Join Date
    Dec 2006
    I couldn't do it just for a paycheck. If it was a life changing amount of money then maybe, but for me if I dislike someone I hate everything about them and want nothing to do with them. Having them then touch me and control me would sicken me. This scenario is just fictional fodder that makes a hot story here and there, apply it to the real world and real people and its got no weight at all.

    Keeper of the Feathers and SKITTLE aficionado!

    "The conversation between your fingers and someone else's skin is the most important conversation you can ever have"

  10. #25
    Join Date
    Jan 2012
    I wouldn't enjoy it at all, and probably would not be very ticklish.

  11. #26
    Join Date
    Apr 2003
    I'd probably still enjoy it... :c
    Quote Originally Posted by AdmiralBeatty View Post
    LOL dude. I've tickled nearly 300 women. I think I would know.

  12. #27
    Join Date
    May 2001
    The consensus seem to be NO.

    Which makes sense - this is a fantasy like so many other fantasies here - it's makes sense in an exciting, pure fantasy thought exercise, but would never happen in real life.

    I mean, the obvious first question is, "Is she HOT?" Also...total assumption of it being a SHE if you're a straight male. (I don't know if women would enjoy being tickled by
    a female, or guy for that matter because it would near rape feelings if you hate the guy.) If a dude comes in to tickle another dude, and the guy hates him....I bet that ticklee will fucking rip the straps out the wall and kill that mother fucker!

    Also, is HATE defined as HATE?

    This is not a stupid question - look at those Pirates of the Caribbean movies - they "hate" Jack Sparrow but love Jack Sparrow but hate Jack Sparrow but talk about Jack Sparrow all the frickin time and
    yet "hate" Jack Sparrow and say "Jack Sparrow" every fourth line.....sigh! I wish I could get The Infinity Gauntlet, go into that universe.....and just shoot Jack Sparrow in the face with a 44 Magnum, and videotape all the reactions of those characters - that'd be a comedy! "Oh my GOD you KILLED HIM!" Me: "yeah, you all must be estatic...you've all been trying to "kill" him for three movies!" "But, we didn't REALLY want him DEAD!! Wahh!!!!!!!!!!"

    That's fantasy hate.

    Real true hatred is vile and evil. Someone breaks up your marriage, they rape your kid, their plot your downfall, they turn friends against you, you harm you.

    You also assume they're white hot beautiful.

    If you truly hate someone, like want them dead, and sure don't want them touching you or getting near you in any way, most times you find them ugly, or if they are attractive, your attraction to them declines sharply.

    So, the REAL answer is a resounding NO...plus, $100....THAT'S ALL? Maybe if you LOVED the girl you'd only take $100....

    I'd rather fantasize about volunteering for a tickle shoot, not being told who your tickler is, and then she walks in, and it's a girl who you've had the biggest crush on for years!
    And then she tells you she's dreamed about tickling you.... Those are much better fantasies......

  13. #28
    Join Date
    Dec 2005
    New York
    I don't know..it might be more fun as my worst enemy might want to be more unmerciful towards me. I've fantasized before not about a worst enemy but someone who is sort of a rival,a competitor & someone that I have animosity towards. Maybe a worst enemy is pushing it.

  14. #29
    Join Date
    Feb 2007
    Southbank, London, (Uk)
    Rented a house together with a real close friend who was a girl years back. 4 months in i woke up one morning to find the landlord banging on the door saying shes ended her half of the contract. I go up to her room to find its completely empty bar a pile of overdue bills she was supposed to have paid. Landlord wants his rent so i go to a cash point to find shes emptied my account and ran it so far into debt its cut off. I call the bank and police to find shes left the country that morning on a flight to Australia. 4 months worth of bills, rent, tax and bank fines left me with nearly 10,000 pounds ($16,000) worth of debt and it took another 3 years till the last bill ended and the debt cleared. Interpol finally caught up with her in the Australian outback living illegally overstaying her tourist visa on a farm with a boyfriend and she was deported back to the uk. But the max amount of time for me to pursue a claim to retrieve my money had past and she got away with it.

    To say that id be in the same street as her let alone building or room would make me up and leave immediately. To be in a sexual position of bondage as the thread OP suggests ... put it this way, id struggle to claim self defense and she'd have to be identified via dental records. Think that pretty much sums up my answer.

  15. #30
    Join Date
    Dec 2006
    Considering my worst enemy is my ex's mistress, absolutely not. In fact, if I saw her in this situation, I would probably be going to jail...
    The mystery of life can be found in the moonlight...

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