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    Jun 2002

    Lightbulb alien abduction tickling -- first story posted on TMF

    I haven't ever really shared tickling stories I've written online, but I'll post this one here. I would love feedback, and what you would like to see in the next part of the story. I already know that Part II my male character is going to get tickled... my characters don't have names. This story contains bondage, non-consentual tickling, voyeurism, sexuality.

    Tickle torture - alien abduction
    explicit, bondage
    all characters in this story (alien or otherwise) are 18 or over and entirely fictional

    It was dark, and he woke up suddenly. I've been dreaming, he thought...but it was so dark, and he still felt uneasy, disoriented. He looked around... dark, unfamiliar. This isn't my bed...Where am I?

    and... WHY CAN'T I MOVE???

    He was suddenly hit with the panicked realization that he couldn't budge his arms or his legs. His arms were locked to his sides, and he was in a reclining sitting position, but he couldn't move his feet either. The chair, table, or whatever he was bound to had clasps around his wrists and ankles, out of a material he couldn't identify, and that wouldn't let him budge.

    What's going to happen to me????, he thought with dread.
    Then light flooded into the room, and a door opened. And he was face-to-face with a creature unlike any other he'd ever seen. It was white, eerily pale, with dark, reflective eyes. The eyes drew him in until he felt unable to react with anything but awe. It was so weirdly different from a human being, but he wasn't afraid...just amazed. The white thing regarded him for a moment, and then spoke, in understandable english but with a voice like no human could possess. The voice made him shiver, but he remained slilent.

    "We are studying the living things of your planet. We are interested in all aspects of the human, the dominant species. You are here for a series of experiments in human stimulation. We must restrain you in order to prevent you from causing injury to yourself. But we do not intend to injure you in any way."

    He was flushed head to toe, as he realized he was nude. There were odd things placed here and there over his bare flesh, and they looked much like electrodes, but were smaller and each tingled with a barely noticeable kind of electricity. He could only guess that they were intended to gauge body response, from their placement... over his heart, on the sides of his neck near the glands, across his chest, nipples, stomach, inner legs, and the bottoms of his feet. Most strange, was a kind of 'sheath' which fit over his penis, and looked somewhat like a condom, but buzzed with the strange electricity. The feeling was not overwhelming, and actually somewhat soothing and numbing. But his heart was pounding in an awful way...

    A window opened across the room. He was facing this window, and he stared in amazement into the adjacent room. Inside was another table, this one flat, and another human strapped to this table. It was a young girl, probably in her twenties. She was restrained to the table with the same clasps, and she was also nude. Her arms were stretched high above her head, and her legs were stretched and spread open, in an ackward position. He felt a strange mixture of excitement and dread as he looked at her...she was obviously helpless, and scared... but her naked flesh moved so delicately as she breathed. She turned her head, and looked at him in a hopeless way... her eyes pleaded for his help, but she could see that he was also bound and could not help her. His muscles tightened with anticipation as to what was going to happen.

    Then his alien captor spoke to him again, that chilling nonhuman voice. "You are about to observe one of our experiments in the stimulation of the human female. Please remain calm and observe the experiment, while we monitor your body response. We will leave you in the observation room now." And with that, the alien left the room and he was alone, except for the helpless girl in the opposite room.

    There were no aliens in the room with the girl. In fact, he had not seen any other members of the alien species, except the one that had spoke to him. He and the girl appeared to be totally alone in their respective rooms; except for the strange machine hooked up to his flesh.

    He was staring into the room, and the girl was breathing heavily and staring up at the ceiling. He noticed a strange machine hanging above her, attatched to a mechanical lift. The machine itself was hard to describe, but had hundreds upon hundreds of long, black "tails" attatched to a metallic box, dangling over the table where the girl was strapped. And then, the machine began to lower. It descended until it was directly over the girl, and the tails retracted in a startlingly fast way, like a living thing would jerk back. The girls eyes were huge with fear as she stared at the machine.

    Then, two of the black tails descended and began wriggling and tickling under both of her arms. She reacted immediately with a scream of laughter and realization, and then began wriggling in a panic. She was definitely afraid of the idea of being tickled, but her arms remained stretched tight above her head, and the tails swished and swirled mercilessly. He couldn't believe what he was witnessing. She laughed helplessly and shook all over in a struggle to escape the ticklish sensations, but the black tails moved like living things...changing direction, stroke and position of tickling as she jumped and jerked. He wondered what kind of machine this was, or if it was in fact not a machine, but a strange alien creature. The lifelike arms looked feathery and soft and unbearably ticklish, and he shuddered at the thought of them touching him.

    Now more tails had descended from the machine, and the ones tickling her underarms continued their assault, while these others began lightly brushing and wriggling against her toes. She shrieked and howled, and her body bucked on the table, but the tails were relentless and only shifted position with every jerk of her feet, so that their tips would once again meet her ticklish toes. More tails had dropped and joined the ones already working on her underarms, and then more joined the ones on her feet. Two of them tickled the toes of each foot, while three or four started lightly dancing across the soles of each foot. He could hear every sound she was making, and he felt uncomfortable. The buzzing of the electrodes on his flesh suddenly seemed to become more intense, as he imagined what this girl was going through. The sheath over his penis was buzzing lightly with this same energy, but instead of being soothing, it now was starting to make him ache with desire. He was getting an erection, and the sheath changed shape to accomodate. He wanted to get up out of this chair, but there was no way to stop what was happening. He looked on.

    The girl was looking at him, and her eyes were filled with tears, and her face was twisted with hysterical laughter. The tails had begun descending all around her; with every ticklish howl and twist; with every shriek of "NO!!!" "STOP!!!' "HELP!!!", more tails joined in the ticklish assault. Her underarms were now spread and victim to about ten tickling tails, a few more were lightly twisting and jumping across her sides and abdomen, and one was wriggling in and out of her belly button. They danced across her hips, wiggled behind her knees, raked back and fourth across her feet...each of the tails seemed to move in a kind of sychronization with each other, and it was apparent that this device, whatever it may be, could tickle tirelessly. She was screaming and jumping with every touch, and her screams only invited more tails down to join in her torment. Her hands strained hard at the restraints, and her body twisted in desperation to escape. She was gasping for breath between laughs, and her face was overwhelmed with a panicked smile.

    He had never felt so strange and helpless. The sight of this woman being tickled was forced on him, but it was turning him on against his will; driving him crazy. He couldn't stop thinking about what it would feel like to be tickled by this device, and he felt a paralyzing fear that that was exactly what was in store for him, once he was done watching it happen to this poor girl. He could see the goosebumps covering her body, and the way she jerked and strained...her nipples were hard and stood out, and then two tails descended and began lightly stroking and brushing against her nipples. The reaction was amazing...she arched off the table, laughing and moaning... the touch was very light and her nipples strained towards the teasing tail. He saw that tails were brushing up and down her inner thighs, and a few of them danced across the crevice of her inner thighs, but avoided touching her genitals. This was obviously causing her arousal and she groaned and bucked, overwhelmed with sensation.

    He was aware that his boner was huge now. The sheath over it buzzed lightly, and it was driving him mad... the sensation was mildly stimuating, but he was dying to be able to move his hands, to touch himself.... The more her arousal heightened, the more his heightened as well; until every ticklish shriek and scream from her sent a jolt of excitement through him. He had never cum before from mental stimulation, but at this point he felt very close to it. He couldn't take his eyes off her torment, and it was getting worse all the time.

    She was near breathless and her shrieks were less intense...she was still shivering all over and trying to jerk away from the ticklish sensations, but she was consumed with silent laughter. She had ceased to beg or plead; for it seemed she might not even be able to get a word out.... Her whole body shook, and the tails wriggled madly, hundreds of them over her bare flesh. They had now begun touching between her legs, softly brushing against her clit. She quivered everywhere, as though something were shaking and hammering at her skin from within. Her laughter was full of short gasps and moans, and now her lower body bucked and arched up towards the machine, towards the tails that tormented her. He could tell from her sweat, her maddened expression, her straining muscles that she was going to climax.

    And he felt he might as well. Thoughts of sex and sadism and masochism and tickling and teasing pounded through his head, and his own thoughts caused him to swell and squirm in need. If only he could move, and touch himself, but all he could sense was the maddening buzz of the alien monitoring device. His dick was swollen and twitching, and he thought, I'm going to cum whether I can help it or not!

    She shrieked one last time, and her whole body rose off the table. The machine immediately switched to tickling her more delicately as a massive orgasm overtook her. Her moans and grunts made him buck and tingle, he was so close to cumming too, he felt it building inside him...He groaned loudly as it overtook him, and shut his eyes, and the world went black once again.

    (To be continued in Part II -- an alien experiment in stimulation of the human male)
    Last edited by siamese dream; 06-29-2002 at 12:53 AM.
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    Mar 2002
    Central Texas
    Great story!

    Boy, you dove head first into the Forum, didn't you?!

    "Don't drive drunk. Don't even putt."

    Dean Martin

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    May 2001
    Northeast Ohio
    Great story! Can't wait until the next installment.

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    Nov 2001
    Minnesota, USA
    Blog Entries
    wow! that was good! i can't wait to read the next installment!

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    Apr 2002
    Nice story, siamese dream! I'm looking forward to more */f contributions from you
    You've got to let your soul shine. It's better than sunshine, it's better than moonshine, and it's damned sure better than the rain! ~A. Bros.

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    Apr 2001
    Central Florida

    Great story, can't wait for the second part!

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    May 2001
    This was great..more of the same please!!

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries

    Superb first story. Since F/m is my favorite, I will enjoy the second part even more.

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    May 2001
    I liked the story quite a bit. It has a nice theme, and I generally like stories that go into what the characters think or feel, like the guy watching the girl get tickled and noticing his responses to seeing it.

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    Apr 2001
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Nice story! Welcome to the world of TMF writers. I'm looking forward to the second part. I liked the set-up and the whole plot. It's interesting to see someone forced to watch someone being tickled, I thought that was neat.

    Keep up the great work.

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