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    Dec 2005

    Bridesmaid tickle - Pantyhose

    This happened a few years back. My wife Tracy was in a wedding. The bridesmaid and bride and groom were sitting above the groomsmen for dinner. I was at my table. Tracy was trying to be funny and I could see her poking her nylon foot out and waving her big toe at me. She had on tan pantyhose. One of the groomsman turned around and saw a nylon foot right in his face. So the first thing he did of course was grab it. The look on her face was priceless. She did not expect that at all.

    Now the tickling began. (this part is from Tracy's memories) He slowly tickled the bottom of her nylon foot just enough to make it tickle. Tracy buried her face in her napkin so not to laugh to loud. She was moving a over the place. The worst thing than happened for her. The music started to play loudly and the groomsman started to crank up the tickling. he took his car keys and glided them on her foot. She was going nuts. Now the laughing begin in earnest. No one was really paying attention because the dancing had begun. Finally after ten minutes of torture. Some one came up behind Tracy and noticed she was being tickled. He decided than to tickle her ribs. That was it. She slid down her chair and fell under the table. It was really funny. She did not show her nylon feet from under the table again.
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    Feb 2004
    south carolina
    its times like this when one has to ask...WHERE WAS THE VIDEO GUY!!??

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    Mar 2002
    Norfolk UK
    beautiful, man just beautiful!!!!

    The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!!!

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
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    Wonderful incident, thanks for sharing the story with us.
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    Jun 2008
    High Five For Weddings!!!

    Great story

    DJ Tickler

    The 3rd sexiest thing in the world is a woman smiling
    The 2nd is her laughing
    The 1st is her being tickled

    This post has received the
    Cause I took the time to post in it

    I may be going to some special part of girly-man hell, where I will be forced to watch The Notebook on constant replay

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    Sep 2003


    absolutely tremendous....can imagine it now. ha

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    Jun 2004
    SoCal - LA area
    Great vision of it myself. Good stuff.

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    Jun 2003
    I was at a wedding once where the maid of honor was going table to table asking if everyone was having a good time. I noticed she was at the table behind me. She had a chair pulled out and her lower leg (calf) on the chair. I noticed she was in her nylon feet and no shoes anywhere. So as she was into the conversation I took my finger and dragged it slowly up her foot. It shook and trembled. She curled her toes. I did it again this time very gently tickling her arch and sole. She giggled saying just a minute.

    She then came and sat at a open chair at my table and said oviously I was having fun. She also said she was extreamely ticklish on her feet. She jumped up and said I think the bride is too. She ran over to where the bride was and tickled her sides and pointed me out saying I wanted to know who was ticklish. She whispered something to her and pointed at the bridesmaids foot. They laughed.

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    Aug 2002
    Fresno, CA
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    Quote Originally Posted by gilmourwaters View Post
    its times like this when one has to ask...WHERE WAS THE VIDEO GUY!!??
    i'm totally in agreement with ya lol

    there were definately some bridesmaids at the last wedding i went to i'd love to tickle

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