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    Dec 2004
    I used to really like this site and got hundreds of their clips, but lately I'm rather disappointed. It is all BDSM, "hard tickled", Nylons, gags etc and the old relationship there used to be between the models has gone. I was a member of their pay site a while ago and reported a dead link. Never received any reply, also not after sending a PM on this site and mentioning it in one of their threads after I'd sent to emails to the site itself. Seems that customer service has gone down as well.

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    May 2001
    London, UK
    I think the male tickler is really good and they have had a few great female ticklers too like Jane and Sandra. I don't like all the forced orgasm stuff so much though.

    They could probably kill it with customs as they seem to have a never ending supply of stunning models to tickle but one thing they are not very good at is customer service or answering queries either here or on their own site. Maybe it's a language issue but it does detract from the overall offering.

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    Mar 2011
    Personally ( From what I've seen from them) Rosando is indeed a great tickler along with Sandra. But Jane is by far the best tickler. I saw a clip where Jane was ticklish Victoria Puppy and that was everything BUT fake. If Czechtickling is fake, then all those American companies are fake as well.... There is always a ticklee who is less ticklish than the other.

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    Jul 2017



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