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    Apr 2001
    Toronto Ontario, Canada

    4 The Ladies (FFF/M) 18+ only (as if)

    4 The Ladies. (18+)
    Brad Pitt & Jenifer Aniston (with Lisa Kudrow,
    and Cortny Cox)
    By SlaverTickler

    Actor Brad Pitt smilled as his stunning wife Jenifer tied his wrists to the head bored. She smilled at her husbaned as she saw him growing under the bed sheet. Suddenly the door bell rang, and the scantaly clad Jenifer dashe out of the room. When she returned, her "Friends" co-stars Lisa Kudro, and Cortny Cox. Brad's jaw droped as the other loveleys sat down, flanking him on the bed. A look of consern took him as he sa his wife pull 3 feathers out of their closet. He looked from side to side, to see Corny, and Lisa licking thier lips.

    "Wha-whats going on Jen ?" asked the conserned Brad.

    "Oh we're going to tickle you dear." said Jenifer passing out the feathers.

    Brad swallowed hard as he wathched the giggling girls recieve their feathers. He pulled at the nylon ropes that held his hands to the brass headbored. Jen pulled the sheet back revealing her husbands bare feet and began to strok her feather against his helpless soles. Little gigles pushe out of the bound "stud", causing him to twich, and his shlong to grow bigger. The to women on eaither side of him laughed at his peril, as he continued to try and pull free.

    "Stop please." pleaded Brad as he felt the soft object pass between his sencitve toes, "Why are you doing this?"

    "Because it's fun to mak a sexy man beg." replied Cortny, as though brad should have known that.

    The raven haired wife of David Arket (AHG!) slowly stroke her feather over Brad's chissled pecks, while Lisa stroked her feather up and down his sides. His giggles turned into full laughter, as the three TV bombshell tortured him mathodicly. He twitched and pulled, all the time feeling himself getting more and more aroused. He couldn't understand why his wif had brought her co-workers and friends to takepart in this.

    Suddenly he felt Lisa's long nails gently clawing at his rippled abs. He grunted and jerked violently, his laughter became hysterical, his wife rolled the bed sheet up to his knees and began to run her nails over his sencitive thighs. He could feel beeds of sweat building on his forehead, and a tear ran down his redened cheek.

    "Please...I'm begging you!" screamed the helpless actor, " I can't stand it!"

    Suddenly Lisa and Cortny turned, and began to vicously tickle Brad with their fingers. Long red nails ran up and down the man's lean torso. He screamed. and pained laughter filled the room. The bed shook as he pulled violently at the ropes that restrained him. Tears ran down his face, and he begged for mercy as his wife stroke his balls with a feather.

    "Oh lord...I'm going to piss myself!" screamed Brad.

    "Oh no you won't, not yet anyway." said his wife.

    Taking hold of Brad's shlong, the stuning Aniston began to stroke it, causing the erge to pee to be replaced with a desire to cum. Brad felt his other to tormentore slowly stop and start licking and caressing his chest. Lisa stood up an pulled up her dress infornt of Brad, ordering him to lick her. When brad refused, Jen and Cortny began tickling him again. He had no choice, his ball were stressed with tention, and he was to vulnerable to tickle attack. Miss Kudrow backed her swolen loins into Brads face who licke them vigoressly.

    "Oh yes!" screamed Lisa, moments latter as she climaxed on Brads face.

    The three women rotated so Jen was sitting next to Brad, Cortny was strattling his face, and Lisa was stroking him. Cortny eventually came, something she hadn't done sence she started dating David. Then it was Jenifer's turn. As she strattled her hubbies face, her friend's began to tickle his feet. Brad's laughter convolts tung licked his wifes loins, and 20 min's latter she climaxed like never before.

    The three women then rewarded the helpless actor with a 3 way blo job. Wich led to the star covering all 3 of their faces wit hot wet ...ya-know.

    The End.

    (Just so you know, I'm not a big Brad Pitt fan. I just thought this was a neat way to show three women tickling a guy. I hope you liked it.)

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    Apr 2001
    Toronto Ontario, Canada

    Something different.

    I though I'd do something for the chicks.

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    Apr 2005
    Toronto, Ontario... Canada

    Here we go... for the girls.

    I hope the women enjoy this one.

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    Jun 2006


    wow thanks man i reallyy enjoyd it. jennifer aniston is such a nice tickler . she has it all : nice face, cute nose, beautiful nails and nice body!! thanks alot!!!

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