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Thread: giantess thread

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    giantess thread

    thought I saw a giantess take yesterday I harken back to that movie with Darryl Hannah as the 50 foot woman I always wished they could have captured her and have the citizens take turns to tickle her giantess feet. that would be a dream for me a giant pretty foot oodles and oodles of female foot flesh to tickle I saw a cartoon on you tube of tiny people in a giants castle they walked by a pair of giant female feet of a woman who was sleeping the woman wasnt very attractive so I fantasized it was a giant Gwyneth Paltrow sleeping and we tied her up then we tickled her giant feet not only would my tiny fingers tickle her arch I would use my teeth to nibble on her pink foot flesh the room filled with pretty giantess laughter

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    Margo Dydek (7ft, 2in) is about the closest you will find to a giantess in real life. I don't know if her feet are ticklish.
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    tickling a giant

    wouldnt it be great if the girl boxing Margo out had her tied down removed her sneakers and socks off and tickled her feet a smaller girl controlling a giant like this just by stroking her big feet with tiny fingers the small girl looks on with a sly grin as the giant girl laughs uncontrollably

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    that would be cool, but i also like watching videos of really big girls tickling small girls, because the small girls can't stop them.

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