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    Post Cop Tickled (m/f)

    Hi Guys

    Time for story number 3. This is a kind of follow on from my second story but that's all i'm gonna say. i realise my writing isn't great so i want all pointers i can get. i know the second one was a little confusing bringing in another ticklee but don't worry none of that. Hope you guys enjoy, please comment. only like 4% of you comment.



    Cop Tickled

    A week had passed since I had tickled my last victim. Each night I had dreamed about it happening again, I wanted to find another victim to tickle. I had to.

    I was watching TV, sat down on my sofa nibbling on some snacks when I heard a loud knock. It sounded important. I threw my snacks on the table, got up and ran to the door.

    A female cop was stood at the door in her police head wear, white shirt, knife proof vest, with her cuffs, taser and her black uniform trousers and black boots holding her I.D in front of her face.

    "Hello, I'm P.C Robbins, may I come in?" As she asked the questions she began to enter my house anyway, I backed in towards my sofa again, turning and closing the door as I watched her put her I.D away and grab her notebook and pen.

    "We have had reports, Sir that a man driving a car matching yours was last week impersonating a traffic officer and also tying up women in forests and, as odd as it sounds, tickling them. Two women last week, were tied to a tree and tickled on their feet, their feet were stripped bare and they were put through about half an hour of tickling. Although it was of a relatively harmless nature, no violence, it is still an arrestable offense as these women are in distress and shock."

    I tried to act like I wasn't aware of it. I pulled faces in reaction to what she said as if to put her off the fact of it being myself, however her questions continued.

    "Was your car stolen last week? Your registration matches that of the reported vehicle."

    I paused and then nodded my head, "Yeah, a week ago to this day, I was, erm going to report it to the cops but, erm, a buddy of mine took me out in his car and we went to search for it first. I found it about, er, 3 miles away with a broken rear window but, erm, nothing had be taken." She scribbled all of what I was saying down on her notebook.

    "I'm just going to quickly inspect your car Sir, if that's ok." She went outside and I began to panic. She would look at the glass and see straight away It was the original glass, never broken, the original glass from the Volvo factory where it was built. I ran up the stairs, straight to the bathroom, opening the cabinet above the sink, I grabbed the nearly empty chloroform bottle and a nearby towel sitting on the radiator, I wrapped the towel around the bottle. I run downstairs, and as I reach the bottom of the stairs I see the officer stood waiting for me with her arms folded and an almost angry looking facial expression. "All of your glass is original Sir, I believe you have something to confess to, all this running around, what's going on?" She stared me in the eyes and all I could do was run to the kitchen. I didn't know what to do. Suddenly a plan hit me. It was worth a try. I soaked the towel in what chloroform was left and quickly grabbed a drink I'd been drinking earlier from the kitchen table. I ran back into the living room where she was stood facing me still.

    "What are you doing, answer my questions or I'm arresting you." As I ran, I purposefully tripped over the coffee table and lunged forward watching the drink fly towards her. She tried to avoid the flying liquid but it hit her on her collar and mouth. "What are you doing she screamed?" She went to grab her notebook when i offered to wipe the drink from her face with the chloroform dowsed towel. She didn't reject it as i put it towards her mouth, just hitting under her nose too. That was it, her eyes closed and she began to fall but I grabbed her and stopped her from falling.

    I dropped the towel, and dragged her up the stairs. I took her into my bedroom and let go of her, watching her as she flopped onto my bed. I opened my cupboard, grabbed 4 ropes and began to tie her to the bed. I shuffled her body to put her into a spread eagle position, typing each ankle to a leg and each wrist to a bed. I grabbed another towel from the bathroom and covered her eyes with it. I removed all of her items, her cuffs, her notepad, her taser. I went to the foot of the bed and began unlacing her left boot. I slackened the laces and eased the boot from her foot revealing a black ankle sock. I moved to the other foot, repeating my action, quickly revealing a second black ankle sock.

    I sat nervously at the foot of the bed staring at her socked soles waiting for her to awaken confused and surprised.

    After about half an hour, she began to wake up, she began mumbling words, you could tell she was confused. I got excited. I slowly ran my index finger up her left foot from the heel to just under the toes. She jumped. The mumbling had suddenly become proper speech. She was screaming to find out who was tickling her.

    "You'll be jailed for this, I knew it was you before I even knocked on your door. Release me now, you're coming with me to the station"

    I smiled and thought to myself that I could turn things around, I will turn things around I thought. I continued to tickle up and down her left foot, then I decided to do both at the same time. She was jumping and screaming, she was in deep torture already. Excellent...


    Part 2 coming soon. don't forget to comment.

    Sorry for you guys who expected a lot of tickling... most of that comes in part 2.

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    May 2001
    London, UK
    A tickled policewoman - what's not to like?

    I look forward to part 2 and finding out how bad the tickling gets and also how our protagonist expects to get away with all this!

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    Jul 2008
    oh how fun!!!.

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    Apr 2009
    Long Island
    Quote Originally Posted by 1290mrbob1290 View Post
    Hi Guys

    Time for story number 3. This is a kind of follow on from my second story but that's all i'm gonna say. i realise my writing isn't great so i want all pointers i can get. i know the second one was a little confusing bringing in another ticklee but don't worry none of that. Hope you guys enjoy, please comment. only like 4% of you comment.
    Glad you're open to criticism. The writing style is a little rough. It reads like a first draft that could use some polishing up. However, you included plenty of detail (always a plus) and it didn't drag. Can't wait to read part 2.

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    Jan 2007
    Great so far - keep it up and hope the next part comes soon.
    Stories where policewomen get tickled are just the best!

  6. #6
    i admit, i need to plan my stories a little better.

    thanks for the good points about the detail etc, im trying to work more detail in still.

    in reply to joker jack, stories where police women are tickled, you're right, they are the best.

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    Mar 2008
    Blog Entries
    kind of hold a special place in my heart too, shall we say? I look forward to Part 2.

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    part 2 hopefully getting written in a few hours.

  9. #9
    can't wait man

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    Dec 2005
    Definitely post part 2.

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    Apr 2010
    brilliant ! part 2 please

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