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    Jul 2004

    Cool More Fun & Foot Tickling with Eva & Ambre : Free Preview

    Enjoy at:


    Ambre and Eva have a lot of fun on a bed in a very serious tickle fight.
    The two girls tickle them each other silly on all their body while the camera
    turn around the action.
    You will enjoy some devilish reactions as they're tickled on their
    super sensitive feet or sides.
    Then for the last two minutes the two girl are tickled on their bare feet
    at the same time by the FT Tickler who know how to drive them more insane.


    The sexy and SUPER TICKLISH Eva his immobilized in the stocks in an original
    position with her sexy bare feet 100% vulnerable to tickle torture.
    In this clip she is tickled without mercy by her friend Ambre who use her fingers,
    hairbrush and electric toothbrush. Eva can't remove her feet from tickling and
    the fact that she really can't move makes her particulary hysterical!
    This girl has a great personality for tickling and her reactions are always
    awesome because she has some of the most ticklish feet on earth.
    A good looking and really ticklish girl and she is tickled on her bare feet
    by the sadistical Ambre, what more can we ask for?


    This is a nice serious bare feet tickle torture with a beautiful girl
    tied to an armchair.
    Eva has her hyper ticklish feet tickled silly by Ambre and the Ticklers.
    As usual Eva gets insane but you know how she's ticklish now.
    This is intolerable and she begs me for mercy but the team is not decided
    to stop it.
    We can never get enough of Eva and it's always a pure pleasure to watch
    her explosive reactions.
    You'll love watching her laugh and struggle.

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
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    Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing them here.
    <=== Goddess Shelly's sacred soles

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