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    Old Story, "Belly Tickling"

    (Just found this.)
    Belly Tickle

    By: cdevillon

    This is my very first attempt at a belly tickling story. I won't say who asked
    for it, but I thought as long as I wrote it I'd share it incase there's any
    other belly tickling fans.

    Oh - and you should know, I SUCK at names. So I stole the victim's name from
    one of my many role-playing characters. LOL If anyone has anymore story
    requests, could you suggest some names too? I'm running out of characters to
    steal from! :-D


    Karoi Hatamoto pulled on the bottom of her shirt, this was the last time she'd
    borrow her sister's clothes. While Karoi was shy and didn't like to show off
    her body, her sister loved to flaunt herself and all her shirts exposed at
    least an inch of skin around the stomach. In the case of this, the bottom of
    Karoi's belly button was exposed.

    The young college student nervously knocked on the door. Today she had to go
    around the neighborhood and see about collecting money for the music
    department. Preparing her speech. She was completely unprepared for the tall
    blond beauty who answered.

    The woman must've been in her late forties. She had that elegant, movie-star
    quality. Karoi could barely form the words to speak, the woman was giving the
    student the most intense stare.

    "Come in, have some tea." The woman said, not giving Karoi the chance to
    protest. Susanna grinned behind Karoi's back and silently locked the door.
    Leading the girl to a chair she had her sit, loving how the young beauty's
    shirt rode up just a little bit as she sat up in the straight-back chair.
    Showing a little more of her smooth belly and that lovely little belly button.

    Susanna always loved women's belly buttons, especially innies. They were the
    best for tickling, especially with a tongue. Introductions were made and Karoi
    went into her pre-planned speech as to why Susanna should donate. The younger
    woman kept shifting her position, causing the shirt to ride up even more.

    Unable to take it anymore, Susanna let out an exclamation. "Oh dear! There's an
    ant on you! No - hold still, I'll get it." Quickly she moved over and began to
    brush an imaginary ant from the younger woman's stomach.

    "I dohohoon't feehehhehel -" Karoi giggled out. Unable to help herself. Susanna
    kept claiming there was ants and Karoi ended up falling against her in helpless

    "Ticklish, are you?" Susanna asked with a wicked gleam in her eyes. "Oh
    sweetheart!" She said suddenly, "It looks one of those nasty ants bit you! Wait
    right here and I'll get some lotion for it."

    In the meantime, poor Karoi was in a state of confusion. She saw no signs of
    ants or of a bite. Lifting her shirt up so her entire belly was exposed she
    checked all over.

    So engrossed in this was she that she never saw the fur-lined handcuff until it
    had already snapped closed around her wrist. Frozen in fear, the young woman
    found herself cuffed and with her arms above her head, a rope she didn't see
    before coming from the ceiling, attached to a hook. It didn't hurt and she
    could stand flat on her feet, but Karoi realized her shirt had risen up to just
    underneath her pert young breasts. She could feel her long brown hair brushing
    against her bare back.

    Susanna was now grinning hugely. There was a sadistic glitter in her blue eyes
    as she reached out and traced a circle around Karoi's belly button.

    "Hehehhehee - plehehehease -" the poor trapped student begged as the older
    woman began to tickle her belly. Brown eyes widened as she saw Susanna produce
    a long, stiff feather. The woman began to tickle Karoi's belly button with it,
    darting in and out. The younger woman burst into rapid-fire giggles. Struggling
    to get away, but somehow never really doing it.

    Susanna now abandoned the feather and walked behind Karoi. Reaching around she
    dug all ten of her fingers in. Feeling the woman buck and laugh in her arms.
    The woman begged thru her laughter to be released. Susanna, of course, was
    getting turned on. She could feel moisture gathering and soaking the crotch of
    her panties.

    But the begging wasn't enough for her. "I might let you go, if you do as I
    say," Susanna said as she viciously tortured that sweet, smooth brown belly.
    "Tell me you like being tickled."

    "I hahahahaa lihihiike it! HEHEHEHEHHE!"

    "Like what?"

    "Beheheheheheing tihihihickled!"

    "Tell me you want more."


    "Tell me you're a sweet, ticklish thing."

    "I'm ahahHAHHAHAHhahahahhaha swhehehheheheheeet tihihiiicklish

    Moving back around to the front, Susanna could now see that Karoi's nipples
    were rock hard. She tickled the sides of her belly as she knelt and began to
    lap and kiss the belly button.

    In the meantime, the tortured college girl thought she was losing her mind. Her
    stomach hurt from laughing so much. She was dizzy. And yet -

    And yet she was getting incredibly turned on. When Susanna lapped at her belly,
    tickling the bucking muscles with her hot, wet tongue, Karoi couldn't help
    moaning. What felt like a tiny, beginning climax went thru her, starting from
    her clit and moving up thru her. Sending tiny fireworks off in her brain.

    "Where do you want to be tickled?"

    "Nohohoooo wheheheheere!"

    "Where," Susanna said, nibbling on the flesh around the belly button, "do you
    want to be tickled?"

    Seeing no way out of it, Karoi laugh-screamed out, "Ahahahrmpits!"

    Standing, Susanna turned Karoi into a bucking, laughing, squirming mess as she
    let her fingers dance from armpits to belly and back. Grinning, Susanna stepped
    back to allow Karoi to breath. As she did this, the older woman stripped off,
    revealing a body that had grown beautifully ripe the older she got. Though they
    sagged just a little under their weight, her breasts were still large and
    smooth. The nipples like cherries. The younger woman found herself licking her
    lips. Imagining what they must taste like. The legs were long and smooth and
    joined in the middle in a perfect triangle of blond hair.

    Susanna chuckled as she fingered her swollen clit. "Do you like this, my
    ticklish one? Do you want it?"

    The younger woman's mouth suddenly went dry. Licking her lips all she could do
    was stare and nod. Susanna suddenly reached over and took off Karoi's shorts.
    Now she could see that the younger woman was also aroused. Taking the stiff
    feather again, she used it to tickle Karoi's clit as her fingers stroked her
    belly. The girl giggled and moaned at the same time. Susanna's lips sought out
    a hard nipple.

    Karoi orgasmed while laughing. The world growing dark.

    When she woke up hours later, Karoi was laying, nude, on the couch. She was
    unbound. Susanna laid on the floor, asleep herself, a tiny egg-shaped vibrator
    buzzing lightly against her clit.

    The younger woman moved slowly, her stomach aching from all the laughter still.
    On the floor she found the handcuffs and without waking Susanna she handcuffed
    her arms above her head and around the legs of the couch. Then she pulled out
    the vibrator and sat on Susanna's legs. Slowly, she lowered her fingers to the
    older woman's belly....

    ~~The End~~

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    Jan 2006
    Wow, This is a great story. Thanks for digging it up

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    Jun 2008
    Niagara Falls NY
    Good story.
    Remember: If you tickle them, they will come.

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