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    Wife's medieval inquisition fantasy story


    My wife Julie is 35 and a secretary for large company. She really is very
    sexy, wearing short skirts around the office and gets lots of attention
    from men -and women. She is also very ticklish (but stubborn) and
    nothing excites her more than being tickle tortured when bound to the
    four corners of our large antique four poster bed.

    Her breasts, feet, and inner thighs are particularly sensitive,
    although when she is totally naked her sex being tickled with a long,
    firm feather is enough to make her almost pass out. Anyway her fantasy
    is to be invited to the home of a girlfriend and her husband who live
    in a remote castle complete with fully equipped dungeon which has
    always interested her.
    During the course of the weekend, a fancy dress party is arranged with
    a medieval theme and Julie is dressed rather like a serving wench in
    corset,a bodice which struggles to contain her firm,ample breasts and a
    long flimsy skirt which reveals her long, shapely legs as there is a
    split down the side.
    Other guests arrive dressed in similar clothes of the era and Julie is
    having a great time when the hostess announces to the party that a
    special visitor has arrived. The other guests seem to know what she is
    talking about, although Julie looks a little bemused. Then a burly,
    masked man in britches, leather arm cuffs on both wrists and striiped
    to the waist, enters the room. He stands with hands on hips and
    announces that he believes that there is a witch present. There is a
    woman with him dressed in a body hugging leather cat-suit - she seems
    to be his assistant.
    There are gasps from the room. The hostess then shouts that Julie is a
    witch ! She is brought to the masked man by two other guests and held
    by the arms as the inquisitor looks at her.
    "Are you a witch?" the inquisitor asks.
    "No I'm not" she responds, already excited by the prospect of what is
    to come.
    "The woman must be put to the test", replies the inquisitor "take her
    to the dungeon and prepare her, it should be a pleasure making this
    delightful wench confess"
    "Confess to what?" Julie asks. "Why to being a witch of course" he
    replies,smiling sadistically. Julie's heart misses a beat - this is what
    she has waited for.
    is led down into the dungeon by two male guests acting as her
    jailers. Her wrists have been bound behind her back and she is followed
    into the dungeon by the other guests -all keen to watch the evenings
    entertainment. It has become apparent to Julie that all of them -except
    herself-are in on the set up.
    The dungeon is dimly lit with torches on the wall and is filled with
    accessories which she expects to be secured to when she is put to the
    question by the inquisitor and his sexy,lesbian assitant. Julie is
    manhandled to her knees on the floor and she looks around to see the
    hostess, stripped down to black basque, stockings and suspenders
    kissing her husband and another girl alternately. Although the hostess
    likes Julie -indeed she has even thought about inviting her to join
    herself and her husband for a threesome after her ordeal in the
    dungeon -she is a little envious of Julie's lovely body and Jennifer
    Aniston type looks. She has therefore fantasied about having Julie in the
    dungeon being tortured whilst she watches for some months, and this was
    hastened when Julie mentioned how ticklish she was over dinner one
    night.Girls can be very cruel to each other !
    A large oak door opens and the inquistor and his assistant enter. He
    pauses to stare at Julie's's heaving breasts straining against the
    constraits of her tight bodice, beads of sweat breaking out on
    them.This he thought, is going to be fun....
    "Do you still deny that you are a witch" the inquisitor asks.
    "No i'm not a witch. I was just at the party and....."
    "Silence" ,the inquisitor intervened, "You will be made to confess
    wench.By the time we have finished with you, you will be screaming out
    your confession. You will be tortured slowly until to admit that are
    indeed in league with the devil"
    "And if i don't confess" ,Julie asked. "Then we will know you are a witch
    as no woman would be able to resist what we have in store for you",
    replied the inquisitor.
    "And if i do?" asked Julie, almost expecting the reply she received.
    "Then we'll continue to punish you as nobody would admit to such a
    thing unless they were a witch - and witches must be punished." replied
    the inquisitor.
    She looked up defiantly into the inquisitor's black eyes. "I'll never
    confess" she spat. The inquisitor and his lesbian assistant smiled at
    each other - a stubborn whore who would be a challenge, what a
    prospect. The sexy lesbian assistant just couldn't wait to run her
    hands, among other things, over Julie's superb body and the thought of
    this delightful wench splayed out naked upon the rack, was making her
    very horny.
    The dialogue with the inquisitor had also excited julie, and although she
    was a little apprehensive at what may follow, she knew that deep down
    she wouldn't be really harmed, although as time went on she had to keep
    reminding herself that it wasn't a real inquisition, although it was
    getting more difficult. She was also ,she noticed, wet, very wet.
    "Enough of this talk" shouted the inquisitor. "Put her on the rack!"
    The thought of being splayed upon the large, wooden horizontal frame
    that was the centrepeice of the dungeon, excited Julie although she was
    also a little apprehensive. She was going to be put on the rack whilst
    the other guests watched her torment for their own enjoyment -and her
    heart was beating even faster at the thought. The two jailers hauled
    Julie off her feet and carried her towards the rack. She felt the split
    in her flimsy, long skirt open to reveal her long,shapely tanned thighs
    and delicate feet. The men put her down on her back and whilst one of
    the men secured her wrists in leather cuffs that were in turn attached
    to a large wooden roller, the other man did the same with her ankles.
    Then when she was secured, the jailers laid out a selection of feathers
    at the top of the frame. Then Julie recalled her conversation with the
    hostess recently - the were going to tickle her !
    Julie writhed in her bonds, struggling now. The ropes were still quite
    slack -a situation that would soon be remedied by the inquisitor - and
    she was now worried. The jailers moved away and the inquisitors
    approached the rack.....
    the inquisitor and his assistant stood over her body -she was still
    dressed in corset, bodice and flimsy skirt. "Do you confess to being a
    witch?" he asked . "No, i'm not a witch, Julie gasped.
    "Very well" the inquisitor responded and nodded towards his assistant
    at the head of the frame. The sexy lesbian began to slowly turn the
    wheel, the sound of the ratchett thundered around the dungeon and the
    ropes around Julie's wrists and ankles began to tighten. The inquisitor
    then motioned to the woman and she stopped turning.

    Surely, thought Julie, they are not going to properly stretch me are they?
    Her mind was now scrambled with her situation. "Confess", the
    inquisitor asked again but julie said nothing and stared into his black,
    souless eyes.
    The woman again turned the wheel and this time Julie felt the tension of
    the ropes pulling on her limbs, then the wheel stopped turning again.
    This inquisitor this time said nothing. Instead, his large hands
    descended towards Julie and he grabbed at her bodice which he pulled down
    off her breasts, noticing with delight the fact that her nipples
    stiffened in the dungeon air........

    Quickly, he again tore at the bodice so that it ripped open completely
    and then his hands descended to the waistband of her skirt which he
    pulled away from underneath Julie, revealing her taut stomach, legs and a
    tight lycra g-string. The audience cheered their approval. It only
    remained for the inquisitor to tear away her corset and apart from a
    few torn shreds of her medieval clothing, she was naked apart from the

    "Confess witch!", said the inquisitor, his face inches from
    Julie's."Never", she replied.
    "Turn the wheel another notch, he bawled at his assistant, "Make the
    wench tauter upon the rack". The leather cat-suited woman smiled and
    did as she was asked. Now Julie felt herself being stretched and although
    she feared the worst, she was not yet too uncomfortable. Indeed she was
    sure her panties were already soaking with her own wetness at her

    The however the ropes again tightened and she knew that she was now
    stretched as much as she could stand without it becoming painful. She
    could also feel the heat from the forge and her body was coated in a
    glistening sheen of her own sweat. My god ,she thought, I'm soaking all
    over. The inquisitor, satified that his beautiful captive was stretched
    to her limit, looked down on her lovely, tautly stretched body. He
    admired the tension in her legs and the fact that the tension of the
    rack had had the effect of slightly raising her sex upwards-a perfect
    target he thought!
    Then the lesbian assistant joined the inquisitor in running her hands
    over Julie's magnificent body. Over her thighs,stomach and breasts which
    were stretched across her ribs, her erect nipples seemingly begging to
    be played with.
    The woman could not resist and began to pinch and draw julie's nipples
    away from her body whilst the inquisitor gently kissed her taut
    stomach. He then gently pulled her panties to one side and ran an eager
    finger down the length of the wench's moist slit - tickling the outer
    lips of her sex beforehand with his finger, as julie writhed with a
    combination of pleasure and pain.
    "It seems the prisoner is not being totally held against her will!", he
    told the audience, many of whom were now stroking and kissing each
    other."Now we must extract a confession from her!" and with that he
    selected a long, firm feather for himself and his assistant......
    The inquisitor and his assistant had been torturing her for five
    minutes-although it seemed longer for her. They had probed her with the
    firm, ticklish feathers to discover her 'hot spots' and had settled on
    the particular areas of her body they would concentrate on. She had
    writhed around with the ticklish nature of the inquisitors actions ,
    but as yet hadn't found it too bad, although she knew much worse was to

    "Do you confess to being a witch", he asked her again. "I'll never
    confess" she replied, not completely convincingly.
    With that the inquisitor and the woman moved to either side of the rack
    and began to tickle the prisoners' armpits, causing Julie no end of
    sensation as the feathers probed deep into her underarm, helpless to do
    anything about it as her wrists were still stretched high above her
    head. She was gasping as she frantically tried to catch her breath,
    however it was useless. The grinning torturers continued their assualt
    before pausing whilst the inquisitor again asked Julie the question.
    She said nothing. Therefore the feathers were dragged slowly across her
    breasts, still pround and firm, despite the tension the rack had caused
    in her upper body. The woman concentrated on tickling her left nipple,
    whilst the inquisitor satisfied himself with the right one -both of her
    sensitive buds were crinkled and erect as the tip of the feathers
    stiffened them. Julie's eyes rolled in her head as she fought the
    sensation bravely, biting her bottom lip trying desperately to hold
    back her screams.
    Again the inquisitors paused. "Do you confess?", he asked. "I've
    already told you that i'm not a witch !, she gasped. She was determined
    that she would not give them the pleasure of confessing as she knew
    from previous conversation that even her confession would not prevent
    her being tortured further.It was easier said than done however.
    "Very well", the inquistor responded and with that his assistant
    dragged her red painted fingernails down over Julie's taut ribs, stomach
    and inner thighs again making her writhe. Gradually her torment was
    becoming more apparent. Next her feet were targetted. Whilst the woman
    held apart the toes on her right foot, the inquisitor dragged a small
    paint brush through them, slowly taking his time with each one. He then
    did the same with the other foot and now Julie's resistance was becoming
    less and less.
    The two torturers then tickled the soles of her beautifully sensitive
    feet with the feathers, slowly, agonisingly dragging them over Julie's
    skin. Julie screamed out loud, her cries echoing around the dungeon. "No
    please, please...", she barely knew what she was saying. "Confess then
    witch!", replied the inquisitor, but Julie could barely speak.

    Her lovely long legs were then tickled and inparticular her inner
    thighs which were attented to by the woman whilst the inquisitor
    watched. The woman traced the feather tip around the very rim of Julie's
    g-string and then pulled the black lycra garment higher up onto her hips so
    that the g-string just about covered her sex, allowing the lesbian
    torturer to tickle the prisoners swollen lips. This was now driving Julie
    to the point of madness - a sexual madness brought on by the skillful
    attention to duty of the assiatant who was clearly enjoying her task.
    Still however she refused to confess. The inquisitor then removed a
    pocket knife and cut the sides of Julie's soaking g-string, pulling them
    away to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy. The sweat on her body, caused
    by the proximity of the nearby forge, was now glistening on her and the
    mainly female audience,some of whom who were wishing it was them who
    had been accused of being a witch, were clearly enjoying the

    So whilst the inquisitor, went back to tickling her nipples, stood
    above her head at the top of the frame, the assistant used the feather
    on her sex to drive Julie wild. The inner lips of her labia were teased
    mercilessly and then the woman coaxed out her throbbing clitoris from
    under it's hood and tickled it frantically.

    She was about to come, the inquisitor could see it in her
    eyes. "Confess", he asked her. Julie tossed her head from side to side,
    unable to hold on any longer as an intense orgasm tore through her.
    "Yes, yes. I'm a witch , damn you!!!! ", she cried as the inquisitor
    pinched her nipples between his fingers.

    "I'm a witch", she again
    repeated as her orgasm subsided. "Yes my dear you are", replied the
    We know how to deal with a witch like you my dear. At that the assistant and
    the inquisitor renewed the attack on Julie's now soaked body. The inquisitor
    reached for something just out of Julie's eyesight, as the assistant was
    nibbling and tickling her upper body with a newnewed fever. The lesbian
    assistants fingers were moving so fast over her underarms, ribs and
    stomach they were only a blur. "Nooooo, stop, ha-ha-ha", was all Sue could
    manage to say. The Inquisitor leaned over to Julie's beautiful feet and poured
    a liquid of some sort all over her toes. The room was filled suddenly with
    the smell of vanilla. The lesbian assistant whilst still tickling Julie's
    entire upper body took one of her engorged nipples in her mouth and began
    gently biting. The inquisitor leaned down with his hungry mouth and began an
    almost unbearable sucking of her toes. "Oh God, p-p-please, n-n-not that,
    ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha", Julie screamed. The audience worked up into a frenzy now
    walked towards Julie's helpless, beautiful, naked, orgasm wrecked frame.
    Screaming in tickling terror, e looked up to see a crowd of naked women
    and men descending upon her helpless womanhood.
    The inquisitor and the lesbian assistant stood back for just a moment to
    survey the situation. "I told you the punishment would be severe", the
    inquisitor told Julie. "What are y-y-you going to do to me now", She asked
    knowing full well what was going to happen next to her poor body. Sue closed
    her eyes and took in a deep breath as........................

    as hands and tongues were suddenly everywhere
    on Julie's naked flesh. Tickling, kissing, licking every piece of available skin.
    Sue's screaming laughter turned a sudden husky, sexy moaning. One of the women
    in the crowd had climbed upon the wooden rack and straddled Julies face. "You
    will give me a orgasm you witch, tickle her, tickle her now." The sexy woman
    lowered her silky mound onto Julie's mouth just as the entire crowd attacked
    hers ticklish body with all they had. Fingers, feathers, tongues were
    tickling her everywhere, and a few places Julie was unaware of! The screaming
    laughter with a force not to be denied was driving the woman on Julie's
    mouth crazy with uncontrollable passion. With her hands grabbing julie's hair
    and holding her screaming mouth to her swollen clit, she began screaming
    and soaking Julie's face with sweet woman juices; as the other women were still tickling
    Julie's completely wrecked body. The woman with Julie's hair in her hands
    slid down the entire length of Julie's body and attacked her soaked
    womanhood with a passion only another woman can know. The crowd now
    focused on Julie's orgasm and hands and mouths were now again everywhere
    but with a different purpose. "Oooooooooooo, aaaaaaaaaaaaa, ahhhhhhhhh",
    moaned Julie as massive orgasm shocks rocked
    her entire being. She was now screaming in ecstasy instead of torture.
    As her breathing and screaming subsided the Inquisitor and his
    assistant strolled back into the room with 2 boxes. "Now you understand
    the punishment you must face", stated the inquisitor. "Yes, I, I, I think
    so", was Julie's uneasy answer. The lesbian assistant opened one of the boxes
    and the women in the group began taking 2 vibrators. "OH NO, YOU CAN'T, YOU WOULDN'T", Julie screamed.
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    Mar 2005
    OMG! Awesome! Most of my tickle torture fantasies are gathered in this very well conceived and written story. I hope to read more from you soon. Thank you so much!

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    Jul 2008
    very nice!

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    Blog Entries
    Yes please, write a sequel, Thanks

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    Dec 2001
    Yes, more please. Especially sucking Julie's toes!!

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    would there be any demand for a story whereby Julie is the victim of the inquisition again in a follow up to 'Amusement Park Hysteria'? But of course it is of the more adult variety and her topless, oiled, body is at the mercy of diabolical medieval inquisitors?

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    wow! Thi is one hot story--loved it! More please.

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    May 2001
    Yes we must have a sequel..start turning the winch on the Rack ASAP!

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    Cobleskill, NY
    Perfect! Wonderful!

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    Feb 2010
    I love this story vey much! Excellent

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    Oct 2002
    Somewhere you have to get to know me to find out though.
    I loved this story also, very nice. So is this Julie Honey who posted in here the actual Julie in this story? I would love to hear more stories of this Julie being tickled and tortured like this.

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    any requests for a sequel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheInquisitor View Post
    any requests for a sequel?

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    nowhere special - just cruising
    I really, really like your wife's fantasy!

    How about inviting me to attend if you ever make it come true.

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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    Darmstadt, Germany
    I always ever liked the TORTURE-type of tickling !

    Please continue or include new victims, having their poor little soles
    tickled mercilessly, to make them confess or give names of other witches,
    while sitting in the stocks, who keep their feet in perfect position for
    a real mean foot-torture !

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