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    Sep 2009

    Double team: Boyfriend and me tickle his girlfriend

    My best friends are also a couple and what better way to bond then a good old fashion tickle war? Every time we meet Alex and me always find a way to tickle his girlfriend Laurel, whether it be sitting around doing nothing or watching a movie we always strike.

    It was no different just a few days ago. The day after Christmas my friend Alex and his family always host a Christmas party and his girlfriend and me have been invited. The party went good, we ate, laughed, opened gifts, and hung around. When the party was slowing down and most of Alex's family members left Laurel, Alex, and me decided to sit in the living room just to hang out. It was then that I got the evil idea to start tickling Laurel which she started to squeal and yelp at me. Alex then smiled and joined in on the fun by pinning her arms back so we could have free range of her underarms and let me tell you that is one of her weak spots.

    What little Laurel doesn't know is that I'll stop when she starts to laugh since I have some sense of mercy and don't want to drive the poor girl insane. But Laurel is a stubborn person which I love when I tickle people because I don't want them to give up so fast. So she holds in her laughter as I dig my fingers into her underarms. I have a sense of style when it comes to tickling her, her boyfriend likes to be rough and fast but I'm more of the gentle and slow tickler and I know my style works since she has a harder time holding in her laughter when I tickle her underarms.

    We continue to tickle her and as luck would have it her feet began to kick like a bucking mule trying to escape from the clutches of evil. I see my chance and lunge at her feet like a tiger and hold them firmly in my left hand while I proceed to tickle with my right, meanwhile Alex is tickling her sides and she is about to burst with laughter. Our fun though ended when Alex's mom yelled at us and said "If I wasn't so tired I'd kick both of your asses! Leave poor Laurel alone you meanies!" so by her wishes we let go, for at least ten minutes before going at it again. This time I pinned Laurel to the couch so my legs were holding down her legs. Alex then pinned back her arms and I attacked her underarms once again. There was no chance for her now as Laurel began to sing like a bird and laugh as I slowly tickled her. Feeling happy and proud I got off of her and gave her a Cheshire cat grin as she scowled at me.

    Of course this will not be the end of the saga of Alex, Laurel, and me. This is just an opening chapter to our wonderful and playful war.

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    Jul 2009
    Aww, I loved this. Thanks for sharing. C:

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    Very nice story, thanks for sharing it here.
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    Jun 2004
    SoCal - LA area
    Fun stuff. I hope they get you back.

  5. #5
    Amazing story!!! A revenge from Laurel and Alex's mom on you would be great.

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    Nov 2007
    Cute story.

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    Apr 2005
    that is a really great story. i would love to be in the room to watch you tickle her. thanks for sharing.

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    Feb 2004
    Very cute story!

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