Scott moved to the bottom of the bed and held Ashley's foot in place. Ashley's body began to tense up and she closed her eyes knowing what was about to come. Scott used his right hand index finger and slowly ran it from her heel up to her middle part of the sole where he began to lightly sractch against the soft nylon fabric. "OHHHH...ahahaha...oh my gosh...noooohaooooo..ahahahaha...Scottt..ahahahaaa"...Ashley bucked with laugther twisting her body left to right no realizing how ticklish she really was. "'re more ticklish than you though huh?"..."hahahahahah.....yes..yes i am..ahahahahahah".....she bellowed. Scott held her foot and began to spider tickle it with his other hand watching Ashley buck and laugh uncontrollably as he danced his fingers along her sexy, but helpless nyloned foot. Scott then sat on the bottom of the bed between her legs and Ahsley looked on nervously but was too out of breath to speak.

Scott now began running his hands up and down her calves and thighs running his palms along her soft nyloned legs. Ashley enjoyed the feeling as Scott moved up and massaged her inner thighs. He leaned in and began kissing her belly up along her chest, and eventually their lips connected passionately again. The kissed as Scott lightly tickled her neck giving Ashley giggles and goosebumps, but in a very arousing manner. Scott began to kiss her neck and moved down to her chest where he opened her bra and began to lick her nipples. Ashley arched her back in pleasure as Scott licked her left nipple and very very lightly tickled the other nipple with the tips of his fingers. "MMMMMMMhhh....Scott.....I'm ready, you can have me" she exclaimed in pleasure and desire. "I want it to be extra special so let's build it up some more okay sweetie?" gestured Scott, which the horny Ashley nodded to in agreement while her eyes remained closed with a grin of pleasure on her face. Scott began to massage her clit from the outside her of pantyhose driving Ashley wild with pleasure, and Scott then began rubbing his rock-hard cock along the outside of her pantyhose against her clit. The warmth of his hard cock on against her pussy was too much and Ashley began to somewhat beg Scott to fuck her.

"I want to make our first time extra special so I want it to be the best sex we've both ever had" said Scott. I think you're sexy soles need more attention first, but I want you to remain aroused so I have an idea. Scott plugged the vibrator into the wall and then took and and held it up against the outside of her pantyhose against her clit for a few minutes. Ashley moaned in pleasure and tugged hard on her shackles as she braced for the pleasure overload. She wanted to shout out for him to Fuck her hard, but she wanted him to have it his way too so she kept the urges controlled and let him do his thing. Scott wickedly grinned and pulled open her pantyhose from the top and placed the vibrator inside them against her clit and left it running on low. "Oh Lord Scott, what are you doing? You're gonna make me go nuts!!!"... she protested, but still in a flirty manner. Scott looked and assured her it will be worth it in the end. Just as soon as he placed the vibrator inside her nylons, he made his way down to her feet and began ticklign her stockinged soles. Ashley began to buck and twist her feet trying to escape the tickles but could do nothing but take it as she was totally helpless while shackled to the bed posts. She laughed and begged, but at the same time the vibrator was making her so horny that she was beginning to enjoy the tickling. The overload of emotions was becomign too much for Ashley to handle as she screamed out "Fuck Me, OH God Just Fuck Me I'm Begging You!!!!." Scott wanted to fuck her right there, but he wanted to make her experience the pleasures of ticklign and orgasms all at once. He knew this experience would change her life and make her a tickle fan like him. Scott continued to stroke her soles methodically, beginning to precum a bit in his pants as he watched her toes crunch up in her stockings so helplessly while he tickled her feet.

Scott brought his body to her feet and pulled out his cock and rubbed it against her stockinged sole. Ashley curled her toes in and gently gripped his cock head with them and felt some precum rub into her stockings against ther toes. " know you want it Scott, I feel your warm juices, just please fuck me now, I need this so bad. I'm too horny, we can play tie me up and tickle me another time okay???...I just need sex now!!!" Ashley pleaded with him, but Scott was not ready yet. He wanted her to reach the edge before they came together. Scott left his cock against her sole and began to tickle the top of her foot. "ooohhhooooo...ohoooooooo Scott ......ahahaha....ohhhhhhh", Ashley was now overcome by arousal from the ticklign as her senses were completely confused. The combination of the tickling and the vibrator had caused her to become so aroused that she was begining to get more turned on while being tickled. Scott stopped tickling her feet for a moment and gave her a breather. He shut the vibrator off for a second to let her compose herself as her pantyhose were becoming quite wet in the crotch region. "Scott, turn it on please, oh god, tickle my feet, tickle my feet now. It feels so good when you tickle me." Ashley began to shout out to Scott's pleasure. Scott ripped open the crotch of her pantyhose and lick her wet pussy lips to give her some extra incentive to cum. "oh god let me suck your cock right now, please, Ill suck you dry!!!" she shouted out in erotic passion. Scott licked her a few more seconds before burying his tongue as deep in her pussy as he could. The warm juices reached the tip of his tongue as he gently swirled it around inside her her. Arching and moaning she needed it now, but scott wasn't ready yet. He got up and moved to her head wear she began to lick his cock slowly. She sucked up the tip letting precum hit her tongue and she swirled her tongue along his cock head. Scott began to moan in pleasure and was ready to fuck her, but he wanted it to reach as far to the point of climatic experience as he could. He apprehensively pulled his cock away from her tongue and moved back to her clip where he turned the vibrator back on and stuck in the waistband of her pantyhose so it rubbed right up against her pussy.

(more to come soon)