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    Apr 2010
    Chicago, IL USA

    Tickling in Chicago

    Hello boys,
    My name is Mistress Xena from Chicago, IL.
    I now co-own a private & spacious dungeon in Chicago, called "The Studio" (http://thestudiochicago.com).
    I've been tickling the piss out of boys since 2000.
    I am even seeking a boy or girl, who would be interested in becoming My tickle victim for My Movies. Store: http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/14487
    In videos & sessions, I personally enjoy.........
    Bondage & Tickling, Feet Tickling, Tickling slaves til' they cry, Tickling slaves til' they pee, Belly Button tickling, etc.
    If you are interested in setting up a tickle-session, or would like to be in one of My films, then contact Me:


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    I had the privilege of visiting Mistress Xena for an evening of tickling in bondage. Having admired her photos online, I was not prepared for how stunningly beautiful she is in person. Upon arrival at her Chicago dungeon, I received a warm welcome, along with an ice cold bottle of water. After a brief pre-session interview to discuss limits and desires, I was instructed to get undressed and prepare for the evening's activities. The play space is abundantly equipped with just about every type of bondage equipment imaginable, including many items I had never seen before. The session began as I was bound to a massive bondage table, and then strapped down on top of that, rendering me completely helpless and vulnerable. She then went to work, driving me insane from head to toe. The whole time, she playfully and seductively taunted me, adding an extra dimension of excitement to my predicament. Later in the session, I was bound to a St. Andrews Cross, at which time I was introduced to a device called a "Violet Wand". By the end of the session, I was completely satisfied and totally exhausted. Mistress Xena is a true professional who obviously takes genuine pleasure in helping her slaves explore their limits. Her demeanor demonstrates a willingness to show compassion or dish out punishment, depending on the situation. Beautiful, intuitive, imaginative, creative, with the nurturing qualities of a truly superior woman. I highly recommend Mistress Xena. Thank you ,Mistress, for the experience of a lifetime.

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    Jun 2011
    Down south

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    Apr 2010
    Chicago, IL USA
    Thank you. :-)

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