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    Smile Feet of Philly Weeknight Foot Worship & Tickling Bash!

    Hello Fellow Foot & Tickling Buddies!

    It's John Campbell from the Feet of Philly & Tickling Parties.

    Thanks for another incredible Feet of Philly Party last night - July 10th! It was an awesome turnout and we had so many hot girls doing sessions in bikinis everywhere.

    I just wanted to announce the next party - it's the Weeknight Foot Party and it's this Thursday, July 15th. I had to change the date due to staff schedules. Thursdays will work out much better actually. Just to to make sure you all know, it's NOT this Wednesday, the 14th, it's Thursday, the 15th.

    This party is great for all the guys who can't get out on weekends and great for guys who simply want more, lol!

    Full body and Foot tickling is encouraged and enjoyed by the girls!

    Also, the food was GREAT! Big thanks to Muscle Maker Grill for catering this event. We'll continue to do this every Saturday Night Party. It was a real hit!

    It's a Summer Club Girl Night theme! All girls will be wearing sexy Summer Club outfits - their Summer going-out best! If you are ever out in Old City or Rittenhouse Square during the hot and humid Summer nights and have fantasized about worshiping all the hot girls and their soft sweaty feet in this Summer heat well, here, you can do just that!

    The party starts at 9:00 PM and it goes well into the night. We stop when you stop, lol.

    It's $40 to get in and it's $20 per 10 minute sessions.

    Private Rooms are also available as usual.

    To get on the list, please email me at feetofphilly@gmail.com. No Private Messages here, please.

    Food & refreshments will be provided. It's BYOB.

    I also am interviewing some absolutely incredible new girls this week. One girl was an Eagles cheerleader apparently and I have another girl who is sort of a local celebrity but I can't say where. Sorry, I promised her not to say, but when you see this girl, you won't believe your eyes. I had been in touch with her a few months ago but she was busy, and now she's ready!!

    The Model List will be sent out Tuesday or Wednesday of this week!

    Don't miss out!

    See you at the party!

    John Campbell

    Your Source for Tickling in Philadelphia!

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    Join Date
    Jun 2001
    Currently living in (and originally from) the south of England.
    Is this the same John who runs Philly Foot Worship video clips on C4S?
    "Nobody move! You are surrounded by tickling bastards!"

    Sub-Moderator of the The United Kingdom TMF Community Please drop in to help us grow and meet people you don't need a plane to see.

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    Hey buddy,

    Yes, this is John Campbell. I have hosted foot worship parties in Philadelphia for 8 years now - I started in NYC with Jason and I assisted him in recruiting models in the the early days of those events in NYC.

    Philly Foot Worship and those clips stores were a huge part of my life for about nearly six years. I had been in a partnership with someone in the biz since 2004. Back in March of this year (2010), I decided I had to walk away from that partnership due to some fundamental differences on how the company was set up and how it was run. I really don't want to get into anymore detail or any kind of bashing or a high school pissing contest. Partnerships are tough, they are not for everyone.

    My partnership was something I thoroughly enjoyed and I expected this thing to last forever. In March of this year, I had some things brought to my attention that what I was involved with, really wasn't what I thought it was.

    I was always the host and the face of the parties. A lot of people didn't know I even had a partner. I always made sure people who attended our parties know it was a partnership. My partner wanted to lessen my voice and my input. The parties were going very well and customers were having a blast. He felt I should delegate in order to grow into some kind of mega company. I'm all about growth, but bigger isn't always better and all I wanted to do is become successful hosting foot parties and making great foot worship and tickling videos. He wanted me to delegate everything, but I'm very hands on as it's important to my customers knowing I am one of them and I am their voice. When we started delegating, the wrong people were doing that job and I felt no one was going to do the job the way I knew it had to be done as fast communication to me was key. I didn't subscribe to a bigger is better mentality or take a number and we'll get back to you later philosophy. I liked the close knit community this is and to make sure I was totally accessible to the people. That means something to my customers. People buy from people and tight relationships are what makes this thing tick and always has. I just felt that I was being pressured to be hands off and let the wrong people do the job I worked so hard at for many years.

    Sometimes in life, when things aren't right, you have to know when to move on and that's what I did.

    In short, even though you still see my pics and my name on those sites, I have nothing to do with them now.

    I continue to throw outstanding foot worship and tickling parties and the crowds have been great. The atmosphere is what people really like and I know how to find top notch girls and make this a fun thing for people and it being a comfortable road for people who may be shy about what they are into.

    I'm all about building strong relationships with my customers and the girls who work for me. I have a strong staff and things have been awesome!

    I have been shooting new content for my upcoming clips stores and websites and I know what customers are looking for and I care. If you enjoyed the previous sites, you'll love the new material. It should be ready to go up in a few weeks.

    Basically, in life, some business relationships grow apart for whatever reason. Many good people in business or life grow apart or split up and go and become successful. You see it everyday. My old partnership was a real learning experience for me. It taught me a lot. It taught me to always check into things and to make sure you always get everything in writing no matter what. My experience also taught me valuable life lessons and not to make the same mistakes again and be too trusting with people you think you really may know. I never would have left my partnership just because. I would have to have had a very good reason as to why I left and anyone in my position would have done the same thing. This was basically a divorce.

    I know I am rambling now, lol, but I care and I am passionate about what I do because this means so much to me. It's my life and I enjoy this.

    I did these parties in Philly well before my partnership and I will continue doing these parties well after it and I know what is best for my customers and for me to keep providing an outstanding service to them, I have to be in a right situation to allow that to happen.

    I thank my former partner for the things he did do and there were plenty of good things but when there's fundamental and philosophical issues and differences that cannot be resolved, there's no way it's going to work. It had been building up for some time now and I finally decided it was time to do something about it and take a stand.

    I quickly, back in March, told my customers I was leaving and moving on and continuing what I love to do but did not go into any great detail as it was personal. There are still some internet customers who may not know or may be confused.

    So basically, I'm here, things are even better and I'll have new sites and clips stores coming soon, but I am not with Philly Foot Worship any longer even if you may see my name and face on there. It should have been taken off there, but again, that's what happens when things aren't done properly from a business standpoint as far as legalities and getting things in writing.

    My new name is Feet of Philly.

    Thanks for listening to my long-winded reply, lol.

    Your Source for Tickling in Philadelphia!

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    Join Date
    Jun 2001
    Currently living in (and originally from) the south of England.

    Incidentally, I hope you didn't read my feedback in the other thread as a smack. (Or in your words, a "pissing contest".) It was genuine feedback, although no-one else bar me probably noticed, or gave a toss if they did.
    "Nobody move! You are surrounded by tickling bastards!"

    Sub-Moderator of the The United Kingdom TMF Community Please drop in to help us grow and meet people you don't need a plane to see.

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    Actually, not at all. It was in response to an earlier posting asking me if I was involved with another company. I actually read this before yours. In fact, this was a totally different thread altogether than the one you posted on. All good, buddy.


    Your Source for Tickling in Philadelphia!

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    Jul 2008

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    No problem BigJim - didn't realize until know you are the same person - never a problem, buddy - always willing to hear people out. Thanks so much! : )
    Your Source for Tickling in Philadelphia!

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