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    Erin's husband gets tickled

    "Do you want to play around tonight?” Erin asked. She smiled at her husband from the bathroom doorway. They were getting ready for bed.
    "Ummm.. Sure." Tom responded, looking at his wife dressed in a skimpy babydoll nightie. He'd been having exactly the same thoughts all evening and was glad Erin suggested it. It had been a whole week since they'd had sex and he was a bit horny.
    Erin stepped to her bureau. "I thought we could try something tonight." she said as she rummaged through her underwear drawer.
    “What?” Tom asked.
    "This." Erin turned with a smile and held up several stockings.
    "Now wait a second..." Tom began, remembering the last time he'd allowed her to tie him up. He wasn't sure he wanted to go through that again.
    "Ohhh. C'mon now. It'll be fun." She tossed the stockings onto the bed and took his hands, pulling him to his feet. She smiled up at him and slipped her hand into his underpants.
    "What's Tom Jr. got to say?” Erin pulled Tom's already erect penis out of his underpants. "I bet he wants to play." She smiled sweetly. “He always likes to play and he hasn’t had chance to play all week. What do you think? Are you going to let him play?”
    Tom gulped as Erin squeezed him. Damn he was horny!
    Erin grinned up at him. “Little Tommy is not going to get to play unless somebody agrees to be tied up.” She giggled. “So what’s it going to be?”
    "Erin. That's not fair," Tom protested.
    "Now, now. Don't argue," she said continuing to manipulate his penis. “I want to tie you up. And Tom Jr. wants to play.” She smiled and let go of him. “But he’s not going to play unless you agree to let me tie you up.”
    Tom knew she was going to win. Damn! If it hadn't been a week since he came, he might have had more resolve. But he was horny and, with what she had been doing to his erection, he didn't stand a chance.
    Erin’s smile turned triumphant as he slowly nodded and whispered "Ok".
    "It will be fun. You'll see," she said. "Now get out of those underpants."
    Tom did as he was told and was soon sitting naked on the bed. Erin, kneeling next to him, tied his wrists tightly together with one of the stockings. Then she took a second stocking and looped it several times around the first, effectively making handcuffs.
    "Lie back," she said, pushing his shoulder. Tom complied and Erin guided his arms over his head. Before he realized what she was doing, she had the stocking wrapped around one of the bars of the brass headboard.
    "Hey!" he protested, trying to pull his arms back down. It was too late. Jesus. This was a new wrinkle. He was getting tied to the bed! Damn! What was she up to?.
    "Gotcha!" Erin exclaimed gleefully. She straddled his stomach to finish tying the stocking to the headboard. Although he thrashed about, he was at a distinct disadvantage and it wasn't long before his arms were tied over his head.
    "Kootchy, Kootchy" Erin said, grinning as she sat back on Tom's stomach and poked his ribs.
    "No!" Tom cried. "Dammit! Don't tickle me."
    Erin smiled impishly. She knew Tom was ticklish and that was one of the reasons she wanted to tie him up tonight. To find out exactly how ticklish he was.
    "Ok," she answered. "I won't tickle you." Then, with a grin she added. "Yet."
    Tom gulped. He wasn't sure he should have agreed to be tied up. Erin wouldn't really tickle him. Would she?
    As if reading his mind, Erin smiled. "Don't worry. I've got other things to do besides tickling you." As she spoke she reached back and grasped Tom's still hard penis.
    "Baby like?" she asked as Tom stiffened in her hand.
    "Yes," he murmured. "Oh yes!" She squeezed his erection.
    "I thought you would," she said, smiling. Then she hopped off him and sat on the bed facing his legs. Again she grasped his penis and began stroking it. Up and down. Up and down. Tom was beside himself.
    "Oh, baby," he moaned opening his legs as he began to hump her hand.
    "See. Now I can make little Tommy happy." She continued to stroke him. "Aren't you glad you let me tie you up?”
    "Yes!" Tom moaned again. God this felt good! Then he was humping thin air. "No! Don't stop!" he cried.
    Erin laughed. "Don't worry. I'm not done with him yet." God this was almost too easy, she thought. Give the boy a stiff pecker and he was putty in her hands. She picked up one of the remaining stockings and looped it around Tom's left ankle.
    "What are you doing?" he asked as Erin quickly tied stocking around his foot. Then her hand was back to his erection.
    "Now, now. You just worry about keeping this fellow hard, Ok?” She grinned down at him and slapped his erection playfully.
    Tom nodded breathlessly. Damn he was excited! He closed his eyes when Erin began stroking him again. This was heaven!
    Erin laughed softly to herself. Poor Tom didn't realize what was in store for him. And, even if he did, she didn't think he'd resist too strenuously. Not with the hardon she'd given him. With one hand still on his stiff penis, she threaded the loose end of the stocking around the bedpost. When she was ready she let go of him and, with both hands, pulled hard on the stocking.
    "What..." Tom cried in surprise as he felt his leg being yanked out. But it was too late. Erin grabbed his ankle and tugged, stretching his leg toward the post while at the same time taking up the slack in the stocking. Before he knew it, she had fastened his ankle to the bedpost. Then she turned back to face him.
    "Just one more leg to go," she said with a grin as Tom looked worriedly up at her. Being tied to the bed was not what he'd bargained for. With one leg already attached to the bedpost, he was certain where the other one was going. She was going to have him spreadeagled on the bed with his arms stretched over his head. He'd be totally exposed! Talk about predicaments!
    "Wait a sec, Erin..."
    “What?" she asked, picking up the last stocking as she stood up. She smiled down at Tom and walked around the foot of the bed to the other side.
    "Don't," he began, pulling his free leg away from her. Christ, the last time she'd simply tied his wrists behind him. He was still able to move about. "C'mon. I don't want to be tied to the bed!"
    "You already are," she said with a laugh. "Now c'mon." One hand reached for his ankle and the other for his penis. "Give me your leg."
    "Erin," Tom tried one last time. "Don't..."
    "Shhhh," she whispered. "Don't argue."
    Her hand pumped him and his resistance faded. She tugged his leg out and then straddled it, facing his foot and tied the stocking around his ankle. Next she leaned forward and looped the free end around the bedpost. Poor Tom wasn't going anywhere. In fact, poor Tom was now immobilized as Erin pulled on the stocking and stretched his leg toward the corner of the bed. When it seemed like his legs couldn't be spread any further apart, she tied the stocking.
    She next turned to smile at him. This was perfect. Tom lay spreadeagled on his back, arms stretched tightly over his head and legs spread wide. He couldn't move and his penis, having betrayed him, stood stiffly at attention.
    "What would you like to do first?” She smiled impishly and batted his erection. "Want me to play with your little friend?”
    "Sure," Tom answered thickly as Erin grasped him and began pumping up and down. "Oh yes!" he moaned and after several seconds began eagerly thrusting his hips.
    "Well, enough of that," Erin said and pulled her hand away leaving Tom humping thin air.
    "Hey! Don't stop," he cried excitedly.
    "Now, now. I've got some other ideas..." With that she got up and went to the foot of the bed. As she passed by Tom's foot, she ran one finger over his bare sole.
    Tom laughed and wriggled his foot. Perfect, Erin thought to herself. And just to be sure she did it again.
    "Stop!" Tom cried out wiggling his foot to escape her fingers.
    "Just wanted to see if the bottoms of your feet were ticklish," Erin answered with a smile.
    "How about this one?” She gave his other foot a quick tickle and again Tom squirmed and wiggled.
    "Don't," he protested. Then he felt his penis stiffen as he realized the predicament he was in. Dammit! He was at her mercy. He couldn't do a thing to stop her.
    Erin smiled and held up the index fingers of both hands and teasingly wiggled them.
    "No!" Tom whispered.
    "Yes..." Erin grinned and moved her hands to the soles of his feet. Then slowly she grazed them with her fingers.
    "No!" cried Tom. Then he was laughing and wiggling his feet while Erin tickled him. "Stop! Stop!" he cried out breathlessly to no avail. He couldn't evade her fingers and all he could do was laugh and thrash helplessly about until she finally took mercy on him and stopped.
    "Oh God! Erin," he cried after catching his breath. "Don't do that again. I can't stand it."
    "Oh, poor baby," she said. "I guess someone's got ticklish feet, doesn't he?”
    "Yes!" Tom answered.
    "Where else are you ticklish?" she asked.
    Tom shook his head. He wasn't going to tell her that!.
    "If you don't tell me, I'll have to find out for myself." She smiled and waited before continuing. "What about your belly button? Is that ticklish?”
    "No" Tom answered quickly. He cringed at the thought of her finger in his sensitive belly button. That would drive him crazy.
    “No?” Erin asked. "Are you sure?”
    “I’m sure,” Tom answered.
    Erin looked thoughtfully down at him. “You wouldn’t be lying to me, now would you?”
    “No,” Tom replied, shaking his head.
    “Are you sure?” she asked. Her eyes twinkled and the corners of her mouth curled into a smile. "You know what's going to happen if you're lying to me."
    He looked up at her smiling face and shook his head.
    "I think you do," she said. The she held up one finger and, with a smile, placed it directly over Tom's belly button. "Now let's see if you're lying..."
    Tom clenched his teeth as Erin lightly probed his belly button. He could almost stand it but it was only the beginning. Suddenly her finger probed deeply and Tom couldn't help but yell.
    "Oh God! Stop!" He thrashed about trying vainly to escape her finger.
    "Ohhh. So you're ticklish here too." She grinned and dug her finger deep into his sensitive belly button. "You lied to me. Now guess what's going to happen."
    "Don’t Erin! Stop!" Tom cried thrashing helplessly as she continued to probe his belly button. This was driving him crazy but there was nothing he could do to stop her.
    On the other hand, Erin was enjoying herself. She was well on her way to proving that Tom was really quite ticklish and it gave her a sense of power to have him at her mercy like this.
    “You lied to me,” she said. “You told me your bellybutton wasn’t ticklish. And now I find out that it is.” She grinned. “Boy, are you in trouble now!”
    “Oh God, Erin! Stop!” Tom yelled and thrashed wildly about as Erin dug her finger into he sensitive bellybutton.
    “You better not lie to me anymore.”
    “I won’t! I won’t! Just stop! Please Erin! Stop!”
    "Say you're sorry."
    "I'm sorry! Please Erin, stop it! I can't take any more!"
    But he could. And did, as Erin kept at it. Tom alternately laughed and cried for her to stop. Instead she probed his belly button and drove him crazy. Finally, when he thought he'd pass out, she stopped.
    Tom lay gasping as he recovered from this latest tickling session. "Please, Erin," he whispered. "Please don't do that to me again."
    "Well don't lie to me. You told me you weren't ticklish there. But now we know better." She smiled sweetly at him.
    "Now let's see if you learned your lesson. Are you ticklish anywhere else?”
    "Yes," Tom answered quickly.
    "Good. Now what's your most ticklish spot?”
    "My most ticklish spot?” Tom repeated. "You want me to tell you my most ticklish spot?”
    "That's right," Erin replied. "You'd better tell me or you'll be very, very sorry when I find it." She smiled. "And I will find it," she added.
    "Oh Jesus," Tom whined. He didn't want to tell her but if what he had just gone through was any example, he certainly didn't want her to find it by herself.
    "My underarms," he said softly.
    "That's your most ticklish spot? Under your arms?”
    "Do you want me to tickle you there?”
    "No!" Tom exclaimed. "C'mon, Erin. I told you what you wanted to know. It really is my most ticklish spot. Can't you just take my word for it?”
    "How do I know you're not lying again?”
    "I'm not," Tom replied. “Honest Erin. I’m not lying!”
    "Hmmm," Erin murmured thoughtfully. "That's what you said before. How can I be sure?”
    Erin was enjoying herself. Tom was actually afraid of being tickled by her. Of course, he had good reason to after the way she'd gone after his belly button. But he deserved it. And she was pretty sure he wasn't lying to her again. That would have been most foolish on his part. Having him at her mercy like this was so much fun.
    "Should I tickle your underarms and then maybe your ribs and then go back to your feet and belly button again? I could see which one makes you laugh the loudest. That would be your most ticklish spot, wouldn't it?”
    "No!" Tom protested, gulping at the thought. "Please! It's my underarms. You've got to believe me!"
    "I don't know..." Erin began, a smile forming on her lips. "Let's just see..." As she spoke she sat on the bed next to him and ran the fingers of one hand lightly over his exposed armpit.
    "Stop!" Tom protested, laughing in spite of himself. He wriggled about as Erin kept lightly stroking his underarm. "Stop it!" he cried. "That tickles!"
    “My, my. You are ticklish there!” She grinned. Her hand went to his other armpit. “How about this one? Is it ticklish too?”
    “Yes!” Tom cried. “Stop it!” He wriggled helplessly.
    Erin smiled to herself. Poor Tom, his torture was just beginning. They had the whole night and he was going to spend it tied like he was to the bed. And he was going to be tickled silly. That was the best part; having him at her mercy as he laughed and thrashed helplessly about.
    “Which underarm is more ticklish? This one?” She tickled first one. “Or this one?” Then she tickled the other.
    “Stop! I don’t know. They’re both ticklish.”
    “But isn’t one more ticklish than the other?”
    “Yes! No! I don’t know!” Tom wriggled and squirmed as Erin alternately tickled each exposed underarm.
    “Is it this one?”
    “Oh please! Don’t!” Tom cried as Erin ran her fingernail over and around one armpit.
    “Or this one? She switched to the other armpit.
    “Oh God Erin! I don’t know!”
    “Well then...” She twisted about and placed her leg over him. Then she sat on his stomach, straddling him. “We’re going to have to do them both at the same time.” She smiled impishly and placed her fingers over each armpit. “Tell me which one tickles more.”
    “Ha, ha, ha...” Tom laughed. “Please don’t, Erin!” Her fingers ran playfully up and down each armpit. She was driving him crazy! Plus, with her on top of him, he could barely wiggle about. Oh God! This was pure torture.
    “Erin! Please!” he cried. “Please don’t! I’ll do anything you want! Just stop tickling me! Please!”
    Of course this was just what Erin wanted to hear. Her husband was begging! And she really wasn’t tickling him that hard yet! Then she had another idea.
    She pushed herself back so that she was sitting lower on his body. Then, still tickling him with one hand, she pushed herself to her knees and reached beneath her with the other hand. The object of her search was still as stiff as could be and she easily positioned it beneath her and sat back down. Then she wiggled her rear and pressed it against him. At the same time she went back to tickling both his vulnerable underarms.
    “Oh Jesus, Erin!” Tom was beside himself. He’d never been tickled like this before in his life and he thrashed about helplessly as his wife pressed herself against his erection. Laughing breathlessly he felt the beginnings of an orgasm. Oh God! If he wasn't careful, he'd end up cumming.
    And that was exactly what Erin wanted to happen. The fact that he'd remained hard throughout his ordeal hadn't gone unnoticed by her. Now she wanted to find out just how much this kinky session was turning him on. And besides, it would be fun to make him cum in this manner. She ground herself against his erection and increased the tempo of her tickling.
    Between gails of laughter, Tom breathlessly cried out for her to stop. Oh, God! He couldn't stop the feeling in his groin.
    "Erin! Please!" he cried out. "Please stop!” This was so embarrassing! He was going to cum! He couldn’t help himself.
    “Stop Erin!” he cried frantically. “Please! You’ve got to stop!”
    Then it was too late.
    "Oh Jesus, Erin!" Tom cried as he began spurting. "I can't help it. Oh Jeez!"
    "That's it!" Erin urged as he thrust against her. She felt his orgasm and smiled to herself. She'd done it! He was cumming. Boy was he ever! In fact she'd never seen him have an orgasm this intense. "Ooh that feels good, doesn't it?"
    "Oh yes, Erin!" Tom moaned excitedly as he emptied himself. Then it was over and he lay there gasping while Erin milked the last drops from him.
    "That was quite a time you were having there," she said with a smile. Then she looked down at the puddles on his chest and turned back to him grinning. “And looks like you’ve been saving it up all week long.”
    She reached for his t-shirt that he’d taken off earlier and proceeded to wipe up the mess on his chest and stomach. She held it up so he could see the wet spots. “That was quite an orgasm you had, wasn’t it?”
    Tom nodded as he lay catching his breath. It had been a fantastic orgasm – maybe even the best he’d ever had. God it had felt good! Then as they rested Tom’s once stiff erection began to wilt and, after a couple of minutes, it went soft. As he regained his composure, the memory of the intense orgasm he had while being tickled began to embarrass him. In his post orgasmic state, he felt funny being tied up. And his legs were beginning to hurt from being spread apart like they were. He was ready to be untied.
    “Uuuuh, Erin,” he began. “Could you untie me now?”
    "I said; could you untie me? This is beginning to hurt."
    She laughed. “Untie you? I don’t think so.” Poor Tom was in for a little surprise if he thought she was going to let him up. “Besides,” she added with a grin. “It wasn’t hurting a few minutes ago, was it?”
    At the reminder of his rather embarrassing orgasm, Tom reddened.
    “C’mon. Let me up.”
    “No,” Erin retorted. Then she grinned and stuck her tongue out at him. “You’ll have to make me.”
    Tom pulled vainly on his bonds as he realized his predicament. If she wasn’t going to let him up there really wasn’t anyway he was going to make her.
    Erin got up and went to the foot of the bed where she stood looking down at him. His now flaccid penis hung down between his legs. It looked so much better when it was all stiff and hard. Like before. But otherwise she liked what she saw. Her husband - tied up, exposed and totally helpless.
    "Just because you got your rocks off, don't think we're through here," she said. "You're going to stay tied up and, if you don't like it, that's too bad!"
    "But Erin…" Tom began, a little surprised at the tone of her voice.
    "No Buts!" She said, cutting him off. "You're staying tied up and there's nothing you can do about it!"
    She was right about that Tom realized. Christ being spread-eagled like he was, the only thing he could do was bounce his butt up and down on the bed. The knots tying the stocking to the headboard were pulled very tight from his earlier thrashing about. He wasn't going to be able to untie himself. Damn! He was stuck.
    Actually he was more than just stuck. He was stuck and he was ticklish. A fact he was about to be reminded of as Erin, smiling down at him, ran her fingers lightly over the soles of his bare feet.
    "No!" Tom cried, laughing and wiggling his feet to escape her touch. "Not again! Please!"
    But Erin kept at it, running her fingers up and down his sensitive soles while he vainly tried to get his feet away. He laughed and thrashed about as she tickled him. Then to her surprise, she watched his limp penis begin to stiffen as he continued to wriggle helplessly.
    “Hot Damn!” she thought to herself. His penis coming to life so soon after his orgasm was proof of what her tickling was doing to him. He’d never been able to get it up a second time the same night before. Could she possibly make him have another orgasm? It would be fun trying!
    “We didn’t find all your ticklish spots before,” Erin began as she moved her fingers to his ankles and up his legs. “How many more are you hiding?”
    “No, Erin. Please don’t!” Then he was laughing as her fingers lightly played on the inside of his thighs. She slid them up and along the sensitive crease between his legs and his abdomen. “No!” He cried as he collapsed into gails of laughter. “Oh God! Stop!”
    “Well I think we found one,” Erin laughingly said. She ran her fingers up and down making poor Tom laugh hysterically. She looked down, pleased to see his penis now fully erect. Then she knelt on the bed between his legs.
    “Looks like someone likes what I’m doing,” she said stopping her tickling to bat his penis playfully. “Even if you don’t,” she added.
    Tom lay gasping for breath, surprised to see that he was already hard again. And Erin, smiling down at him, grasped his erection firmly in one hand.
    “Now how much tickling is it going to take to make this little fellow cum again?”
    Tom gulped. And two hours later Erin had her answer.
    It had been the worst two hours of poor Tom’s life. He’d been tickled in every conceivable spot of his body. Erin had been merciless. Although he had gotten hard quickly enough, he’d been unable to reach an orgasm so soon after his first one. But Erin kept trying. She’d tickled his underarms, his belly button, his ribs and his feet.
    Worst of all there was nothing Tom could do or say to make her stop tickling him. He cursed and yelled at her to stop and, when that didn’t work he tried begging.
    Erin, on the other hand, enjoyed every minute of it. Her husband was totally at her mercy as she tickled first his sensitive underarms, then switched to his feet and then to his ribs. She kept this up noting with satisfaction that his penis was as stiff as could be throughout.
    Tom’s breathless pleas grew more frantic as Erin discovered additional sensitive spots. And when she discovered his nipples, poor Tom almost went through the roof. Erin grinned realizing she’d accidentally found the way to get Tom all excited again. She redoubled her efforts, once again sitting on his erect penis while vigorously flicking her fingers over his sensitive nipples.
    Tom gasped as the familiar feeling in his groin returned as he struggled to retreat from Erin’s devilish fingers. Then she was pinching his nipples while at the same time pressing herself along his stiff penis. Tom felt himself quickly reach the point of no return. He moaned and humped frantically against her and finally was able to manage several weak spurts. Then he collapsed in exhaustion.
    Erin smiled triumphantly to herself. She’d done it! She’d tickled him to a second orgasm. She found the t-shirt and wiped up the mess – not much of one this time as poor Tom had only managed a couple of small squirts. But that would change …
    She leaned down and kissed her exhausted husband on the nose. “Now wasn’t that fun? I bet you can’t wait until tomorrow.”

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    Great Story!

    I really liked how you described his embarrassment as he realized he hated the torture, but loved the sensation.

    Descriptive writing, and I kept thinking she was going to trick him into saying, "Don't, Stop!" and she would reply something to the effect of, "OK, I won't stop if you don't want me to." Maddening.

    Great story, please write more.

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    Great story! Fabulous first post--welcome to the TMF. I am especially happy to see another writer of F/m stories arrive here.

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    Talking Erin...

    Where was a girl like Erin when I needed her???

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    Love the excellent f/m story! Very erotic and sensual.

    Thanks for the wonderfull story


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    Cool story, tnt! Any chance of Tom getting revenge?

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    Yes I agree that Tom should get the chance to tickle torture her on the bed!!

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    On the bed, on the floor, in a magic box, in stocks, buried in the sand...in other words, anywhere!

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    Excellent Story!

    Well done

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