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    Aug 2005
    Fishers, Indiana
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    Insanely Ticklish Jennifer in a Triple Spy Tickle Interrogation FF/F

    Well, Jennifer never dissapoints and just wait until you see her as an FBI agent that is trained in the art of TICKLE TORTURE and just LOVES it when her prisoners resist... and Alex is stubborn which gives Jennifer just what she wants. But this marathon of tickling includes Jennifer breaking in newby Tristan who has the most lovely raspy laugh. This is a Girl on Girl on Girl tickle torture fest. Jennifer uses Tristan to tickle torture Alex. Alex gets loose and ties up Jennifer who finds out Tristan is a double agent. Alex and Tristan drive Jennifer completely crazy.. and then Alex and Jennifer teach little miss Tristan a lesson by tieing her up and tickling her to teach her never to play both sides... cause tickling paybacks are a B!%#)!.

    Jennifer's Triple Spy Tickle Torture Interrogation low quality sample

    Toefu Entertainment


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    Oct 2002
    Somewhere you have to get to know me to find out though.
    Nice clip thanks for sharing three hot ticklish women....I LOVED IT

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    Mar 2002
    Last girl was the best!

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    Apr 2009
    new haven, ct
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    now that was triple hot! wow!

  5. #5
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    Apr 2007
    Wow, that was Awesome! I loved all the girls, they are very ticklish.
    All of them had a great laugh and reaction to the tickling.
    All the girls seem to like being the ler, that's hot.

    Great clip, thanks for sharing.
    Keep Tickling

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    Jun 2008
    Niagara Falls NY
    Good work. All three are cute.
    Remember: If you tickle them, they will come.

  7. #7
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    Apr 2001

    Feet Tickling?

    Like the plot. But I can't tell from the sample, is there any foot tickling? If all 3 girls get foot tickled, then I'm buying.

    Thank you,

  8. #8
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    Aug 2013
    Hey LBFT!

    Yes.. there is foot tickling in this video:
    You can access the clips store at http://clips4sale.com/store/26154, then search by keyword "Triple" and you will find the video at the bottom of that page.


    Jennifer's Triple Spy Interrogation of Alex and Tristan
    Jennifer is a high ranking Federal Agent and finds Alex snooping around her office and wants to know WHY and WHO sent her. Alex is not about to tell and is prepared for any kind of torture Jennifer can dish out. EXCEPT for tickling! Alex is tied face down and tickle until she tells. After Alex refuses to tell.. Jennifer brings in her colleague newby Tristan to add even more tickle torture. You will love watching Jennifer and Tristan break Alex down... resistance is futile, but lovely to watch! After Alex breaks, surprise Tristan is a double agent..., Jennifer is bound face up spread eagle and tickled by both Alex and Tristan. They waste no time demanding information from Jennifer and telling her not to tell on them by tickling Jennifer crazy. You will love watching Jennifer strain to avoid her destiny with glympses of her upper thighs and cute white panties. The finale is both Alex and Jennifer punishing newby Tristan for crossing both of them. Pay back is a bitch... and this is some great tickling.. They quickly search to find her weaknesses... and you will LOVE what they find... When they both find her pelvic area drives her crazy... OMG, Jennifer and Alex both grab deeply into her upper legs and pelvis while Tristan goes into the most intense resonating laugh that you will be rewinding this one over and over just to hear it!! A marathon of tickling pleasure. c4s.com

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