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    Anne Hathaway's Ticklish Nightmare

    AN. This is a long story and takes a bit to get to actual tickling. I had a tough time deciding to post the whole thing or break it into parts. If alot of readers would like me to break it into smaller portions, I will gladly do so. With that sad, without further adeiu.

    Anne Hathaway’s Ticklish Night

    His name was Robert Wilson. He was your average everyday joe, living in Los Angeles were he worked as a limo driver, escorting the more affluent people all through the city. Day after day he did this job at limited pay but once in a while he would drive a famous person who couldn’t give a squat about him. Robert was not the kind of person one would ever pay much interest too but that was the way he liked it. He could live his life and his personal interests in secret. One part of his life that does play into this story was his major foot and tickle fetish. He had had it as long as he could remember and had some of his major life moments with it. The time he had tickled his babysitter and his HS science partner were some of the best in his life. Day after day while not doing his boring job, he sat at his computer and around his apartment watching the bare and sandaled feet of LA girls living their lives, all while wondering just how ticklish those girls were.

    One of the small perks of his limo driving job was to once in a while drive a famous celebrity to a small movie premier or some charity function that the celebrity endorsed for better publicity. Among his most recent guests had been Jennifer Aniston, Jenna Fischer and Sarah Chalke. He had made small talk with these ladies all the way to their destinations and had made sure to catch small glimpses of their feet as they sat in his limo. The small video camera hidden under the seat helped as well. This small perk had given new positives to his dead end job and for awhile Robert felt things couldn’t get better. At least until that wonderful night and his experience with the lovely Anne Hathaway.

    Anne Hathaway was perhaps Robert’s biggest celebrity crush. Ever since he had seen her in the Princess Diaries, he had always felt something towards her and with those famous Anne Hathaway foot scenes in that movie; Robert had come to the conclusion that Anne had the most beautiful feet in Hollywood. Her scenes in Havoc, Bride Wars and Get Smart only strengthed his opinion. He had long fantasized of having Anne Hathaway at his mercy and being able to tickle her to his hearts content but he knew that would never happen. And he had been disappointed to read in an article that Anne had received letters from fans asking for pictures of her feet and she had deemed them weird. While he agreed that it was weird to send letters like that, he thought he could turn around Anne’s opinion if he ever got the chance. However, Robert was no dummy and he knew this was just fantasy. At least until that fateful day he had been summoned by his boss for that Saturday night to drive none other then Anne Hathaway from her hotel, to a charity function in Beverly Hills and back. He immediately jumped at the chance all the while with a small scheme in his head. He had stocked up on supplies the last week including rope, water, feathers a photograph, and a small sleeping drug. These items currently sat in his limousine trunk and he currently waited at the front of the LA Ritz Carlton waiting for the lovely Anne Hathaway. Robert had a feeling that this night could be the best of his life.

    Anne Hathaway strolled through the lobby of her posh hotel en route to her waiting limo. The lovely brunette was a keynote speaker at a function supporting cancer research and she was trying to keep each aspect of her remarks in her mind.

    “Ive acted for years, she thought in her mind, “why do I feel nervous for this speech?” It’s an important cause yes, but I shouldn’t be nervous.”

    Anne walked into the courtyard of the hotel and quickly spotted the limo driver carrying a sign saying. MS. HATHAWAY, and headed over there. Anne was so caught up in her thoughts that she failed to notice the driver stealing glances at her heeled feet.

    “Ms. Hathaway, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Robert and I will be your driver this evening.”, the driver said as he bent over and kissed her hand.

    “Hi there” said Anne, flashing him a brilliant smile “nice to meet you and thank you for driving me to this important event” “ real nice driver” she thought in her head, “chivalrous and a bit handsome, will have to remember to thank my agent for this one.”

    “The pleasure is mine” said Robert. “I understand im to drive you to Beverley Hills for a 7pm engagement and have you back here at your earliest convince.”

    “Yes, that is the plan” said Anne.

    “Well then, let us get going you never know what can happen with traffic in LA” said Robert with a small grin as he opened the door.

    Anne giggled, “Don’t we all know that one” and climbed into the car.

    As Robert climbed into his driver’s seat he couldn’t believe his luck. His celebrity crush sat in his limo and she couldn’t look any more gorgeous. Her hair was nicely done, her body looked beautiful in her black clothing and her feet were to die for. Well shown off in sandaled heels, with non painted toes. Robert could only keep his enthiuasim down as he thought about what would happen tonight.

    Robert and Anne made plenty of small talk on the way to the event. Anne talking about upcoming movie projects and the speech she was preparing to give. Robert mentioned a lot of the scenery they drove by and also mentioned The Princess Diaries as one of his favorite movies.

    “Why thank you” Anne said with a smile, “it’s the movie that basically got me started, though I could have done without the behind the scenes antics”

    “If I may ask, what kind of antics” asked Robert. He had never had a passenger be as talkative as Anne. He was secretly happy to be having a nice conversation with a celebrity.

    “Well perhaps the worst of them was the scene in the beach shack, the guy who played Josh and I were talking about the scene going on where I put my foot in his lap. We did a quick practice and he tried to tickle my foot. I nearly kicked him in the face” Anne stated with a hearty laugh.

    Robert was glad Anne couldn’t see his face and his jaw had dropped and his eyes bugged out. Anne Hathaway, the women he’d admired was actually ticklish? And on her feet? He had to know more.

    “Really” he asked, “that sounds kind of rough.”

    “Oh you have no idea” replied Anne, “as long as I can remember ive had the most ticklish feet, it was unexpected and I nearly killed him” she said with a laugh.

    “Well, I guess everyone has the weakness” said Robert.

    “Couldn’t agree more” said Anne. “I couldn’t imagine having someone touch my feet for awhile.”

    “Well, we shall find out” thought Robert evilly in his mind.

    Robert and Anne continued the small talk as he pulled into the hotel where the function was to be held. He pulled to the front and got out and helped Anne out of the car.

    “Well here are Ms. Hathaway. I hope you enjoyed the ride and I wish you the best of luck in your speech” said Robert.

    “Thank you very much” Anne replied. “Gee what a nice guy this is” she thought.

    Robert then handed Anne a small slip of paper.

    “That is the phone number to the limos phone. When your ready to leave, just dial the number and the phone will go off. Ill then meet you right back here a few minutes later.”

    “Sounds good”, said Anne. “Id best be off I guess. Thank you so much for the ride See you in a few hours Robert.”

    “You’re very welcome Ms. Hathaway”

    One last thing, no more of this Ms. Hathaway stuff, please just call me Anne” and with that she strode into the hotel.

    “Ill remember that Anne” said Robert as he watched her walk away admiring her legs and feet as she walked.

    Robert couldn’t help but smile as he drove his limo into the back of the hotel and got out the book he had brought with him. It had all gone well so far and the night was real young. He smiled has he went to the back of the limo and placed the normal looking water bottle he had for this occasion in the cup holder.

    His plan was all set. All he had to do was wait for the return of Anne Hathaway.

    Four hours later

    Anne Hathaway said her final goodbyes to her evening’s hosts and walked out of the main ballroom of the hotel. She was totally exhausted from the long evening and wanted nothing more to hurry to her hotel and get a good nights sleep.

    She took out her phone and dialed the number she had been told. She slowly made her way to the entrance hoping her limo would be there quickly.

    “I’m just beat” she thought, “hope that driver can get back to the Ritz fast”

    As if her prayers were answered, the moment Anne stepped out of the hotel, there was Robert waiting to escort her back to the limo.

    “A pleasure to see you again Anne” said Robert calmly as he helped her to the limo. “I trust your speech went well?”

    “It was a fine evening and we raised a lot of money” replied Anne, “but I am just totally exhausted and my feet are killing me from standing. Could you get back to the hotel as quick as possible?”

    “Not a problem Anne” said Robert as he started the limo and pulled out of the driveway. “Oh and there’s a bottle of water in your cupholder, please help yourself.”

    “Thank you so much,” said Anne as she quickly grabbed the bottle and took a few sips. “This is such a nice guy” she thought, “why is he driving limos?”

    Anne settled into a dreadful mood as the limo drove down the California highway. She started to feel a bit sleepy but passed it off as a result of the night. She suddenly found herself unable to keep her eyes open.

    “Forgive me Robert; I can’t keep talking like we did earlier. Im so tired right now.”

    “Not a problem Anne” replied Robert. “Why don’t you go ahead and get a bit of sleep. Ill wake you when we are closer to the hotel.”

    “You know that’s not a bad idea,” Anne said in a groggy voice as the sleeping drug she had unkownligy drank nearly finished its job. Thank you were Anne’s last words as she settled into a peaceful sleep.

    In his driver’s seat, Robert was ecstatic. The beautiful Anne Hathaway was passed out in his limousine ready for his night of fun. If she was awake, she would have known that he did not get off at the correct exit nor enter the correct building.

    An hour later

    Anne Hathaway was having a restless dream. She dreamt she was back as a kid playing in New York in Central Park. The summer sun was bearing down and she was having the time of her life. At least until the sky darkened it started poring rain. She ran for cover only to trip and fall and keep falling into nothingness; at least until she bolted awake.

    Anne work into pure darkness and got up. At least she tried to. The fact that she couldn’t get up jolted her awake and made her snap to her senses. And what she discovered horrified her.

    Anne Hathaway had awoken in a darnked room. She felt her arms and legs tied down to a flat surface. She struggled against her bonds but found it to no avail.

    “Help, someone help me” she hollered

    Sensing that nobody was coming, Anne ceased screaming and for the moment, surrendered to fate.

    A few minutes later Anne heard the sound of a door opening and the lights come on. Anne squinted until her eyes adjusted to the lights. She found that she was indeed tied to a table in the middle of what looked like a storage room and was not getting out without some help.

    She also at last saw her captor. She saw a man dressed in dark clothing and wearing a ski mask. Behind his disguise Robert took in his scene. His secret tickle crush sat bound in front of him not knowing what was about to occur.

    Anne took a moment to comprehend the situation. She had been kidnapped and the last thing she remembered was the limo ride.

    “Who are you? Where am I? What’s going on? What happened to my limo?”

    Robert had prepared for this and used his practiced fake voice.

    “Well, well Anne, so nice of you to finally wake up and join me tonight. I’ve been waiting for this moment a very long time. In answer to your questions, they will all be answered tonight but I can answer one right now. With that he produced a photograph and showed it to Anne. In the photo Anne saw her limo driver Robert who appeared to be beaten and bloodied, the simple work of dirt and red dye, unbeknownst to her.

    “You monster, what did you do to him, and what are you going to do to me?” Anne cried out.

    “Now, now Anne, you have nothing to worry about. Your little driver will be just fine. Put up quite a struggle but I was able to subdue him. As to why you’re here, well you’re here to chill out and laugh a bit”

    “what?” said a confused Anne.

    Behind his mask, Robert smiled. This was what he had been waiting for.

    “Well Anne it goes a bit like this, I am a member of the foot fetish/tickle fetish community and you’ve become a big topic on that community over the last few years.”

    Anne felt sick to her stomach at this news. The thought that she was being ogled in those terms was bad enough but the thought of tickling was enough to scare her.

    “Now while you are a big topic, you’ve touched a few nerves in the community with your comments on your photos. So ive made it my job to reform your mind and to also fulfill a big fantasy of mine. Tell me Anne, are you by chance ticklish?”

    Anne Hathaway’s jaw dropped and her eyes grew as big as saucers. She was horrible ticklish and now sat bound against her will with a stranger hell bent on tickling her as much as he pleased. She recalled all her youth experiences when her dad would tickle her feet to get her to be quiet but had never been in this situation before.

    ‘Please, Anne started to beg, “ill pay you money, but just please don’t tickle me, please!”

    ‘Oh, its all right Anne, it won’t be too bad. But the night is young so let’s get those shoes off and get started.”

    Robert then undertook the moment he had long waited for. Seating himself at the bottom of the table and grasped a hold of Anne’s heeled feet and slowly slipped them off.

    Robert got his first look at the bare feet of Anne Hathaway and was memorized by what he saw. He saw perhaps the most perfect pair of feet he had ever seen. The soles of her feet were milky white with wrinkles all around. Her toes were long and unpolished and wiggled as the cold air hit her bare soles.

    “My, my Anne, these feet are simply perfect, you must take excellent care of them.”

    ‘Please, ill do anything, just don’t tickle my feet” Anne cried out.

    “Sorry Anne, but its time to laugh” and with that Robert began to slowly move his fingers along Anne Hathaway’s bare feet. She started to let out a few girlish giggles before going into hard stop laughter.


    Poor Anne Hathaway was in ticklish hell and Robert was in heaven. These feet he had always wanted to see were simply beautiful and horribly ticklish. He continued to run his fingers over her velvety soft soles, under her toes and along her round heels. All Anne could do was lay there and laugh.


    Anne thrashed against her bonds but to no avail. The tickling sensations shot from her feet up her body and detonated in her brain and she was powerless to stop it.


    Robert stopped after fifteen minutes of intense tickling. Anne laid her head back and struggled to catch her breath.

    “Nice first session Anne” he slyly said, “Are you ready for round two?”

    “Please” Anne said, “My feet are sooo ticklish. ill do anything you want, just don’t tickle my feet, im begging you”

    “You’re learning well Anne, but for this so stop, you have to be more open to the foot fetish community. Let’s keep the lessons up”

    Robert bent and moistened his tongue before beginning to lick Anne’s bare soles.

    Anne Hathaway went berserk!


    Anne flipped around on the table, pulling at her restraints, her brown hair flying all over the place. Nothing she could do would stop the inhumane tickling.


    Robert then skillfully moved his tongue in between Anne’s long and insanely ticklish toes invoking more laughter from the brunette.


    After ten more minutes of this Robert gave Anne a brief break and she begged for her release.

    “Please, no more! Ill go barefoot in every movie, ill send out those pictures even autographed, just no more tickling, please!” Anne begged.

    “Your getting there Anne, but not quite enough” Robert slyly said. “Let play a game you might have played years ago.” And with that he grabbed Anne’s two pinky toes and began to recite.

    “This little piggy went to market”

    “Leave my toes alone” screamed Anne

    “And this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, and this little piggy had none”

    “Please not the toes” squealed Anne.

    “and this little piggy” Robert smiled as he took a hold of Anne’s big toes. The look in her face said it all.

    “laughed all the way home” and with that Robert ran his fingers like spiders all over her bare soles.

    Anne Hathaway went wild.


    Robert was truly an expert tickler. He drew figure 8’s on her soles, flicked at the base of her toe stems and slowly traced from heel to toe. He eventually found a spot at the ball of her right foot that sent Anne into high octane laughter.


    After twenty more minutes with all the fight tickled out of her Anne Hathaway mercifully passed out. Sweat all over her body and her brown hair tussled.

    Robert took advantage of this opportunity. He first removed her black dress leaving Anne in her bra and panties. He admired her milky white body before turning attention to the biggest prize of all, her feet.

    All the years he had spent fantasying and now he sat admiring the bare feet of Anne Hathaway. He memorized every inch of her feet, the soft skin, her long toes, the nice wrinkles, now a shade of tickled pink. He also took a few photos for future reference.

    Anne slowly came to, her eyes fluttering open. To her horror, she found she was still captive but now stripped to her underwear. She wanted to put up a fight but lacked the energy to do it.

    “Have a nice nap Anne” Robert asked slyly.

    “Please just let me go” whimpered the exhausted beauty.

    “Trust me Anne, this night will be over very soon. But we still have a few things to try.” And with that he pulled out an electric toothbrush. Anne’s eyes grew as big as saucers.

    “No, no please have mercy. Don’t put that on my feet. Please” Anne begged through her tears.

    Robert paid no attention but slowly put the bristles on Anne’s soles before turning it on.

    Anne did the only thing she could do, throw her head back and laugh.


    The toothbrush was about the cruelest method of all. The bristles seemed to explore every deathly ticklish point of her feet. And all she could do was take it and laugh.


    Robert the slowly ran the brush her Anne’s perfect toes causing her to wail in ticklish laughter.


    Robert the disposed of the brush and took a few moments to explore other parts of Anne’s body. He ran fingers over her chest, into her navel, into the hallows of her underarms and up and down her legs before retuning to her feet. This all out attack was too much for poor Anne.


    After twenty minutes of tickling Robert backed off and observed his handiwork. The lovely Anne Hathaway was a tickled mess. Hair mattered to her face, sweat glistening from her body, underwear hanging off and her skin a shade of tickled pink. She was a broken woman.

    Anne looked pleadingly into Roberts eye’s and begged again for her release.

    “Please, I’m going to go crazy, Ill do anything, just no more tickling” she sobbed.

    “Anne, you’ve slowly learned your lesson, just a bit more to go. Now for the next part, I’m happy to say you will feel nothing and you’ll be fast asleep.”

    Anne looked at him in a scared way as he produced a small wristwatch and began to swing it slowly back and forth until Anne felt herself go into a trance.

    As Anne settled into a deep sleep, Robert began to talk.

    “This night is almost over Anne and soon your be off on your merry way but were gonna lay down some rules. 1st when you wake up, we will have a bit more tickle fun and then we will return to your hotel where you will not remember this nights events but will also complain of sore feet and ask for a massage. Finally you will give the foot fetish community what they want and be a little more responsive to those letters you receive” And after those commands, he snapped his fingers and Anne returned to conscious.

    “Wha, whats going on?” Anne sleepily asked.

    “Oh nothing Anne” Robert replied as he sat by her feet, “Just sit back and enjoy the ride” And with that he began his final assault on Anne’s bare feet.

    Anne Hathaway exploded in a barrel of ticklish laughter.


    Anne fought her restraints but to no use. Her captor’s torturous fingers slid their way all over her ticklish bare feet and she could do nothing except laugh and start to feel lightheaded.


    She felt nothing but the ticklish situations as her eyes rolled back, her mind went into sensory overload and slowly she mercifully passed out.

    “Ms, Hathaway? Ms Hathaway? Anne? Were here, its time to wake up”

    Anne Hathaway slowly opened her eyes, fully expecting more tickle torture. To her surprise, she found herself free, fully clothed, in the back of a limo, with her driver Robert, looking at her, eyes full of concern.

    “Anne, are you all right?” Robert asked full of concern. “I’ve been trying to wake you up for a few minutes now. Were at the hotel”

    Anne’s mind struggled to catch up with reality. “Wait, back at hotel” she thought. “then that means, whew that tickling thing was only a dream.”

    “Eh sorry about that Robert” Anne groggily replied. “I didn’t know how tired I was.”

    “Ill give you that one” said Robert, “I was planning to wake you when we got off the freeway but you looked out of it, so I let you sleep.”

    “Thank you for that and for the drive” said Anne as she tried to stand up unsuccessfully and stumbled over and fell into Robert’s arms.

    “Now, now” Robert said, helping her steady herself. “I said id take care of you tonight. You’re in no shape to walk. Let me help you to your room”

    “Thank you so much” Anne replied as Robert began to assist her to the elevator and it wasn’t long before they reached hey luxury style room. Robert marveled at the room as Anne stumbled in and kicked off her shoes before settling down on the couch.

    “Thanks for the help Robert and thanks for the ride tonight. It was much appreciated” Anne said.

    “It was my pleasure Anne, and thank you for being so outgoing tonight. It’s rare to drive a celebrity with an outgoing personality. Now is there anything else I can do for you before I go?”

    Anne was about to answer when a weird feeling came over her and what came out of her mouth was not what she had originally planned.

    “Actually there is” Anne said in a sort of cationic state as she looked at her feet. “My feet are absolutely killing me. Standing in heels all night is so wrong. Do you think you could stick around for a few minutes and give me a foot massage?”

    Robert of course knew what was going on and tried to play it cool.

    “Well Anne, why I did say anything, doesn’t that seem a bit too personal? A man you just met touching your feet?”

    “Its ok” replied Anne. “I just need to relax right now. Go ahead”

    “All right then” said Robert bending down to her bare feet and taking them into his lap.

    He began to expertly massage her feet, slowly moving up her soles and into her arches. Anne couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

    “Oh, oh, that feels so good, please don’t stop” she said.

    Robert then decided to speed up the massage a bit, and as he did it lightly feather touched her soles, causing a small stream of girlish giggles.

    “Hehehehe, oh my, that hehehehe tickles hehehehee a little bit, hehehe” giggled Anne.

    “Terribly sorry Anne” Robert replied. “didn’t mean to tickle you, you mentioned earlier you couldn’t stand it.”

    “No problem at all Robert” Anne cheerfully replied. “I don’t know what your talking about thought. I love being tickled on my feet. I find it relaxing” she happily said.

    “In fact, as a reward for such a good massage, go ahead and have some tickle fun” Anne said as she again placed her feet in his lap. “Go ahead, tickle my feet, tickle my feet” chanted Anne.

    Robert wasted no time and scribbled his fingers all over Anne’s bare feet.


    It was lucky that the luxury room was soundproof as the sounds of Anne Hathaway’s ticklish laughter provided the soundtrack to a night that Robert would never forget.

    Three months later

    Robert sat in his apartment enjoying his day off and watching TV. Things had certainly picked up for him in the last few months. He had even found a girlfriend who not only let him indulge in his fetishes; she actually liked and encouraged it. Life couldn’t get any better at the moment.

    Robert then came across an interview for the new movie Love and Other Drugs, starring the lovely Anne Hathaway. She was being interviewed by a local LA station. Robert immediately turned up the volume.

    “Anne, you once told me, one of the faults of stardom was the receiving of weird letters.”

    “Yes, it is a concern, but its part of the job. They’re not scary, just a bit weird” Anne calmly replied.

    “You mentioned back then that some where even asking for pictures of your bare feet. Isn’t that just a bit awkward?” the interviewer asked, clearly expecting a joke answer. The answer that came was a shock to everyone.

    “Not at all” replied Anne in a girly voice. “I’ve done a complete about face on that. I’m more then happy to reply to those letters and include autographed pictures. I think it’s a cute fetish.”

    Anne the stopped to kick off her flip flops and showed her bare feet straight to the camera.

    “How can anyone not like these feet. Go ahead, tickle them” she said turning to the interviewer.

    The entire world was then witness to Anne Hathaway being quickly foot tickled on TV.

    Robert sat back in his chair and turned to his left looking at his own autographed picture along with the DVD and photos. All memoires of his great night with Anne Hathaway.

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    Great story. Really did enjoy this story. Anne Hathaway is so incredibly beautiful. Her flawless snow white skin, amazing smile, and her gorgeous feet.

    "If you got to go, go with a smile."

    Twitter @Tickler10

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    Bravo. That was awesome. Love to see some sequels. keep this series going

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    Great story!!

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    Finally, someone does an Anne Hathaway story! A story on her was long overdue. This was brilliant. I like the background and intro to it all and of course the great tickling scenes of a very lovely lady with beautiful feet. Keep up the great work!

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    Perfect story. 100% awesome.

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    Really great story, simple and straight to the point... I think there are many other celebrities that should be more responsive to the tickle community

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfield1 View Post
    Really great story, simple and straight to the point... I think there are many other celebrities that should be more responsive to the tickle community
    Wouldnt that be heaven.

    Great story fozzie. Anne is a long awaited ticklee over here.

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    Long awaited and well done.

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    Thanks for the comments guys. This was a long one to do but Im quite proud of the finished product.

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    Awesome story. She should be more open to the community.

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    love it!

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    I hope you keep going!!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fozzie View Post
    Thanks for the comments guys. This was a long one to do but Im quite proud of the finished product.
    Its a masterpiece. well done.

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    p 2...???

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