I've bought many clips that have ass tickling, but they're always with the girl face down and prone. What I'd like to see is a girl in a sitting position, with basically only her thighs resting on whatever she's sitting on, with her ass protruding behind the seat and the ler tickling her ass from underneath. Thighs would be strapped down to the bottom of the seat, and torso strapped to the backrest so that she can't move her ass from being exposed from below. Wrists would be bound over her head or in stocks (hogtie not as good as she might be able to defend herself somewhat and who wants that lol). I read a story with this theme once where the girl was at a party and was lured to the basement to take part in a tickling game where several people were tickling her, and one person was tickling her ass in this position (kudos to whomever wrote that story), but I've never seen it on video and I just can't believe nobody has ever made a clip with a girl in this pose. Has to be pretty unique, and I'm sure it would be a bestseller. tasha or someone from tickleabuse should definitely do this.