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    Oct 2010

    Tickled my friends mom feet

    My fascination with my friends mom feet came when one night her and her daughter feel asleep on the couch. Her mom was sleeping on a couch where the foot rest extended and so did her daughter. The moms feet were awesome as were her daughters. The daughter has really high arches and about a size 6 and extremely ticklish (even in her sleep, I will get to that soon). The moms feet were about a size 7 with high arches and wide. She is 50 but they are perfect and somewhat ticklish. The cool thing is that they are really responsive in her sleep. They twitch a lot when tickled and they try to cover each other up when touched or tickled.

    Here is the first story and I will post the other soon

    here is the first story. I was hanging out at my girlfriends house and it was late at night. She went to bed but her mom and daughter feel asleep on the couch. both were barefoot and their feet were extended on the foot rest. They both were heavy sleepers. I was constantly looking at them and couldn't bring myself to try and tickle them. Then I finally got up to get something to eat and just had to see if they were ticklish. So as I walked by quietly I gently took my finger and drug it up the moms arch. It twitched and her toes wiggled a little. A fuzzy feeling went through me and this was going to be a long night I thought because I was going to play with these feet for a long time. So i came back and laid down next to her moms feet. I stared at them for a bit and took a quick smell. They had a natural smell to them but had a slight odor to them. Then began to lightly tickle them. Her feet were wiggling and her toes were too as if she was awake but she wasn't. I would stop to see if she was still sleeping and then I continued. I did this a few more times and then I went over to her daughter.

    She was also passed out on the couch. She was laying on the couch with her feet on the foot rest extended out. she was under a blanket with one barefoot out of the blanket, the other covered. I stared at her foot for a second and then took a quick smell. They also had a nice natural smell with a slight odor to them, like she just took off her shoes. She was wearing dark blue sweat pants which for some reason is a favorite of mine for some reason (I think bare feet look amazing in dark blue sweat pants). Anyways I nervously took my finger and drug along her arch. Her toes wiggled. I stopped to watch and did it again. Her toes wiggle again. I found a q-tip and tickled the ball of her foot and big toe. Her foot really jerked and toes wiggled on this one. I did this a few times and then went back to her mom. Her feet were side by side. I stared at then for a few moments and then went back to work on them. I scribbled my fingers gently on her sole. Her other foot that wasn't being tickled rubbed the foot that was like it was itching. I was loving this. I tickled the ball of her foot and big toe. Her toes wiggled and her feet twitched. It was amazing. I did this for probably a few hours as they slept on the couch for a while. When I looked at the clock it was 3 in the morning. I started this about 1am. I went to bed and started dreaming about the feet I got to tickle.

    I am posting the second story soon.

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    Very nice incident, thanks for sharing it here.
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