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  1. #1

    Czech Tickled Feet & Czech Ticklish Girls

    I love this company and there clips! Am bored so thought I would add some images from some of my old favourites!

    Now my favourite all time ticklee is Sandra (any of her clips are my favourites) and i have made a thread for her images here:


    But here's a few others:

    First lot is Darina, bedspread!

    Can be found in czech ticklish girls, title of clip is: Gagged and tickled Darina

  2. #2
    Second lot of Darina!

    She has such sexy little feet and her toe point with those sexy french pedicured tootsies is a killer! Tickler soon whips off her little white trainer socks and gets stuck in!

  3. #3
    Last lot of Darina.

    Her feet and toes really wiggle alot and they really dont like the electric toothbrush! ;-)

    Love this clip! Really sexy tiny soles get some good hard tickling, like the bedspread position and the gag is even quite a nice touch too!

  4. #4
    Next images of a sexy girl called Milada, clip is from czech tickled feet and is called: Tickler tickles Milada's feet

  5. #5
    Second lot.

    Tickler really employs some excellent tickling techniques on her feet! She is wearing some sexy little nylon socks, which get teased off so he can get to her barefeet (sorry if there is a few pictures focusing on sock removal, just i find it hot, the way he plays with her!)

  6. #6
    Last lot of Milada!

    She is bedspread and totally helpless! Her feet take an excellent tickling and she is very ticklish! Excellent use of the tools as well! Including feathers, fingers, electric toothbrush and a quick blast with a hair brush! The variety makes this hoooot! :-)

    Tickler even has a good nibble on her tootsies!

  7. #7
    Last set for tonight!

    Suzi is probably one of the most ticklish girls i have ever seen in a clip! and tickler absolutely taunts and teases her poor feet!

    Clip is called: Suzi's ticklish horror!

  8. #8
    Again a really hot sock removal tickler, tickles her socked foot before slowly teasing them off to attack her barefeet! Her hot little feet get a real good tickling! and she hates it!

  9. #9
    Love this bondage device as her sexy soles are helpless! As soon as they try and wiggle free tickler grabs her ankles and that just imobilizes them! Some great tickling with electric toothbrush and some nice work with iron nails! Love it!!!

  10. #10
    nice pics

  11. #11
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    May 2005
    Yeah! I wish they would get Suzi to come back
    for some more tickling clips.

  12. #12
    some great sets, thanks for posting


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    Jan 2002
    NY City
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    Great collection of photos. Thanks for sharing them all here.
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    Great pics... thanks for sharing!!

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    Jul 2008
    love it all!!

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