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    Tickled on a Table (F/F)

    I bet you guys were starting to think I didn't like tickling anymore. This one honestly didn't take very long to draw. Getting the legs right (or as close as possible) was the toughest part, but nothing the unsung hero, 'LITTLE WOODEN MAN' couldn't handle!

    I hope you guys like this. The girl being tickled has her arms tied behind her back and her feet are tied down to the table using cuffs. The girl tickling her is rubbing her head.

    Believe me this is a friendly drawing. Friendly and mean. Hehe!

    That is the mystery of tickling...

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    Thumbs up Very cute

    With friends like that...
    Curiousity? What could *possibly be dangerous about curiousity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrenzyTickles View Post
    With friends like that...
    Who need enemies...

    Thanks for posting!

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