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    Superhero tickling clip

    There was a trailer a while back on Youtube that I can't find anymore of like a tickling clip movie or long video that was all about girls dressing up in superhero outfits and being tickled by villains with, I believe, clown masks on, at least one of the ticklers had a clown mask on. Another part of the vid a superhero tried to stop one of the villains and it looked like he grabbed her or tazed her, because she did this whole fake limp act and fell unconscious, then he proceeded to tie up and tickle her. It looked like it took place in a hotel room or something, definitely a bedroom.

    It's not Gitchy, dammit its pissing me off that I can't remember the name of it or find it.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about? Seen it on Youtube? It literally was a trailer/sample clip of these superhero girls being tied up and tickled.

    It's also not the clip with Batgirl and the other one in the blue suit. Where she licks milk off her feet.

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    Apr 2001
    Elizabeth, New Jersey
    Laughing Gas Zone's Catgirl vs Bat Chick if I'm not mistaken.
     photo 5e5ad93d-e349-4060-a65e-ce7a604fe3dc_zps9e567e40.jpg

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    Yeah already said it wasnt the batgirl one

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