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    Oct 2002

    Cool F/M Tickling Story #1

    Okay, so I have finally "joined" this forum. Very glad that TMF exists, though I am surprised by the virtual absence of f/m material. I am hereby changing that.

    Below is the first of two detailed stories (both fictional but, based in part on collages of true experiences). It is written in the voice of the female tickler and involves imaginative bondage. There is some foot fetish content as well. Enjoy.

    P.S. Watch out - it's long - however if you like f/m, you'll love this.

    The Black Bar

    I never thought I would be submitting a true story such as this to an adult website, although I must say that I doubt any other place would be more appropriate for this tale about restraining a grown man and tickling him into oblivion. He'll never know I wrote it, given the name changes and the fact that I don?t think he is aware of this site. Wish me luck.

    I've been dating this guy for nearly six months now. John is a very sweet guy - attentive, sensitive, and I must say attractive. He's 39, and I am almost 30. We met at the university where we both teach and do research. Both of us have been through at least one marriage, and therefore, we are both open-minded toward issues of an intimate nature. However, I already know John to be somewhat of a shy individual, of course for no good reason considering his tall, lean stature and good looks. John seems to have this deep-rooted inhibition regarding the nature of his sexual desires. For example, I didn't even know he found women?s feet to be attractive (practically the norm these days!) until after we'd made love several times. Little did I know... that was just the beginning.

    I'll never forget the day John and I were playing around in his dormer - the second floor of his tudor house - and for whatever reason, I decided to snoop while he was relieving himself (going to the bathroom that is). There are two doors on this floor, one of which opens to a closet, the other of which opens to a rather large, unfinished portion of the floor on one side. For some reason I decided to visit this region of his house although, due to the steep roof, I had to bend down considerably in order to advance. Amidst all the mouse traps, spare PVC tubing, dirty rug etc., I was struck by this one item which, for the life of me, I could not discern, at least initially. It was a 4-foot long piece of wood, painted black, with eye bolts screwed into each end, as well as several pairs of holes drilled through either side. "What in the hell is this?" I thought. Considering my rather confrontational personality, I had no problem retrieving the device from the cold floor and returning to the main room with it, approximately around the time John flushed the toilet and proceeded to zip up his pants.

    "What in the hell is this?", I asked John. Holy shit. He turned a shade of purple I'd never witnessed on a human being before. No response. A smirk developed across my face, which apparently gave him some relief. "I SAID.... (he always loves for me to play dominant with him) what in the hell is this??" After about 30 seconds, he responded, "Uhh, it's something you get tied to. For sexual stuff. You know." "No, I DON'T know. Please elaborate." Boy, was he getting fidgety. He could muster nothing further. Realizing I had unintentionally immobilized him psychologically, I decided to back off a bit in order to soothe and calm his nerves. "John, I actually think it's sexy. Just tell me what it was specifically used for. Pretty please?"

    That seemed to do the trick. By now I'd managed to get him seated near the foot of the bed, while I took a position in the nearest chair. Over the next five minutes, John divulged to me (mind you - this is after SIX MONTHS of dating) his desire to be restrained and tickled by a woman. It turns out he had built this particular device during his recent marriage, although his wife never developed much interest in it. This spreader bar he had magnificently created had never been used! Well, I certainly had no problem tying up and tickling a man senseless (a high school boyfriend of mine liked it) and was thus not about to let a wonderful opportunity be passed up. "So... where do you like to be tickled? Do you like to be tied up tight?" (I'm such a tease.) Of course he had difficulty speaking coherently and honestly, given his state of continued embarrassment. In a nutshell, John confessed to liking the feeling of total restraint and being tickled along various parts of his body without warning. That was basically all I needed to hear.

    Less than one week later, over the weekend, I spent the night with John and we slept in (meaning around 10:00 a.m.) As many women know, this is not an inopportune moment for a little sexual teasing and foreplay. I began to lightly tickle John's tummy while we both laid on our sides. He writhed a bit, not saying much. The notion occurred to me then that perhaps John was no longer turned on by this type of sensation. This notion completely evaporated about five seconds later when I felt his penis throbbing against my left thigh. "Are we a bit ticklish there, John?" I teasingly suggested. All he did was groan. At that point, I decided to take matters into my own hands. "Have you been a bad boy, John?" "Yes." (Heavens - he was sufficiently relaxed to play along with me!) "Have you been sniffing my feet and shoes without permission - for example, when I am asleep or away from your house??" "Yes Halley, I have." (Shewy wewy - I was loving this) "Then don't you think a good, long, hard, forced tickling is in order - and I do mean forced?" "Yes, I do deserve it." (John had yet to open his eyes... probably he doubted my seriousness.) "Well then, I believe the time has come for me to tie you up." "But..." "SHUT UP! There will be no more initiation of conversation from you until I say so - is that CLEAR?" "Yes, Halley."

    My oh my, now the ball was in my court. I didn't know if John had ever been restrained and tickled before, but I was destined to make sure this event would have a lasting impression. The first issue in my mind was how to tie him up. Fortunately, my adventurous, creative side was in high gear that morning. Glancing directly above, I saw that his ceiling light fixture had a very sturdy mounting. Standing on the bed for a moment, I tested it with my own body weight - it didn't budge! Even better, the light structure itself was suspended by a hook. I was going to put that hook to a much better use.

    The next step was to curtail John's awareness of what was going on. Fortunately, John had numerous pairs of socks, and one pair was very long and black. I fetched these from the drawer (John, meanwhile, was under my strict order to lie still on the bed with his eyes closed), knotted these two socks together, then tied the assembly around his head so that he was completely unable to see. I checked this by quietly hovering my left socked foot (black socks worn several days ? REALLY stinky) just above his nose. He said nothing. Seconds later he said, "Oh my heavens, what?s THAT???" (obviously quite happy with the scent his nostrils were experiencing) "Nothing for YOU - just testing." I am so bad. Now came the time to actually restrain John in a way he would never, ever forget. How dare he wait six months to divulge something of so much meaning to him!! He would definitely pay for it this morning.

    "On your knees, John. On the bed. Face the headboard." Without further ado, he did exactly as he was told. "Arms high in the air." Once he raised his wrists as high as they would go above him, and my having snatched several of his extra computer cables from the adjacent room (he has an office upstairs), I selected a particularly long one, tying his wrists together with it. I used several washcloths in order to make sure he would experience no discomfort once his body weight placed tension on his bound wrists. At this point, John was near the center of the bed, facing away from me. I took the remaining length of computer cable, ran it over the hook in the ceiling, letting the remainder of it rest on the bed behind him. The next step, obviously, was to retrieve the spreader bar he so cleverly built.

    Fetching this from the closet, I returned with it and proceeded to fasten each ankle to either end of the bar, from behind using the holes he had craftily made. It turns out that four feet is pretty damned long! I had to really work with him in order to allow his legs to relax sufficiently so that each ankle could be securely tied down. Finally, that was accomplished. At this point, John was blindfolded, facing the wall, arms suspended upwards, ankles spread four feet from each other behind him. He was helpless enough already - for most. The coup de grace was to then attach the suspended cord from the ceiling to the spreader bar. That was easy. One simple knot in the center, and it was cinched. However, I didn't want to allow him too much movement! Therefore, I moved enough slack out of the cord such that the ONLY part of his body touching the mattress was his knees.

    There he was - suspended from both ends by a common link, unable to see, every imaginable part of his body exposed for some very devious tickling and any other torture I might conceive of. But I wasn?t done yet. I wanted his elbows tied together as well. Out came the second computer cable, which I wrapped around his upper limbs, just below his elbows - tight enough that his elbows met in the midline, behind his head. Good heavens - now he was really, REALLY "good and tied"!! Whew!!!

    "Do you have any last words, John?" I playfully asked. As soon as he began to speak, I decided I didn't want to hear him speaking. Instantaneously I removed my left stinky black sock, jammed it into his mouth as he attempted to continue his reply, then sealed his mouth shut by wrapping the cloth belt of my bathrobe around his head. The I got an even better idea. I removed my right sock, folded and threaded it through his blindfold apparatus, such that the stinky toe portion dangled against his nose, tickling it and almost making him sneeze. He could not avoid the erotic smell of my foot now... and the more he moved, the more the toe of my stinky black sock tickled his nose.

    Sheesh! This guy was RIDICULOUSLY at my mercy! I was getting rather horny just thinking about his predicament. I'm sure he was, too.

    "John?" "Umph." "Good. Now, we shall begin with the process of finding out WHICH areas of your body are the most ticklish." "Umph... umph..."

    Perched on the bed in back of him, I decided to start with what would normally be an innocuous area for most - the back of his exposed calves. My nails were just the right length, enabling me to lightly tickle him with the tips of the nails, along with the occasional kitchy-kitchy using the flesh of my fingertips. I used deliberate circular motions, varying in speed. "Umph... umph... umph!!!" Heavens! I did not expect that. As hard as John twitched, there was NO WAY he could bring those calves into even the slightest different position! So I just tickled him there for a while - left, right, left - both at once - oh heavens, this was just too easy. I then moved to the backs of his exposed thighs, tickling all the way up to his rear end, and then down to the hollows of his knees. Wow, what jolt that gave him! It wasn't my intention to startle him so. I found his helpless attempts to evade my tickling fingers amusing. Left, right, both together, sporadically, and so on. This caused his body to buck back and forth which, in turn, made my stinky black sock lightly pelt and tickle his nostrils. Ping ? ping ? ping.

    Looking around to the front, I could see pre-cum juice glistening from the tip of his swollen penis. "Excuse me John - uh - we have some time to go (I told you I was mean)! Better keep that erection under control!" "Umph... umph... umph..." I laughed heartily at his humiliating predicament.

    Next I decided it was time to get a bit more serious. Using both hands, I abruptly moved my tickling fingers to his exposed bare soles. "Umph... umph... UMPH!!" Oh my lord. I had no idea John was this ticklish. How could I have not known this for six months!?! I truly felt sorry for him - so sorry that, in fact, I decided to tickle just one foot at a time, perhaps 20-30 seconds. This seemed to bring no relief. So I simply tickled both feet with wild abandon.

    Along with his muffled vocal noises, he was beginning to buck uncontrollably - i.e., flex his hips frontwards, then backwards, then left, then right - all to no avail. He was pathetically incapable of avoiding my roaming, caressing, teasing, tickling fingertips. I kept this up for a good 15 minutes, reducing him to pathetic, quivering flesh. Then I softened up a little. "Do I need to grease you down?" Of course, that was no threat. John loved the feeling of a woman?s soft palm gently enclosing and stroking his lubricated, throbbing penis. Only now, he was about to experience it under considerable restraint. The poor guy obviously had no idea how mean a woman can be with a guy in this position. "Umph... umph... UMPH!!" No matter to me. I just focused on tickling his arching, flexing, wobbling bare feet. Occasionally I tickled them both furiously, but not for longer than five seconds or so. "Umph... umph... UMPH!!" (Buck, buck, buck...)

    Moving in for the kill, I decided it was time to test his ventral surface. With preconceived strategy intact, I began to systematically tickle his ribs, tummy, and underarms, all the while using a procedure so sporadic that even Houdini would never have been able to figure it out. I gave him a solid 20 minutes of this. Left armpit, right tummy, right ribs, left armpit AND left ribs, both sides, both armpits... etc. "UMPH... UMPH... UMPH!!" (Buck, buck, buck...) I felt SO sorry for him while, at the same time, I thoroughly enjoyed having my way with him. Then I tried reaching my left hand under his rear end and lightly tickling his testicles, while continuing the frontal assault with the other - and then the reverse. Oh - MY!! He would have levitated off the bed, if only his bonds would have allowed. By now, the only thing he could do was buck and grunt. Lord, did that pre-cum juice dribble down. By now it was nearly noon - two hours since the whole thing started!

    "Okay John..." I softly proceeded. "UMPH" "I have decided to give you the release you crave, under one condition." "UMPH" "You will never hide from me such intimate desires in your life ever again. Secondly, we will go through this exact same procedure at least once every week, for the next month. This will show how committed you are to me irrespective of the desires you?ve hidden from me for so long." "UMPH"

    And with that, I began alternately stroking his cock for intervals of 30-45 seconds, while the other tickled him with abandon (including his feet). I have never witnessed such shameful, unabashed, bucking and trembling in a grown man in all my life! Eventually I settled on the left hand, continuing to softly stroke his aching, pulsating member while dancing my right fingertips all along his belly and ribcage. Before I knew it, he really, REALLY started bucking. Heavens!! I thought he was having a seizure. Of course, he was merely having the orgasm of his life - with me, no less "Uuummmmpppphhhhh!!!!!!"

    After that, it was time for a nap (for both of us - that is, after I insisted he make love to me). We finally awakened around 2:00 pm.

    Needless to say, John is now the first to admit he?s met the woman of his dreams in terms of a ticklish situation. More importantly, he knows never to keep anything important like that from ME again...

    Until the next time...

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    Welcome to the forum RushFan! Great story.

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    Blog Entries
    Great story!

    Glad to have another person who posts F/m stories here.

    All of my stories are F/m, and you can find them by sorting by "thread starter" at the bottom of the page.

    My most viewed story, "The Session (F/m)" shares some of your themes, including the use of two stinky socks. It can be found at


    <=== Goddess Shelly's sacred soles

    A link to my stories on the TMF.

    Buy my first novel "Sorority Sisters" here.

    Buy my nonfiction epic here.

    Buy my popular novel "Jennifer's Revenge" here.

    Order one of my collections of short stories from MTJ Publishing here:

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    Talking GREAT SEXY STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!




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    Thumbs up

    Hey, welcome, Rush Fan! I am glad to see interest in f/m tickling fiction (the best kind!), especially combined with a little bit of foot-dom (my main activity when I'm not tickling).

    The story was great, and I would love to see more

    Very aroused,

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    Another kudos for your story RushFan. Thanks for sharing and keep on writing.

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