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    Talking Hysteria Lane #1: Mother May I M/f

    Hysteria Lane #1: Mother May I


    “Tina?” Will Mercer called in a friendly tone as he half opened the front door of the Taris’ two story suburban home. “…hello?”

    No one had answered the phone when he’d called two minutes before, unusual given Tina’s car was in the driveway and at eighteen years old talking on the phone was a natural pastime for the ditzy blonde. Will and Tina had grown up together, along with several other kids in the seemingly quaint Stepford-esque neighborhood. Living on the opposite side of the street and only three houses down it was the norm for the life-long friends to casually wander into each other’s homes.

    Like the other teenagers in the neighborhood, particularly the ones with little to do during the long summer holidays, boredom would strike on a regular basis. Eighteen year old Will was no exception and like his two best friends, Greg and Spencer, could always count on their good pal Tina Taris to provide an afternoon’s entertainment.

    Emerging into the air-conditioned foyer of the Taris household Will couldn’t help but notice an unusual silence. The 5’8ft high school senior, with his short brown hair, stylish low top shoes, dark blue long shorts and trendy white patterned shirt, closed the door softly behind him. Tina’s car was in the driveway but there was no response, perhaps, Will thought, she had fallen asleep midway through a trashy magazine. It wasn’t unheard of for his slightly younger female friend to do just that, and it would be more than a little perfect for what he had in mind.

    With the thought of a snoozing Tina now solidly planted in his imagination Will made his way with an eager quietness up the carpeted stairs. Padding stealthily down the hall the dark haired eighteen year old peered with raised eyebrows through the wide open door of his blonde friend’s bedroom, only to find it completely empty.

    “Dang.” Will whispered to himself as he stood in the middle of Tina’s tidy room, looking around 360 degrees as if she would suddenly appear in one of the corners.

    Disappointed, the young man dragged his feet a little as he sauntered back into the hallway. With his left eyebrow raised and lips slightly pursed Will stopped at the top of the stairs and glanced around the upstairs, confused as to where everyone might have disappeared to. There was still the garage, although unlikely, and the backyard, although he hadn’t seen anything obvious from the window in Tina’s room.

    “Mm!” All of a sudden a soft squeak seemed to come from nowhere.

    Briefly wide eyed, Will turned back from the stairs and shot a curious glance up and down the hall. Standing absolutely still the blue-eyed lad put all his focus on listening and sure enough, a few seconds later, another slightly louder squeak. Odd, thought Will, but at least now he had a clear fix on the direction. Squinting, the handsome young man cautiously skulked toward the end of the hall and with yet another audible squeak, again slightly louder than the last, confirmed the source. Turning into the open door of Tina’s parent’s room Will’s stomach sank and his instinct for flight immediately kicked into high gear.

    “Carl?” Dianne said softly as Will awkwardly stumbled backward out of the doorway, a little louder than he would have liked.

    Trying not to hyperventilate Will leaned forward and with his hands on his knees stood with wide eyed reflection of what he’d just seen. Dianne, Tina’s mother, bound by her wrists from the ceiling and kneeling on the large queen sized bed. The young man hadn’t the time to take in every detail but based on her sheer, bright pink nightgown and the jet black blindfold secured around her eyes, it was pretty obvious Tina’s parents were attempting some kinky alone time.

    More than a little frightened of being caught Will reasoned to walk quietly down the stairs, calmly back through the front door and try as hard he could not to sprint directly home. His mind racing the young man heard every one of his own mouse like footsteps as thunderous booms on his way down the staircase.

    “Carl, what are you doing?” Dianne’s voice was soft and worrisome, stopping Will in his tracks. “Where have you been?”

    He hadn’t done anything wrong, not really. There wasn’t anything to be caught for. A thousand thoughts swirled in Will’s mind. Tina’s father, Carl, must be around somewhere. Did he leave her there? That didn’t seem like something he’d do, although it did occur to Will that what he knew about Mr. and Mrs. Taris obviously wasn’t the full picture. Maybe Mr. Taris was in the garage, that was probably it, Will took another step determined make a quick exit.

    “How long have I been here?” Her voice stopped him once again.

    What if Carl was in the garage, what if he went there to…get something? What if he went out? Tina’s car was in the driveway but there was no telling if Carl and Dianne’s cars were in the garage or not. Unlikely, Will rolled his eyes at his own reasoning, surely if Carl had gone out he wouldn’t have left his wife hanging around. He could be hurt though, or delayed somehow. Could be in the basement. Maybe he tripped and fell, bonked his head, hurt his back.

    Reasoning out of neighborly concern to check all was right in the Taris home, Will walked with a little more confidence to the bottom floor and took a left toward the garage. The internal door to the garage was unlocked, it only took a quick peek into the dark room to notice both Dianne and Carl’s cars were securely in place. Turning on the light Will did a quick check, no one was in the cars, no one on the floor.

    Now convinced he would find Carl in the basement Will decided to simply ask him if Tina was around. That would work, Will concluded, that’s normal, casual, ask his friend’s father if he’d seen his own daughter, no need to mention the bound and blindfolded woman upstairs. Walking at a normal pace and volume, the suddenly confident lad passed by the stairs and made his way to the wall on the right. Opening the basement door his tension eased even more so at the sight of the light being on.

    “Carl?” Will said with a slight frown as he turned from the basement’s raw wooden stairs and didn’t immediately notice the large burly figure that should have been instantly obvious.

    The basement was nothing terribly fancy, there was an old pool table, an even older couch against the opposite wall, a beer fridge and a pile of boxes and other assorted junk littered at the far end. At over 6ft tall with wide shoulders, large lumberjack like arms and a cowboy’s face beneath his jet-black hair, Carl was easy to find in a crowd, in an empty basement he should have stood out more than anything. Lurking around the pool table toward the farer end of the room Will’s eyes widened at the sight of a very unconscious Carl.

    “Carl!” Will exclaimed rushing forward toward his family friend whose almost nude large burly frame rested atop an old green mattress. “Ca-“

    Leaning over Tina’s father Will stopped himself just in time to realize Carl wasn’t quite so much unconscious, as he was fast asleep. Dressed in only a pair of red boxers Carl’s hairy chest calmly raised and deflated with each lazy breath. Taking a step back Will tried to imagine the circumstances that must have bought Carl down to the basement with his wife, ready for whatever it was the two had originally planned, left waiting. Will then tried, and failed, to imagine even harder the circumstances that lead Carl to the mattress and into dreamland. Based off Carl’s lack of attire, the man was quite clearly ready for some good time bedroom fun.

    A step forward with the intent of waking Carl up quickly turned into a half step and the eighteen year old Will found himself hesitating. He could, couldn’t he? His heart raced. He could and no one would know. It’s what he wanted to do anyway, it just wouldn’t be with the same person. Someone else could arrive, Tina could return home, then what? Her car was still in the driveway after all, she might only be across the street.

    “Carl…” Will said softly and pushed the mattress a little with his shoe, dismissing the mad ideas. “Carl, wake up. Have you seen Tina?”

    Crooking his lip a little Will gave a sideways look and leaned forward. Placing his hand on Carl’s shoulder the high school senior gave the snoozing older man a friendly shake. With no response Will shook Carl slightly harder only for him to let out a loud growling snore and roll toward the opposite side of the mattress.

    “Carl!” Will yelled loudly and leaned back quickly incase the large man woke up swinging.

    “Snncccchhh” Carl’s lumbering slumbered body snored again and Will sighed with a little humor, it was clear the father of two wasn’t going to be woken up by anything less than slamming pots and pans together, and even then it wasn’t a sure bet.

    Stepping back Will didn’t quite know what to do. He couldn’t seem to wake Carl, but poor Mrs. Taris was still strung up in her bedroom without knowing why. Maybe he should call Tina? That would be a fun conversation, ‘Hi Tina, your mom and dad were planning some sexy bondage but your dad fell asleep so she’s still trapped upstairs in her nightgown’…no, that wouldn’t do. He could untie her himself Will supposed, but could he make it out the room before she got the blindfold off? No one would come out of that situation without total humiliation. Still, he couldn’t just leave her there.

    Practically stomping up the basement stairs in the hopes of waking Carl, Will made his way back to the first floor. Will closed the door behind him, almost slamming it in a further attempt to make as much noise as possible. Opening the door slightly again the confused young man listened for a sign of success only to have his efforts audibly rewarded with even louder snoring.

    Standing in the foyer directly between the front door and the bottom of the stairs Will looked in every direction hoping to be inspired. He had been in the Taris’ house for almost ten minutes and had achieved nothing short of giving himself a series of small heart attacks. Screw it, he thought and turned toward the stairs, Dianne had been a family friend since before Will was born, he couldn’t just leave the poor woman dangling there all afternoon. Slowly, with steps a dog would struggle to hear, the nerve wracked young man ascended the staircase once again and returned to the sight of all his current troubles.

    Turning into Dianne and Carl’s bedroom Will stopped dead and starred, he had to admit, she was quite a sight. At barely forty-one years old it was very clear where Tina and her sister got their own stunning figures. Long blonde locks cascading down to her shoulder blades, arms stretched and wrists bound together high above her head by a series of silk scarves tied to the mosquito net hook, that well toned peach like butt barely covered by the short near-see-through nightie, her long slender legs in a perfect L shape as she kneeled, and beneath the sheer pink material her clearly visible melon like breasts and risqué black panties.

    Taking full advantage of Dianne’s light blocking blindfold Will took big slow steps further into the room. On closer inspection the well held blonde wasn’t just facing toward the foot of the bed by coincidence, her legs too were trapped in specific position. A couch cushion, it looked like, had been placed over the top of Dianne’s calf muscles, about an inch from the backs of her knees. Running over the center of the cushion was a tightly knotted white nylon rope that had been looped tight, right underneath the bed, forcing the cushion to press the voluptuous woman’s shins firmly down.

    “Mmf!” She squeaked a little as she pulled her arms down, barely bending her elbows at all.

    Carl had done a hell of a job Will thought, as he maneuvered closer to the bed and examined his friend’s mother from top to bottom. Dianne was stretched right up there, she could scarcely move despite her occasional struggling. He wanted to say something, reassure her that she’d be free soon enough, but what does someone say in a situation like that? She was very attractive. And vulnerable. Completely helpless, actually. Will’s mouth hung open slightly, his eyes wide and in awe. But, she had been trussed up there quite a while. And she was a family friend after all. An insanely sexy family friend.

    Maybe just-no, he couldn’t. Tina would be home soon, Carl would wake up. The blindfold looked pretty secure, no one would know. Just a little indulgence, then he’d go. Tina would come home, Carl would wake up, she wouldn’t hang there long. Besides, it was silk, it had to be comfortable. Or he could call the police. Sure, that would work. A little touch, just a stroke maybe, who would know, Dianne wouldn’t tell anyone, it would just be an odd mystery. Go home, call the police, they would help her down.

    Will stood at the side of the bed, leaning his knees slightly into the mattress and began to raise his right hand. Did gravity suddenly get stronger? Was his hand heavy? There seemed to be a six ton weight on his fingers. Just touch her, just do it he thought. His hand shook a little, his heart in his throat. Do it, look at her, when will you ever get another chance? You don’t even have to touch her boob, just her side there, a soft stroke. What if she screams? What if she screams and Carl runs up the stairs an-

    “Ee!” She squealed and bent her torso sideways a little when his fingers pressed the hanging sheer material softly into Dianne’s side.

    Snapping his hand back down the terrified eighteen year old stumbled backward slightly. Will’s heart damn near burst from his chest. She was shaking, her head whipping from side to side, her breathing suddenly rapid and panicked. He shook too, fear and a sudden undeniable sense of excitement rushed up his spine. Do it again, you have to. It had been too brief anyway, he wanted a proper touch, something that counted, something to remember. Will pictured visiting the Taris household in the future, seeing Dianne and each time knowing the secret, each time knowing deep down that he had enjoyed her luscious frame, if only for a moment.

    “Where have you been?!” Dianne said with a mix of curiosity, concern and potential anger. “I’ve bee hanging here for ages! If you were just going to disappear you might have let me down!”

    Wide eyed, the dark haired high school senior took a deep breath, which he struggled to keep quiet. The bound blonde woman’s head turned to face him, Dianne had obviously heard him breathing. She knew where he was, but did know who he was? Did his breath give him away or was his cover still intact? It was only then did it occur to him that his trapped neighbor would assume he was her husband. Of course, if that were true…

    No. The thought rattled around in his mind. If Dianne thought Will was her husband…he’d already come this far. Not really, he hadn’t come far at all. Not to mention, her tall muscular husband could wake at any moment. Not that it would matter, if the bold young man blocked the…no. Good lord, no. What was he thinking? Will put his fingers to his forehead. You can do anything you want, the dangerous thought swam seductively through his mind. One stroke, that’s all. That’s it, that’s the deal. One good stroke and you’re done.

    “Oh I see.” Dianne said as Will nervously stepped back toward the mattress and nervously placed the palm of his right hand on her lower stomach. “You think you can just come back like nothing happened?”

    With an unceremonious awkwardness the wired teen caressed softly over the sheer material. Taking his hand upward the (helpless) blonde woman didn’t seem to react. Slowly sliding toward her (vulnerable) sternum Will found his hand barely a half inch from the bottoms of Dianne’s impressive (defenseless) bust. Moving his hand to the side the hesitant lad felt the forty-one year old’s soft (unprotected) ribs ripple beneath his fingers.

    “I have half a mind to make you untie me right now!” Dianne said with very real conviction, although there was a clear sense she was willing to negotiate.

    Will stood there, his right hand resting idol on his friend’s mother’s left ribs. Who would know? No one. And at this point, who cared, what difference would it make? Just do it, do it. The thoughts had snuck into his mind, it’s what he came here for anyway, sure it was her mother and not Tina but the result would be, should be the same. Maybe even better, all tied and bound like this. Yeah, yeah do it, totally do it, it was for the best.

    “Aiiy! Heyhey! Naha!” Dianne thrashed spasmodically in an instant attempt to escape when Will wriggled his five fingers into the soft spots between her ribs. “You promised you wouldn’t you bastard!”

    Taking his hand away, a lot slower this time, Will swallowed hard and bit his bottom lip as he considered what he’d done, and more importantly, what he could do. Carl had promised…not to touch her? No, of course not, he obviously intended to touch her a great deal. He promised not to touch her…ribs?…no…no, oh no, Carl had promised alright, and he must have promised big time. If Dianne was anything even remotely like her daughter, Carl would have had to promise the world to get his wife to agree.

    Will, along with almost everyone else it often seemed, loved tickling Tina to pieces. Will loved it so much that on boring summer days he would wander over to the Taris household, pin his poor sensitive friend to the floor and run his fingers all over her to his hearts content. Tina would scream and cry and laugh and Will loved it. She was so helplessly ticklish, the poor young blonde couldn’t even fight back once those hands started wandering. It was because of this the young man knew it would take one amazing promise and amount of trust to get Tina tied up voluntarily. He just had to know, if Tina’s weakness was her own or if it was inherited.

    “What are you doing?!” Dianne said, her stern tone betrayed by a clear under current of paranoia. “You promised! You promised!”

    Pressing his legs against the side of the bed Will leaned across and carefully took the nervous woman’s voluptuous hips in his hands. She was trying to shake him away with small restrained thrusts. It was clear the panicking woman wanted to thrust more, but the tautness of her position allowed for little freedom. Unsure of exactly how to go about it, the dark haired young man slid his hands delicately up the quivering woman’s sides until his hands came into possession of Dianne’s fragile rib cage. Despite her angry cries and panicked shaking Will figured this was as good a place as any and without any further pause began furiously lobster clawing the bound housewife’s rib cage.

    “NAAAHO!” Dianne bucked with a loud desperate shriek and immediately went ballistic between Will’s fingers. “EEyaaaahahaha! Getoff! Getohohfff!”

    Seemingly forgetting about everything else in the universe, any sense of apprehensiveness washed away completely from the daring high schooler. Delighted by the trapped woman’s extreme and instantaneous response Will dug his fingers in deep, ramping up the ticklish assault with a new and exciting eagerness. The poor woman went hysterical, her cheeks flushing with red as they stretched to let out loud forced laughter and high pitched squeals. As her body struggled wildly beneath Will’s playful hands the young man became overwhelmed with his newfound power and went to town.

    From her knees to her wrists Dianne threw herself in every direction trying to get away, only to be snapped back to the center each time. Moving was a hopeless endeavor, those ten terrible fingers followed her sensitive ribs everywhere. Of course, the panicking woman couldn’t stay still, she was too damn ticklish. His excitement rapidly increasing Will squeezed the howling blonde’s upper ribs, directly under her bouncing boobs which stroked against the tops of his hands. Hypnotized by the housewife’s captivating screams the dark haired fellow let his hands go where they may, down the sides of Dianne’s sensitive ribs, delivering a series of lightning fast squeezes at the bottom.

    “Haha oh go-oh godeeeieeeha!” Dianne’s full-blown hysteria lowered to a stream of high pitched school-girl giggles when the younger man’s fingers ceased their vicious squeezing and descended to her sides where they danced playfully atop the thin nightie material. “Stop it! EEEEiiikaha! Stopitstopit! Ah-ha! Ahaha! Damn you Carl!”

    Carl. Holy crap, Carl. Will stopped and, without moving his head, quickly darted his eyes in every direction. He could be awake, all that laughter and screaming. What if that large guy woke up to the sound of his wife pleading for mercy? Good lord. Will stood frozen, he had known Carl forever, they were friends, Will had rarely seen him angry, but this? Friends or not Carl was still twice the size of Will and there was no telling how he’d react, certainly not with a smile.

    “I swear if you do that again you’ll be sleeping on the couch for a month!” Dianne said with a clear sense of anger in her voice, a tone which only increased to the sound of Will’s receding footsteps.. “Carl? Carl! Where are you going now?!”

    Without grace or elegance the eighteen year old high schooler almost sprinted from the room. Gripping the top of the handrail Will spun himself 90 degrees and virtually leapt down the stairs. Skipping two or three steps at time he launched himself to the foyer floor from the fifth step up and again used the handrail to spin, this time a full 180 degrees. Slamming on the brakes the dark haired boy paused, a little less alarmed to find the basement door still closed.

    Slowing his own fast, panicked breath Will gingerly took hold of the door handle, fully expecting Carl to be looming angrily on the other side. With painstaking slowness the fearful teenager pushed the door open, this time with far more care to be silent. The door half open, almost too scared to open it any further, Will poked his head through the doorframe slightly and focused all his attention on the deadly silence.

    “CCCHhhkkkk…phhhwwww” A loud snore suddenly ripped through the quiet basement and up the stairs, causing Will’s heart to skip a beat.

    Dropping his jaw, the handsome high school senior let out a wide-eyed sigh of relief. His breath still rapid from the leftover race against death, Will tilted the door handle down and closed it with a particular cautious level of care. Screw it, he thought, he’d come this far. He wanted more, oh how he wanted it, and he definitely didn’t want to have to run downstairs and check for obnoxious snoring every twenty seconds.

    Thinking any thought that made himself seem halfway justified, the work he’d done already, his initial display of concern not only for Dianne but Carl as well, the fact his original plan for the afternoon were denied him, only wanting a little touch, hardly much to ask. Sure, he deserved it. With that in mind it hardly took an ounce more convincing for his feet to take charge and before the dark haired lad could consciously recognize his own actions he had taken a chair from the kitchen table and jammed it firmly under the basement door handle.

    Relaxing a little more he still recognized the danger of Tina arriving home at any moment, but that was no real concern. Tina could come home, no problem thought Will as he took lumbering leisurely steps back toward Dianne and Carl’s bedroom, Tina could come home and Will would handle it. He knew just how to take care of her. Oh yes, maybe he’d even bind her up with mommy, show her a thing or two about ruining his plans.

    A devious squint grew on Will’s face as he approached the bedroom door. Turning the corner and seeing Dianne still hanging there, her large breasts sitting firmly beneath the near see-through pink nightgown, a myriad of increasingly sadistic notions were crawling into his brain. Closing the door slowly behind him, the young man turned as it clicked shut and looked hungrily at his trapped prey. He could touch as much or as little as wanted now, and he knew it.

    “Carl, I swear to god, if you tickle me one more time, even by accident-” Dianne pointed her face in the direction of the door, the last place she had heard any movement, and sternly laid down the law. “-you’ll regret it mister, I promise you, and I actually keep my promises!”

    Ignoring her completely, especially given she wasn’t really talking to him anyway, Will took a moment to make himself more comfortable. Slipping out of his low top shoes the young man stepped forward and tried to savor the sight of the bound, seductively dressed woman hanging on the bed before him. Mrs. Taris, Dianne, utterly helpless, totally vulnerable and based off previous evidence from moments before, excruciatingly ticklish. In a way, Will wished his friends Greg and Spencer could have been there to see it, on the other hand…Will had her all to himself.

    As Will stepped forward softly across the thick carpet in his bare feet the urge to speak had to be fought. She hung there, waiting for something to happen, he could have teased her terribly. Revealed he in fact wasn’t her husband, but some unknown who fully intended on taking absolute advantage of her terrible ticklishness. Dianne would freak out, no doubt, probably scream bloody murder, and they’d be a hunt no doubt, if not by the police then certainly by Carl. Climbing atop the foot end of the bed with his knees, the tenacious boy kept his mouth clamped shut.

    “If you’re not going to do anything useful, just let me down will you?” Dianne said as she felt the weight of what she thought was her husband resting on the mattress in front of her, a feeling which was rendered insignificant when replaced by ten fingers poking into her sides. “Yeheeehee! NO! Hahaheeeee! Stopstaha!”

    Standing on his knees Will’s position almost mirrored Dianne’s, with a little over a foot between them. Digging his fingers eagerly into her nightgown covered sides the dark haired lad delighted in watching the close up view of the giggling blonde’s blindfolded face contort with unwanted laughter. Struggling fruitlessly at her bonds Will’s focus played tug-o-war between the trapped housewife’s pained expressions and beautifully jiggling cleavage.

    Greedy for more than mere giggles and half interrupted pleading, Will knew a woman like Dianne was capable of so much more. Through his fairly extensive experience with Tina the young man knew he could have the older woman howling, her pleas for mercy barely a footnote amongst the screams. It was easy with Tina, there were multiple hot spots that would send the young woman reeling with laughter, Dianne too must have had a few. Not to mention, somewhere on that struggling bound mother of two’s scantily clad frame would doubtlessly be one spot in particular which would drive her literally, if temporarily, insane.

    “YAAHA! Naaahahahaaaa!” Dianne screamed when Will slid his hands swiftly down her sides and dug his thumbs deep into the soft skin right above her panty line.

    That was more like it, Will thought, as he took great delight in watching the poor forty-one year old make attempt after desperate attempt to buckle forward. Rocking her pelvis back and forth like a spasmodic hula dancer Dianne’s laughter peeled from her full red lips, those two insidious thumbs burying themselves into her sensitive lower tummy. She could wiggle any which way she desired, and she desired every direction, but it did no good. Unfortunately for Dianne those silk scarves and tied legs kept her within a relatively small radius of freedom, one that Will’s thumbs could easily dominate.

    “Ahana-na-no…ha…” Having no sense of time beyond her own rough estimation the blindfolded blonde was more than a little relieved when, after what she guessed was a good three or four torturous minutes, she could no longer feel fingers squirming atop her thin nightgown. Dianne’s relief, however, was short lived as after an all too short break those ten mischievous fingers clawed at her sensitive abdomen. “Naaahahaha!”

    Poking his fingers rapidly up and down the squealing woman’s lower torso Will tried to imagine what it must have been like for his new toy and, more importantly, how best he could take advantage of it. Lost in darkness, no one communicating to her questions and pleading. Nothing coming back from the abyss except the awful, unpredictable tickles, never knowing where they would strike next. Any concept of time probably lost as the tickling took place, never knowing when it would end. At the total mercy or her tormentor, at the total mercy of Will.

    He didn’t have to talk, Will thought as he sped his fingers around Dianne’s navel. If the strained laughter ripping through her shaking body was any indication that half of what Will imagined was true, she was in more a state of psychological torment than he could ever hope to produce verbally. This meant, by his way of thinking, half the battle was already won, it was only the physical side of driving this poor woman completely loco the young man needed to focus on.

    “Pleeaaase!” Dianne drew out and strained her words when the tummy assault turned to a single index finger lazily dragging it’s way around the rim of her cute belly button. “Nonono don’t…don’t don’t!”

    Will loved it, the way she squirmed, the way she gave herself away. Dianne awkwardly danced herself from side to side, trying to put her obviously ticklish navel anywhere other than where the threatening finger was. Naturally, it didn’t matter an inch, the excited young man’s curious digit followed her everywhere. The older woman’s frightened words told Will she knew what was coming, and that was all. No way to stop it, no way to know when. The anticipation must have been brutal. Unable to take his own suspense any longer, the dark haired lad pushed the sheer material deep into Dianne’s belly button.

    “AAAEEEEI!” Her head flicked back and with a wide open howl Dianne screamed toward the ceiling. “Aiiieee! Eeeeiggh! EEEEEIII!”

    A series of agonizing screeches erupted from the bound mother’s voluptuous frame as that single digit burrowed into her highly sensitive navel. Her cheeks flushing red Dianne thrashed at the silk scarves tied tight around her wrists, her long blonde hair tossed messily in all directions. Blushing a little himself from the pure intensity of her screams, Will didn’t let a little intimidating volume deter him. Shaking off his brief bout of shyness the young man began to shine with confidence bought on by the level or power coursing through him. A single wiggling finger was making this woman scream bloody murder, this could only mean it was time to up the ante.

    Bringing his free hand into the mix Will felt his sadistic powers grow as he watched Dianne howl even louder. Guttural lung beating laughter now mixed among his victim’s banshee like screams as his five free fingers forcefully lobster clawed her soft side. It didn’t take long before Dianne’s highly sensitive belly button had become a shade or red raw from the penetrating attack. Beneath the pink of her nightgown and with Will’s fingers digging around it was hard to see, but every spot of tickled skin was soon becoming a light shade of pink.

    Like Dianne, Will’s own sense of time had become distorted. Unlike Dianne however, Will’s sense of time was ignored and put aside to make room for his ever growing excitement, as opposed to the tied woman’s ever growing nightmare. He was ravenous, the more he tickled her the more she shrieked and the more she shrieked the more he wanted. Will’s primal urges had been chipping away at his civility from the moment the young man had seen Dianne hanging there. With any threat of consequence now seemingly nonexistent he stopped tickling and gripped the bottom of her thin pink nightgown.

    “Pl-hhh-please! Please Carl hhh!” Dianne’s struggling became visibly weaker the moment fingers no longer wiggled atop her skin, her voice breathless and despondent as she felt the nightgown raise upward along her panting body. “I’ll do anything! Hhh-Anything you want!”

    Having tickled Dianne to the point of bargaining Will took enjoyment from her begging, but had done the same with her youngest daughter many times. As the bold teen rose the thin material slowly up his family friend’s enticing body he took the most enjoyment from the newly revealing view. Out of breath, Dianne’s now bare ribs protruded with each fearful intake of air as Will paused just below her heaving bosom to admire the woman’s lower torso. Her stomach too inhaled in and out, her right side scribbled with pink from his previous assault.

    Refocusing his vision to the point of barely blinking, Will peeled the nightgown upward, along the bottoms of Dianne’s fleshy breasts and stroking the rim softly over her surprisingly stiff nipples. To the soundtrack of her heavy breathing the high school senior turned manic dungeon master slid the thin material all the way over Dianne’s head and up to her elbows before tearing his eyes away from her large hardened nipples and paying attention to removing the blonde’s clothes.

    Quickly bundling the nightgown between her tightly bound wrists, Will arched himself backward and starred in awe at Dianne’s near nude frame. Leaning backward did more than give the dark haired eighteen year old a better view, it also made him starkly aware of the large erection pressing against his tightened shorts. Bringing himself forward the blue eyed teen adjusted his hardened manhood slightly and wasted no more time returning both hands back to the vulnerable near nude body tied securely before him.

    “I-I forgive you! Just stop-stop now!” Dianne’s voice shook with a pre-breakdown quiver as she flinched to the touch of Will’s hands softly caressing her hips. “You don’t have to sleep on the couch!”

    The threats meaning less than nothing, but still enjoying the desperation in Dianne’s voice, Will firmly stroked the palms of his hands downward. Sliding over the jet black cotton of the blinded blonde’s lingerie panties he hooked the rim with his fingers a little and let it snap back to her creamy white skin. Dianne’s breath was quick and quiet, her body tense with anticipation. He wouldn’t make her naked, oh no, there was still so much more to be done, of course, she didn’t know that. What terrible fun.

    “Pfhee!” The forty one year old squeaked suddenly when the fingers she believed to be her husband’s lightly danced down her outer thighs. “Come on, come on! No morhorhor!”

    Shaking violently at her bonds to emphasize her sobbing words had little effect when followed by a gush of school girl giggles. Spidering his fingers down the outside of her long slender legs produced nervous squeals and sorry excuses for kicking. Dianne shivered her legs between the hip and knee to no avail, Will’s ten merry fingers relishing the feel of the cackling blonde’s restricted movements. Smiling broadly the young torturer shined with elation as he scurried his fingers between the squealing woman’s thighs causing her to squeeze them together fitfully. Not one to be defeated by the small show of defiance, the best and perhaps only rebellion his tickle toy was capable of, Will slid his hands right down the silky smooth tops of her legs and viciously squeeze Dianne’s tender knees.

    “Nyaaaayyy!” Dianne wailed thrusting herself wildly, not able to shift her knees even a fraction of an inch.

    Leaning forward Will found his face tantalizingly close to the howling housewife’s jiggling bare breasts. Horse biting both knees with fast random pinches kept the poor woman guessing, her tormentor delighted by the large fleshy orbs bouncing less than a few inches below his lustful gaze. Feeling she’d paid the price for her leg closing audacity the dark haired lad raced his diabolic digits back up the insides of Dianne’s legs, over the jet black panties and broke through yet another barrier of civil decorum by halting immediately atop the blonde’s disrobed boobs.

    “God! StAAHAH!” The hysterical Mrs. Taris cried as her impressive mammaries were given a rush of speedy strokes across the bottoms. “Noho! Neeeeheeheee!”

    Unable to pry her knees from the sheets, stopping the blonde from going upward even a little bit, Will had no problem freely dancing each and every finger in the warm crease between Dianne’s wobbling boobs and sensitive ribs. Evidently achingly ticklish the young man expressed his ravenous arousal by exploring every inch, sending his friend’s mother into a rabid giggle fit. Taking his sweet time about it Will spidered his zealous digits up the ballooning sides, across the tops, up and down the middle and all over the tender fronts, being careful to avoid the squealing woman’s large pink areola and rock hard nipples.

    “Yeeheeheeheennn! No! hahayyy! Ohgod! Eeppf!” The apparently horny housewife thrust forward suddenly with a very brief change in tone between her girlish giggles when Will’s titillating fingers boldly feathered across her stiff nipples.

    Pleasantly surprised by the sudden and quite undeniable revelation Will immediately changed tact. It was obvious the tickle crazed woman hated being tickled, but at the same time her own body seemed to be betraying her with hefty amounts of arousal. Dianne’s involuntary lust going against the grain of his sadistic intentions, the dark haired eighteen year old abandoned the erogenous zone and ran his fingers quickly over her collar bone and up her slender neck.

    “Eeeeeiiiyya!” Tilting her head and squeezing her arms inward Dianne’s options were severely limited in avoiding the new bout of tiny tickles.

    For what probably seemed an eternity for Dianne and barely a minute for Will, the tickling had been relentless since the forty one year old was disrobed. Heaving deep panicked breaths between her near constant screeching giggles it didn’t take much longer for a light sheen of sweat of appear atop the busty blonde’s near nude frame. As the young man’s fingers darted giddily around her hypersensitive ears Will began to notice other signs of ticklish fatigue. The still quite red belly button and tickled pink lines from his earlier assault, and the new addition of similar light pink marks running all over her sweat gleamed boobs. Taking each mark across her body as a kind of badge of honor, a huge toothy grin plastered across Will’s face when he noticed small wet tears crawling out from under the tightly wrapped blindfold and down Dianne’s reddened cheeks.

    Marching his hands down her neck once again the young man kept Mrs. Taris in forced mirth. His own raging lust having taken over completely, Will’s hands were sent on a dancing, stroking quest all the way across Dianne’s bare bouncing breasts, poking their way along her soft tender ribs and scribbling up her shoulder blades. Now able to hold her even tighter than the ropes and scarves the infatuated boy pulled himself in close and forcefully nuzzled his face between her right arm and head.

    “Noplease!” Dianne cried as she felt cruel lips open around the soft dip behind her collarbone before burying a wet flickering tongue deep into it. “Ahhh! Ahahaha!”

    His arms wrapped around her, Will held Dianne with all the strength in his well toned biceps as she violently struggled to escape. Licking her soft sweaty skin, feeling her large naked breasts pressing against his thin white t-shirt, every tug and pull for freedom emphasized by their closeness and the poor woman’s wailing intensely loud beside his head, the young man gorged himself. His primal side at full speed Will pulled himself even closer, his throbbing erection pressing almost painfully through his shorts as it met the thin black material of Dianne’s black panties.

    Screeching giggles rushed through the bound blonde’s full red lips as, what she thought was her husband’s tongue, lapped hungrily at the tender hollow of Dianne’s shoulder. Indulging himself completely, Will rubbed himself lewdly against the helpless woman’s trembling topless body. Much to the young man’s natural delight he could feel his captive plaything rubbing back, even if it appeared more a subconscious reaction on her part.

    Suppressing a grunt, and then another, the unmistakable pressure was building as Will’s intensely stiff erection pulsed beneath his shorts. He couldn’t stop, not now, she was sweaty and pleading and trying so hard to bury her own obvious moans of pleasure. Dianne was all his, Will knew he had her in equal parts heaven and hell, the near nude older woman’s turbulent wild giggling the only thing preventing hearing her lustful cries. So close, the passionately deceptive teen gripped hard at his friend’s mother’s back, the fevered throbbing growing faster with each raging pulse.

    “Ghuh! Ghhh!” Dianne flopped limply, hanging from the ties around her wrists and heaving for much needed air.

    He couldn’t stop, not now. Will let go and swung himself around, sliding quickly across the sheets and letting himself drop to the bed’s edge where he sat. His lips pursed and starring at the floor the horny young man could scarcely recall a time he’d been so turned on. Desperate to remain quiet and even more desperate not to finish in his boxers, Will breathed slow controlled breaths through his nose. Trying to lessen the still raging erection the dark haired teenager dared not touch himself as he tried hard to think of anything but the teary eyed, near nude, sweating, aroused and horribly ticklish woman trussed up behind him.

    Almost wanting to block his ears so as not to hear Dianne’s husky breath, Will surprised himself in his ability to cool the jets of his arousal. As the throbbing slowed the bold eighteen year old released the tension in his muscles and took a cool, calm, deep breath as silently as possible. Relaxing, the dark haired lad showed the first real display of personal restraint in quite some time. Determined not to turn around and instantly shoot his load at the sight of Dianne’s voluptuous sweating body, Will sat resting for at least another two minutes.

    “Oh…oh god honey no-no more…” The mother of two said, apparently trying a more submissive and friendly demeanor, in clear response to feeling Will’s weight leave the mattress. “I…I can’t take any more…”

    Before turning around the younger man had noticed Dianne wasn’t the only one working up a sweat. Hot under the collar in more ways than one Will felt the need to increase his comfort even further and join the begging blonde in her near nudity. Taking his shirt in both hands the well toned teen whipped it clean over his head and tossed it to the floor revealing to no one but himself the six pack abs and impressively hard pecks. Not content with only the top half Will swiftly unsnapped the top button on his dark blue long shorts and let them drop around his ankles.

    Now standing in only his grey thin striped boxers Will once again turned his full attention to poor tightly tied Dianne. Purposely beginning at her bound wrists and casting his hungry blue eyes downward the astronomically randy young lad enjoyed the sight of his good friend’s mother bound and helpless. ‘Enjoyed’ being something of an understatement, a fact attested to by his large erection immediately resuming full size beneath his boxers.

    Lowering his head slowly as he stood less than an inch from the bedside, Will gazed in awe of Dianne’s blindfolded reddened tear stained cheeks and slightly open full red lips. Down further the young man noticed for the first time the dark pink mark left by his vigorous shoulder licking, his vision pausing for a moment at the blonde’s smoothly shaven and tautly stretched underarms. Thoughts of making her scream with laughter accelerated Will’s personal visual tour, although he certainly didn’t hurry when passing the forty one year old’s tickled pink cushy breasts. Continuing, having once again to pry his eyes forcefully away from the slightly sweaty orbs, the young man’s blue eyes caressed over the blonde’s dark risqué panties and down her surprisingly strong thighs. Not yet seen everything but only barely able to restrain his tickling fingers much longer, Will sped past Dianne’s knees and over the roped down cushion pressing against the back of her calves, across her Achilles heel and ceasing immediately at the helpless upturned soles of her very bare feet.

    “No…no…NO!” Dianne’s volume increased in sync with her realization of the tickler’s next target as she felt him climbing onto the bed behind her. “No-ho please! Please please ohno, don’t-don’t do it!”

    Her sudden spout of wildly desperate begging was music to the barely dressed boy’s ears. Crossing his legs, Will sat with the vulnerable woman’s tender soles directly in front of him, his large stiff erection unashamedly pitching an impressive tent between his legs. Visibly straining at her bonds Dianne’s legs were pressed down firm into the sheets, they weren’t going anywhere. Obviously having found himself a hotspot Will didn’t want to simply leap in head first, his sadistic streak having no trouble convincing the teen to prolong the tormented woman’s horrified anticipation. Hovering his hands slightly above her lower calves Will took a breath and soaked in the wonderful moment before embarking on a joyful adventure. Wiggling his fingers slowly the young man’s hands lowered and when they touched down softly on the backs of her legs, Dianne’s response increased ten fold.

    “EEEHee! Noplease! Th-heh-this-this is torture!” The doomed ticklish woman thrashed violently at her bonds as Will’s fingers crept with painstaking patience toward her fully exposed creamy soles. “Y-You’re torturing me! It’s real torture! D-ha! D-Do you understahahand?! Plheeno! Please I-I hate it! I hate you! Stoooop!”

    She screamed. Dianne’s own hypersensitivity reached deep down and tore the howl of a wounded animal from her throat. For a moment, a second at most, the tightly tied ticklish woman froze before thrashing silently as Will’s fingers spidered across the tops of her soft heels. Speeding up his fingers, the young man let both hands saunter to the berserk woman’s wrinkling arches causing her silence to break and a storm of unholy shrieking laughter to fill the room.

    “YEEAAGGGAH! AAAAHAHA! AAAHAAA!” Dianne screamed, putting the silk ties around her wrists to the test as her nude frame rocked forcibly back and forth.

    Enthralled, Will danced his ten fingers over every inch of the insane blonde’s intensely ticklish feet. Admitting he hadn’t quite got her everywhere the young man did consider this might still be the holy grail of an individual’s ticklish places, the much coveted ‘most ticklish spot’. After all, the feet were certainly Dianne’s daughter’s most ticklish area. Savoring every tiny stroke the near nude teen scribbled his cruel fingers along the wailing woman’s creamy insteps, burrowed around her arches, drew slow scream producing circles around her soft heels and danced nonchalantly across the balls of her bare ticklish feet.

    As if simply having ten nails run rampant around her upturned bare feet wasn’t terrible enough, poor Dianne had to suffer through the whims of a well trained tickler. Having tickled Tina’s feet to his heart’s content on many an occasion, Will was well practiced at driving his victim completely mad. Never staying in one spot for too long the devilish eighteen year old kept the cackling housewife guessing. On top of frequently changing places from arches to heels to insteps and even darting along the sides of Dianne’s silky soles, Will never tickled both feet in the same place at the same time. If one foot was getting it’s heel danced upon then the other was getting the ball of her foot tickled, the trapped blonde’s loud screams evidence of the dark haired lad’s effectiveness.

    Time must have dragged on for the profusely sweating woman whose long blonde hair now matted to her furrowed forehead. It was almost effortless for Will of course, all he had to do was wiggle his fingers and for such small effort the reward was great, prolonged tormented suffering of the hyper ticklish woman bound before him. Sometimes he would tickle her slow, even removing a hand, but he never fully stopped. He would trick her into thinking it was about to end, but he didn’t stop. She would continue to laugh, never giggling anymore, giggling wasn’t enough for the intense sensations no doubt rampaging around Dianne’s vulnerable feet. Eventually, after what must have been nearly a full forty minutes, Will did stop tickling the tied mother of two’s feet, with his fingers.

    “Aheh…nff…w-what are you…” Breathless, still giggling and capable of actual words for the first time since her heels were stroked, Dianne could feel her tickler’s weight shifting around behind her.

    Placing his hands flat either side of Dianne’s ankles, the bold young man sat on all fours and lowered his head down. Without even landing his lips first, Will flickered his long wet tongue with snake like speed directly in the center of the exhausted woman’s right sole. Instantly interrupting her limply hanging pose of self pity, the near nude blonde roared anew with terrified, wordless laughter. Like a starving humming bird Will lapped ravenously at the tender bare sole, paying particular attention to the spot where Dianne’s heel and arch met.

    “HELP MEEEE!” Was the only remotely coherent thing the cackling ticklish woman managed to force out between her helpless laughter as the soft tip of the boy’s tongue slid menacingly down her instep.

    Loving the flavor of tender, insanity producing flesh, the gluttonous lad licked every trembling nerve. Randomly switching feet Will spent a good, long time letting all five senses feast on the poor red faced blonde. Her laughter never steady Dianne’s howls constantly switched in pitch and stress but scarcely in intensity. Even the intensity of her laughter reached new peaks when the eighteen year old’s long wet tongue snaked over the ball of her left foot and squirmed underneath her cute little toes.

    “N-h…nhh-“ Dianne barely got a second of rest to voice her fruitless protests when that devil’s tongue finally ceased playing between her toes and she felt them being stretched backward.

    Pressing his left hand against the tips of Dianne’s right toes Will could feel her fighting with surprising strength as he pulled her sole taut. The blonde’s strength no doubt fueled by her desperate panic, it still did little good as before she got a chance to try and assemble any actual words the young lad’s fingers were scratching lightly down her silky sole. Unable to even twitch her foot poor Dianne screeched with tormented mirth, the rest of her body shaking wildly when her tortured foot could not.

    Soaking in every unnatural bawl of nightmarish laughter Will gleefully scribbled his five finger tips up and down. From heel to toe and speedily back again, as long as he could continue fighting Dianne’s impressively strong toes the dark haired teen was free to make the trip as many times as he liked. Unfortunately for the wailing bound blonde Will fancied himself something of a frequent flyer and seemed to rack up thousands of miles. One thing that stood out, even more so than the struggling, screaming voluptuous woman under his fingers, was that every time his swift fingers would play beneath her toes, as with the tongue, the volume and intensity of laughter would notably increase. With that in mind Will’s fingers bought their travels to a halt and set up camp.

    Her toes stretched back, it was easy access for the young sadist’s terrible digits as they stroked along blissfully. Not one to let anything go to waste Will let his thumb in on the action, while his four fingers wiggled under her cute helpless toes the young man’s thumb lightly scratched the ball of Dianne’s bare foot. In her current state, reeling with unbridled laughter, Will imagined the viciously tickled woman probably didn’t even know her own name. In fact, given the sounds not often heard outside of an insane asylum resonating from the blonde’s heaving lungs, Will imagined the screaming woman was more than likely in a state Dianne’s daughter had once described after a prolonged foot tickling, as ‘totally lost in ticklish hell’.

    Letting Dianne’s foot form into a small wrinkly feet-fist at last, Will stretched his fingers like a hard working athlete. Still giggling and twitching fitfully the older woman remained tense as her sweaty near nude frame dripped with gleaming sweat. It didn’t take a much earned break for Will to notice the return of his achingly stiff arousal threatening to tear a hole in his boxers. Congratulating himself for the extreme levels of will power previously displayed the young man took it as cause for reward and flopped backward onto the pillows.

    “Hhhh-hhh…hhhn…oh..n” Still seemingly reassembling her tickle smashed mind, Dianne shuffled her hips with weakly stubborn protest when the now quite nude young man straddled her calves and tugged at the rim of the blonde’s jet black panties.

    Having discarded his boxers clean across the bedroom, Will stood on his knees behind the bound mother of two, his large erect cock wet with arousal, his evil fingers pulling at the blonde’s last remaining protection. Sliding the thin material downward Dianne whimpered with a helpless reluctance. Letting the now loose panties drop around the housewife’s knees, the dark haired Adonis slid his hands passionately around her legs and caused the blonde woman to whimper for a less reluctant reason. Pressing his hard pecks against her shoulder blades Will slid his large hands up the front of Dianne’s sweat coated thighs until stopping to stroke the curly blonde bush. Stroking softly at the forty one year old’s pussy it was little surprise to find her soaking wet, literally dripping with hot liquid lust.

    “Unhhh…” Dianne grit her teeth as the nude young man’s index finger wasted no time sliding between her almost steaming pussy lips and stroked delicately against her hardened wet clit.

    With the tip of his hard cock firmly pressed against the bottom of the older woman’s spine, Will pulled her now bare mid section toward him. Resting his raging erection between Dianne’s soft butt cheeks a rush of ecstasy made his muscles tense as the blonde’s smooth flesh cupped his stiffened cock. Fondling her clit made the bound housewife moan helplessly in time with her sensual thrusting, rubbing tenderly against the young man’s rock hard erection.

    Having no faith in his own ability to keep quiet for much longer, Will determined a distraction was certainly in order. Keeping his right hand tenderly titillating Dianne’s swollen clit the wildly aroused teen danced his devious left digits along her lower tummy and skittered them with a playful skip up between her jiggling boobs. Giggling a little between her ever increasing moans of pleasure it seemed the bulk of the forty two year old’s attention was fixed securely on the young man’s hand passionately stroking between her glistening thighs. Realizing a light wiggle of his digits wasn’t going to be enough the dark haired lad thought quickly and nearly slapped himself on the forehead as the thought of a near missed opportunity thankfully burst into his mind. Continuing to thrust in time with his bound friend’s mother, his hard cock sliding like a well oiled piston between her butt cheeks, Will abandoned the poor woman’s lust soaked clit and sped both hands upward.

    “N-N-N…!” Dianne couldn’t even bring herself to finish a two letter word in the brief moment it took for her tormentor’s fingers to zone in on what was instantly apparent as her much coveted, most ticklish spot.

    His cock throbbing, riding the edge of what promised to be the greatest orgasm of his young life, Will couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought to rummage his devilish fingers there before. They had been starring him in the face since the moment he’d crept into the room. The nude and completely vulnerable blonde screeched a banshee’s cry, as if calling forth the apocalypse itself, when her terrible tickler’s hands landed securely in the hollows of her smooth silky underarms. The young man ceased thrusting for a second or two, the sheer shock and intensity of the housewife’s wail causing his stomach to sink a little. As her body shook violently Will knew without a shadow of a doubt he’d found Dianne’s holy grail of ticklish areas, and being the devil incarnate, the eighteen year old wanted to take complete and merciless advantage.

    Crazed beyond any sane person’s range of hysterics, Dianne’s laughter receded into a hoarse, tortured silence. Without anything even remotely resembling empathy, Will clawed his ten nails slowly up and down the doomed woman’s tender hollows and danced wistfully in the very sensitive centers. Audible sobs heaved from her trembling lips, the horny homemaker’s cheeks flushed with a bright beet red and shimmering from a mix of sweat and terrified tears.

    Stopping quickly Will hastily took a firm grip of Dianne’s shoulders and with a quick drop of his knees bought his pulsing erection sliding easily between the tickled woman’s dripping hot thighs. Without even giving her a chance to realize she wasn’t being tickled, the primal driven teen thrust his rock hard cock upward until the purple pulsing head rested teasingly against Dianne’s own pulsing pussy lips.

    “…pl..ea..ssse…” The voluptuous vanquished woman uttered softly, the young man pressing his chest to her back and not knowing whether she was asking for him to enter her or simply to just not tickle her again.

    A cracked and raspy scream erupted from between her full red lips and Will couldn’t tell whether it was in response to his fingers suddenly dancing under her arms again, or the fact he’d just driven his raging erection into her sopping wet pussy. Slamming against her G-spot Dianne wailed with what was unmistakably a moan of pure bliss, followed by a torrent of husky agonized laughter. Thrusting back and in again caused another distinct howl of perfect pleasure coupled with the anguished forced mirth as her underarms were ruthlessly danced upon.

    Will was no longer silent as he too moaned and grunted loudly, surprised he had managed to keep quiet for so long. Kneeling behind the thrashing woman, his large cock throbbing more intensely with each powerful thrust, it was clear the end was nearer than ever. His mind no longer able to articulate the complex motion of wiggling his fingers the buff eighteen year old gripped hungrily at Dianne’s heaving bosom and rode back and forth like a jack hammer on crack.

    Apparently thrilled by the lack of hellish tickling Dianne howled with outright passion and thrust back in perfect sync with her forceful lover. Testament to their heated lovemaking the ceiling around the hook, which held the blonde’s silk wrist bonds, had begun to develop small cracks. Panting loudly, his teeth clenched and eyes closed tight, Will dug his fingers in and with an immediate pause exploded, the powerful release sending Dianne spiraling over the edge. Thrusting hard into her, Will loudly moaned with each slowing pulse as the mother of two’s muscles tensed and her own volcanic arousal was broadcast with great and thankful volume.

    Some long minutes later, after the two had kneeled limply against each other, both sweating and panting profusely, Will sheepishly gathered his things and attempted to dress with minimal noise. Taking one last look, the young man, now fully clothed although looking rather more ravaged than before, smiled with pride and had to keep the words ‘thank you’ from escaping his lips. The exhausted nude blonde hung, bound, blindfold firm around her eyes, panties loosely around her slender knees, her head limp and motionless. Turning toward the door, Will took a hold of the handle and began to let himself out before pausing to the sound of a small voice behind him.

    “…don’t worry…” Dianne said, Will not daring to turn back and look. “…I won’t tell your mother.”

    The End.

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    Great story! Loved all the details

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    I forgot about this one. So hot!
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    Was this really 5 years ago? Geez, times flies!

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    I love this one also. one of my favorites of all time.!!

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    Practically tailor made for you!

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    It was tailor made for me!!! wink, wink. lol

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    Absolutely astounding.

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    WOW! That ending!

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