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    Quote Originally Posted by 06Alphaman View Post
    Anyway, there is this other girl that I have worked with over the years. She is cute and has cute feet. She is the one who would laugh hysterically in the club...in public...when I played with her feet. Excellent. And she would let me do it. Her attitude at the beginning was..."It's just feet. Who is into feet? What harm can that do?" LOL. I loved it. Perfect.

    But clubs are high priced with cover charges and drinks and such. And I can't really just live that way on the regular. The thing is...that a lot of women in the clubs don't really make that much money. So, after a while...this woman let me know that she would do some private stuff. Private dances. At my place. And I was cool with that. It was not a sex/intercourse thing. But it avoided some of the extras and had the potential to be more intimate...within limits. And I like that...because I'm trying to be safe and discrete...I'm not really looking for a whole prostitution thing. (well we will see what you think).

    So. I won't go to far with details. But my "friend" comes to the house occassionally. And I have cut down on the strip club thing. She will call me after a pedicure and ask if she can come over. And I am like, "sure". LOL. So I just had a session the other night. No need for details, but it was nice.

    The thing is, she was encouraging me to tickle her. Now she is into it. She said it is cool that I get excited by it. But she says that no one else is into it...and she likes to laugh and it is great to make her laugh. She's into it too. She talks about how she has been introducing it into her private life...and her real man is loving it. I was playing it cool, but she was like...oh, no...you gotta tickle me. I got the pedicure and my feet are sensitive and I did that on purpose. I can't politely tell all the stories...but she really leans into it. Can you imagine? It is like heaven. She will either whisper or demand out loud: "Tickle me!" And she has a great, sexy laugh.

    Ha. I am not really in love. But the fantasy is really cool in practice. She's like, "Call me...and I will come by and you can tickle me." Whew. Nice.

    I have a couple of other female friends with benefits who will indulge my tickling thing. But they tolerate it...they are not really "into" it. For me, there is nothing like a woman who actually wants to be tickled and enjoys it. Rare for me...but not impossible. Biggest turn on for me is when a woman wants or asks to be tickled. Win win.
    Well. I was messing around today and remembered that I had some video somewhere. These are a couple of clips. The girl from the club used to come see me.
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    Sounds like a little respect and patience goes a long way. Way to go, bro.

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    It would seem a win-win if you handle it right. I notice a thread running through most of these anecdotes is that many of these women developed curiosity about the fetish and actually got into it because they wanted to. I think they're so used to just doing things as part of their job, putting their wants/needs/desires on the back burner, so when one of us comes around--into a sensual form of touch, in which the woman is being pleasured in a more gentle, less-domineering way--they feel pampered and special. I have no experience with strippers, but I've read a lot about the psychology involved. Many of these women are abused and exploited as well, so they're more likely to be amenable to someone who is responsive to them. We--at least I--crave the response of the ticklee/receiver. I want to experience them feeling pleasure/excitement, and strippers generally are forced to do what they're told, with their responses and pleasure subjugated.

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    It is one of the amazing things about tickling that it won't let you bypass intimacy and connection. If you reflect on it a lot, as we ticklephiles do, and become familiar with how it works and how to do it right, it really can be a short cut to connection with another person in a way that ordinary sex doesn't automatically achieve. So I can see how it might sometimes intrigue women such as strippers and call girls who may have come to expect mostly exploitative and mechanical sexual couplings with clients.

    I am almost saying that ticklephiles make better lovers!

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    Apr 2016
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    Quote Originally Posted by 06Alphaman View Post
    Oh. And here is an update on the lady in the story.

    We kept at it for a while. She actually had a boyfriend and a girlfriend...but she and I were "tickle friends". She said that she really liked it and actually that she sometimes needed it because it was the only laughter she got in her life. She explored it with her boyfriend and girlfriend...but she said they didn't do the tickling "right".

    Also she was saying that it would excite her. She said she couldn't explain it. But she said that knowing I liked it got her hot. Oh...I can't remember if I included it in the stories above...but whenever she came over, I would be tickling her feet...but it would end in a nice footjob. She would paint her toes especially for our encounters. Nice. But anyway, she kept saying how she liked it.

    So the last time we were together, we went for her fantasy. Hers. One that developed just because of our encounters. I was tickling. And I was all aroused...and of course she knew, because she is playing with my "stuff". But she suddenly got up and pulled off her panties. Cool. I went down on her and she came...while I was tickling her. Then she said she "wanted me". So I entered her and she says..."but tickle me too". And I did. We both loved that. That was kind of cool.

    Like some other stuff...it's been years now though. I kinda grew out of the stripper thing. I have a couple of lady friends where I enjoy some benefits.

    Those were good days though. I probably still have a few other stories if and when I remember them.
    Just one thing is bugging me. Is this all foot tickling, or is it upper body too? Because (maybe it's just my lack of experience, but...) if you are inside her, and tickling her feet at the same time, how do you reach her feet without being a contortionist? Just looking for a tip here.

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