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    Jun 2011

    hogtied and tickled by christina (first post) storys there this time

    Ok so i was prob 18 and Christina was 21. Back in the day we use to be mall rats, me and her use to have tickle fights all the time. This is besides the point but one day me and her were outside sitting on the ground away from everyone. I was sitting with my legs spread out in front for me and she sat in the middle in front of me. Christina use to always wear flip flops showing of her creamy feet that i like to try to tickle all the time in our fights. She had bright orange toe nails the matched her long natural finger nails. We were just sitting out there smoking a cigarette when she just took her flip flops off and put them right in my crotch, I was in heaven. Moving them around, back and forth even under my balls, from that day on I called it footsies and a cigarette witch it happened quite often. Anyways I came up with a bet and just told Christina I dong think you would have the guts to tie me up and tickle me till i pissed my pants. She laughed and said I'm so down but you not gonna let me tie you up pansy. I said i would and we talked about how I would pick her up in the am. So finally the morning came I went, and picked her up. We driving to the mall, she kept taunting me telling me how much fun this is gonna be and tickling me here and there trying to get me to drink some of her water. We get to the mall and walk to the woods next to it where every went to smoke pot. You walk in a little and then down a kinda steep hill at the bottom of it was a old oil burner laying on it side. I had my rope with me and she told me to lay on my stomach on top of the oil burner. So i took my hat off and took everything out of my pockets, put them in it and put my hat off to the side. Got on my stomach and she wasted no time tying my hands together behind my back. Seemed like she new what she was doing since she tied a knot and I could nearly move them. Then she grabbed my ankles pulled them to my ass and started looping around and before I knew it I was in a struck hogtie with no escape. She came over and rubbed the top of my head and said ok see you later and started walking away. I said are you kidding me! She turned around all giggling and walked back and said just messing with ya. She didn't waste anytime after that put her hand under my shirt going up and done with her nails lightly causing me to burst into laughter. She taunted me saying awwww is little bobby all tied up and ticklish. She kept working on my sides and ribs. She then flip me on my side and dug up into my armpits. She moved down to right under one of my nipples pushed her finger in lightly and flicked her writs back in for. I was laughing so hard and trying to catch a breath when she stops and says look what we got her and started cracking up for me only to look down at the bulge coming out of my pants I knew was already there.she laughed some more and pushed me back on my stomach and walked back to my feet. Of course I had hard on and was so horny when this was what I dreamed of. She took of both shoes and said pay backs a bitch for all those times you tickled my feet. That's when she started dragging her nails up and down my socked feet making start laughing almost instantly. She said tickle tickle tickle, now I wonder how hard that pickle is, laughing to her self and all I could do was laugh and say stop. Not that I wanted it to but just goes with it, deff love hate situation. I could feel my self building up an orgasm from swirling on my hard on and the feeling of her nails on my feet. She pulled my socks half way of my feet then drawing circles and zigzagz on me bare soles. kept taunting me by saying do you have to pee yet? Tickle tickle tickle! She was driving me made, but it was so sexy at the same time. She the jumped off my feet and stuck here hand under my inner hips and started squeezing away. This turned me on so much knowing her hands were right next to my hard on and me thrashing up and down from being tickled pretty much humping the oil burner. She your pretty cute all tied up like this and makes me not feel as bad laughing and taking on of her hands off my hips back around the back of my leg right next to my balls and got to work. By this time I wanted release so bad and she kept building it up but not bring me any where near the edge to burst. I was squirming around more and more as much as I could cause the feeling kept getting better. She the went back to my feet and pulled my socks off the rest of the way and said here we go little boy and started with my toes. I was laughing so hard it just made her dig in more and up to the soles back to the toes. I could feel it finally coming and her tickling my feet at the same time the feeling was astonishing. I was so close that I didn't care any more if she knew I got of soo I squirmed a little harder and she tickled me more. Coming to an orgasm laughing and the to moaning and trying to mix it up I could her laughing, she said did you just....... Wow ...... Laughing to her self still working on my feet. By this time i was begging for her to stop but she kept going at for about what seemed twenty minutes switching her spots tickling me. Finally she stopped and said ok ok ill let you out only if this isn't the last time because you obvs didn't piss your pants or I'm not gonna stop. I said fine trying to hide my excitement from what she just said. She untied me and got my things and started walking back to the mall. Tickling each other back in forth laughing and said so when's next time? She said you tell me?! With a smile on her face.

    Like I said my first post and not much of a writer but tried
    Last edited by ticklemenuts; 07-04-2011 at 03:06 PM.

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    Aug 2001
    Handy Hint 1: If you don't change that first line to "I was prob 18" your story is going to get removed again.

    Handy Hint 2: Put some line feeds in to make your story readable. I'm sure it is a fine tale but reading it is giving me a headache!

    Disclaimer: Some or all of the above may be sarcastic for which I make no apologies if this is not immediately obvious.

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    I enjoyed your story but do use Hint 2 from the previous poster. Breaking a story into paragraphs makes it much easier to read.
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    Break it down in paragraphs.
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