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    Feb 2008

    Wife and husband tickled by husbands co-worker (M/FM)

    Co-worker tickle seduces my wife

    I've been married 10 years to my beautiful wife Tammi who is 31, 5'10, 125 pds, blonde hair, green sultry eyes. One of my favorite fantasy thoughts involves my wife beind seduced by a neighbor or even better a stranger that we just met. We've never played with another person or couple, but have fantasy talked about different scenes. Problem is, the wife always says when I press the notion, that it is only bedroom fantasy and would never happen. The one thing that I know that can make my wife weak and turned-on is how ticklish she is. I'm not talking a little giggle ticklish, but instead thrashing wild ticklish that by her own admission makes her wet with lust. I've played with her a bit tickling her but since I'm not a big tickler it really hasn't lead to anything more than me tickling her for 10 minutes then us fucking like rabbits. She told me once after some tickling and sex that she would not be able to control herself if someone really got her down and tickled her against her will. Since I'm not a tickle fetish person, I really couldn't imagine the whole scene and didn't really know how to press it. Well that all changed one weekend at a convention in Seattle.
    My company sent several of us from work to an IT convention in Seattle and if we wanted to we could take our spouses. My wife Tammi loves the northwest and decided to join me for the long weekend. One of my co-workers Bill, who is several years older than me (I'm 34 and he is 38) was going to join me for the convention. He had met my wife before but we were only work friends as he was very shy and not outgoing like me, but he was an excellent programmer and well respected at work. The first night we decided to have dinner together and with the weather in Seattle hotter than normal in August, Tammi wore a nice sundress with light sandals that revealed her nice size 9 slim feet. She played volleyball in college and has always kept herself in good shape. Bill even though he is shy, is a good looking guy, with a bit of a tummy, but still most women would say he is nice looking. He was obviously enjoying Tammi's outfit and as we enjoyed several drinks at dinner I could tell Tammi was giving some flirtatioius fun to Bill probably because she had some drinks and of course she knows that flirting with another guy is a big turn on for me. We went to a bar that was next door to the hotel to have some more drinks and since the conversation was flowing it seemed like the thing to do. We got a booth with Tammi sitting between us as we told stories and laughed Tammi would lean into Bill touching his shoulder, really playing it up. At one point she accidently kicked off her sandal and asked Bill if he could reach if for her. He had a wry smile on his face as he retrieved the sandal and offered to put the sandal back on for her. She gave a southern draw response teasing him by wiggling her foot close to his lap. He seized her ankle gently then as he slid the sandal on, he ran his index finger over her smooth arch. Tammi giggled and tried to pull her foot away but he held tighly to her ankle and smiling at her he asked her if she was ticklish. She struggled hard and giggled louder as she grabbed my leg trying to pull away as his finger glided over her in-step. Her reaction made us all laugh as Bill let go and she slapped his arm saying don't do that. Bill went to the bathroom and Tammi reached over and felt my crotch where I was sporting a nice hard-on. Like that Jerry? But the lust in her voice and eyes said she did too. I chimed back, too bad he let go, you would have been toast if he kept it up. We could feel the lust between us and I figured we would just go back to the room and fuck after that. When Bill got back, he offered to buy some beers and go back to the room so we can hang out some more. Tammi squeezed my thigh hard at his invitation and I have to admit, my cock spang to life at the idea. We agreed and found ourselves in Bill's room 10 minutes later having some beers and relaxing. Bill had a book about magic tricks and Houdini's great escapes. We started to talk about his ability to get out of being tied up and Bill told us he could show us how he did it. He had two scarves that he did magic with, and had us tie his hands together so he could break free. We did a good tie job, but Bill got free in 2 minutes. He then had us tie his hands behind his back and again he got free. I was feeling cocky and said it was no trick, anyone can do that. Bill then challenged us to do the same and I was surprised that Tammi jumped right up to volunteer us. Bill tied my hands behind my back, then he did the same to Tammi. After we were both tied, he said if we don't break free in 10 minutes that he would punish us for not being good students. We all kind of laughed, but at the same time, we were now helpless. We both tried to break free, but it was hopeless and after a few minutes we gave up. Bill was laughing and told us we had to pay the penalty now. I was being stubborn and told Bill he tied us wrong and I guess my whining got Bill mad. He pushed me down on the bed face down, then I heard him pull his belt off and before I knew it, my feet were bound together. He then pulled out some soft rope and used it to secure my wrist to my ankles in an old fashioned hog-tie. Tammi was teasing me now telling how wimpy I looked. Bill smiled but then told Tammi she shouldn't be disrespectful and as she sat on the bed, he pushed her back, grabbed her ankles and worked some soft rope around her ankles. She was mad and started to yell at Bill. He just smiled as he held her bound feet in his lap and looking at Tammi he asked if she was as ticklish as she seemed in the bar. Tammi's eyes went wide as I stared from my hog-tied position on the bed at Tammi's long toes scrunched as Bill wiggled his fingers at Tammi. He slowly worked his finger down her right sole, then up the left. Tammi giggled and tried to thrash away but she was caught and Bill seemed to be transfixed with her pretty feet. Coooootchie he teased as his fingers scratched quickly over her soles running from one foot to the next and back again. I know how ticklish Tammi is, and her screams of laughter were instant. I had a perfect view of her soles and Bill's fingers were working every angle. He used one hand to pull back her toes, then dug his fingers under her long toes which made her squeal like mad. He worked more fingers over her heels that were recently pedicured making her heels that more sensitive. He did this for 6 or 7 minutes giving only an occasional break before he attacked again. When he stopped Tammi was already weak and barely able to speak. I started to cuss at Bill, telling him how he was dead meat etc. Oh settle down Jerry as he sounded annoyed. He walked over to my hog-tied body and without saying a word, he starts to work my sneakers off. He slowly unlaces my sneakers taking his time loosening the shoes until they can easily be pulled off. I'm now kind of scared and I start babbling for Bill to stop. Oh Jerry, why should Tammi have all the fun, besides she needs a break, and you are too mad right now to let go. He pulls off my sneakers and tosses them to the floor then rips off my white ankle socks exposing my soft size 11's as the cool Seattle air hits my soles. Come on Bill, cut it out (Tammi told me later I sounded desperate). Whats that matter Jerry, are you ticklish too? I couldn't speak because I knew how ticklish I was and feared what was coming. He raked his fingers down my exposed soles as I exploded into giggles and fruitless thrashing. He worked his fingers over my soles scratching just the index fingers on my flexing soles as his other fingers held my feet in place. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, I was laughing so hard, the sensations were too much as I struggled against his skillful attack. He lightly tickled the tops of my feet that made me go mad. The tickle was so light, so maddening that I could only scruched my toes and close my eyes and scream with laughter. It lasted 5 minutes and when he stopped he asked me if I wanted him to tickle my wife instead. I paused and he said, if you don't answer, I'm going to tickle you more for 10 minutes. I gave a humbled yes as Tammi gasped in surprise. Bill is a big guy, 6'2 215 pds, and when he straddles Tammi I thought he would crush her but he positioned himself over her thighs and started to tickle her stomach with light tickles. She giggled and thrashed as I sprang a boner listening to her beg Bill not to tickle her. He worked his fingers into her pits which made her giggle like a school girl. He gave her more breaks and as he moved back to her feet they were almost playfully bantering each other. Do you think your feet can take some more tickling? Tammi shot back, you call that tickling? He tickled her knees which I know makes her horny as hell and with her tied and helpless this would only make it worst for her. He went to the bathroom and came back with some lotion and his electric toothbursh which got Tammi begging instantly. He was also sporting a huge boner which got me rock hard again. He worked some lotion slowly in between every crevice and crack of her pretty feet even massaging them a bit as she moaned with pleasure. Then he worked the toothbrush like a surgeon over her bound feet. Her laughter went from maddening laughter to uncontrollable giggles as his tool worked between each toe and working any rough spot she may of had to soft patch of pink skin. Bill would smile at me every so often and say, don't worry Jerry, you are next which made me start begging for him to not tickle me. When he finished with Tammi, he whispered something to her and she was exhausted but also beaten and seemed to be almost submissive as Bill whispered something to her. I thought I would be next, but instead he had Tammi lotion up my feet, even over my protest she calmly and with a smile worked the lotion over my feet which already tickled. Jerry, you have two choices, let me tickle you for the rest of the night and I'll let you go in the morning. OR you can let me make love to your pretty wife here and I'll not tickle you? I was trapped and said nothing as Bill turned on the toothbrush and started to work the brush over my right heel. The tickling was instant and had me going nuts instantly. After I minute I blurted out, take my wife! Tammi bent over me and whispered thank you honey kissed me on the cheek. Bill wasted no time as pinned Tammi down and tickled her sides as he slid his big cock between her lips and pounded away as I smiled internally and wondered if we have finally found our fantasy friend.

    Let me know what you think - travelmatt_2001@yahoo.com
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    Jun 2011
    Very sexy story. Perfect that the husband who fantasizes about his wife being tickled got tickled himself. Seems to be a common fantasy for guys to see their wife or girl friend tickled by another. It is for me - see mt super ticklish wife tickled by someone else but I'd be in trouble if I were also tied up like the husband in your story.

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    Mar 2003
    great story,ude,almost real,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??

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    Jun 2005
    New Jersey
    I liked it..

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    wow amazing.

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    Mar 2006
    The Hideout

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    would have been better without the husband

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    May 2005
    chicago burbs
    Just found this. Whew!! Although I'm not into m/m, regardless it is erotic on a fantasy level .... (and I could not turn away)....... the cuckold tickling thing made it work especially well for me. thanks.

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    Feb 2008
    Yes, this is one of my favorites too. The idea of the husband so ticklish - he will do anything to not be tickled.

  10. #10
    My favorite part was the end when his wife "calmly and with a smile" lotioned up her husband's feet like she was instructed to do. You just knew she wanted to get fucked.

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    Aug 2008
    West Coast
    part 2....... write it! NOW!
    I know, you're distracted by all of this this "handsome".

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    I would love to see more /fm tickling or more fm/m tickling in general

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    Will there be a part II?

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