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    May 2005
    England - North West

    The Interrogation - F/F (all feet tickling)

    This is my first story in quite a while (Understatement)! Hope you all enjoy. Cheers, Rob.


    Lena awoke with a start, and in her confused and panicked state, she went to leap from the bed she now found herself lying on.....which is when, with a sudden burst of horror, she realised that she was tied and helpless.

    Looking round her now, the room began to swim slowly into focus and, as the blurring disappeared, Lena realised she was in....what looked like...... a bedroom! Why on earth would they keep her here? What kind of bizarre interrogation chamber was this?

    The walls were painted a deep, luxurious crimson shade and she was lying prone on a soft, comfortable four poster bed; her head supported by numerous plush pillows.

    As per her training, Lena began to systematically test the bonds which held her so snugly and realised with some horror that she would not be able to free herself in a hurry. There was no noticeable weakness in the tie; no frayed edge or end of rope left carelessly within reach......nor was there a sharp edge in sight for her to casually begin to saw the ropes against. Her arms were tied above her head and disappeared beneath the sea of pillows. However, Lena knew her wrists were bound to the columns of the four poster bed, and these knots had been tied expertly....this person was well practiced in the art of restraint.....her stomach performed a flip at this realisation....but it was her feet that concerned her.....

    Looking down at the bottom of the bed, she could just see her ankles disappearing into the most ornate set of ankle stocks. They looked heavy; hardwood and secured with a chunky, new-looking padlock where they fastened shut. Lena attempted to wiggle her ankles but the stocks were lined with the thickest, most comfortable padding and, though she tried, she found she could not move her legs. They were trapped and cradled in softness....Lena was frustrated. She could barely move an inch; not wiggle sideways; not gain a look at how her wrists were secured......if only she had her arms free she pondered....then maybe....just maybe...she could begin to.....

    Interrupting her thoughts, the door to the room swung open suddenly and the blinding light from the corridor stole all thoughts of escape from her mind and replaced them with concern about her immediate situation.....who....?

    Answering that question and puncturing the heavy silence, there stepped a tall and well dressed man into the room. He was unshaven and carrying two days stubble but the rest of him was immaculate and he wore on his face an expression which could only be expressed as mild annoyance balanced with amusement at his pretty captive’s situation.....

    He took a moment to look her up and down; Lena squirming as she realised she had been stripped to just her underwear and pretty thigh high stockings; his eyes appeared to linger for far too long on her prone form; tracing her delicious curves with his eyes, lingering on her breasts, her delicious little belly, the flash of naked thigh teasingly on show above her sexy stockings and finally for some reason, lingering on her pretty little feet. For the longest time there was nothing....not a word between them, and then, he punctured the silence; his voice deep and meaningful:

    “Well agent.....it seems that you’ve managed to cause us a great number of problems. I’m suitably impressed of course....I was informed that our network was entirely secure. It’s a shame to lose one’s best security advisor.....”

    His voice was cold and he let the inference hang in the air. Lena was no longer afraid....this man was a cold calculated murderer....the enemy. She knew what needed to be done.....

    “....Nevertheless agent, I was surprised, and somewhat disappointed to hear of your carelessness. I trust the serum is wearing off now? You seem to be fully awake.....just in time to answer a few questions!”

    His voice, cruel and mocking now:

    “It seems that whilst you disabled our security systems, you perhaps forgot to ensure the building was fully empty. Once you were fully out for the count, I had security deliver you here at personal request. I had to see just who we were dealing with first hand......a little pretty to be an IT expert aren’t you?”

    Lena turned her face away in disgust at his leery comments. The more time she spent with this man, the more she knew she would tell him nothing....she wouldn’t give this dog the satisfaction of breaking her......

    “Still, it seems that whilst you know so much about us my dear, we don’t know the slightest thing about you......where you come from.....what you’re doing here......And I hate being the last to know about such things!!”

    He raised his voice, shouting the end of the sentence in anger now. Inside, adrenaline was flowing freely round Lena’s system now, her ‘fight or flight’ reflex was strong and yet she barely twitched....the idea was to show your captor you were not afraid of them.....give them nothing to work with. That much she knew already. Her training was kicking in.....Lena had realised, many moments before, that she would not be escaping anytime soon. She’d let this arrogant man rant, using every second to test the bonds which held her so securely.....there was no play....no weakness....nothing. There was simply no escape from this bondage she found herself in. She realised with a sinking feeling, she was at the mercy of her captors.......

    “Therefore,” the man continued, eventually “I believe we have a few questions to ask of you my dear, sweet, helpless little spy!”

    “I’ll tell you nothing!!!” She spat back with venom.....hearing her voice, loud and strong; oddly reassured with how confident she sounded in the delivery of so few words.

    The man smiled at this, a cruel, knowing smile, as if he knew something Lena did not; as if he was somehow holding all the cards, despite not having laid a finger on her; not having asked a single question......

    “Oh but I’m afraid you will.....” and he stated this with such confidence that Lena again felt her tummy somersault......

    “.......But it’s not me who wants to talk to you, you know? No, I’m just the guy in charge of putting right the mess you left us with!! So I should be thanking you for keeping me in work I guess but right now, until I get those systems back on line, I haven’t got time to be messing about extracting information!”

    Lena smiled at this......”Good luck with that......judging from that sloping forehead of yours, I think I’ve just bought you a few weeks extra work at least....that’s if you ever manage to get those systems back online again!”

    He smiled at this, “Yes it seems my skills are not quite as well honed as your own.....I can’t seem to unlock my own system at the moment.....seems like, just before we captured you, you left us a little present..... A regular little spanner in the works aren’t you!”

    She smiled back sweetly: “My finest work yet”

    “It appears so.....nevertheless....I need that passcode...and then I need to know why you’re here.....It appears you’re quite strong willed so I think she’ll enjoy this.....”

    Then he smiled a particularly unnerving smile and in that moment, Lena could see that there was knowledge lurking behind that arrogant grin that made Lena feel suddenly unsure.

    “I’m going to leave you now my dear. I won’t be checking back until.....until it’s over...but I will wait eagerly to hear the news of when she breaks you. Bearing in mind that you that did this to my life’s work....well....this one’s a little personal, if you don’t mind me saying.....” He sighed and looked down at the ground as if contemplating his next move....

    Then finally he turned to someone in the corridor, his voice muffled by the open door and said....

    “Whenever she’s ready.”

    Turning back, he smiled at her almost affectionately now, a moment of pity flickering in his eyes which Lena found strangely unnerving:

    “No matter what you’ve said to me....you will talk”

    He said with certainty....

    “No matter how sure.....you all talk....in the end.”

    And with that, he closed the door and there was an awful silence which fell inside that room. Lena’s mind was racing now.....who was this woman he spoke of....some kind of specialist interrogator? Why was it she found herself in this room? Lena wondered what on earth kind of interrogation takes place in a woman’s bedroom....The place resembled a boudoir....there was even a nightstand and mirror in the corner......Such luxury....such comfort.....and yet....she knew that something bad was coming.....

    In the silence that fell all around her, Lena realised that she could hear the very slightest sound.....growing steadily louder and more apparent. She recognised that sound....a slow wave of dread passed over her....it was the sound of high heels clicking down the corridor.....getting closer and closer.....
    Lena steeled herself...her training flashed through her mind. She concentrated furiously now. She was trained to withstand pain; trained to overcome immense amounts of discomfort inflicted by the cruellest of minds. She steadied her nerves and lay in the low light of this bizarre interrogation room and she controlled her breathing now; readying her body for whatever this woman planned to do to her......

    Lena lay and listened to the click clack of the heels as they approached.....there was a momentary pause, and then.....the door swung open once more, slowly this time, creaking on its hinges.....

    Lena’s breath caught in her throat.....In walked the most strikingly beautiful woman she’d ever laid eyes on. She was tall, even in her heels, and immaculately dressed in the tightest black dress one could imagine. She had long black hair and green eye shadow which offset her pale features and on her face, she wore a quiet, confident smile....a smile that sent a slow chill through Lena’s body....

    The woman sensed Lena’s sudden concern and the smile broadened.....

    Without saying a word, she ever so slowly crossed the room, heels clicking as she walked, sensuously, teasingly towards her captive, observing Lena all the while, watching for something.....the smile broadening as she seemed to find what she was looking for.....

    Lena stared back....not diverting her gaze once.....not blinking. Letting this woman know she was not to be messed with.

    Finally the woman laughed. Threw her head back and laughed.

    “I love this part my dear! This is the bit where you and I know nothing about one another.....so we stare each other down....neither one of us blinking....Trying to show who’s boss.....neither one of us looking away.......”

    “You’re wrong!” Lena fired back steadily.....”You just looked away!”

    The woman smiled broadly “Ah my dear, you see, I do not need to play such games...not when I already know so much about you......I can tell by the way you reacted when I came into the room that we’re going to have a lot of fun introducing ourselves to one another......and you will tell me whatever I desire to know.....in time!”

    Lena stared back, for the longest time, and said nothing....trying to exert some control, what little she could.....then finally she broke the tension....

    “I have been trained to withstand all forms of pain and
    torture. There is nothing that you can do that I cannot resist. As I told your colleague....I will tell you nothing!”

    The woman smiled as Lena was saying her piece and appeared to be thinking it over for quite some time......she wandered to the head of the bed and sat for a moment, mere inches from Lena’s head on the pillow, then finally, when she had fully considered her next move, she leaned in close and began to whisper....

    “He and I have a very different approach to this my dear....I don’t deal in....pain as you say. Rather...I understand a woman’s body...I understand there are more ways to get someone to talk than by hurting them......I think I can be a lot more.....persuasive!”

    This final word made chills run through Lena and she found herself confused now....this woman was not planning on hurting her? She felt some relief but quickly realised it must involve drugs of some kind...? A truth agent? What exactly? Again....her training would help her...she was sure!

    “So you’ve got me here...in this bizarre room, you’re not planning on hurting me....and yet somehow I’m going to tell you everything....is that right?” Lena snorted with derision.

    A cruel smile teased at the corners of the woman’s mouth. Lena noticed and that unshakable bad feeling she had in the back of her mind increased 10 fold.

    She leaned in closer, her lips inches from Lena’s ear now, her breath teasing her, making her twist in her bonds......

    “I know a secret about you!” The woman smiled, her voice heavy with taunting mischief now....

    Lena did not like the way this was going....if she could just twist a little more to the left she could maybe.....

    “I know a secret about you that’s going to make you tell me anything I want to know!”

    This follow up distracted Lena now.....leaving her feeling a sense of dread as the words gently tickled her ear...she twisted in her bonds to avoid the sensation but it continued unabated.....

    “I’m not going to hurt you my dear....but we are going to spend a long time together this evening......as long as it takes.....and you will tell me......”

    “Go to hell!!” Lena spat back; angry at being teased in this most effective manner; her tormentor knowing how to play the situation perfectly.....leaving her feeling helpless....and so vulnerable....

    “You’ll tell me what I want to know my helpless little plaything......because if you don’t.....”

    And the woman leaned in still closer, lips just millimetres from Lena’s sensitive ear now.....

    “.......then I’m going to TICKLE the soles of your feet!!”

    For a moment, Lena forgot all about her training; her eyes widening in horror at this announcement....
    Only for a moment though. Her eyes hardening and an arrogant smile forming on her face now, Lena snorted in derision at this suggestion.....

    “That’s it?? That’s what’s going to break me? Tickling? That’s honestly the best you can do? I mean....I’m not even tickli....”

    The woman interrupted so fast that Lena trailed off mid denial....

    “Yes you are my dear! You are helplessly ticklish! And I’m just going to tickle the soles of your pretty little feet until you decide you’re ready to talk!”

    That cruel smile was pulling at the corners of her captor’s mouth so hard now, that she threatened to break into an evil grin at any moment and Lena couldn’t help noticing for the first time that the woman had a set of pretty red nails on each hand; each one filed to a point!

    THe woman continued to whisper.....”These stocks will hold you for as long as I wish.....there’s no escape my dear.....and I’m simply going to tickle your soles, ever so slowly....and ever so gently.....until you talk. That’s all.....tickle your soles until you talk!” She whispered, letting her teasing tone convey the seriousness of Lena’s situation.

    Lena set her jaw. She slowed her breathing and readied herself for this torment...Just how bad can it be....I mean...it’s only tickling! Lena only doubted for a moment before ridding herself of such thoughts. She felt a little more confidence returning.....after all....it was only tickling. Things could be so much worse and.....

    The woman giggled into her ear, “I watched you when I was whispering in your ear just now.....I’ve never seen anyone squirm so much.....I think somebody happens to be verrrrry sensitive!”. Standing up now, she walked slowly and sensuously towards the foot of the bed. She stopped when she was standing directly in front of the stocks, and stared for the longest time at Lena’s shapely feet. Her captors had left her stockings on and the woman observed how shapely and petite the helpless spy’s feet were....

    “Such pretty little feet my dear......I think ‘somebody’ has ticklish feet and I’m going to enjoy finding out just how ticklish!!” She seemed to grow in stature now, feeding off the teasing energy.....

    “Have you ever had your stocking covered soles teased and tickled before, my helpless girl? Hmmm? I can assure you....it’s unbearable!!”

    The woman smiled to herself.......“Let’s just try.....a single, tickling fingertip!”

    And with that, she slowly began to reach down until her hand was out of sight, hidden by the stocks......and then.....nothing! The longest pause of Lena’s life....The tension was unbearable now and worse still, without realising, Lena had begun to scrunch her pretty toes, trying desperately to protect her stocking soles from being touched.....teased.......

    The woman laughed again, confidence filling her voice; a cat toying with a mouse.....“For a girl who’s not ticklish at all, you seem to be scrunching your toes a lot hmmm?” she teased......“This wouldn’t happen to......TICKLE....would it??”

    And with that, Lena felt a single wiggling fingertip run ever so slowly up her right sole......her breath caught in her throat....she couldn’t believe the electricity that was passing through her soft, helpless sole...how receptive to that touch it felt now.....as if someone had turned up her sensitivity......

    “Here I come again.....tickle...tickle...tickle!!”

    And this time, Lena felt a teasing fingertip slide gently, up each sole, and without meaning to, she wiggled her feet to escape the delicate, teasing touch that flooded her senses....

    “Oh my!!! What verrrrrrrry ticklish feet!” the woman grinned now “And nowhere to go.....such a shame my little spy can’t get away....I’ve got all the time in the world....And I’m just going to tickle, and tickle these pretty soles!”

    And with that, Lena felt the woman’s devilish fingernails lightly teasing up and down her stocking covered soles once more, sending unbearably ticklish signals shooting through her......

    “My, my....what a tough little girl you are!” Teased her tormentor “You’ve barely even flinched......but then I’ve not even done anything yet!! I can’t wait to hear that first giggle you know....here I come......tickle...tickle!!”

    Lena’s eyes flew open as those two teasing, tickling fingers began to stroke and caress her stocking covered soles....teasing first up, and then down her pretty little feet...again and again......when the teasing finally stopped, Lena noticed she was out of breath, having been holding it the entire time......She shook her head....it had barely even been a minute......she had to resist....couldn’t give this woman what she wanted....couldn’t talk.....couldn’t.....

    “Oh I’ve got you now my dear....All I want, is to hear that pretty laughter of yours....That’s all! I’m going to tickle the soles of your feet until you laugh for me......there’s no getting away!!”

    Lena wished the woman would stop teasing her....the anticipation was killing her...she couldn’t think.....couldn’t focus....and.....and......no.....

    There it was. A single fingernail on one hand had begun to lazily trace the outside of her foot, teasing her arch....Lena flinched and wiggled her feet at this devastating new contact, as the stocking amplified that dreadful, unbearable feather light touch that tormented her sole......

    Lena’s breath caught in her throat again....and this time....the woman heard it.....

    “Oh I think somebody is ready to have a little giggle.....I think I’m going to have to tickle and tickle these pretty little feet until I hear a giggle.....come on now....I know this tickles!”

    Lena was trembling slightly now....all thoughts of escape were leaving her mind now to be replaced with just a single thought.......that of the unbearable, tickly finger that was gently stroking, and teasing and caressing her trapped, sensitive little foot......Lena could think of nothing more than that tiny point tracing up and down her foot now....she had to be strong....had to be.....

    “Oh....someone is verrrrry ticklish jussst here......”

    The tickling finger began to move from the outside of her wiggling foot, to the very middle of her sole, where it slowly and sensuously began to draw tiny, unbearably ticklish circles around and around........

    Lena began to shake her head from side to side now....trying desperately to resist the sensation that tingled and teased at her pretty, stocking clad sole.....she’d given up trying to show that it didn’t tickle......her foot was wiggling and flexing as much as the stocks would allow.....Toes scrunching, desperate to reduce the amount of sexy, ticklish sole on view to that awful tickling fingertip!

    “Oh I think someone is going to laugh for me! I’m going to tickle your pretty feet until you do!! There’s no escaping! No getting free....I’ve got your feet, trapped and helpless....and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!! Are you ticklish here my sweet little tickle slave?”

    And smiling, a teasing smile, as she tickled Lena’s sole with one finger, she reached down with a teasing fingertip on her other hand and lightly....ever so lightly.....traced it under the wiggling toes on her left foot......

    Lena gasped at this new sensation and her eyes flew open wide.....the woman, encouraged by this, did it again.....and what happened next, to Lena’s horror, she had no control over....

    “NO!!! NOT THERE!!!”

    The woman suddenly turned to face her, smiling the smile of a predator who knows she’s caught her prey.....and is simply toying with it now.....Lena dipped her eyes. Ashamed......knowing she’d given her captor everything she wanted......

    “Not where my dear?” She teased, knowing full well....

    “Not......right......here?” and she punctuated each word with a well timed tickle underneath Lena’s wiggling toes which were now scrunched so tightly, they were turning white; desperate to escape that teasing touch......

    Lena, struggled and whipped her head back and forth, trying desperately to maintain her composure and defy this agonisingly ticklish sensation......

    “I think......and correct me if I’m wrong.....I think someone has INCREDIBLY ticklish little toes!! I’m going to tickle your toes my dear....there’s no getting away....You can’t get them free......here I come!!!”

    Lena was cursing herself for letting the woman get to her and wasn’t concentrating when she felt the ends of her stockings being grasped and pulled away from her toes. She was just about to ask what was happening when she heard a snipping sound as the material was slowly cut away and then rolled backwards, exposing her pretty bare feet to the cool air of the bedroom.

    She was so surprised that she simply didn’t think to resist as she felt the loop of slender string pass around her big toes and pull tight.......the woman had reached down and was deftly tying her big toes to the eyelets on top of the stocks. Lena struggled but was simply too late.....this new addition to her helpless situation left her trapped and her toes extra vulnerable now......try as she might, she simply couldn’t scrunch them up.......in fact it left her toes naked and helpless to this woman’s teasing fingers....a thought that left Lena cold with dread....

    “Mmmm such delicious little helpless toes!” Teased the woman....”So sensitive!!! SO TICKLISH!!! I’ve got you now.......I’m going to tickle your toes!!”

    Lena set herself once more.....desperate to resist this crazy woman’s teasing....desperate to maintain her composure.....desperate to show that a little tickling couldn’t.......

    The lucidity of this thought was robbed from her suddenly, without warning! The woman had pulled up a stool at her bare, stocked feet and was ever so gently tickling Lena’s naked toe stems up and down with all of her devilish, red fingernails.....she flicked and teased at the sensitive bare toes in front of her with glee.....sensing her moment now, not letting up for an instant......Tickling and tickling and tickling the helpless, immobile, sensitive little toes on offer to her skilled fingers.....

    Lena shook her head left, right.....left again....she bit her arm hard but it did nothing.....she spluttered......and without realising, a tiny giggling sound was heard at the edges of her breathing now.....

    Lena’s tormentor had heard it though and concentrated on tickling her bare little toes, each finger drawing tiny little circles, teasing the underneath of her delicate, unbearably sensitive soft ticklish toes.....

    Lena shook her head wildly now, her hair unravelling from where it was fastened so neatly......”No....no....don’t.....don’t.........”

    “Don’t do what?” Teased the women loudly, her fingers continuing their merciless ticklish dance on Lena’s helplessly captive toes.......

    Lena was unravelling before the woman’s eyes’ now, much to her great pleasure......she loved this fight......this was what made it worthwhile......they all resisted......this one was strong.......but not much longer now......

    “OH Tickle....tickle....tickle!!! Somebody has verrrry ticklish little toes!! I’ve got you.....and I’m not stopping.....I’m going to tickle until you talk!! Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!!!!”

    It was a knowing, torturous tease, formed by years of practice and dropped in at the perfect moment.....the concept of that touch....that agonising touch carrying on for one moment longer...let alone all night long.....that awful sensation running up and down her helpless, naked toes........

    “Nohohohohoho hehehehehe pleheheheheheheeeeasssse! Hahahaahahahaahaha please hahahaahahahaha no haaahahahahahaahahhaahaaaaaaaaa!!!”

    Lena could hold out no more! Her laughter was wild and unending.....she begged without realising......pleaded for the dreadful tickling of her delicate, helplessly ticklish toes to end but she knew she was in trouble now....new her torturer had her.....

    The woman sat at Lena’s bare feet wore a tiny, almost imperceptible smile.....she was so wrapped up in her work that she only just heard her pretty captive pleading through her laughter. She was truly lost in her work.

    Occasionally she would stand slightly to peer over the top of the stocks and watch her delightful little slave wriggling in her bonds, thrashing on the bed, lost in hysterical laughter of the truly ticklish...completely unable to escape the merciless torment that was caressing and teasing her pretty bare soles and helpless, tied little toes....

    “Are you ready to talk yet my dear?” She would tease as the minutes flew by.....each time, Lena would shake her head no but the reality was, through such laughter, it was questionable whether she always heard the question!

    Breaking away for a moment, the woman paused in her torment of those pretty, delicious toes that lay, helpless before her, begging to be tickled.....slowed her tickling to just a single finger trailing lazily underneath her ticklish toes.....

    “Well my dear....it seems somebody is a little ticklish after all hmmmm?”
    Lena tried to answer but after an hour (and the rest) of terrible toe tickling she was weak and helplessly giggly....that single finger tickling sensually and teasingly beneath her toes was slowly unravelling her ability to concentrate.....

    “Are you even listening to me?” The woman mocked annoyance as this previously confident girl was dissolving into fits of giggles as her toes were lightly tickled....

    “Pleheheheheheease just a....hehehehehe.....just stop a moment.....heheehehe....”

    “Oh I don’t think so! In fact....I think I’ve barely even started.....I still have these helpless little soles staring at me.....and I can’t help but feel they’ll be very, verrry ticklish indeed......what do you think my dear? Care to talk hmmmm?” A huge grin was plastered across the woman’s face now....it was clear she was enjoying herself and even more apparent that she had done this before.....

    Lena steadied herself.....quietened her giggles for fully the first time in over an hour.....and spoke shakily but with feeling.....

    “Go to.....Go to HELL!!!

    The woman laughed at this.....”I had a feeling you’d say that my dear.....but I’d rather send you there!!”

    And with that she held her fingers above the stocks as high as she could....and began to tickle mid air.....

    “I’m going to tickle your soles my dear.....and there’s nothing you can do about it!! Can’t get away.....can’t escape......I’m going to tickle and tickle and tickle the bottoms of your pretty, sensitive, bare little feet.......Here I come!!”

    And with that the woman began to ever so slowly lower her tickling fingers, an inch at a time, teasing the moment....

    The anticipation drove Lena wild...she bucked and pleaded and writhed on the bed, pulling at the bonds....the truth was....after more than an hour of ticklish torture, her feet were even more sensitive if that was at all possible....she simply couldn’t stand to have them touched again.....

    “Oooooo no getting away....I’m going to tickle your soles......here I come ......tickle.....tickle.....TICKLE!!!”

    Lena pleaded....she begged.....she shook her head no. The woman watched with great pleasure and lowered her hands until they were almost behind the stocks.....fingers lightly tickling the air, reminding her of that awful, unbearable tickling touch that had first crawled its way up her stockings....this time, Lena’s feet were bare and feeling all the more vulnerable.

    “NO!!! YOU CAN’T!!! PLEASE!!! NO......NOOOO!!!!”

    “Oh but I can my dear....and I’m going to......There’s no getting free now.....tickle....tickle!!”

    And as her fingers slowly made contact and began to ever so gently trace and caress the bottoms of her helpless, immobile bare feet, Lena howled and broke into helpless sobbing laughter that rose from the pit of her stomach......deep belly laughs were wrenched from her pretty lips as the woman tickled and tickled and tickled the helpless soles in front of her....she could barely wiggle a toe and her ankles were trapped....this soft, delicate torment was driving her mad......leaving her sobbing and breathless......ever such light touches and teasing caresses....

    There was a pause; Lena continued laughing for some minutes afterwards....she couldn’t believe it....couldn’t believe she could laugh so much....could feel so very helpless...so very dominated by this woman who loomed over her.

    She was certain....knew in her heart that sooner rather than later....she would break....tell them everything......she hung her head at this thought......still, in this moment of calm, Lena figured she had something left.....had a small measure of resistance....and they would get it all. She wasn’t going down without a fight and.....

    Lena gasped.......she could feel her other toes being tied slowly, one at a time, to the eyelets on top of the stocks....it was intricate work but the woman was obviously skilled and in mere moments her toes were spread apart, bound and helpless.

    “Well my dear....It seems you’ve more fight than most girls.....Normally you’d have been singing like a canary at this point.......are you sure I can’t convince you to talk? Hmmm?

    Lena glowered at her.....must not talk....must not give in.....

    The woman smiled at her.....”That’s what I love about you my dear....such spirit...It’s going to be so beautiful breaking you.....I think you’ll be my finest work!”

    Lena said nothing...she was channelling all her energy into resisting what was coming....

    “I can honestly say you have the prettiest little feet I’ve ever had the pleasure of torturing my dear....so soft.....so delicious.....so sensitive! Which is why, as I saw how ticklish those toes were, I thought maybe you’d feel a little like sharing with me if I were to tickle in between. Hmmm?”

    Lena looked up at this point and with a sense of dread, realised that the woman was holding two soft, devilish looking paintbrushes. They were soft, with pointy little tips and they looked unbearably ticklish.....

    “Are you sure you don’t want to tell me anything my dear.....because this time....once I start, I’m not stopping for the next hour!”

    The woman regarded Lena and watched the momentary doubt that flashed across her eyes, but then, in an instant, it was gone, to be replaced by something harder, more resistant!

    “Very well...” The woman looked almost pitying now....“This is going to be hard for you my dear....but you will talk. After this, you’ll tell me anything I want to know! Have you ever been tickled between your toes before my dear......I can assure you, it can be the most unbearable form of ticklish torture imaginable!”

    She smiled once more, that wicked smile that someone faced with deliciously ticklish feet wears....knowing they’re about to tease someone into helpless laughter.....

    “Here I come!! Oooooo tickle, tickle, tickle!!”

    And with that, the woman began to very gently and very slowly tease the soft skin in between Lena’s helplessly bound toes, dancing the tips of the evil little brushes; caressing and teasing and sweeping into the softest, most agonisingly sensitive spots on sweet Lena’s pretty little feet.

    It’s fair to say Lena howled with laughter...she shrieked and rolled and thrust herself off the bed in ticklish hysterics....she begged and pleaded and wept tears of helpless, endless tickle tortured laughter. She rocked the stocks at one point causing her tickler to laugh out loud and continue the gentle, devilish, merciless tickling torment of her pretty little captor.....

    The woman had never seen a girl so ticklish between her toes....so helpless with laughter....Lena babbled and begged and in between the woman gave her breaks to tease her yet all the while this amazing girl did not once ask to be allowed to talk....

    And then.....The tickling slowed....the woman had decided enough was enough....she allowed Lena time to breath before questioning her again....

    “Are you ready to talk my dear.....or do you perhaps want another hour of me tickling your naked soles? Hmmmm?”

    “Nonononononono please stop....please!! Just wait.....you have to stop!!!”

    The woman smiled, amused at this demand...

    “I have to do nothing.....if I want to, I’ll pop each pretty toe in my mouth and lick you into submission.....I’m afraid I can’t wait any longer.....”

    And with this, she began to tickle with agonising touches in between Lena’s toes with a single wiggling fingertip....at the same time, the fingers of her other hand hovered over her other pretty sole, wiggling and tickling again and again....

    Lena flew off the bed as far as her bonds would allow...she shook the frame....she shrieked and pleaded and helpless, delicious laughter poured out of her as her feet were tortured and teased. The woman smiled....it was always this way near the end....that laughter......desperate.....from the very soul.....This girl would do anything to make it stop...she just needed a little push.....

    Smiling to herself, realising the time was now, she lowered her head, and slowly and sensuously began to snake her hot tongue in and out, teasing between the helpless girls’ wonderfully sexy toes.....

    Lena’s eyes flew open as wide as they could.....she opened her mouth but no sound emerged......she banged her hands on the bed and wriggled and rolled on the mattress......eventually, after a full 10 seconds had passed, she drew an enormous breath and then.....


    Though Lena had promised to talk, the tickling didn’t stop right away.....the woman made sure each of her toes received a thorough tongue tickling.....by the end, the poor girl was barely there....just whispered again and again.....“Please....I’ll talk!!”

    The woman stood slowly and arched her back; aching from the position at Lena’s feet all this time. She walked to the head of the bed and leaned down to kiss her gently on the forehead, and whispered....“Of course you will......they always do in the end....”

    At this, she crossed the room, heels clicking towards the door. It creaked open once more on its hinges, and she looked back one more time, on the weak mess of a girl she left behind her....before turning to someone in the corridor outside and stating simply....”She’s ready.”

    When the man in the immaculate suit finally returned, Lena wept in shame as she looked into his smug, arrogant face and told him what she was looking for.....she told him why she was at the facility in the first place....at the threat of further tickling, she told him the passcode to override the encryption she’d placed on their system.....she was just about to tell them her real name when, from outside in the corridor, there were sounds of a struggle....noises of people crumpling to the floor......reacting in an instant, Lena cried out “IN HERE!!!”.

    It was over in seconds. Lena had set up an automatic SOS under an encrypted code to be sent out if she wasn’t out of the facility in time to disable it herself.

    This small but canny detail had enabled her team to send out a rescue party and track her to the very corridor she was being held in.

    There was no sign of the woman who’d tortured her just hours before and sure enough, no one had any knowledge that she ever existed.......however, Lena wasn’t brought in on this assignment for nothing and after a full hour of searching their systems she found one careless detail. Lena had a name......just a name......

    She woke in a panic and realised she was tied to her bed, helpless and spread eagled.....the bedside light was flicked on suddenly and, as her eyes adjusted slowly in the dim light, the woman realised with a sense of horror that she recognised the girl standing over her.....the pretty spy from.....oh god no.....

    A cruel, teasing and worryingly merciless smile pulled at the corners of Lena’s lips. The woman watched as Lena approached the foot of the bed, a menacing twinkle in her eye now:

    “I think it’s time we found out if someone here has ticklish bare feet......”


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    This was actually really really good.^^ Thank you for sharing.^^ Really great detail! This will be one of my favorites.

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    Thanks Candis20 Much appreciated. Check out my other stories if you enjoyed that one

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    ^^ I wanna see more new stuff. And although it didnt take away from the story for its lack, I would have loved to see more lick tickling...but thats just me.^^

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    Hehe Will have to see what I can do....will try not to leave it so long between stories as last time

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    Neeee! It doesn't take away from the story at all and it's really not a big deal! I still loved it all together. ^^

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    Awesome story... Foot tickling in stocks with toes tied back, nothing wrong with that!

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    Great story, loved it

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    Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed it And I agree.....definitely nothing wrong with some helpless toe tickles

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    great story !!!!! fantastic.

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    Thanks for the compliments putri@nila

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    one of the best stories ever!!

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    Wow! lol Thanks Garfield1! Very kind of you to say.

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    Great dialogue, great description... and i love when they get revenge on a beautiful villain...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewok_h8r View Post
    Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed it And I agree.....definitely nothing wrong with some helpless toe tickles
    Eep! Very true!

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