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    Jun 2011

    party foot tickle

    My very ticklish wife and I were at a party on the beach (we live in Hawaii). We were all sitting around a table, eating and drinking and enjoying ourselves. My 32 year old wife slipped off her sandals and placed her bare feet and legs across my legs. I began massaging her feet in full sight of the others. I started alternating my massaging with tickling, running my fingertips along her soles and under her toes. Her very ticklish feet began to naturally twitch and wiggle at the tickles and her toes would curl. When I touched a particularly ticklish spot she would quickly pull her foot back so her vulnerable arch was resting on my thigh and not exposed to my tickling fingers. I would calmly pull her foot back and resume my caressing/tickling. Every so often I would casually put my free hand on her ankle and gently but firmly hold her ticklish foot in place so she couldn't pull it away as I tickled. I would tickle until she would start to squirm in her chair and be just at the point of being unable to handle her ticklish ordeal. Then I would give her a little break. She had plenty of opportunity to pull her sexy pedicured bare feet out of harm's way but didn't since tickling is a special bond between us. She and I sat like that with me tickling her bare feet in front of everyone for a couple hours except when one of us got up to get another beverage. It was a lovely, tickling evening. I love to tickle her when others are around and she has to struggle to control her reactions. She is ticklish elsewhere but in that situation her soft, smooth feet were the ticklish target of opportunity. For the foot fans she has sexy size 8 feet on her 5' 4" frame with slender toes, high arches, and regular pedicures with frequent foot rubs and lotions applied by me so her feet stay silky smooth and oh so ticklish. Nibbling on her toes is guaranteed to send her into the unbearable-begging-for-mercy-it's-too-ticklish zone.

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    It sounds like you both had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the experience here.
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