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    Dec 2011

    Defeated by tickling by a rival or enemy

    I saw these posts on a random search of chat lines and just had to post this - it is about being defeated by tickling- by a rival or enemy- anyone have any related types of stories? I love these! Please!

    I hate to admit it, but I got my comeuppance last weekend. I challenged a female rival to a wrestling match in front of all my friends assuming I would beat her handily, given that I weigh probably 20 lbs more and I am much taller. Well, I got beat, thoroughly and decisively. I am still hugely embarrassed. Basically, I am a better wrestler, and much stronger, but had her in hold after hold and was just toying with her until a final pin. Then one of my friends (whom I will not speak to anymore) yelled out "Pam's ticklish! get her ribs! My rival immediately dug her fingers into my sides and I started to buck and writhe like a snake, but refused to laugh. But she knew she had me- I could see her smiling and she knew that she had found a weakness. to make a long story short, she just wore me down by tickling me and my wrestling holds were useless to fend her off. This was so frustrating that I cant even talk about it anymore. Eventually, she flipped me on my back, straddled my waist, and pinned my arms above my head with her knees, then asked me to submit. My pride wouldn't let me, and she dug her nails into my hysterically ticklish armpits and it was all over but the crying. I was beat, and both of us knew it. She had me laughing like a hyena, and begging her for mercy. When she finally got up, I was so exhausted from the fight that I couldn't move. My friends turned away and coulnd't look either. This was total unconditional defeat.

    I am fascinated by tickling. Mainly because of the humiliation and frustration of being beaten in a wrestling match by a certain woman who defeats me by wearing down my defences by tickling me in my weak spots. I am a 35 year old woman who has a very adversarial relationship with my sister-in-law, call her Jane. We simply detest each other. Last month, we had an argument and started pushing each other. she put me in a headlock and asked me to give up. I got enraged and got out of the headlock and jumped on her, yelling in front of about 10 people that I was going to teach her a lesson. She is much smaller than me and about 10 years younger. I put her in a head lock but she started poking my ribs which caused me to let go. We squared off again and I was panting, but she was totally calm, with this evil smile and then said "looks like fat-*** is ticklish! I got panicked at that point, because I am extremely ticklish and tried to protect my ribs but by doing that she slapped my face, which got me absolutely enraged. I then screamed and lunged at her but her damn fingers found my weak spot on my ribs and I laughed and let go again. I was now very embarrassed and was blushing with frustration, but we kept grapling and her fingers kept tickling my weak spots. I was getting completely exhausted trying to fight her off and not laugh, and then the worst thing happened- i was so worn out i couldnt even stop her from slapping me again. then i made my mistake and lunged at her but she tripped me and landed on top of me. to my absolute horror she straddled my chest and pinned my arms above my head helplessly, then slowly crawled up to pin my biceps with her knees. I used every ounce of strenght to stop this but I just couldnt- i was exhausted and panicked that i would be pinned with my arms useless to fight back. finally she got me- totally pinned with my face locked between her knees. I could see my friends looking away in embarrasment, and they stopped yelling encouragement to me. i think they were as ambarrased as I was. then Jane did the unthinkable- she placed her finger nails in my exposed and horribly ticklish armpits and asked me to beg for mercy. I just coulndt do it- and told her to screw off and that she was a fat pig. that was a really stupid move because she went to town on my pits. I went nuts, bucking and laughing like a hyena. One of my friends yelled "let her up, she's beat". I couldnt stop laughing and bucking, was now completely and utterly defeated. I felt such frustration and shame and letting this ***** get the better of me in this match. she stopped and asked me again to admit defeat. I had no choice, and weakly said "you got me". this really killed my to say that. then she said "say you have a fat ***" . I got enraged again and told her where to go, then started screaming "no god no please dont tickle my pits anymore" but she went to town again. finally she got up from me, and i was so exhausted i couldnt move. i was thoroughly and soundly beaten in every sense of the word. I desperately want to get her back by pinning her and tickling her senseless but I am terrified at losing again- i dont know if I could handle the embarrasement again- thoughts?

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    Amazing stories- anyone else have anything like this, where someone is tickled to frustration by an enemy or rival and has to reluctantly admit defeat?

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    Mar 2014
    Well nice story, congrats for your sincere efforts.

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    NY City
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    Very nice story. I missed it when it was first posted.
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    love these types of stories- does anyone have any others similar? you know, like trying to resist tickling, having your composure broken, being completely and utterly defeated by tickling, tickling between rivals/enemies, putting an arrogant person in their place????

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ticklelover555 View Post
    love these types of stories- does anyone have any others similar? you know, like trying to resist tickling, having your composure broken, being completely and utterly defeated by tickling, tickling between rivals/enemies, putting an arrogant person in their place????
    For what it's worth, just about every time my evil frenemy Sarah takes it into her head to tickle me it turns into a version of that -- I never want to give her the satisfaction of defeating me, but (spoiler alert) she pretty much always defeats me...


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    Oct 2010
    united kingdom
    Great post and fab stories, I was lucky enough to witness a full on tussle/grapple between my middle aged Aunt and a Woman named Treena, whom she disliked enormously.

    My Aunt Ruth had arranged a 'Ladies night' in, and what started as playful teasing soon got out of hand.
    The result of their 'spat' shocked and exited' me, so much so I recounted it in detail.

    Here's the link to Aunt Ruth's skirmish with that Woman : http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...-glass-of-wine

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    Sep 2005
    Still the best story ever on this forum, Porter1!

    Have there been any further developments since?

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    Oct 2010
    united kingdom
    Quote Originally Posted by Tokyo_Tickler View Post
    Still the best story ever on this forum, Porter1!

    Have there been any further developments since?
    Hi Tokyo Tickler, there have unfortunately been no developments as far as tickle fights, my Aunt wants nothing to do with Treena and as described her as " A busy little bitch, that could cause an argument in a phone booth" and "a thoroughly hateful Woman" so clearly developments had indeed taken a turn for the worst, but my Aunt refuses to say exactly what those developments were, despite my best attempts to get her to reveal more.

    Clearly words have been exchanged and the most disappointing part is that my Aunt no longer see's her long time best friend Kath, who at the time of the tickling episode was friendly with both Women, and the one that introduced them.

    I did however introduce myself to Treena, it was in a wine bar and I'd had several drinks, helping me summon up the courage to approach her.

    I explained that I knew Kath and I was Ruth Porter's nephew, and her reaction and less than complimentary remarks again shocked and threw me, but excited me in a way I never imagined.

    I'll post the contents of that conversation if anyone wants to hear, but I'd imaging readers want to hear about 'tickling' rather than gloating, bitching and berating.

    Thanks again for the kind comments on my posts.
    Last edited by porter1; 01-17-2017 at 01:07 PM.

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    Haaa funny. Tickling is indeed a great way to settle disputes with bitchy people, an art I am most good at
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    love the glass of wine story- anyone else have real life stories of someone being tickled to defeat, two people who dont like each other with one getting the better of the other, frustration of proud men or women being broken and defeated etc.??

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