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    Oct 2005
    Northern California

    New Tickle Torture Video - from Slamm Creations

    Hey TMF tickle buddies,
    I finally have a new tickling video for you on my C4S site, just in time for the holidays:

    It's called "Ashley Meets the TickleBot" where an unfortunate submissive (the great Ashley Renee) must suffer extreme tickle torture at the hands of a robot (played by the equally great Smoking Mary Jane) whose job it is to remorselessly tickle her over her entire body, using fingers, electric toothbrushes, a nasty three fingered vibrator, and even her diabolical tongue! Ashley is locked down helplessly spreadeagled to a bed, wearing only sexy lingerie, which is no protection at all. The TickleBot is relentless and remorseless, and slave Ashley squeals and screams in a ticklish hell.

    If you didn't know, Ashley is perhaps one of the most ticklish people on earth, so she really did feel a bit tortured during our shoot - heh heh! But I think actually she loved it...

    On sale now. Got some samples below. Thanks for your support!

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    Last edited by slamm345; 12-24-2011 at 12:31 AM.

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    Jun 2005
    I've always thought that she was hot. Looks like she is holding up well after all these years, and that is the best close up of her foot that I have ever seen. I did like her better before her fake boobs.
    Nice to see her again. thanks!

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    Oct 2001
    slamm your clips store rocks! I have been searching for vintage tickling clips of stars from the 80's and 90's and you have them all! I wish you had a membership site so i could view more of these clips. I love seeing Eise Dimedici, tory sinclair, star chandler, stacy burke , sharon kane , whitney prescott and so on . Would you know of any other clips sites or such dedicated to these stars being bound and tickled

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    Jun 2011
    I don't buy clips from stores like that because I find the lee's and ler's to fake

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    Oct 2005
    Northern California
    Todd, I have some clips on the store right now that feature Star Chandler and Kelsie Chambers, and I'll have some later on with more of Sharon Kane and Tori Sinclair. Yeah, I've been fortunate to have worked with them!

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