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    Top Tickled Males for 6/15/12


    Domina Alexandra Snow has a different kind or torment in store for Jimmy Broadway tonight- she’s going to tickle him! She starts by grazing him with her beautiful, long hair, then runs her fingers over his ribs and armpits. Next she moves to his feet, and while poor Jimmy tries hard not to laugh, he is no match for her. Not getting the results she wants, Domina digs in hard to Jimmy’s hips and ribs, which seems to work much better. Domina declares herself the winner of their little game, but then she always wins! Clip Available Here

    Tickle Tickle!

    Slave Chris is tied up and tickle by me! I love bondage and tickling so the slave can't squirm away! This was a super sensual tickle as I teased him while in chastity...my body was all over him. Its confusing, the warmth of my skin and my touch so sensual, sexy, and teasing... then TICKLE TICKLE! Clip Available Here

    The Volunteer

    The newbies Brittany and Michelle got it pretty badly from Jade, and they are looking for some payback. My friend was over hanging so Jade and Kitty volunteer him. The girls ruthlessly tickle him all over until he begs for mercy. 1280X720 HD WMV VERSION Clip Available Here

    Penis Extreme Torture & Huge Cumshot

    I met that Stranger Before, u have seen a few clips with him already, but He NEVER CUM that MUCH before, His COCK Just exploded!!! TRUE PENIS TORTURE, I NEVER did it before! I really Killed that cock, i am sure you will fill sorry for that guy. I really drove Him MAD, I Started with a Slow Sensual Teasing of His Cock and Balls, and of course he was not expecting what i planed to do next! I Started Playing with my palm and fingers just over The Very Tip of his Penis Head, I tickled him more and more till Uncontrolled HUGE CumShot.
    Clip Available Here

    Cock Tickling Goddess

    Rene loves to tickle guys and one of her favorite parts to tickle is their hard cocks. She starts out stroking it to get him rock hard then starts tickling the shaft and balls. She strokes him to the edge and while his cock is twitching she tickles the tip. Rene teases and torments his cock driving him wild then she finally forces him to cum. As soon as he does she grips his cock tightly ruining his orgasm. After she milks every last drop Rene tickles his cock and balls brutally until he submits and calls her a tickle goddess. Clip Available Here

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    Happy Summer! Get Naked Top Tickles

    Tickled Til She Squirts

    Young Esmi is bound and stretched on the rack for her first time. As soon as fingers hit her skin she starts laughing and begging for it to stop but it does no good. From her armpits to her sexy soles Esmi is tickled methodically driving her wild. To make the torment worse a hitachi is placed on her pussy to tease her while the tickling continues. Within a short period of time poor Esmi cums so hard she squirts all over the rack and the tickling gets more intense til she can't take anymore. Clip Available Here

    Lauren's Orgasmic Punishment

    *NOTE*: Please let us know what you think of this clip! Your feedback is very valuable to us. Please feel free to send all comments and suggestions to alternateprod@gmail.com. Gorgeous 20 year old college student Lauren is in desperate need of summer cash and tells Kelli she’ll do ANYTHING for a paycheck. Never tell Kelli you’ll do “ANYTHING”, because before Lauren knows it, she finds herself COMPLETELY NUDE and strapped to the bed! Her tan legs are stretched EXTRA WIDE, exposing her sensitive inner thighs and placing her SHAVED PUSSY on display for all to see. Clip Available Here

    pleasure in suffering

    Joey is in my new bondage device, legs spread, every part of her body is vulnerable. Brooke takes pleasure in girls' suffering, and today is no different. Brooke cruely punishes Joey's body and especially her feet. She tickles her ampits, her nipples, inner thighs, there is no place on Joey that isnt ticklish. Brooke will not stop until she gets some tears and knows Joey is totally broken. Clip Available Here

    Yurizan in Bondage by Remote Control

    Busty exotic hottie Yurizan works at a doctor's office, but hates her job and sometimes her inner bitch comes out when some patients annoy her. One particular unfortunate patient finds himself waiting for what feels like an eternity and he decides to watch TV, but the remote doesn't work. He whacks it and aims it all over the place as Yuri walks when suddenly a candle on the table next to her vanishes. She's astonished and looks around in disbelief as the patient realizes something strange is going and tests out a theory and points the remote at Yuri. Her blouse suddenly vanishes as she looks shocked and embarrassed and tries to cover up. It dawns on the patient that the remote is no ordinary device that relays messages to the TV, but appears to have an effect on reality itself. With such a powerful device you would think he would go do something mind boggling, but our vengeful (and horny) patient instead looks at Yuri and decides to really humiliate her. Clip Available Here

    Jasmine's Erotic Tickle & Belly Button Licking

    Charlee has Jasmine Mendez tied down with rope to the bed nude and spread eagle. Charlee’s looking amazing in a bikini. While she’s bound and helpless, Charlee slowly and erotically touches and caresses Jasmine’s tight, tan, ticklish body. She sensually massages her torso, teasing around her large, beautiful, breasts and hard nipples, tickling her in the process. She runs her soft, silky hair gently over Jasmine’s sexy body, giving her erotic sensations but also tickling her at the same time. She continues tickling, touching and caressing her from her neck, past her underarms, to her flat and tone stomach, over her bare privates and down her legs. Her privates are very sensitive and very ticklish at the same time, conflicting her emotions. Charlee tickles around her muscular, six pack abs before she tickles, licks and tongues inside her gorgeous bare navel. Charlee spends a few minutes worshipping, licking, and tonguing her bellybutton which Jasmine thoroughly enjoys, moaning, groaning, panting and sighing in the process. Charlee squeezes her titties and tickles her pussy lips and ass while she worships her navel, doubling her pleasure. In between her slow, erotic and sensual play, she continues to tickle her, running her fingers and long fingernails over her naked body. Clip Available Here

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    Apr 2009

    Top Tickles for 6/29/12

    Centerfold Sarah HD

    Centerfold Sarah, my goodness, a smoking hot blonde with an amzing body. Jade tickle tests her on the sofa briefly, Sarah's naked body quivers with every touch. Jade has her stretched on the Rack Immobilizer and totally has her way with her, lick tickling her armpits, Sarah is a mess! She is even feather sensitive on her body and feet. Her feet are pretty ticklish but her body is crazy ticklish, especially her armpits. 1280X720 HD WMV VERSION Clip Available Here

    Cherry Tickle Tortures Mia

    Mia doesn't like to be tickled. Period! Everyone wants to see her tickled and frankly Tickle Central is the ONLY place you're going to see that happen. What's more is that we're not sure how long that's even going to last. I (the Ticklemaster) had to do some serious talking and convincing to get her to submit to any form of tickling whatsoever. She just doesn't want to do it. Kinda funny when you think about how clear it is that she really enjoys torturing other girls with vicious tickling LOL! Anyway, Cherry has her tied up in the tickle chair and she's going to let Mia have it!!! CHERRY USES HER SHORT SHARP NAILS TO RAKE MIA'S SUPER SOFT BARE SOLES CAUSING HER TO LITERALLY EXPLODE WITH LAUGHTER!! Mia can't hold it in.....won't even try to hold it in. Cherry looks around with a wonderful smile of total glee as she enjoys this rare privilege! Then onto the other bare sole! RAKING THE SOFT SMOOTH SOLE OF MIA AGAIN, CHERRY CAN'T HELP BUT LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF MIA'S INSANE LAUGHTER AS IT POURS OUT OF HER!! The upperbody remains the only uncharted area for Cherry and she's not about to not have some fun with that! CHERRY'S FINGER INVADE MIA'S HELPLESSLY VULNERABLE ARMPITS DRIVING HER COMPLETELY CRAZY!!! Mia is in serious tickle trouble as you can tell by her reactions! Cherry is losing her control and forgetting about trying to keep Mia open to future ticklings by not torturing her too badly! Mia suffers a nice long torturous tickling of her ribs and tummy before Cherry has to return to the feet one last time! Will you every see Mia tickled again? We don't know but you can rest assured it's going to take some very serious convincing each and every time because it's such TORTURE for her! Clip Available Here

    Tickled Tomb Invader!

    Here's another customer request, starring sexy brunette Lorianna DuPree as one of the most famous video game vixens ever! In this full-body tickling adventure, Lady Craft is looking for a legendary treasure map. While searching for the person who can find it for her, she encounters her villainous rival, who captures her and ties her up. When Lora doesn't give up any info on the map, the evil villain tickle-interrogates her from head to toes to get what he wants! Can Lora Craft take the tickling or will she suffer a laughing doom? (HD) Clip Available Here

    Holly Mcguire: Hot & Very Ticklish Cowgirl

    The fantastic and super-ticklish Holly Mcguire returns to UK Tickling in a hot cowgirl outfit complete with thigh boots, and Daisy Dukes over sheer nylons! Holly has her ankles cuffed with her arms chained above her. She is screaming and laughing as soon as the tickling starts. Her waist upperbody and thighs are tickled before the boots are finally removed and her nylon feet tickled. Holly hadn't been tickled for a while and she is unbearably ticklish...she thrashes around laughing hysterically in this one! There are great views of her nylon soles as her feet are tickled followed by her ribs and armpits. Holly's little top is opened to expose her huge boobs which jiggle around as she is tickled! After some more nylon foot tickling, the nylons are ripped for some fantastic barefoot tickling too in the last couple of minutes. An awesome return for Holly fans! 720p HD resolution (1280x720 pixels) 11 mins 08 seconds Clip Available Here

    No Breaks for Ticklish Volleyball Captains

    Kelli wants sexy volleyball captain Kaitlyn all to herself, so she straps the sexy blond to the bed in a cute white bikini top and black panties. Since Kaitlyn is such great physical condition, Kelli decides to test her “endurance” her by tickle t0rturing her for over 10 minutes straight – NO BREAKS!! Kelli was teased a LOT by girls like Kaitlyn in high school, so she is EXTREMELY CRUEL to her! HER SOFT, SENSITIVE SIZE 9 FEET ARE KELLI’S FIRST TARGET AND THEY RECEIVE THE FULL TREATMENT! Baby oil, sharp nails, the comb, and dual hairbrushes are used to tickle t0rture her feet. The tender skin between her toes are especially sensitive to the comb, so Kelli runs the comb between all of her toes, driving Kaitlyn crazy! Her upperbody is given a BRUTAL workout as well. Armpit, ribs, stomach, and some SUPER HOT THIGH TICKLING can be found in the upperbody segments! Kaitlyn is in complete hysterics and begs her tormentor for mercy, but Kelli has NO INTENTION OF STOPPING! Kaitlyn’s reactions actually INCREASE in intensity the longer she is tickled, and the more she reacts, the more Kelli wants to tickle her! It’s a vicious circle that the helpless volleyball captain has no hope of escaping from. For the last few minutes, the tickling gets REALLY bad for Kaitlyn, but she is shown NO MERCY. By the time Kelli’s done with her, she’s a sweaty wreck. Her sides are sore from the intense laughter and her upperbody is covered in nail marks. HD Format. Clip Available Here
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    Top TIckles for 7/6/12

    Tickling My Step Daughter's Feet

    Charlee is sitting on the couch looking sexy as ever, wearing her work clothers, a blouse, mini skirt and high heels. She calls over her new stepdaughter, Alyssa, and tells her to sit next to her. Alyssa is so cute, young and petite…face full of freckles. But as the new step mom, Charlee has to lay down the law since they will be living under the same roof. “Now that your father and I are married,” Charlee tells her, “There are some things you should know. I have a bit of foot fetish. I love touching, playing with and tickling feet. And since you don’t really clean dishes, I have a special chore for you!” Charlee commands Alyssa to rest her feet on her lap. Alyssa has gorgeous, slender, little feet. And as it turns out, she is very ticklish barefoot. Charlee slowly and lightly wiggles her fingers and long fingernails up and down Alyssa’s soles, arches, heels and sides of her feet. She tickles underneath and in between her toes. She tickles the tops of her feet and around the ankles. She has her laughing and squirming, but Alyssa also seems to enjoy being tickled. It’s slightly sexual and erotic. Alyssa says to Charlee, “If my dad finds out, he will be upset.” “And that’s why this will be our little secret,” Charlee responds. Charlee continues to tickle her feet as they talk about pedicures, feet and girl stuff, getting a chance to bond as stepmother and stepdaughter. Eventually, they decide to go off and get fresh pedicures before her dad gets home. Clip Available Here

    Foot-Tickled Foot Mistress!

    This clip started out as a foot worship session, but then went wrong ... or rather, went funny! Sexy MILF, Foot Domme, Ladi Violet enjoys a foot-pampering from her slave, Iliana Kelly. Foot worship and massage are Iliana's specialty! However, Ladi Violet doesn't know just how sassy and unruly the little submissive can be! Halfway through the clip, Iliana lulls her mistress to sleep with a massage and begins to toy with her helpless (and very ticklish) bare feet! Upon discovering Ladi Violet's ticklishness, Iliana keeps pushing the envelope, tickling her sleeping mistress's twitching feet, more and more! When the tickle-irritated mistress wakes up, Iliana REALLY lets her have it! She just can't resist her mistress's ticklish vulnerability and she locks Ladi Violet's ankles under her arm and gives her vicious tootsie-tickling that keeps the foot domme in stitches! Ladi Violet wriggles, writhes and laughs with hearty guffaws, amidst pleas for mercy and demands to release her from the tickling nightmare! Iliana may be the ballsiest foot slave ever, but will this little prank cost her? Clip Available Here

    Ginger Topless and Stretched Out

    Ginger is stretched out on the board with her arms bound up tight over her head. She is tickled all over her vulnerable upper body: pits, breasts, ribs, belly, hips. Of course, her belly button also gets ample attention. When Ginger gets close to her breaking point she lets out a quiet but defiant "No". She seems to be naturally submissive. Clip Available Here

    Toetied Wrinkly Soles HD

    Sarah is super ticklish and she doesnt particularly like to be tickled but Brooke has a way to convince any girl. She starts her off on the sofa for a tickle test, her soles are super soft, very wrinkly, just plain sexy and very ticklish. Next Sarah gets in the stocks which she soon regrets since Brooke is not going to be as nice as when they were on the sofa. Sarah laughs and screams and definitely isnt happy as Brooke punishes her. Sarah struggles so much her top comes off. Clip Available Here

    Ruby's Bikini Body & Barefeet Are Trapped & Tickled

    Gorgeous Ruby Summers shows off her hot curves and sexy barefeet wearing only a skimpy bikini in another very intense tickle scene! This time, Ruby is cuffed to the ab bench with her feet in the stocks - her legs are trapped in this position so she is unable to move! Ruby gets a lot of tickling all over in this one, starting with her bare feet. Ridiculously ticklish, Ruby literally goes crazy. She reacted so loudly that we had to gag her after the first couple of minutes. Even through the gag, her laughter is still very loud as she is hysterical for most of the scene! Ruby's exposed armpits, ribs and waist get some concentrated tickling before the focus goes back to her bare feet. When the baby lotion is used, poor Ruby can't cope at all and even rubbing the lotion in drives her mad! She is also toe-tied and tickled before some final tickling all over, including feet and upperbody at the same time. She is red-faced and breathless at the end - Ruby is an amazingly ticklish person and this is one of her hottest scenes so far! Clip Available Here

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    Tickled By Sumiko HD

    Sexy Sumiko really wants to tickle someone and Lil Dee will be her first lee. The video focuses a lot on Sumiko as she tickles and you can definitely see she is totally enjoying every second. Clip Available Here

    JC's Tickle Intern

    JC hired a new intern and Lea was selected for the position. JC's job requirements for her new intern are very simple... all they have to do is tickle her pantyhose feet! Lea hopes she can do it right! JC props her feet up on her interns lap and Lea goes to town! JC's feet are so squirmish, she tries to hold it in but can't resist laughing... well, that's all for todays assignment. Looks like Lea will do a great job in this position. Clip Available Here

    Pepper's Tickle Test

    Pepper is recovering from a brutal session in the stocks and we decide to play a little game. She lays on the bed with her arms over her head and attempts to stay in that position while I probe her bare body. Fingers rake over her tight belly, slowly moving up her sides towards her armpits. When she has trouble keeping her arms up I try to hold her down. After that I tie her down for the start of one last torture session. Clip Available Here

    Little Lunas Topless Torture

    Little Luna is stretched out on the rack topless for Jane and Melody to have some fun with. The girls fingers get Luna laughing and trying to struggle right away but theres no escape. From her armpits to her feet they tickle her brutally the add a toothbrush and hairbrush to the mix. Luna begs pleads and even threatens them but it's no use, they don't stop until they are told to. Clip Available Here

    Victoria Sweet is tickled and forced to orgasm

    Sexy chick Victoria Sweet is bounded to mr. X. She get to know tickling and forced orgasm. Her nipples are titilate with feathers and Sandra vibrated her pussy. Clip Available Here

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    Top Tickles for 7/20/12


    The beautifull Melissa is now restrained on her belly and ready to become Wendie's tickle toy one more time. Her perfect body is extremely ticklish all over but Wendie discovers how she is sensitive on her buttocks and around her privates then she uses her long nails and an electric toothbrush to drive Melissa crazy. The sadistical blong tickle all her upperbody too with a real pleasure and she does her best to get the best reaction. She is a very good tickler now and her poor victim discovers how she enjoy to torture girls. Melissa goes nuts all long this great clip and you'll see on her face how she really endures this punishment. One of the most ticklish and beautiful model ever is back! Clip Available Here

    Sister, Have Mercy...I'm Ticklish!!!

    Two nuns, Sister Shauna Ryanne and Sister Jade Vixen, are discussing their Church fund-raising activities. Sister Shauna notes that her Church has bake sales often. Sister Jade doesn't like that - she thinks bake sales encourage unhealthy eating habits for , and she promptly lectures Shauna on the merits of healthier lifestyles. Sister Shauna doesn't like being lectured, and she gets catty with Sister Jade, making a few snarky remarks, and insulting Jade. Sister Jade grabs Sister Shauna, who then finds herself tied up! Sister Jade then begins to administer her own brand of "purification" - TICKLE-TORTURE! Clip Available Here

    Audition: Amadahy In X-Stocks

    So I had just finished shooting "Tickle Therapist 5" with Crash and we joined FTKL and our good friend SpaceCitySoles.com at a restaurant and we had the best luck in the world. Amadahy was our waitress. It was a fetish-funny experience because the 4 of us were like hungry wolves wanting to devour her. There was lots of talk about her feet and banter to keep her close. A few contacts later and a one-on-one lunch to have an open fetish discussion and we can now introduce Amadahy (half German, half Cherokee Indian) to world of tickle fetish video. Clip Available Here

    "That's my freaking belly button"

    Harper is topless and seems to be a little shocked that she actually showed up for a tickling shoot. I think she's one of those girls that secretly enjoys being tickled because her laugh tends to give off a hint of pleasure rather than pain. Harper is tickled from her elbows to her hips with plenty of stops in between. Her belly button is extremely ticklish. She trembles and begins breathing deeply as my fingers dance lightly on her belly and armpits. This clip is in 1280x720 HD. Clip Available Here

    Athletic Zoe Gets A Long Tickle Workout

    Beautiful Zoe (previously Helen) returns to UK Tickling and tickled all over her amazing athletic body and sexy feet! Wearing little shorts and a tight lycra bra over sheer nylons, socks and trainers, Zoe is cuffed to the bench with her feet in the stocks. Trapped in this position, Zoe is unable to move as her trainers are removed and she is tickled on her feet and upperbody! Her socked feet are tickled briefly before the socks come off for some sheer nylon foot tickling too. Zoe's armpits are tickled, as well as her toned stomach, ribs and waist. Her hands are then cuffed behind her back and Zoe's bra comes up to expose her breasts as she writhes on the bench. The electric toothbrush is used and it drives her completely crazy on her armpits and neck. Zoe's nylon feet are tickled with fingers, brushes and the electric toothbrush which used between her toes, drives poor Zoe completely mad once again! She is toe-tied and tickled before the nylons are ripped for some great bare foot tickling. Zoe's sexy bare soles are baby-lotioned and tickled, with the hairbrush sending into silent laughter! Some final tickling all over and poor Zoe has had enough after this long and exhausting but very sexy tickle session! Clip Available Here

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    Top TIckles for 7/27/12

    Thought You'd Get Away With It? (Hi Def)

    Newcomer Jasmine is in for a VERY SEVERE TICKLING you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!! This is some pretty serious TICKLE TORTURE she endures. You'll recall that Danica's mom Jasmine helped her tickle torture Dacy for flirting with Danica's boyfriend. Dacy's mom even helped in the end but afterwards Mia felt bad and realized she didn't know the whole story. Like any good mom would do she got Jasmine tied up for her daughter to allow her some heavy duty tickle revenge for what she suffered at the hands of Jasmine. Jasmine is SUPER ticklish and definiltey in trouble. Dacy teases her a bit to start and then it's onto the bare feet! Mia locks her foot down in a headlock style hold as Dacy goes to work! DACY SCRIBBLES HER NAILS VICIOUSLY ON JASMINE'S BARE SOLE CAUSING HER TO TOTALLY EXPLODE INTO INSANE LAUGHTER!!! Jasmine can't take being tickled and it's clear she should've thought of that when she decided to tickle the hell out of Dacy! Dacy loves to tickle and what better situation than to do it for revenge! DACY MOVES TO THE OTHER FOOT WITH MIA'S HELP AND AGAIN ATTACKS HER BARE SOLE WITHOUT MERCY WITH HER SHORT SHARP NAILS AS JASMINE GOES TO PIECES IN HYSTERIA!! Clip Available Here

    The Tickling of Ms. Wigglesworth

    The beautiful Ms. Wigglesworth. She wiggles , giggles,, and shrieks with hard laughter only to find that its useless. No one can escape the tickling fingers of the demented yet beautiful tickler. Ms. Wigglesworth wears sheer nylons that only make the tickling worse. Nothing she can do but giggle, laugh and wiggle. Great foot tickling. Give yourself a small gift and purchase this one.. Clip Available Here

    Jaida's First and ONLY Time Tickled HD

    If you like girls who struggles, Jaida is your gal. This sexy 21 year old Latina hates being tickled so much, she struggles and fights more than any other model we’ve worked with, even Kelli!! She’s securely locked in the stocks in her bra and panties. Her size 8 feet are sexy, toetied, and hopelessly ticklish. Kelli loves the sandals Jaida came to the shoot with and briefly compliments them. THEN SHE GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS, ABRUPTLY SPIDERING HER MANICURED NAILS RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF JAIDA’S SILKY SOFT ARCHES! The ticklish Latina immediately starts struggling and flailing as much as her bonds allow, squeaking and squealing with laughter as she does her best to fight the sensation! Her feet flex and twist desperately, but there’s no escape, and the foot tickling continues. Baby oil is applied for another round, with Kelli introducing this tickle t0rture virgin to the HAIRBRUSH this time around. Through it all, Jaida fights like a madwoman, struggling, squealing, and going through bouts of silent laughter as the tickling goes on and on. Her upperbody is nearly as bad as her feet, and Kelli makes sure to give her pits, ribs, stomach, and thighs a healthy dose of tickle t0rture as well. Jaida struggles so hard that towards the end of the clip, she breaks out of her toeties. Kelli doesn’t want to stop, so she simply holds Jaida’s toes back and tickles the hell out of her sensitive soles, doing her best to break the hypersensitive girl. Enjoy this clip, because Jaida could NOT handle any more tickling after this session! This clip contains mostly foot tickling with two upperbody segments. HD Format. Clip Available Here

    Alex Adams Meets Charlene Hart (HD version)

    Gorgeous blondes Alex Adams and Charlene Hart meet for the first time in this super-hot F/F tickle scene. Both girls wear sexy leopard print outfits with sheer stockings. They take it in turns to tickle and be tickled by each other while cuffed in the double stocks. Alex goes first as Charlene removes her heels and uses her nails to slowly tease and tickle her all over her nylon feet, legs and body. Alex giggles and writhes around but warns Charlene she will tickle harder when it is her turn! Charlene finds Alex's weak spots on her thighs and upperbody, sitting behind her to grab her waist and ribs while Alex's top falls open to expose her boobs! Charlene then uses the brush on Alex's nylon soles to make her giggle and squeal before I help out in the last few minutes and we double-team Alex's feet until the end! Then it is Charlene's turn and Alex wastes no time in making her squirm and laugh. She knows that Charlene's feet are her most ticklish spot and she focuses on them, tormenting her with her nails and later using the hairbrushes to send Charlene into hysterics! She briefly tickles Charlene's upperbody and thighs also, although she mainly concentrates on Charlene's sexy feet. Alex worships Charlene's nylon feet, licking and sucking her toes before tickling some more. She then rips the nylons and worships her bare toes and soles also! Finally we double-team Charlene's bare feet making her squeal and giggle like crazy until the end of this long and scorching hot scene! 720p HD resolution (1280x720 pixels) 18 mins 40 seconds *N.b. Price reduced by $2 on this long clip! Clip Available Here

    Marie Spread and Tagteamed HD

    Marie is in the new device, topless, legs spread, totally helpless. The girls punish her body, getting her armpits, tummy and feet the worst. Brooke finds Marie's worst spot, just below her armpits on her ribs. Clip Available Here

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    Top tickles for 8/3/12

    Hot Asian Tia on the Bed HD

    Extremely ticklish Tia finds herself strapped to the bed in nothing but a sexy bikini. Her tiny frame is stretched into a tight spread eagle position, rendering Tia completely helpless. Kelli starts with her cute size 3.5 feet, using her nails to tickle her wrinkly soles. Tia laughs and struggles as much as her tiny body can muster, but the tickling is overwhelming, and she’s soon out of breath. She gasps for air and pleads with her tormentor to stop tickling her feet, but Kelli isn’t listening - she’s much too interested in making Tia squeal! SHE COVERS HER FEET IN BABY OIL AND CONTINUES TO TICKLE HER FEET WITH HER NAILS AND THE HAIRBRUSH, DRIVING THE HELPLESS GIRL CRAZY!! Of course, her hot upperbody doesn’t go ignored, either. Kelli tickle t0rtures her pits, ribs, stomach, and her thighs. Tia really loses it when her pits and thighs are tickled, so Kelli makes sure to tickle those areas in particular, cruelly tickling the poor girl until she’s screaming her head off! She desperately tries to beg, but she only has the breath to speak in one or two word sentences, and her pleading only seems to encourage her tormentor! By the time Kelli’s had her fun, Tia is one sweaty, exhausted girl. This clip contains 2/3 foot tickling and 1/3 upperbody. HD Format. Clip Available Here

    Dacy held Captive *Tickle*

    Allura & Tay two decide to attack tickle their foot slave victim! Tickle Tickle Tickle Dacy! This is the most viscious tickling Dacy has pretty much ever been thru. Allura even feels bad and tries to let Dacy take a break but Tay knows Dacy isn't at her limit yet and continues to tickle Dacy as visciously as possible till she's cursing and screaming at Tay to stop! But it doesn't look like Tay is going to show mercy anytime soon! Clip Available Here

    Stop Flirting With My Boyfriend!! (HI def)

    Danica is not happy!! She's tied up Dacy in order to slap her around a bit and get her to stop flirting with her boyfriend. Danica's mom, Jasmine, hears all the noise and rushes into the room to see what's going on. Danica explains the situation with Dacy flirting. Jasmine reassures her daughter Danica that she's dealt with the same issue when she was younger and knows just the thing to correct Dacy's bad behaviour. She gets on the bed and has Danica pin her legs THEN JASMINE LOWERS HER FINGERS ON TO DACY'S BARE SOLES AND BEGINS RAKING HER NAILS ALL OVER DACY'S FEET DRIVING HER TOTALLY INSANE!!! "Are you going to stop??? Tickle tickle tickle!" Jasmine teases and torments her daughters friend with great delight! "Get her mom!!!" Danica cheers Jasmine on. Jasmine will not quit and REALLY RAKES DACY'S BARE SOLES NONSTOP MAKING HER WANT TO COME OUT OF HER SKIN!! They roll her over so Danica can sit on the back of her legs and Jasmine can continue her torture! Just when they stop Dacy thinks it over until the roll her on her back and Jasmine climbs up on top of Dacy straddling her and ATTACKS HER UPPERBODY!!! JASMINE INVADES HER ARMPITS WITH HER LITTLE FINGERS AS DANICA KEEPS HER ARMS PINNED ABOVE HER HEAD DRIVING HER COMPLETELY INSANE WITH LAUGHTER!!! Dacy's mother comes in to see what's going on and possibly help. Well Mia doesn't help her daughter but ends up helping Jasmine and Danica as she grabs Dacy's foot and resumes tickle torturing her bare soles while they tickle the hell out of her upperbody!!! We believe that Dacy's flirting days are definitely over! Clip Available Here

    Charlene's Bare Feet Suspended & Tickled

    Charlene Hart has her bare feet tickled in this short but very sexy clip! Wearing only very skimpy underwear, Charlene is on her back with ankles cuffed in the chains and feet in the air. Her bare feet are tickled thoroughly throughout this scene while Charlene giggles and writhes sexily on the floor! She starts with gentle laughter and then cracks up completely as the tickling continues, with the hairbrush driving her mad! Charlene's soles are baby lotioned and then tickled and she is left with tears in her eyes by the end. Her top slides off to expose her amazing boobs as well in this cute and hot scene! Clip Available Here


    Someone has left gorgeous Nicole Oring tied up in Mistress Dee Severe’s dungeon, and she is very nervous. Nicole is hyper-ticklish, and she has begged Mistress to go easy on her. But she's talking to someone whose nickname is the Evil Tickle Torturess! Still, Mistress starts off gently with the feather duster and the fuzzy paddle, which have the lovely Nicole laughing, snorting and cursing like a sailor! (Damn, when this girl says she's extra ticklish, she's not kidding!) When Nicole swears, Mistress punishes her with more pussy tickles. When she gets her armpits tickled she’s practically hyperventilating. Will Mistress Dee really have mercy for Nicole, or is she going to bust out the electric toothbrush?? Clip Available Here

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    Top Tickles, August 10, 2012

    Road Rage Tickler

    As a friend and fellow lover of tickling. Do Not miss this clip. In my humble opinion its sure to be a tickling classic. It has everything a tickle fan loves. Beautiful lady, dressed in a skirt with heels and sheer stockings, but the best part is that she has been caught, tied to a chair, and unable to get away from a very menacing tickler. The mission is to teach her a lesson that blowing the horn and giving the finger is not good road manners.. This lady is a pure delight to watch as she gives in and lets her hysterical laughter go. The tickler goes on and on running the "finger" across the soles of her very sensitive feet. . I repeat..Do Not miss this one. Its a geat Nylon Tickling show. Clip Available Here

    I pissed myself

    Sarah Jain has a crazy ticklish body, the lighter you tickle, the more intense it is for her. Ordinarily girls use the restroom before they get strapped down, but this time Sarah is not allowed and she swears that she will piss herself if Cali doesnt go easy on her. No way Cali is going to take it easy, Cali has been tickled so many times without mercy that she is looking forward to making someone else suffer for a change. Sarah is topless in her favorite panties, spread eagle on the bed. Cali just has to say she is going to tickle her to get her going. Cali is ruthless, tickling her with fingers, even her own hair. When Cali mounts her, Sarah can feel the pressure on her bladder, she knows she is going to piss herself if Cali doesnt get off and stop. Cali continues and Sarah can no longer take the tickling nor hold her bladder. Cali makes fun of her, pulls down her pee pee panties, and continues torturing Sarah's gorgeous body. Clip Available Here

    Sensitive Stephie's 15 Minutes of Hell HD

    Sensitive Stephie returns for her most intense session to date. Locked in the stocks with her ample breasts exposed and sensitive size 6 feet toetied, she’s feeling vulnerable and looking damn sexy. Kelli’s got her for a full 15 minutes and she’s going to make every second count. She can’t resist Stephie’s sexy breasts and closes in on her TICKLISH NIPPLES. Stephie tries to deny her nipples are ticklish, but all it takes are two of Kelli’s manicured nails flicking her sensitive nubs to prove otherwise! She admits her breasts and nipples are indeed ticklish, but that’s not enough for Kelli. Her attentions are soon turned to Stephie’s hopelessly ticklish feet. Kelli wants to see if they’re as ticklish as she remembers, and one stroke of her nail provides her with all of evidence she needs. SHE SPIDERS HER NAILS ALL OVER STEPHIE’S SOLES, MAKING HER LAUGH HYSTERICALLY AND STRUGGLE LIKE A MAD! Baby oil only makes the tickling worse, and the brush and comb make Stephie scream as well. Then Kelli switches tactics and attacks her upperbody again, tormenting her ticklish breasts, pits, ribs, and thighs, focusing on her sensitive nipples. Stephie laughs hysterically and pleads for mercy, but Kelli is intent on driving her CRAZY! She even breaks out a pen for writing all over the sensitive blond’s soles. The pen is quickly clogged by the baby oil, but its point tickles Stephie’s feet like crazy, so Kelli runs the pen up and down her tender arches, forcing her to SCREAM with laughter! Towards the end of the clip, Stephie is COMPLETELY exhausted, but she’s forced to continue laughing and struggling as Kelli tickle t0rtures every sensitive spot on her body. This clip contains mostly foot tickling with three upperbody segments. HD Format. Clip Available Here

    Fucked & Foot Tickled (HD)

    If you don’t already know, Charlee & Elijah are swingers. Addie Juniper is on the bed, completely nude and ready for a good fuck. Her and Elijah begin making out, touching and caressing each other. She sucks on her nipples and goes down on her before he fucks her beautiful shaved pussy. In a missionary position, he grabs her ankles, thrusts in and out, and asks “are you ticklish?“ She of course is very ticklish, so as he’s fucking her he tickles her feet with his fingers, which has her laughing and screaming while suffering in hysterics. Despite the tickle torture, she insists that he keep fucking her. He continues to fuck her pussy and tickle her feet at the same time, giving her conflicting sensations. He tickle tortures her soles, arches, heels and sides of her feet. He tickles underneath and in between her toes, which drives her crazy. He turns her onto her side, while grabbing and tickling her feet, and pounds her pussy some more. He finishes her off by fucking her doggy style while reaching down to tickle her tootsies. Addie is moaning and groaning loudly, and really getting into it. The tickling is enhancing her sexual experience. He cums all over her butt and lower back. Addie lays there exhausted, but satisfied, after being fucked and foot tickled. Before he leaves, he gives her one last foot tickle on his way out while she‘s ultra sensitive after orgasm. This is a rare clip combining ecstasy with agony and erotica with tickle torture. Clip Available Here

    Tia's Gorgeous Soles Tickled...While Her Senses Are *Hightened*

    Little Miss Tia has some amazingly soft, perfectly-shaped feet. She lets us tickle them while Her senses are hightened. The time is 4:20 and Her whole body tingles as our fingers run across her soles...She admits to being turned on...then we switch from tickle to firm foot massage...then when we go back to tickling, wow! She goes crazy. We must've relaxed her feet too much w/the massage because now, Her soles are ultra sensitive! She squirms & laughs loudly, wanting to rip her feet away...She doesn't know if she's more turned-on or tickled by our efforts today.... Clip Available Here

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    Top Tickles for 8/17/12


    Ginger is ring-gagged and tied to a chair barefoot with ropes. She’s tickled mercilessly on her ribs and neck, then on her soles and legs, drooling and laughing hysterically through her opened mouth. Clip Available Here

    Cecily: Country Girl Tickling

    Cecily's tickle debut comes to an end in the final part of this sexy trilogy. She's much more relaxed and enjoying herself as the tickler explores her sexy bare feet (her favorite place to be tickled). The small town girl is also cuffed with her arms above her head so the tickler can access her bare tummy. This clip also features a brief interview so we can appreciate her sexy southern accent. Clip Available Here

    Eris, Topless And Oh So Ticklish!

    Erises upperbody is thoroughly tormented with intense tickling while she squeals with laughter and struggles aggressively to break free of her bonds. After much probing of Erises underarms, she defiantly exclaimed "I'm not ticklish there" to which i stepped up the intensity and she ate her words by becoming quite hysterical and giggling against her will. In addition to Erises upperbody, Erises hips and inner thighs also prove to be quite ticklish! Clip Available Here


    A bombshell blonde spends some time wrapped around an exercise ball. What a perfect position for... Clip Available Here

    Ticklish blonde Jasmina in nylon

    Blonde chick Jasmina in tan nylon is tickled by Uma. Uma is diligent tickler and enjoy her slave. Clip Available Here

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    Bye Bye Summer Top Tickles

    Exotic Leila's Feet In The Double Stocks

    Gorgeous Leila is an exotic mix of Japanese and middle-eastern origin. She is very cute and very ticklish as she tries the double stocks in her first tickle scene! Leila looks hot wearing a see-through lace baby doll with sheer black stockings, suspenders and heels. Cuffed in the double stocks, she gets a long tickle session, which focuses mainly on her feet. Leila's heels are removed and she is soon giggling sweetly as her nylon feet get tickled, before her legs and upperbody too. Leila is very ticklish and has a soft but relentless laugh, which goes into bursts of silent laughter as the tickling goes on! Her feet are her worst spot, and her nylon feet are tickled with fingers, brushes and the electric toothbrush. All are very effective especially the hairbrush, which has her laughing like crazy with the anticipation! Leila's babydoll comes down to expose her natural breasts, which jiggle as her feet and upperbody are tickled. Her nylon feet are toe-tied and tickled, before the nylons are ripped and her bare soles tickled too. Baby lotion on her bare feet has Leila cracking up completely and when the hairbrush is used afterwards, she really loses control! Leila's barefeet are toe-tied and tickled with fingers and brushes until the end, while she gasps and laughs endlessly. It's a long and very hot tickle scene for this gorgeous girl. Clip Available Here

    Sasha Absolutely Hates Tickling

    After our last meeting Sasha has had her hands full with request from ticklers. Since she cannot stand to be tickled she's disregarded nearly all of them, but Stacie somehow managed to convince her to do another shoot. They both seem a bit more nervous the second time around, especially Sasha. In this clip she is tickled under her arms, on her belly, and a little on her thighs. Her reaction is very violent and if you didn't know any better you might think that the whole thing was non-consensual. She gives me dirty looks and both of us had plenty of bruises afterwards. Clip Available Here

    Arielle Roped and Tickled

    Meet Arielle Lane - a tall, beautiful gal who absolutely HATES being tickled. We roped her tightly to the chair for her first go-round with us. The Tickler ATTACKS HER BIG, BARE FEET WITH HIS FINGERS, getting some great reactions out of poor, helpless Arielle. He especially gets her going when he TICKLES THE PADS OF HER BIG TOES. He then grabs the hairbrush, and VICIOUSLY SCRUBS HER SOLES WITH IT. This REALLY gets some intense reactions out of of the poor bound girl. He lastly uses the Hitachi on her SOLES and TOES - Arielle doesn't much care for that, either! But now it's time for the real fun. The Tickler makes Arielle hold the Hitachi between her feet as he moves up to the bound girl's upper body. When The Tickler attacks Arielle's ARMPITS, she goes absolutely NUTS with laughter, thrashing as best as she can, and struggling not to drop the Hitachi from between her feet. In a moment of rebelliousness, Arielle says "fuck you" to The Tickler - bad move. He reacts by BRUTALLY TICKLING HER RIBS, HIPS, AND ARMPITS, and makes Arielle apologize several times before finally ending what was one of the more intense tickle-torture scenes we've ever filmed...even despite it being such a short scene. We think poor Arielle learned her lesson. Clip Available Here

    Smothered Tied And Tickled

    Cat Burglar JC Simpson has been casing this house for a few weeks and knew the owners would be out of town. This gave her the perfect opportunity to rob the place til something unexpected happened, their daughter came home from college. JC Hears her coming and hides behind the door. When Bridget enters the room JC grabs her from behind and places a cloth over her mouth smothering her quickly. JC Ties her to the bed and decides to have a little fun. She starts tickling Bridgets legs and inner thighs making her laugh and squirm. JC likes the way she laughs at her touch and proceeds to tickle her feet, armpits and the rest of her body driving Bridget crazy. After several minutes JC turns her attention to searching the rest of the house for valuables giving Bridget a break. Will Bridget survive the ordeal? Clip Available Here

    Ticklish Eileen is forced to orgasm

    Ticklish Eileen think, that girls don't give her orgasm. "I'm very ticklish and dildo on my pussy tickle also!" say Eileen. But Sandra know how do a good work. Samantha slowly titilate her nipples and bare feet. Poor Eileen do laugh and moan,.... Don't miss her ticklish way to orgasm! Clip Available Here

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    Top Tickles for 9/14/12

    MILF Natalie Tickled to Tears

    Natalie is back in the stocks for her most intense clip yet. Her ticklish size 5 feet are toetied and she’s in a TIGHT tube top that really shows off her tits. Of course, Kelli can’t resist REMOVING NATALIE’S TOP 3 minutes into the clip, exposing her ticklish breasts. The helpless Milf is really worried because has two ticklers to contend with today - Kelli and Mr. Intensive, and both are in a sour mood. “This is going to SUCK,” says Natalie as her tormentors close in. Two pairs of fingernails rake her tender soles and she’s laughing and begging for a break almost immediately. Her upperbody and exposed breasts are tagteamed, the evil duo assaulting her pits, ribs, stomach, and nipples. Baby oil is applied to her feet and Natalie’s reactions quickly ramp up when she feels fingernails gliding across her slick soles. Then they use dual combs to harass the sensitive skin between her toes. Natalie HATES this technique in particular, so she’s treated to an extra-long dose of the comb, forcing Natalie to scream her head off. About 5 minutes into the clip, she reaches the limits of her endurance, AND DUAL HAIRBRUSHES SCOURING HER SOLES SEND HER OVER THE EDGE - ONE SECOND SHE’S HYSTERICAL, THE NEXT SHE’S SOBBING! This abrupt change takes Kelli and Mr. Intensive by surprise, but the tickling continues. Natalie straddles the line between exhausted laughter and tears for the remainder of the clip. During the last 20 seconds, Natalie breaks down completely and is openly sobbing for relief. Fair warning – this final minute of this scene may be a little uncomfortable for some. But you have to give it up for this tough Milf – even after all that, she still wants to come back for more, so this may not be last we see of her. This clip contains mostly foot tickling with two upperbody/breast segments. HD Format. Clip Available Here

    Keri Bed Bound

    Keri is looking extra busty these days and really sexy on her back bed bound. Tasha pounces on her body, torturing her armpits and stomach. Of course Tasha gets her feet too, but she gets Keri's armpits the worse, she definitely wants to see Keri's tits jiggle. Clip Available Here

    Sneaky Tickles to MILF Nikki

    Dacy LOVES her bosses feet. Especially when they are in pantyhose! Dacy sneaks in and tickles MILF Nikki's feet while she tries to work. After a few minutes Nikki can't hide it anymore. She calls Dacy up and asks her to keep going! Tickle Tickle! But after another few minutes Nikki has to confess, she LOVES the tickling and their little foot relationship... but the company is having a hard time and it's time for layoffs, she's going to have to fire her! Dacy is shocked. But understands the news. BUT If she's going to lose her job, can she at least worship her pantyhose feet ONE LAST TIME? CLICK HERE for FOOT WORSHIP Clip Available Here

    Brittneys Bound To Fuck

    21 year old Florida girl Brittney has fantasies about being tied down, tickled and fucked but has never had the chance til today. Brittney is strapped to the table topless and blindfolded when the tickling begins. From her super sensitive armpits to her ticklish feet the tickler keeps her guessing where the next target will be. After tickling her awhile it was time to heat things up so Brittney gets teased with a hitachi on her pussy really turning her on. Every time she gets close to orgasm it's stopped with intense tickling until shes finally allowed to cum. After she does, Brittney still wants more and begs to be fucked. While the tickler fucks her wet pussy he continues to tickle her feet and sides driving her wild. After a bit he flips her over doggy style and fucks her to several more orgasms satisfying her fantasy. Clip Available Here


    Kelly is a particular 22 years old model because she contacted us due to the fact she has a real bondage fetish and that she loves to be a submissive for fetish games. She explained us she discovered our website a few time ago with by friend to her and that she would be very interested to endure a very intensive tickling experience. I asked her if she were very ticklish and she answered me that I will not be disappointed. Wow! Interesting proposition then I meet her a few days after for an audition and...effectively we can say she is ticklish ;-) Her feet are really hypersensitive and every touch on her gorgeous soles and toes breaks her. We naturally decided to immobilize her face down on our new device for a merciless full body tickle torture. She wants a good punishment no problems, this is her turn now to not be disappointed by us. The experience begins with a very long and intensive bare feet tickling. Kelly was really surprised at the level of tickling she got but she really enjoyed the situation as us. This video is a real intensive punishment with an explosively ticklish submissive. She can wiggle, She can giggle, But she can't stop her feet from being tickled and the poor girl is going insane with laughter during 14 long minutes! You'll see the intensity in her face as the fingers, hairbrushes, electric toothbrushes run on her helpless soles and toes. Kelly can't stand to be tickled but more it tickles and more she loves it this situation is a delight to watch. Dreams don't have to stay dreams this is the SUPERTICKLISH KELLY! Clip Available Here

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    4 Foot 8 Michelle's Tiny Ticklish Feet

    There's tiny, then there's really tiny, and Michelle is definitely really tiny! It's not hard to imagine that someone that small would probably have small feet too, and she absolutely does! Michelle can sometimes where a size 2.5 - 3 but she usually just wears a tiny size 5 shoe. Here she is with her tiny little feet propped up on the arm of the couch. The only thing I asked of her before we started was that she try to keep her feet as still as she could since there's no bondage. She actually did pretty well too considering she's pretty ticklish on her feet. Before the shoot started, she also confessed to me that she actually likes having her feet tickled. "I just think it's fun!" she told me. So with her feet propped up on the couch, the tickling begins with a stiff feather tracing her sensitive bare soles. the tip of the feather glides up and down one foot then the other while Michelle laughs and giggles. Then, the feather is put down for my favorite part, fingers on bare soles! Since this was the first time working with Michelle, I didn't know what to expect as far as how her feet felt. I mean, as soon as I saw her bare feet, I could just tell they were soft. But when I actually felt the bottoms of her feet with my fingertips, I was blown away! Clip Available Here

    Nabbed and Gagged HD

    Young Nikki is on her deck, minding her own business enjoying a day off in NYC. She is taking in the view, but someone is taking in a different view and has been admiring her. She relaxes with a drink when an intruder sneaks in and puts something in her drink. Nikki and wakes up bound, gagged and blindfolded. She is naked and only has sneakers and socks on. She is desperate to figure out what is going to happen, she fears the worst. However, her captor starts to tickle her, she feels no more comfortable than she did before. He takes off a shoe and begins to tickle her in socks, she cannot take it but its going to get worse. Foot by foot she gets tickled in socks, then barefoot. Soon she gets the vibrator and is forced to cum over and over, each time getting tickled before and after orgasm. Her captor lubes up her armpits and tits and tickles her body relentlessly. She left spent, shoeless and naked and still gagged and blindfolded. Clip Available Here

    Kelli's Orgasmic Punishment HD

    Kelli has tickle t0rtured a lot of women. She’s tickled them to point of screams and tears. Now, she finds herself strapped to bed in nothing but her panties, her ample breasts completely exposed. She’s had many models in just such a position, but has NEVER experienced a forced orgasm herself. She deserves what’s coming. Storm and MILF Natalie have been tasked with teaching Kelli a lesson, and they are more than up for the task! Both girls have been tickled by Kelli, she’s even forced them to orgasm, so they’re REALLY excited to get some revenge! Storm tickles her upperbody while Natalie tickles her hypersensitive size 8 feet. The girls both have manicured nails and use them to great effect, especially Natalie, who is absolutely VICIOUS and a natural at tickle t0rture. She spiders her nails in Kelli’s arches, and when she struggles too much, Natalie simply holds her foot still and continues to tickle her trapped feet. At the same time, Storm mercilessly digs into Kelli’s ribs and pits, also tickling her stomach, breasts, and nipples. KELLI IS WORKED INTO A HYSTERICAL FRENZY IN NO TIME BY THE TWO SADISTIC WOMEN... Clip Available Here

    Crash Cracks Honey (Hi Def)

    Hogtied and helpless Honey is at the mercy of genuine tickle torture lover Crash!!! Crash starts off with Honey's stockinged soles and doesn't let up the whole time. Honey admitted after that Crash tickled her better and more than any other prior tickling she's ever had Crash headlocks Honey's stockinged sole and RAKES HER LONG NAILS ALL OVER HONEY'S POINTED FOOT MAKING HER BUCK AND LAUGH WILDLY! Crash is loving life as she truly loves to tickle torture. She moves on eventually to the other stockinged foot and again CRASH'S NAILS GLIDE ALL OVER HONEY'S REFLEXLY POINTED FOOT TICKLING IT MADDENINGLY! Honey is being totured for sure but Crash isn't done, she rolls Honey over to expose her ribs for some upperbody tickle time! CRASH STRADDLES HONEY AND DIGS INTO HER RIBS AND UNDERARMS MAKING HER GO BONKERS! Honey twists and contorts as she laughs her ass off but she just can't get away! Crash had a very good time tickling the hell out of Honey and you'll have a GREAT time watching her do it! Clip Available Here

    Billie's Sexy Tickle Session (HD version)

    Sexy blonde Billie now finds herself cuffed to the massage bench as she gets tickled all over her body in this hot clip. Billie wears skimpy white lingerie with sheer tan stockings and heels. Her shoes come off and Billie gets tickled on her nylon feet, legs and upperbody. Poor Billie is very ticklish and she struggles, giggles and squeals as she is tickled. Her exposed upperbody and armpits get plenty of tickling in this one and her ribs turn out to be one of her most ticklish spots as she goes crazy when they are touched! Billie's nylon feet are tickled with fingers and later the hairbrush too, before the nylons are ripped and her bare feet tickled too. With some more tickling on her legs and upperbody also, Billie is worn out by the end. A sexy scene with this gorgeous new girl - there's more of her to come! Clip Available Here

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    Top Tickle Sex and Orgasms for 9/28/12

    Ticklefucked Til She Squirts

    19 year old Sage really enjoyed being tickled and wanted to try it while being fucked, little did she know the effect it would have on her. The tickler starts out lightly teasing Sages naked body then increases the intensity making her laugh and struggle. After a few minutes of tickling her nipples, armpits and inner thighs he distracts her by putting his hard cock in her mouth. Sage gets so turned on she begs to get fucked and he moves between her legs. He thrusts his cock into her wet pussy and within minutes she is squirting all over him. Over and over Sage is tickled and fucked til she squirts 15 more times. After driving her completely wild the tickler has Sage suck his cock til he squirts too, ALL OVER HER FACE. Clip Available Here

    Tickle, Fuck, Squirt HD

    Ashlie is strapped to the bed naked, her thighs spread EXTRA WIDE, for a very unique orgasmic tickle t0rture session. Ashlie vaguely mentioned that she sometimes “squirts a little” when she cums… but that turned out to be a HUGE understatement! Kelli and Storm are tasked with tickle t0rturing Ashlie and they are absolutely BRUTAL to the helpless girl. Kelli digs into the soles of her ticklish size 7 feet, making Ashlie scream and squeal, while Storm punishes her upperbody, nipples, pussy, and inner thighs. The girls know EXACTLY what buttons to push on their victim to drive her crazy, and poor Ashlie is soon screaming at the top of her lungs for a break! But “break” isn’t in the girls’ vocabulary today, and she’s tickled half out of her mind before Storm brings out a large vibrating dildo. Ashlie’s pussy is TIGHT, but Storm works the wide dildo deep inside her, smirking as the girl gasps and moans with pleasure. Ashlie loves penetration and begs to cum, but she isn’t getting off that easy!… Clip Available Here

    Foot tickled Frida is forced to orgasm (HD)

    Remember on Frida? She is back - more sexy then ever. Anneli give her a sensual play with our vibrating toy. But funny Anneli try also be a tickler. Enjoy this exciting clip! Clip Available Here


    I threw everything at Amanda in this challenge, including the big vibrating dildo which I put inside her. I also tried appealing to her choking fetish as well as her biting fetish. It was a close match and it came down to the last few seconds so be sure to check this clip out to see who was victorious in this classic orgasm battle. Clip Available Here

    Fucking and Tickling Addie Juniper

    My first ever fucking and tickling video! I predict that I will be doing many more because it's sooo fun and hot! He slides his cock in and out of me with my feet in the air, while tickling the bottoms of them - it turns me on so much! I keep going back and forth between pleasure sounds and laughing, but luckily for me, the fucking just makes the tickling more intense and vice versa! It's a fantastic combination. He also fucks me doggy style and keeps tickling my feet until I explode with laughter and orgasm! Then he cums on my back. Hope you guys enjoy watching this special treat! Clip Available Here

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    Top Forced Orgasms for 10/5/12


    The contestant is put in bondage of some type and is NOT told about the orgasm portion of the challenge UNTIL she is secure. Then the game is simple, we have 10 minutes to get her to orgasm. If she holds out before the timer goes off, she wins the money. If she caves and orgasms, she loses. Clip Available Here

    Young Girl gets exam by 2 Nurses High Quality

    Ellie is just graduated and had a birthday, Nurse JC and Rene want to give her an exam and decide it's a good time to welcome her to woman hood. They put on their latex gloves, force the girl to strip and JC does a very, very intense gyno exam, and has SIX FINGERS inside the girl, making her cum and squirt Clip Available Here

    Kymberly Jane Gets Tied Up, Wedgied and Forced to Have An Orgasm

    This video starts out with me giving Kymberly Jane some super hard wedgies and eventually ripping her thong off of her. After that for some reason she lets me tie her up again. This time I have a little surprise for her though. Once I get her tied up so she can't resist I put a small vibrator in her panties and turn it on. The ropes hold it in place and she can't do anything to get away from it. She pretends to fight it but it's obvious she doesn't mind it one bit Clip Available Here

    Jessica Taylor - Ballgagged, Bound, and Forced to Cum!

    The man in black has hottie Jessica Taylor bound up outside and is ready to play. Watch as he makes her cum HARD! Not one, two but THREE TIMES in this HOT INTENSE clip! Hot and sexy as her thighs quiver, she drools from her ballgag and sexy moans as her knees give out to the intense orgasms! Clip Available Here

    Pet Jades FULL Forced Orgasm Clip

    Pet Jade is brought in by the Badman, teased, bound and givin MANY hitachi wand forced orgasms! Clip Available Here

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